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4.8 out of 5 stars114
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 16 November 2008
One of my fondest memories from childhood is sitting down with my parents and watching Count Duckula on TV.

It's a very funny, clever cartoon with some jokes for the parents. I still enjoy watching it now (i'm 26) Nanny just cracks me up!

The theme music for it is really fun and creative and your kids will love it! It really sticks in the memory.

I have a baby son at the moment whos a little too young to appreciate it but when hes a little older I plan on sitting down next to him to watch this great box-set and I know he'll love it as much as I did when I was his age.
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on 5 April 2011
As a retro cartoon geek I couldn't resist this box set.
Being a child of the 80's I have fond memories of watching these cartoons on the TV, and upon entering the first disc into the DVD player and hearing the opening theme song after all those years the memories just can flooding back.
So what do you get for your money? you get 7 discs containing every episode made, plus bonus features of interviews, still galleries and a how to draw Count Duckula feature.
The presentation of the set is in keeping with the show, from cobweb graphics to the preview stills it all fits in perfectly. For such a large amount of content it fits in my DVD collection great, taking up the space of about 2 regular DVDs. My only complaint is the lack of a booklet/leaflet with each episode and a quick synopsis, yet i can forgive this as each disc has the season and episodes contained within printed on it.
The quality of the content is superb, I own quite a few old cartoon collections on DVD and the sound and visual quality can sometimes be lacking, almost as if they have just been ripped straight form a old VHS and plopped on a DVD. No such worries here, the visuals and sounds are brilliant and clear.

What about the show Itself? the premise is that A dynasty of Vampire Ducks have ruled over transylvania for centuries. During the latest reincarnation Loyal Servants Igore and Nanny Botch up the recipe and create Count Duckula, who is supposed to be evil and malevolent, But to Igore's disappointment, turns out to be a vegetarian Vampire. The Show follows the constant misadventures as Igore tries to release Duckula's inner Evil. The Count tries to bring Happiness to himself and those around him all while trying to avoid being killed by Crackpot Vampire hunter Dr Von Goosewing. Nanny Forever trying to show her love for the Count, Her 'little Ducky Poos' while constantly wrecking the castle. And the occasional appearance of a surreal family member.
If you never heard of Count Duckula, chances are you are either too old or young to have experienced it. Does this mean it isn't for you? Not at all! For the kids it has funny slapstick humour, plus what could be funnier than a vegetarian Vampire Duck? For the adults there are quick one liners and groan worthy puns littered throughout.

A Highly recommended purchase for Kids of the 80's and everyone else with a sense of Humour and a pulse (pulse being optional).
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on 8 February 2009
Fang-tastic fun with Duckula and his co-horts. Great collection and David Jason at his very best (better than Danger Mouse).
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on 5 March 2011
I bought this for my wife as one of those 'nostalgia' presents. I have since had the pleasure of watching some of the episodes casually, whilst doing other things - but I found myself being distracted far more that usual! This is very much in the style of Danger Mouse with humour interjected for all age-groups, with David Jason offering his usual stock of expressive voices. I must confess to have been surprised by the number of episodes, there were many more than I thought there would be.

Pleasantly surprised by the transfer quality, too.
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on 18 February 2011
David Jason explodes onto our screens... As a Vegetarian Vampire Duck!
This is a Retro Classic Cartoon which I bought for my boyfriend, but I think I enjoyed it more than he did!
Follow energetic, funny, cool Count Duckula, simply sinister Egor and accident prone, very naive Nanny through hilarious journeys into Egypt, London and pretty much all over the world getting themselves into all sorts of capers, and unknowingly avoiding Dr Goosewink ("Wampire Hunter"... guaranteed to make you chuckle!) Who thinks Duckula's a super evil Vampire just like his Ancestors, which of course he isn't due to his love of Broccoli and Carrots and not blood, but his love for adventure will soon suck you in!!
This is a great Cartoon which is bound to be enjoyed by Kids and Adults alike, as the humor will tickle any age audience!
The Box itself is fantastic quality and very durable, with absolutely amazing illustrations on it, especially of Duckula's Transylvanian castle! The Box folds out to reveal 9 Disks choc-full of every Episode! The Duckula Menu is fantastic and even has some Special Features such as interviews, a stills gallery and even lessons on drawing Duckula, so you get great value for money!
Simply Wonderful!
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on 18 June 2010
. . . the wild and wacky one they call . . . Duckula . . . COUNT Duckula!

Yes, the occasional guest villain from "Danger Mouse" got his own show! (And you can also get The Complete "Danger Mouse" 25th Anniversary box set here at Amazon, too!) If you grew up in the 1980s, you're probably familiar with Count Duckula, from both his occasional appearances as a villain in "Danger Mouse" and his own show. (Although, considering their somewhat different personalities, the Duckula who appeared in "Danger Mouse" might have been the previous incarnation of the Count.) If you DIDN'T grow up during the 1980s, this is a chance to see why it was one of the best decades for children's entertainment. Here, for the first time, is every episode of the "Count Duckula" series collected into a 7-disc set, along with four postcards with art taken directly from some of the episodes. Only one disc contains any bonus materials, including a couple of interviews, a stills gallery, and a How-To-Draw Duckula lesson. I don't know if it was just my copy or not, but at one point on one of the later discs, there's a bit of a digital glitch in one of the episodes, a little line that flickers in and out for a minute or so. Other than that, the transfers are crisp and clean and beautiful.

The show deals with the latest incarnation of Count Duckula, a vampire duck whose resurrection went awry when ketchup was mistakenly used in the rite instead of blood, and he ended up as a vegetarian. Duckula longs for adventure and excitement and new experiences, which irritates his traditionalistic butler, Igor, no end. Igor would rather his young master stalk Transylvania by night, sinking his fangs into young maidens, but Duckula (who has no fangs, anyway) is more apt to eat a broccoli sandwich and try to get on television. Also watching over the Count is Nanny, a gigantic, monstrously strong motherly hen with one arm permanently in a sling. She loves her "Little Ducky-Boos," and would do anything for him. Unfortunately, she's clumsy, as thick as a concrete bunker, and more likely to cause chaos and destruction in her wake than she is to be helpful.

In his various adventures, Duckula travels the world, makes many friends and enemies (rather more enemies than friends), finds fabulous treasures (or more often than not, fails to find them), gets his face on television (or more often than not, fails to do so), interacts with the terrified villagers who live in the shadow of his castle (and who, for Transylvanians, have astoundingly Westcountry accents), tries to make some money with a few wild schemes, tries to woo a few ladies, and tries to stave off the boredom and depression which stem from living in a draughty, crumbling pile of a Gothic castle. At every step of the way, it's both fun and funny, with a darker edge to the humour than can be found in most cartoons. The artwork is beautifully detailed, the voice work is delightful, the scripts pay pop-culture and monster-movie tributes left and right, the puns are groaningly dire and frequent, and there are enough running gags to make up a comedy marathon. I recommend this set without hesitation or reserve for just about everybody, and it's not often I do that, because I can't think of many shows that contain so much fun for both children and adults alike. Still, it's best to come to your own conclusion on these matters, and as usual, I recommend renting this item (or any of the Duckula volumes) to see if you'd like it before committing to a purchase. But as this cartoon was popular in many countries around the world, I think it's a safe bet you'll probably like it, too.

So, as the sun sets and the ghostly flickering light of the television fills your front room with images of the dreary, dank and dismal domicile that is Castle Duckula, all that is left is for me to bid you happy viewing, and good night, out there . . . whatever you are! MWA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAA!
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on 5 June 2009
Hours and hours of good, old-fashioned family-suitable cartoons. My seven year old daughter who had never encountered Duckula before was completely hooked. The puns are excellent and it is just as funny as I remembered it the first time round.
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on 9 May 2010
First appearing in the Dangermouse episode 'The Four Tasks of Dangermouse' in the early Eighties, the lithping Vegetarian Vampire duck was deemed popular enough to merit his own series - if anything becoming more of a success than the parent show. With crotchety butler Igor (eternally vexed at his master's refusal to drink blood), Duckula's overweaning Nanny with her arm permanently in a sling, and a host of other great characters, this Cosgrove Hall cartoon series represents the cream of mid-late 1980s animation.
This set is also great value for money, and I would recommend you get hold of it, and introduce a whole new generation to the delights of this gently subversive and heartily nostalgic animated classic.
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on 17 November 2010
I bought this as an antidote for my three year old to the Disney channel. He loves it!!! This is amazingly brilliant value for money, hours of ducky-boos, nanny and Igor. I was really surprised at the quality of the packing, it is excellent. If you liked Duckula then, you'll Love him now and its so much more fun and less prissy than alot of modern stuff. Wish they still made em like this!
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2013
Count Duckula... a terrific show from the late eighties which was a spin-off of the brilliant series, Dangermouse.

Voiced by the wonderfully versatile David Jason, Count Duckula follows the adventures of the ressurected vegetarian Count Duckula, his ever faithful servant Igor and the frankly hilarious Nanny, who is always seen with her arm perpetually in a sling.
Duckula has no interest in blood, he actually prefers brocolli sandwiches and exasperates Igor in his quest for fame, all aided by their teleporting castle.

Like Dangermouse which preceeded it, the humour in Duckula is quick witted and aimed at children and adults alike. Younger children won't get some of the gags and sly digs, but adults will and this only increases the show's appeal.

What you get... Well, you get every single episode of Duckula, spread across several discs, three series' in all. There isn't really anything in the way of extras, which is a little disappointing, but there are subtitles - English only.

The price is pretty much a bargain for what amounts to twenty-four hours of pretty much solid side splitting cartoon comedy capers. If you were an eighties child and remember the series - well worth another look - it's still as fresh now as it ever was. If you're introducing little ones to it, feel free - some of the best cartoons came out in the eighties and this is one of them!
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