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4.4 out of 5 stars637
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2008
Coffee is one of those things that for some reason I cannot do - even instant coffee is beyond me! Seeing my guest's faces as I serve a perfect latte is just hilarious - there's no way I could ever do this without my Tassimo!

This is a great little machine and a big improvement over the old Tassimo machine. This new model machine is more compact and of a higher build quality than the old one. It has a larger 2litre water container which is now much less fiddly than before and can be very quickly removed/refilled with zero effort. You can prepare about 8 drinks before having to fill up the tank.

The hot drink is now prepared immediately with no waiting for the machine to warm up, it now takes 45 seconds from cold to prepare a standard drink - compare this to a kettly boiling which takes about double that time just to heat the water. A second drink can also be prepared immediately after the first without delay.

The quality of drinks is very high, it produces the best at-home hot chocolate that I have ever tasted! This maybe because the hot chocolate is made from syrup rather than the more commonly used powder. The coffee is also great and comes second only to freshly ground coffee - please remember it takes several minutes and a much more expensive machine to prepare coffee from scratch - this machine does an excellent job immitating those machines! I have not tried the tea so can not advise on those flavours.

The T-Discs (pods) themselves vary in price and flavour from brand to brand. Just standard Kenco coffee costs £2.99 (at Asda, Tesco etc) for 16 servings. This prepares a good regular tasting coffee at under 20p per mug. This is the same price for Twining's tea and Suchard's hot chocolate. For something a bit more fancy you can choose latte or cappucino from various brands including Carte Noire, for £2.99 or sometimes £3.49 for 8 servings which works out at 40-50p per cup. These items require 2 discs and so take a little bit longer to prepare.

Overall I would heartily recomend this Tassimo machine to any potential viewers but I must quickly point out a few of the pitfalls.

- You are limited to what coffee/tea/hot chocolate you buy - this is true of other pod coffee machines, but the Tassimo does have a very good selection to choose from.

- The portion size is too small for some people - hot chocolate is only 180ml. Latte/cappucino is 200ml. While most coffees are 300ml.

- Requires some cleaning (but not much)
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on 15 November 2009
I've used most of one cup machines and still own a Gaggia. The Gaggia can produce the best results with freshly ground beans but it's a bit temperamental and a lot of work. The Tassimo's closest competitor at the price the Dolce Gusto is actually capable of producing a better Latte, but where it falls down next to the Tassimo is variety. Don't let the limited range of drinks available in the average supermarket fool you, check out the selection available from the Tassimo website. The number of flavours and styles available from Tassimo outnumbers the Gusto by about 5:1. There's too much choice to get bored and as long as you spend over £30 to get free shipping the price matches what you'll pay in the supermarket. The shelf life is good enough to justify the bulk purchase and my partner's consumption of the Suchard hot chocolate means we're putting in an order most months. We've had ours for about 6 months and our usage has gone up not down.
Some people may find the drinks sizes small but I tend to prefer espresso so for me it's not a problem. You can also choose to increase the amount of water added if you wish.
The piercing unit/nozzle needs regular cleaning, especially if you have a lot of chocolate and milky drinks but it's easily removed for cleaning. We bought a second nozzle from the Bosch spares site for about a fiver and rotate them through the dishwasher so it's no effort.
I think the Tassimo represents the best compromise of quality and convenience for day to day use of all the machines I've tried. Factor in the great variety of drinks available and it beats the competition outright in my opinion.
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on 26 June 2013
I got this product from work, as they were selling it very cheaply - normally I wouldn't have bothered, unless it was a gift. That is to say, I didn't really research this item before I bought it, except to check its price.

To explain if you don't quite understand it (as I didn't) the machine has a water tank on the back of it, which you fill with cold water - it takes about 7 mug-fulls of water, so it's quite a good capacity.
On the front is a height adjustable plinth for your cup to sit on, and that comes off easily, for cleaning or for tall cups.
There's one button and an on/off switch. at the top there is an opening compartment where you put in the TASSIMO DISK (available everywhere - here and supermarkets) which are round, plastic containers, which foil over the top. You leave the disk sealed, and put the disk in the top (easy to do).
On the foil is a barcode, which aligns with the scanner on the machine perfectly, which tells the machine how hot the drink needs to be, and how quickly the water comes through.
You press the button, and the machine starts to brew the drink - you hear it pierce the foil, and boil the water, which it drips through the grounds of coffee, or tea in the disk - like one of the old percolators.
It takes about 30 secs to fill a cup (I'll come to that soon)
It then sends a load of steam through the pipe to I guess purge the pipes so you don't need ot clean them yourself - though there is a cleaning disk, which it says to use every week. That's a very simple task of putting the cleaning disk in the disk holder, and letting it run through the cycle.


There's a massive selection - lots of espressos, cremas, normal coffees, specialist coffees, teas and chocolates, from Cadbury, Costa, Kenco, Carte Noire, Suchard, Café HAG, etc.
On the side of the boxes, they will tell you the strength and the size of the drink. Annoyingly, they don't tell you strength on the top of the disk - they really need a system there, as it's hard to know the strength of the drink.
Some disks are to be used alone, so the Costa Americana, which I use as my standard coffee, say's it's 'Large' on the side of the box. If I can get the picture uploaded, I'll show you what that means in a cup, but that is about 3/5ths of a Bodum glass mug, so not massive serving.
As this produces a standard black coffee, I then add my own milk to it, which takes it to about 4/5ths of the level you'd probably fill a mug to, which is acceptable. These work out about 30p per cup.
Others, like the caramel coffee (which I've forgotten its name) take a coffee disk, and also a milk disk, so you do the coffee one first, the machine works out the amount from the barcode, and then you put the milk disk in, and the machine steams it through, making it nice and bubbly. This milk is a long life creama, so it's sweet - in a caramel drink that's fine, but it can taste weird in a hot chocolate. It'd be great to be able to fill something up with your own fresh milk. However, you can warm your own milk up and put the expressos in there, giving you a good option.
If you use a glass mug, you'll see it layers the components, which is a rather cool touch.
The caramel one gives a good mug size, the Cadbury chocolate one is about half the mug, and is overly sweet and synthetic, probably because of the milk stuff. It's really not worth it as opposed to hot milk and powered chocolate, to be honest, although I had high hopes, as the chocolate is a syrup in the disk, not a powder. Doesn't live up its promise.
There's other chocolates available too, from Milka and Suchard, so I'll give them a go.
The 2 disk drinks add up to about 60p a cup.

I have English Breakfast tea, which is really nice, as I guess it's like using your own tea leaves, and this is convenient, as there is no messing about with the kettle. These use one disk, and give quite a large mug full.

There are many expressos for the machine, and I've found them good. I guess that is the foundation of a coffee, and you'll find the right one for you. I've drank a lot of coffee, but I don't mind dissolvable coffee, and I'd say these are a step up from that, but not quite fresh ground bean standard, but you do get a similar smoky and mature taste from the disks, which you don't get from instant.
I'd say it's on a par with a coffee you'd get in Germany, as opposed to the ones you get in ponsey Italian places.
Bear in mind that expresso's are very condensed drinks, so the machine produces a shot sized coffee. That is as I expect from an expresso, but living in this country, it's not a common sight, so I expect they get some complaints.

The coffee smells great when it's being brewed - head and shoulders above the instants.

It's a well made machine, from Bosch. It's easy to use, and cleaning is minimal.
The tank at the back is easy to get to, though it could probably use more capacity. That said, it's fine.
It has one button at the front that you press when the disk is inserted and the top closed. When it's finished brewing, it had a moment before it's amber light comes on (Yes, green is "Leave me alone I'm still brewing" and Amber is "I'm done") and if you press the button at that period, you'll get more water come through, which somewhat dilutes the drink too much for me, but obviously increases your potion of drink - it's really hard to control this too - as the steam purges the machine after every serving, it takes a while to produce the water again.

That's it really.
In summary, I like it - it's convenient, fast and the coffee's and teas are tasty.
The disks are probably a bit expensive for day to day use, and the portion size of some drinks is pathetic (Cadbury hot chocolate, I'm looking at you)

I've had it for a month or two now, and use it every day - if you can find somewhere discrete to tuck it away in your kitchen, then it's a decent buy - probably not at £100, but I guess everyone has their price.
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on 11 November 2013
I absolutely love this little machine. It's relatively compact (compared to a lot of the big espresso machines you get anyway) and quick and easy to use. It looks good sitting on the worktop, there's virtually no cleaning to it and most importantly it makes gorgeous coffee.

I've stuck largely to the Costa and Kenco espressos, americanos and lattes. The latte is definitely my favourite.

To use you switch on, flip open the top and inset the t-disc (milk one first if it has one of those), close the lid and press the button once. Then switch milk one for the coffee t-disc and repeat. You can top up or stop earlier by pressing the button a second time, taking it into manual. Red light indicates low water and it tells you when it needs to run a self-cleaning cycle using the cleaning t-disc stored in the rear of the machine.

Coffee isn't scalding but it's hot enough and I'm impressed how fast it does heat compared to other machines I've had in the past.

It's so easy I've gone from making a latte at the weekend and using instant during the week to making at least one if not 2 coffees a day in it.

My only negative comments would be that I'd really like to be able to buy a no-sugar milk (best one appears to be 7%) as I don't normally drink sugar at all. Then you could use whatever espresso t-disc you wanted with the no-sugar milk one. That would be a big improvement for me. And although it's handy that they stock at Tesco, the range could do with being widened beyond one choice of Latte, Cuppucino etc. Their 40 different types include teas, green teas, herbals, hot chocolate as well as coffee.

However, all in all I do love it and would recommend, particularly if like me you don't have time to waste cleaning parts and measuring out ground espresso...when the baby's sleeping you can get a quick cup and a sit down!!
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VINE VOICEon 26 October 2010
I love my Tassimo.

As a total coffee lover, this machine makes an ideal addition to the kitchen. I really like the fact that I have a choice of coffees to drink whenever I fancy a cup. I also like the barcode reading system - so that I don't have to moinitor the amount of water that goes into the coffee or hot chocolate, the machine 'just knows' how much to add.

On a slight negative note, I do wish that there was a Mug coffee to make with the Tassimo, as I generally don't drink coffee in a cup but find that getting only half a mug of coffee just doesn't do it for me. I know i can simply use two discs at a time, but do wish that Tassimo would come up with another variation of the disc that is designed to make a mug of fantastic coffee.

This is always out on the side in the kitchen and gets plenty of use. I originally thought that the discs for the machine were an expensive luxury, but when you consider what it costs to have a freshly brewed coffee when out and about, this is really quite good value.
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on 27 April 2009
Bosch Tassimo TAS4011GB Multi-Beverage Machine, Silver and Black

Have had this for about 6 months and it has been a success - a coffee machine that is used daily. I like its ease of use and ease of maintenance. Kenco Espresso and Cafe Crema pods, and Suchard chocolate, are very good for my taste and easily available. I didn't like Twinings English Breakfast Tea pods - too harsh a taste, and the taste of the milk pods for both latte and cappuccino put me off. I use fresh milk - infinitely better. Must try some of the drink brands only available online.

If you can't be bothered being a barista then this machine is probably for you, especially if you do not like mess.
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on 23 October 2015
This was a replacement for my old Tassimo machine and I haven't been disappointed. It's quieter than the old one and has a better water tank. My old machine had a square magnet to gauge the water level and so it constantly stopped working when bubbles collected at the top of the magnet so the machine thought the tank was empty and therefore wouldn't work until I got the bubbles out. This machine has a round magnet so bubbles don't collect at the top. It is a good design, easy to use, to clean, to refill the tank and looks good on my kitchen worktop.
The coffee is excellent with a wide range to choose from, my favourite being the Costa coffee range. I have tried other coffees made with different machines but I find that the coffee doesn't seem as full bodied as the Tassimo range.
The coffee maker is an excellent buy that I would recommend.

10.11.2015 Just a note to say I have had this coffee machine for several weeks now and I still love it.
I just wanted to comment on the de-scaling cycle which I don't think is very clear in the instructions, it's very different to my previous model and without doing it the correct way the red de-scaling light will not go off.
Remove the cup holder and put there a large container that can hold 500ml (I used a pint drinks tankard). Fill the tank to the minimum water setting, add your de-scaling solution or tablets, insert the yellow service disk then press and hold the start button for 5 seconds and walk away. The machine does the rest and takes about 20-30 minutes. When the cycle has finished, rinse the water tank thoroughly, then wipe dry and fill to maximum. Press and hold the start button and fill and empty a large mug 4 times to remove any residual de-scaling solution. Throw away any remaining water in the tank, re-fill and your good to start making delicious coffee again. Hope this helps!
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VINE VOICEon 9 September 2008
I bought this as a pressie to myself after a new Kitchen was fitted and not only is it a pleasing item to be looked at but also a pleasure with the different brews it conjures up, although so far I've only tried three - out of eight purchased - again on the Internet.

I don't know if others work in a similar way, but after setting it up, (quite simple) you put one of two pods into a special receptable and press the button. The machine then reads the bar code which tells it whether or not it needs Water and what quantity. Then it delivers to your Cup and when satisfied it's finished, remove the Pod and drop in the second one - usually a liquid. The Machine reads again and follows the Bar code instructions to deliver the perfect cup of whatever you've chosen.

It's an expensive luxury if you want a few cups per day for example as each one will cost an average of 20/25p per cup. However, if like me, you like the differing tastes but don't over do it and can afford it, it's a little luxury worth having it.

If you register onsite and also order, the Pods will arrive in 3/4 days from the Netherlands.
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on 18 September 2008
This is my second machine within the last 6 weeks. The first one stopped working completely after 3 weeks but Amazon replaced it without question.
PROS: This machine is easy to use. Just pop the disc in the top of the machine, press the button and you have a hot drink in about 60 seconds. The Tassimo is also less messy than the machines that use the ground coffee. With a wide range of discs available, both online and in supermarkets, there's a hot drink to suit everyone.
CONS: The machine doesn't produce drinks like the pictures on the box!! The cappuccino with NOT have a large frothy CAP. In fact, mine don't have any froth. Likewise, with the Latte Macchiato. The milk also tastes awful and I tend to use fresh cow's milk instead, and a lot more of it, to get the milky latte effect. The Suchard hot chocolate tastes good but like the other drinks doesn't produce enough on an automatic run as shown in the demo. Using the override button does make a larger drink, but at the cost of a weaker flavour.
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on 5 July 2008
This is my second Tassimo machine and Bosch have put right all the little niggles I had with the previous Braun machine. Including now being able to fit my Portmeirion mugs on it, less fiddley pieces to clean, no overflow that constantly required emptying and absolutely best of all - more pressure when making drinks - the Braun never got it right (half the Suchard chocolate remained in the pod and the crema was never really good on the coffee!). The Bosch did stop working completely after 3 weeks but it was exchanged without a quibble. I'm very happy with it and enjoy my morning hassle-free coffee.
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