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4.4 out of 5 stars42
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 10 April 2009
I cannot believe the sheer arrogance of the music press when it comes to Feeder and their work. Only the likes of NME gave the album 7/10 and that's because they were too busy going after Morrissey's scalp to bother. The press think they are 'too good' for this band, and it's only cool to like a band that no-one's heard of. Objectivity I can appreciate, but down right prejudice is intolerable and the press have been hammering Feeder since they day they were born and most of it is unjustified.
Back to the album - with a little patience this album reveals itself to you bit by bit. Your favourite track will change week by week until it will finally settle on one. Mine settled on Guided by a Voice which is absolutely seminal in the wavering delight of its melody. Every track is a gem and you will realise that this album is going to be one of those classics you will always remember. It is self produced and all the better for it. Feeder simply do not get the credit they deserve. Admittedly this album's release was cocked up by the new owners of the record company and so its publicity was woefully inadequate. In summary, if you've ever liked even one Feeder song then go ahead and buy with confidence.
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on 28 August 2008
Initially, I found this album to be disappointingly bland. Each song seemed to sound alike, with no stand-out tracks. This turned out to be a good omen; all my favourite albums are not immediately likeable. I could really appreciate the quality of 'Silent Cry' after four listens. It is quite an epic sound, with universal lyrics. 'Sonorous' gives a nod to the old grunge days; 'Into The Blue' has an indie disco influence; 'Tracing Lines' is upbeat pop. The guitars and rhythms are heavy, which signals a new burst of confidence, if not a return to the pre-CIS sound. However, a bit of piano or keyboard would have been welcome at points! The two extra tracks on the deluxe edition are probably not worth it, though, unless you are a completist.
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on 8 July 2008
Any album that is next in line for release after a "Greatest Hits" style CD is going to be a tough one to fathom; both for the band, and the fans. It can often put the band under a lot of pressure and strain to deliver, especially when you have a record as clean and exceptionally impressive as that of Grant Nicholas' Feeder. Many people thought 'The Singles' was the band's way of telling everyone that they were finally calling it a day, and yet 2 years on, here we are with Feeder's new album Silent Cry; and what an album it is.

Straight from the opening chord of first single 'We Are the People', it would seem that Feeder have come out with a real purpose. No longer do they seem to be reluctant to plug in their guitars and return to their roots with crunching power chords and cleverly modified melodious vocals so precise for the sound that it's almost jaw-droppingly good. "What do you say, what do you think about miracles?" rages Grant Nicholas through chord number four, powerfully delivered, opening the album in an outrageously good way, and three and a half minutes later delving into the tinkling, guitar picking opening notes of Itsumo. Bass lines build, harmonising with the vocals and rapidly jumping from note to note creating an atmospheric pop rock masterpiece until it finally swoops into the unmistakeably Feeder-esque chorus. Catchy chord changes, and hooky lyrics coupled with strong power chords, epitimising the bands coupled old and new sound creating their most complete sound yet; and one that works so beautifully that it shines through pretty much all of Feeder's previous releases without a problem.

Single number two 'Miss You' follows the trend with more steady, fast-paced power chords, yet channelled with melody and clever lyrics. 'Tracing Lines' and '818' step down a notch to a more sophisticated "Pushing The Senses" style sound.

'Silent Cry' is one for the more recent fans, closer in resemblance to Comfort in Sound's slower tracks or even previous single 'Save Us' than the heavier stuff - giving the album a wide range of sounds, and leaving remnants for both old and new fans to latch onto and love. 'Heads Held High' is an acoustic masterpiece, coupled with a string quartet to add even more scope to Feeder's sound.

'Who's the Enemy' and 'Guided By a Voice' sounds like the spawn of what happened when Feeder created an album that mixed the old and new together to create something new and fresh that we haven't yet witnessed.

However you look at it, this is Feeder's sixth full length album, and they seem stronger than ever. The band don't seem to have had enough yet, and as the closing moments of this album prove there is more that can come yet. The album is left with something quite special in the wake of 'Sonorous' - an all new direction that could very well be taken. The best may still come from Feeder, and their future seems just as exciting as their past. This album, their greatest work to date, puts Feeder right up there with some of the best, and I for one can't wait to see what the future holds in store for these Welsh Rockers.
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on 9 December 2008
After the disappointment last 'proper' album Pushing the senses this is a big relief, not a single album filler in site!

This album really shows there talent, a lot of the songs can be related to their previous albums - but it obviously isn't an attempt to cling to what they used to be good at... they're equally as good as they used to be, but now with the benefit of a range of styles to play.

I don't really consider any of the songs to be album fillers, they're all different and energetic whereas pushing the senses had some powerful, quick songs and then a load of slow paced uninspiring songs from the 2nd half onwards.

I really like this album, it has everything I need, fast paced up beat songs, moving and powerful songs like we are the people (it takes a while to fully appreciate it - and a good set of headphones), and a decent acoustic-ish song (Heads held high) that reminded me of Swim which, despite not being much of an acoustic fan, commands a lot of my attention if it comes on. Also got to mention Who's the enemy - it would be well suited for for a James Bond theme tune - but not the most recent as it needed something pretty loud, fast and heavy to match the film
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on 21 February 2011
Had this on loop while decorating the lounge last week. Took 4 days and 4 coats so had plenty of listens. Whole album made it onto my classic and that's as rare as a straight politician. Favourite tracks keep changing which is always a good sign (no filler here folks, unlike my walls). So in summary "FEEDER ROCK" and my lounge looks quite nice too!
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on 7 September 2008
This is new Feeder, its not that much of an evolution, they still dwell in the dark every now and again but Grant seems to find something else to be sad about instead of John Lee. (the band mate who commited suicide)

It opens on We are the people, its a anthem in every sense of the word, with building guitars and a classic feeder chime. It doesn't go anywhere and as good as it sounds you know deep down the lyrics are very silly.

Insumo is a hit single in the waiting, perhaps one of Feeders best songs yet.

Miss you is propably best discribed as a mellow Foo Fighters song. Its also got a bit of a punky edge for me its not a highlight but others disagree.

Tracing Lines is the current single, its a fast paced guitar affair, that happens to sound like a toy car advertisment. With better lyrics this could have been a great tight single as it stands its just an annoyingly catchy one.

Silent Cry is the title track, yet its actually one of the weakest tracks on the album, its pretty generic but you won't be needing to hit the skip button.

Fires is another anthem, heavy yet slow inclining guitars, a great vocal performance from Grant and one of Feeders best riffs yet. Think of Turn from Echo Park and your getting close to how good this is.

And from here I can't actually remember the running order, a lot of the songs run together, not to say their bad they just don't stand out enough for you to notice the name of the track. Who's the enemy is pretty epic and 8.18 is another great rocker, I think.

Theres also 2 slower paced semi acoustic songs in Heads held high and Guided by a voice, even so they still keep the album chuntering on at a good enough quality.

Sonorous is a great little track that people compare to Muse, no idea why myself but the guitar work is really impressive.

The 2 bonus tracks are great though, so try and get ahold of them Yeah Yeah makes a great ring tone.

Overall this is propably Feeders most consistant release since Echo Park and propably one of their best albums. Its just a shame its not as memorable as the others overall.

I gave it a 9, because I hate to see it suffer, its a great album and you won't need to skip any tracks.
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on 19 February 2010
I just bought this album as I've always been a fan of Feeder and have several of their other albums. Despite some mixed reviews of Silent Cry on here, I was certainly not disappointed with this album. Quite the opposite. I think it's an excellent album and yes, it is harder edged than some of their previous work but there's a good balance of heavy'ish songs and slower paced songs which all work very well together to produce a cohesive, strong album. Contrary to what some reviewers here have said, there are definitely stand-out tracks which lodged in my head the first time I heard them and which are incredibly strong. Silent Cry, Fires and Guided By a Voice are some of my favourite tracks. There isn't a bad track on the album and although overall the album may not be quite as "instant" as some of their previous ones it's certainly just as good as all their previous albums. It amazes me that Feeder have always flown under the radar and not had huge success because they certainly deserve to be more widely known and appreciated. However, they've had enough success to keep them ticking over and in some ways it's nice that not everybody knows about them but I do know exactly how good they are!
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on 10 January 2013
This was a big change after the Comfort And Sound and Pushing The Senses albums. Feeder clearly wanted to make an epic rock album and there are echoes of Linkin Park in We Are The People.
Itsumo is a great song and is followed by a truely fantastic head-banger energetic rock tune: Miss You! Tracing Lines is a jumpy song that is alright but not a classic. Silent Cry is simply amazing and I can't say anything bad about. It takes my breath away.
I don't like Fires. It sounds lame and overdone whereas it could've easily been an amazing beautiful song. Heads Held High is much better and is strangely uplifting for such an emotional song. 8:18 is another good song, but as with most on this album,it doesn't really have much of a mainstream finish to it. Who's The Enemy is dramatic, dark and exciting. Into The Blue is another irritating one that I know Feeder could have done better with. Guided By A Voice and Sonorous are decent enough, but nothing special. Overall, I think this is a good album, but Feeder have made much better before and since.
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on 19 June 2008
Feeder are back with the highly anticipated 'Silent Cry', and the racing guitars, clever lyrics, crashing drums and melodic anthems found on the album remind us why we fell in love with Feeder in the first place.

The album kicks off with 'We are the People' - the first proper single from the album; the song described as being an uplifting anthem, which perfectly starts you off for the constant appearance of genius songwriting and heart-pounding melodies. The album soars through 'Itsumo', 'Miss You' and 'Tracing Lines', until you reach the beautiful and awe-inspiring 'Silent Cry'; a track which builds and builds into one of the most powerful choruses of all the songs. The album soon begins to take turns; some tracks being heavier than others, reminding us of the epic albums 'Polythene' and 'Swim', showing us that Feeder may have written some lighter songs as of late, but they have not lost their rockier touch. 'Sonorous' finishes off the original track-listing of the album, finishing with the most potent of the songs featured, blowing what's left of you away.

The 'Deluxe Edition' contains two more tracks, 'Yeah Yeah' featuring catchy guitar-hooks and shout-out lyrics, and 'Every Minute' creating the last impact before the album is finished.

The Slip-Case the album comes with is just wonderful, and the artwork for this album is just immense.

A must-have for your record collection, 'Silent Cry' offers everything that most albums are lacking as of today, proving that Feeder truly are understated, and are actually a very special and talented band.
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on 23 September 2009
Firstly there is nothing different or unique in this album. I have been a fan of feeder for years. I think it is one of their best, a collection of catchy and varied tunes. They have never made too much sense lyrically either, so why do I like them? They create moods and feelings, then rauncy riffs with uplifting vocals. They put together memorable anthems, soft rock rythyms and bouncing choruses that prove they are songsmiths of today. This may not win many new fans, but there are many Feeder fans that will be delighted!
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