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4.8 out of 5 stars198
4.8 out of 5 stars
Style Name: Coffee maker with tote storage bag|Change
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on 14 August 2011
I like STRONG coffee and I like the smoothness of filter coffee but I'm too impatient for the drip-drip of filter coffee. I have a Nespresso machine but I use the AeroPress every day.

The Aerobie makes 1-4 strong espresso measures of coffee in 25 seconds from when the kettle boils. Insert one of the micro-filters in the base, lock on, place over a cup or mug, insert one scoop of coffee per espresso and then add boiled water that is 5 seconds off the boil up to the appropriate mark. Stir for 20 seconds with the stirrer in the pack, insert the plunger and press down till it reaches the 4 mark at the top. Keep the same pressure and air, not the plunger, forces the water through the coffee. As the coffee is only in contact with water for 20 seconds you don't get any bitterness, and the micro filter holds back even the finest grounds. After use you can remove the filter holder and push out the "puck" of coffee straight into the bin or compost. The rubber plunger cleans the inside as it goes, so all you need to do is clean off the end after use.

You can then drink the hot espresso, or use it as a base for latte, americano, cappuccino etc. I like to start the day with a black triple espresso americano.

If you want to use beans, use one scoop of beans per espresso and grind them while the kettle boils. A funnel is supplied to get the coffee out of the grinder into the AeroPress easily.

You can save filter papers by rinsing them off after use and putting back in the holder to dry, you can use one a day this way.

You can use the plunger as a water measure, and even boil the water in it in a microwave (its specially designed to pour more easily so you can do this). Its also dishwasher safe. To make 2-4 coffees, just make 2-4 espressos in one mug and then divide into 2,3 or 4 or make in a jug.

The only problem with it is that, having made your coffee you don't want to clean it immediately, its too hot anyway, and it tends to drip. I leave it on the side of the draining board till I am washing up but a saucer would do as well. This is why I didn't give 5 stars. However it is much quicker, makes better coffee, and is cheaper to use than Nespresso, Senseo or any of the capsule/pod machines.

Compact and light so great for taking to work for real coffee without any fuss, especially as all you need is a kettle.
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on 20 April 2009
This product really does make a fabulous cup of coffee, as if you've been served by a barista in your favourite coffee house... but for a fraction of the price. It comes with everything you need (you'll just need to have your chosen blend of coffee already bought) - filter papers, coffee scoop, and stirrer. It assembles really easily and is simple to make. The only word of caution I'd offer - make sure your coffee is not ground too finely, or you'll be building up your arm muscles as you push down on the vacuum which makes your coffee so great. I would imagine 'filter ground' to give you the right size grain, which will be a dream to process. In these times of credit crunching, you won't miss your visits to said coffee house to buy your cup of coffee because you'll have something even better on tap.
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on 22 February 2016
I had seen this Coffee Maker on a consumer programme where it was tested against a £450 domestic Espresso machine, A mid range Delhongi espresso and this Aeropress in Trafford Park shopping center.
Coffee expert and shoppers were all given cups marked A, B and C, so no one knew which was which.The Aeropress won hands down where as the other 2 were either bitter or sour tasting. 1 hour later I had one "not yet dispatched" from Amazon! I already have Coffee makers, Percolators, Cafetieres and a Pod Coffee system, My husband roled his eyes when I told him Id ordered yet another coffee making device. When it arrived I put it to work straight away, I followed the instructions, tasted it and boy was it strong, but it was incredibly smooth!! After reading the reviews I knew that it would take a couple of attempts to make my own perfect coffee and I certainly did the next time. The coffee is amazing, there is no bitterness what so ever and it was so very smooth. I have 1 spoonful of coffee and put the water up to the 4 mark and that makes the perfect coffee for me. I bought a packet of 350 filter papers aswell as I didnt know if they came with the Aeropress or not. Well, it did, all 350 of them!! I know some reviewers say you can use the filters papers twice but to be honest, I have that many now that I throw them away after every use! One reviewer said that every sip of the coffee from an Aeropress is like a thousand orgasms, well, A) I wish I was lucky enough to make the comparison, and B) I dont think I would go that far but it is bloomin good cup of coffee!!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 8 September 2013
Full marks to this device in terms of portability, simplicity and easiness to clean. The bag that is supplied is very cheap with man-made fibres, but it's got a zip and does the job. I question whether it's worth the extra money on top of the press on its own.

The paper filters are supposedly one-use, but two filtrations can be got from them. Alternatively you could also purchase a Kaffeologie S Filter for AeroPress - Ultra Fine Stainless Steel Reusable Coffee Filter for AeroPress Coffee and Espresso Makers, which I find produces a better drink; the paper ones seem to block some of the oils and doesn't let the crema through. It saves money in the long run too, as you'll never have to buy any more ever again.

Less than full marks for the end result, though - although the flavours come out nicely, it's a light brew; I'm used to using a pump espresso machine, and I find that in comparison, the crema is lacking, and the viscocity and pure WELLY just isn't there. It's almost like tea if you don't get it right. To get a good cup of coffee, you want the hot (not boiling) water to push through the beans as quickly as possible, so that the bitter tastes aren't added. That's the main problem with percolators, cafitieres and hob-top makers - they stew rather than purge, and the clarity of the individual flavours gets lost.

So, what you get here is a way of forcing water through at pressure without having to use an expensive water pump (inside an expensive machine). My advice is to buy a good burr grinder, such as Dualit 75015 Coffee Grinder, Black; and start grinding your own beans to the fineness that suits your taste best - the finer you grind, the harder it is for the water to be pumper through. This helps to make the end result stronger, but it's still not quite there for me.

Which, if you like your coffee like that, is great. I've built up far too much of a resistance to caffeine over my years of being on the bean; I NEED full-strength fuel! For the smokers out there, this is a bit like having to smoke Silk Cut when you've been puffing away on Marlboro Reds :)

A great little device that gives a way to get a pressure-driven cup of coffee at a budget price.
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on 2 January 2015
Maybe I don't use this exactly like everyone else, but I use it every day, and this is what I do...

The funnel, scoop and stirrer have been put away somewhere. I mean don't people know how to use a spoon these days?

I use the paper filters as they are cheap and easy. I have considered getting a stainless steel filter, but that would take time to clean and change the fineness of the filter.

We have now bought a Bosch TWK8633 Styline Collection 1.5 Litre Cordless Jug Kettle which is very good at measured quantity, fast, and it stops at 80 degrees, but it can keep warm if necessary. Brilliant.

I find it is best for just one cup, as it is too much hassle to pour out several, and I end up using a larger coffee thing if it is more than just me.

Afterwards, I pop the coffee out into the waste disposal, and rinse under the tap (occasional proper clean).

If I let them have it, everyone says the coffee is the best
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on 10 July 2011
This item is used daily in my kitchen and great if you go outdoors and don't have electricity. All you need is coffee and hot water. At first I had some troubles producing a good cup each time. The quality varied between good and ok. Now after watching a few clips on youtube and practicing it's good to great every time. I hesitate to call the espresso good since the crema is nowhere near what you get with a machine. Still I heartily recommend it. The only downside is that you have to be active pressing the coffee but it's quick and easy so it doesn't really bother me.
The nylon bag is totally useless. Order without.
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Lets get the first thing out of the way. This is not as good as a good bean to cup machine with a 15bar pump. No way, no matter what the other reviews say.

The second thing I will note is that this is the version that comes with the tote bag. And that frankly is a joke. The version without the tote back is close on four quid cheaper and given the tote bag is basically cheap garbage the extra simply isn't worth it. Four quid for a bag when similar ones are given away free with a set of headphones on an aircraft? Aerobie are taking the mickey because it probably cost about 10p to make. And it is so tight to use that it's a close run thing getting the contents fitted inside.

And that's a shame because whilst this is in no way a substitute for a good high pressure machine it is a great portable device for making decent coffee. This is the reason I bought it. And for that purpose it's great because you do get to drink properly good coffee when all around you are gagging over instant brown bog water.

But the bag? It's the reason I dropped a star because I feel ripped off. Other than that this is a brilliant way to be able to make coffee on the go. As long as you have access to a sink of course to wash all the bits up afterwards.
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on 10 October 2015
I use the inverted method and I've got a stainless ultrafine S filter because I think it makes a richer, deeper flavoured brew. I love my aeropress. It makes great coffee every time and has become the most used article in my kitchen. We've got through half a kilo of Atkinson's of Lancaster Indian Mandal Gems of Araku beans in a week and although I've ordered more, they won't arrive until after the weekend. It's a good job the aeropress will make a decent cup from supermarket beans too. Easy to clean and light and portable enough to take to work or on holiday. I'm a convert. I hope they make a larger sized version in the future because I happily drink a full aeropress to myself but it would be nice to make coffee for more than one person at a time. The bag is a bit cheap and flimsy but does the job of keeping everything together. Highly recommended unless you're trying to give up coffee.
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on 12 April 2013
Purchased this to bring my own coffee to work and save money. I find an italian coffee (on the hob) leaves coffee tasting slightly burnt from the hot steam processes. This is device is brilliant and coffee tastes lovely and smooth.

Advice- don't overly force the plunger down as filter will tear.
- Also when refilling with water for a second pass on same ground cofffee break the coffee puck first, otherwise an air pocket will form when filling container with hot water which will pop and spray hot water up which may burn you.
- agree with others saying filters can be reused
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on 22 February 2016
I bought this for my husband's birthday. Now to say that he's a coffee purist and is the world's biggest cynic is an understatement!! He LOVES it, says it makes some of the best coffee he's ever had! He works on the Russia/Ukraine border and this is so portable for him. Would give it ten stars if I could.
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