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4.8 out of 5 stars129
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 14 March 2010
After getting tired of trying to find my favourite episodes, i finally got round to making my own index and decided to add it here.

Hope it is of use

Disc 1
Series 1

1. The further adventures of Toad.
2. The kidnapping of Toad
3. The ghost at Mole End
4. The great steamer
5. Buried treasure
6. Moles cousin
7. The grand annual show
8. The open road again

Disc 2
Series 1

9. Wayfarers all
10. The weasels trap
11. Burglary at Toad Hall
12. The piper at the gates of dawn
13. The Yuletide entertainment.

Disc 3
Series 2

1. Winter sports
2. Toad, Photographer
3. The rescue
4. Bankruptcy
5. The storm
6. Patient: Toad
7. The labyrinth
8. Harvest

Disc 4
Series 2

9. Auberon's return
10. The great golfing gamble
11. Gadget mad
12. May day
13. Fancy dress

Disc 5
Series 3

1. Paperchase
2. Mercury of the Motor Bicycle
3. Mr Toad's telephone
4. Toad, Astronomer
5. Caught in a maze
6. School days
7. Badgers remedy
8. Masterchef

Disc 6
Series 3

9. Fire at Toad Hall
10. Unlikely allies
11. A producer's lot
12. Champion of the green baize
13. Winter haunts

Disc 7
Series 4

1. Auld Lang Syne
2. Bricks and morter
3. The lost river
4. The Tournament
5. Lord Toad
6. Hot Air
7. Fighting fit
8. Hall for sale

Disc 8
Series 4

9. Toad's Harvest
10. Monsters of the wild wood
11. Remember, remember
12. Tunnels and tremors
13. Happy new year

Disc 9
Series 5

1. The Chief's return
2. Mister Toad of the Times
3. The compleat bungler
4. Toad in motion
5. Midsummer nights disaster
6. Gypsy Toad
7. Hip Hip Soiree
8. Piano roll Toad

Disc 10
Series 5

9. Happy Birthday
10. A Toad in time
11. Oarsman Toad
12. Toad in love
13. Film maker

Disc 11

Pilot episode
A tale of two Toads
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on 29 October 2008
I had already written reviews three times for the dvd's of the original 'The Wind in the Willows' film adaptation and series 1 and 2 produced by Cosgrove Hall, but I never tire of revisiting its wonderful universe. Allow me to focus a bit on the background of the film special for a while.
The original adaptation of 'The Wind in the Willows' cost £400.000 to make, spent 18 months in production due to all the minute details that went into the recreation of the novel by Kenneth Grahame in intricate, brilliant stop-motion animation. And that's what accounts for the added ingredient that separates this from previous and later adaptations: it brought along plenty of atmosphere! Indeed, the riverfront world of the novel was splendidly captured, the models were exquisitely tailored and dressed - the characters themselves cost £5,000 each to produce, consisting of 9" high figures containing a brass ball and socket skeleton with a latex exterior -, the homes were filled with implements, artworks and paraphernalia scaled down to minute proportions, and the country side rich with a variety of flora and fauna. Just for added curiosity concerning the details, Mole's Willow pattern crockery was minutely scaled down to a half inch diameter, whilst Ratty's jumpers were sewn together from real men's socks, and there were even miniature copies of Tatler magazine to be spied around the houses!
The film was first broadcast in December 27, 1983, and it truly recreated that Edwardian spirit of joie-de-vivre, merriment and melancholy from the original book thanks to the extraordinary and impeccable crafstmanship on display. The success of Cosgrove Hall's achievement garnered the company several international awards, and led to the production of all the series now compiled in this gorgeous box set. All the actors rendered marvellous vocal performances to their respective characters, with David Jason's Mr. Toad practically stealing every scene in which he appeared, and the rest, as they say, is history.
I will finish by mentioning that, as the previous reviewer pointed out, all 65 episodes from the five series and both films are included here and, being the timeless classics that they deservedly became, no one can miss this box set.
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on 21 October 2008
Cosgrove Hall's 'The Wind in the Willows' is a true classic of British animation, and in this long-awaited box set you get all 65 20-minute episodes plus both films, spread across 11 discs! I would recommend this to...ANYONE and EVERYONE! Anyone who loves great stop-motion animation would love this, and equally anyone who loves the peace and tranqulity of the English countryside that Kenneth Grahame so brilliantly captured in his original book would love this too. Released in the month of the novel's 100th anniversary (and, coincidentally, the year of the original film's 25th anniversary), this box set is beautifully presented, and you will find that the episodes just get better and better as you watch them. I would always give 'The Wind in the Willows' 5 stars for its sheer quality in storytelling, animation, humour, and craftmanship in every detail! Thankyou, Fremantle, for finally releasing the entire collection! Wonderful!
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on 6 November 2008
Having been involved with much of the series I'm very much looking forward to this boxed set, but yes it is a shame not to have any extras or literature. There are certainly enough of the original creative teams around to have filled dozens of pages of anecdotes about and photos from working on the shows. Maybe I should get round to writing a book about all the adaptations of Willows. All of us who, have been touched in some way by it.......yes it was about a world long gone, but it was also about a period of television long gone, where such quality was valued. With the 100th anniversary of the book last month, I think we missed a oppurtunity to have revisted Toad hall. I've always wanted to film The wild Wood.
Anyone's favourite episode, by the way?
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on 4 November 2010
This is a fantastic boxed set of one of the most innocently enjoyable shows from my childhood. I didn't think this was ever going to be released onto dvd and now that it has I feel like I can re-live my childhood all over again!

Only gripe is the fact that there is no episode listing anywhere in the box. There are a lot of episodes and having to play the dvd in order to find out what episodes are on each disc seems like an odd thing to do but I simply printed the episode listing from the wikipedia page. Problem solved!

Highly recommended.
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on 26 March 2009
I'm a German fan of the series and I didn't know it until last autumn, though it had been aired in Germany when I was a child. But the German voices are not half as good as the English! What a sweet show! Actually this show is the reason that I've visited England for the first time two weeks ago. I fell in love with Peter Sallis' voice as Ratty (I didn't know him before, but now I'm a big fan) and so I managed to meet him in England. I never would have dreamt about the things that happened there, it was so wonderful! In summer I'm doing it again, he even wanted me to come back. But I am digressing from the subject...
The Wind in the Willows has got a lovely atmosphere and the character design is amazing. You really forget they are just models. That is what children need, not this rubbish that is shown on TV usually nowadays. But it's not only for children, grown-ups will enjoy it, too. At least I do :-).
But it's a pity that the Christmas episode "Yuletide entertainment" was cut. A few scenes are missing, such as Otter playing the piano and the choir singing a Christmas carol. And they should have added an episode guide! You have no chance to find any episode without looking up a guide on the internet.
Now that I've written this, I think I need a few episodes ;-)!
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on 2 February 2010
This is a great release. I saw a few of the episodes and clips from the films and the video looks great. I think this is a great series. All the actors are great in their roles, especially David Jason as Toad and Peter Sallis, of Wallace & Gromit fame, as Rat. The show is pretty well written. Some of the episodes throw the characters in real peril and make for a great change of pace from the usual day in the life, although those episodes are cool too. Of course, the production design and animation are top notch. If there are times when some of the characters aren't expressive, there are many more times when you think you're looking at animatronics. Toad's face is easily the best animation ever, of any animated film or series. There are about a million details in each set and prop. Overall, this is a great set.

However, there are two things that keep this set from being 100% perfect. First, the first film that starts the show is a little slow. Literally, there was a series of shots of just two of the characters eating. Not exactly exciting stuff. However, it also not a complete waste. It's a pretty okay film and there's 65 episodes and another, much more fun, film. I think it's a fair trade-off.

Finally, there are no bonus features. I would've loved some behind the scenes documentaries for this set, since it's the first whole show release and came out during the first film's 25th anniversary.

However, those are minor quibbles. We got the entire show on one set. What can be better? This is even more special, as the US (where I'm from) only has the first two series and two movies on DVD. As of right now, this was the only way to get all the adventures of Toad, Badger, Rat, and Mole. Trust me, this makes this set worth it.
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on 21 March 2011
Bought this for my Children and they love it. Tired of telling them all about watching it when I was young so went searching for it and it brought me right back. Nothing we like better than to put "Wind In The Willows" on a cold wet day and snuggle up in front of the fire and watch Toad,Ratty, Mole and Badger.Why don't they make films like this anymore?
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on 13 January 2011
This is one of my favourite series from my childhood, as everyone else says its a timeless classic. I was lucky enough to see the Cosgrove Hall exhibition at the Lowry museum years ago and see these beautifully crafted models. The children running round were nowhere as excited as the 20-40 somethings gathered around the cases reminiscing about afternoons sat watching series like Count Duckula, Dangermouse, and Wind In The Willows....
When I recieved the set this morning I was really pleased to see that it was so beautifully packaged. Freemantle really have done the series justice. I bought the set for my two boys to watch but think now that it will be a "Shelf dvd" that we get out and put into the player for them.
In the past when Ive bought dvds of some of my favourite childhood series Ive been dissapointed with the lack of interest that the distributers have put into the packaging and general presentation, and this one definately doesnt dissapoint!
Im now off to get a coffee so I can settle down and "Test it out" before my boys get home!
Would definately recommend this set to anyone who loved the old cosgrove Hall cartoons, such a shame that they went out of business, I think british animation has lost a real gem!
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on 2 June 2013
"Wind in the willows" is a wonderful turn of the century animated series depicting the British country side and values of that period. It presents to children a picture of human nature, the good, the bad, the weak, while allowing good to triumph.
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