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4.5 out of 5 stars218
4.5 out of 5 stars
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fourth season of lost, one of the most talked about tv shows in the world. there's an awful lot of backstory and continuity built up by this point in the programme's run so this is not the best place to start if you've never seen it before. the first disc does contain a short feature called 'lost in 8:15' which manages to tell the story of the first three seasons in eight minutes and fifteen seconds [long term viewers will recognise those numbers]so you might be okay but if you're new to the programme go here LOST - The Complete First Season [2005]

if you're not, read on.

in the middle of the third year it was decided that the programme would run for three more years to bring the story to a close, and each of these seasons would last sixteen episodes. the american tv writers strike of 2007 meant this season had to be cut down to fourteen episodes, although the last two of this season are really one long episode cut in two parts. all of this does mean that, a couple of early episodes that don't seem to amount to much at the time notwithstanding, the season really does have a great deal of pace to it, and as result is the best since the first. we really do get a fair amount of progression. And answers. and more questions. but it does move it along very nicely.

as seen from the end of season three the traditional flashbacks were dropped in favour of flashforwards, showing that some of the characters were now off the island. thus this season tells us the story of what happened to them, paralleled with how they got off the island in the first place. and there are still the occasional actual flashbacks. so you can never be quite sure when everything is taking place. but working it out is a rewarding effort.

shocking things happen. familiar faces are seen again. and the season brings everything together at the end and right up to date, with those who got off the island facing a very difficult choice. and the viewers very eager to see what will happen next. lost really does feel like it's going somewhere at this point, and I look forward to finding what happens next.

this box set contains six dvds.

language tracks are: english italian and spanish

subtitles are: english italian spanish swedish norwegian danish finnish icelandic portugese dutch

disc one contains episodes one to three. episode one has a commentary from jorge garcia [who plays hurley] and evangeline lilly [who plays kate]
episode two has a commentary from three of the production staff. and the disc also has the aforemtntioned lost in 8:15

disc two contains episodes four to seven, and episode seven has a commentary from daniel dae kim yunjin kim [jin and sun] and the director of the episode.

disc three has episodes seven to eleven

and disc four has episodes twelve to fourteen. thirteen and fourteen are as mentioned really one long one split into two, and they have a commentary from two of the producers. which contains some very interesting bits of informantion and hints.

disc five is the first of two extras discs, and contains the following features:

lost on location. roughly forty two minutes of features showing the making of several of the episodes, and how various stunts and action and other things in them were done. these can be watched all together or individually. tecnhically they're interesting and as documentaries they're very good, the cast and crew involved being open and fun to listen to.

island backlot is an eighteen minute long feature showing how nearly everything in all four years of the show has been shot on one island in hawaii. it's remarkable to watch how many different features the place has, and how they've managed to make parts of look like places elsewhere in the world. and there's a wonderful shot of the sea life off the beach.

right to bear arms runs for eleven minutes and looks at all the guns that the characters have on the show. this is also quite remarakble to watch as it shows the depth of detail that script coordinators have to go to make sure continuity is maintained. they have to remember where each gun is and who has it at various points in the story.

soundtrack of survival runs for twenty six minutes and shows highlights of a concert in hawaii of music from the show, with live readings from actor terry o'quinn [locke] in the middle of the tunes. it also looks at how the show's composer does his job. this really highlights some of the great music he's come up with. And it makes you want to see a full version of the symphony being performed. would that they'd bring it to dvd.

lost bloopers is the customary short reel of outtakes. if you've seen a few of these they tend to get repetitive, and there's nothing desperately amusing here, although there is one moment of someone getting character and actor names muddled which is quite funny.

there are also roughly nine minutes worth of deleted scenes from various episodes. they can be watched individually or all together. there's nothing major amongst them but there are some good moments.

disc six is interesting because the background picture - which is of a cave seen in the season finale - can change on occasion to other backdrops from the season. It seems to be random and I have no idea if it's possible to control it.

the extras on this:

course of the future. thus puts all the flash forwards seen in the season into chronological order. it runs for roughly forty five minutes, and it does trim some of them for length a little. stick with this and it gets interesting because it does help to clarify a few things.

oceanic six is a very clever little film, presented as a documentary someone posted on the internet showing how the characters who get off the island can't be telling the truth. there are some famiiiar faces in it as well. nicely done and worth watching. it runs roughly fifteen minutes.

freighter folk is a twelve minute long feature looking at the new characters introduced in this season. it's quick but entertaining.

offshore shoot is an eight minute long documentary showing the filming of the scenes that were done on a ship offshore from the island. this is a bit short and feels like edited highlights, but it's worth it for another great shot of the sea life off the island. and a beautiful sunset.

and an intersting curio of a feature: lost. missing pieces. fourteen short films, each running roughly three minutes, that are each set at earlier points in the show, and fill in minor details that may not have occurred to you. it's startling to be reminded how some of the characters looked in part one, and there are two of these that feature a character who you probably thought you'd never see again. all highly recommended.

an excellent season of an excellent show, and it will leave you eager for the next one.
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on 21 September 2008
Lost is back and it's bigger and better than ever. Many think that Lost is a series that has lost is purpose, but really it's one of the best storylines ever written for T.V. I highly reccommend that you puchase Lost Series 4.
The series continues right where the third left off and is not to be missed. The forth series was the most anticipated of them all and dose not dissapoint, with action from start to finish.
The DVD feature's help reveal the mysterys of the island and give an unique insight to how the team make the hit that is Lost.
Lost is most definately BACK, and bigger than ever.
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on 4 July 2008
Season 4 of LOST was absolutely amazing. Even I, an avid and absolute LOST addict, will admit to Season 3 being slightly lacking. There was definitely an uncertainty towards the beginning of season 3 as to where and when the show was going to culminate. The producers, having decided on a six season format, finally ramped up the storytelling mid-season 3 and have rarely let slip on the quality of the writing and watchabilty of this awesome show. Season 3's cliffhanger was totally unexpected and despite the un-Godly wait, due to the writer's strike, season 4 picked up nicely where 3 left off and the pace was clearly quickened due to the shows final season being set. Answers being given out left, right and centre...albeit with more questions being raised along the way. The genius of this program lies within the writers ability to draw the viewer in to and leave us wondering what is going to happen next. Curiousity is surely their best tool, at least for the committed viewer. I understand why some viewers became impatient with the questions upon questions and gave up on LOST, however I stand by my feelings that LOST is one of, if not the most, intelligently written shows on tv to date. I look forward to seeing where season 5 brings us. Season 4 was quality from start to finish with episodes such as "The Constant", "The Shape of Things To Come" and the multi-episode finale "There's No Place Like Home" being stand out episodes.
For new viewers, LOST needs to be watched from the beginning to truly see it's complexities, which shows just how cleverly it is written.
Patience is a virtue and I have faith that this show will live up to it's promise. With episodes filled with action, humour, heartache and a deep underlying mythology, as well as cliffhangers that leave me shouting at the tv for more. I have no doubt when all is said and done, this will be one of the defining tv shows of all time.
As 'Irina Derevko' said in another of JJ. Abrams tv series, "Truth takes time".
The only thing that saddens me is when will the UK be able to buy these LOST boxsets on blu-ray? The US has been able to buy previous seasons in Hi-Def and I am feeling left out especially after comments from America about how great the quality is. UK-ness, please offer us the same as our friends across the pond.
Lostaholic London Lad
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on 21 May 2009
i had never been the kind of person to get into any series whatsoever, because i figured that if you where to miss an episode for any reason, youd be quite lost as to what was going on, but 3 months ago my fiancee purchased lost series one on dvd, i became so engrossed in it that as soon as the first series had finished i ran out to buy the second series, then the third series and finally the fourth series, becoming more and more addicted to its every changing mood, twist of plot and continually deepening story, there where times when i thought that the story was thinning out a little, but the fourth series of lost re-ignited my interest and kept me coming back for more, i soon found myself watching an entire disk per night and still wanting more, and when i had watched the entire fourth series i went back and watched every single behind the scenes special on the disk!! truly a mind bending, reality warping adventure that i dare you to not totally enjoy, you will soon become addicted and find yourself scouring the internet in search for the next series on dvd, and searching for any juicy interview and sign of leaked storline. i absolutely loved it and im positive you will too!!!
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on 17 April 2009
Brilliant as ever. This series still keeps you guessing and trying to work out who is on what side, and which is the 'right' side. It's on series 4 and still hasn't lost it's magic - can't wait for series 5 to be released.
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on 15 April 2010
The fourth season of plane-crash mystery drama brings an emphasis on flash-forwards rather than the myriad flashbacks of season 3. This enables us to discover that some of the survivors of the crash have made it back to the real world, but for most of them this seems to be rapidly turning into a curse rather than a blessing, as the island seems intent on drawing them together and drawing them back.
Having had a gap of a year between series' I was amazed how quick certain things came back to me, and was soon up to speed with events. What's really pleasing about this season is that some of series two's flaws in terms of the writers making it up as they went along have been ironed out, and the show seems to finally know exactly where it's going.
A previous reviewer has given extensive details of DVD extras, so suffice it for me to say that this set is a worthwhile purchase and a highly entertaining addition to the series.
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VINE VOICEon 20 January 2010
Lost is the kind of series you need to keep up with - if you miss a few episodes you'll never pick up the threads adequately. It also seems to be the kind of series you either love or hate.

So having watched the first three series the suspense was there, as was the desire to watch this the fourth series. And it doesn't disappoint - lots of unexpected twists in the tale, a few faces that seem to keep cropping up, more and more questions about just what the island is really all about and why certain people are so concerned to maintain control of it, and so on.

If you haven't seen the previous three series then watching this in isolation is probably only going to be confusing. But if you have seen the previous three then stay with the story, series four is a great progression of it.

Now I'm looking forward to series five!
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on 12 September 2008
i was seriously disillusioned from series 3, being a diehard lost fan from series 1. I even got sky so i could watch it weekly!! i admit, the finale of series 3 left me (& all my lost friends) with my jaw on the floor. However i was wondering how they would carry it over, with us all now knowing we have another 2 seasons to look forward to before it all ends. I'm pleased to say my faith returned with this season. It really is amazing, the only complaint i have is i, & all my friends guessed who was in the coffin long before it was revealed. It has left it wide open for series 5, i for one cannot wait to see where the producers take it from here. I just hope jack & kate can live happily ever after!!
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Before the final and largely unseemly demise of this masterful television series - Seasons 3 and 4 rocked. And it can't have escaped fans notice that in 2014 - the "Lost" Box Sets are now 'so' cheap on BLU RAY as to be an irresistible bargain.

But lovers of the show should note that the 'American Editions' of Season 3 and 4 on 20th Century Fox (which aren't very well highlighted as such) are REGION A LOCKED - so no matter how cheap or enticing they look - they won't play on our machines unless they're chipped for 'all regions' (which most aren't).

Check before you buy - stick with the 'UK' variants and you won't be doing a John Locke - tearing your hair out...
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on 8 July 2008
Definitely the best season of LOST, I'm pre-ordering it even though I watched every episode (bar 'Confirmed Dead') for the following reasons:
1. Contains the best ever episode, 'The Constant', which is frankly brilliant, and an amazing showcase of Henry Ian Cusick's acting ability.
2. Lots of mysteries are finally resolved, especially the flashforward at the end of season 3. There are more flashforwards than flashbacks, and finally the flashbacks have true relevance to the plot.
3. Ben, and Keamy's interplay is fantastic.
4. Not a single episode was below par, and I believe that all of them are actually better than the whole of season 2.

LOST Season 4 was seriously good television, and if Season 2 put you off and you never rejoined, I'd advise it. You are so missing out.
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