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4.1 out of 5 stars127
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 26 November 2008
I loved season 1 and expected great things from season 2. It started promising and got better, but i feel it didn't really lead anywhere (i suspect due to the writers strike). This i could forgive but i feel the final episodes were rushed an as a result the story didn't really flow. With the start of season 3 it seemed as though season 2 had basically been "papered over" with lots of things not resolved and some things completely ignored. The continuity basically was shot to hell. The only saviour is season 3 is very good and so far has consistently held my interested.

Season 1 great, season 2 not great, season 3 awesome. My advice to anyone who has seen season 1 is stick with it, power through season 2 and get on to season 3!
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VINE VOICEon 11 May 2008
Heroes second season is shortened to 11 episodes due to the writers strike; the strike effectively crippled much of the television industry and Heroes fell foul like many shows this year to its influence. The strikes influence was felt in the writing, plotting and general pace of the season -- most significantly the ending of the finale was re-shot to accommodate a more definitive ending for the season until season three. The second Volume focuses upon the past Heroes like father Hiro and mother Petrelli, with their dark pasts coming back to haunt them. The very basic plot of season two is a debilitating virus festering among our interbreeding modern heroes is beginning to spread, and it will have far reaching consequences. Some latter revelations in the season also sheds light upon the possible origins of the heroes genes. I thought this to be a very interesting plot development -- it's not spelled out to the audience but is very subtly touched upon.

Season two was not generally well received with complaints of too many characters, ill plotting, lack of a central cohesive story, asinine storyarcs and various other foibles. I have to fully agree with these assertions as the overall cohesiveness of season two is disjointed, awkward and the introduction of too many new characters often takes away screentime from those we learned to love in the first. As a viewer I'm just not plain interested in new characters; I want to watch the ones that I saw struggle through last year. So I was definately exasperated with the amount of valuable screentime lost to introducing newbies; screentime which could have been better spent relating the story and actually having it make some relative sense. In fact, the sheer amount of new characters (there are at least seven introduced) resulted in the relegation of characters like Nikki and Ando to all but backdrop cameos!

There was a great deal of ridiculousness about Volume Two and I found myself slowly beginning to detest some characters. Claire became a whining irritating teenager, her romance with creepy West was beyond moronic; Peter and Hiro's story arcs quickly became too drawn out and purposeless in the context of the entire season. One of the main problems with season two is that it's very slow going and I think the whole thing would have benefited from axing around 4 episodes just for the sake of pacing. However, there are certain new characters I did love. Namely the electrifying Elle played to perfection by Kristen Bell (Veronica Mars) whose character introduction coincided with the plot actually getting into gear, which I'm sure helped endear her to me. Bell successfully straddles a chasm of dark sadistic character-traits mixed with a sad childish innocence that presents Elle as completely involving. It seems to me that Elle was the only new character whom I felt the writers were actually invested in. I also adored two other new characters; the charismatic Kensei and Adam. The latter character comes off a little badly written in the final few episodes but I think the actor saves him from becoming cartoonish.

The best episode of the season was 'Four Months Ago' which occurs around halfway through the Volume, and quite honestly, it could have done with being the first episode of the season. The pacing was absolutely dreadful this year and part of this was contributed to by the inane idea that what happened over the summer had to be hidden from the audience for such a prolonged period of time, it was really rather unnecessary. 'Four Months Ago' predominantly focuses on Elle, Adam and Peter. It benefits from focusing upon intriguing characters and allows Peter to interact with people who respectively, make him interesting! On another positive note there are some great plot twists throughout the episodes and fantastic acting as per usual. Watching unspoiled is the key to enjoyment methinks! The finale 'Powerless' is pretty underwhelming and rather sloppy at certain points, what with the changes demanded by the strike... although it wasn't horrendous by any means. I would venture to hope that Volume three is not as haphazard and ultimately slow moving as this one has been. Really, I think watching this season on DVD will not be as tiresome as watching it week to week was.

Highlight episodes include: Four Months Ago, Out of Time and Powerless.
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on 7 June 2009
I brought the second series after finishing the first series in two days and was really looking foward to watching the second series. I found that alot of the story lines were weak, the ideas for the series were great but i think went about the wrong way!! Also i don't see why they brought in characters like Alejandro,Maya and Monica because they didn't really bring alot to the show! Anyway there were a few good episodes!! In the bonus features the creator Tim Kring and two producers explain that they had an alternative ending for the last episode and that they planed to continue the but then the writers went on strike so they couldn't finish the series. They show you most of the alternative ending, i think that the other ending might of redeemed the series. Anyway I can't wait till the third series comes out on dvd, I'm really looking foward to it!!!!!!
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on 30 September 2008
Pacing is completely screwed with nothing interesting happening until halfway through the 11 episodes. Dull new characters in Maya (with her ridiculous ability), Alejandro (who ends up being totally pointless) and Monica. Plot is a rehash of the first series but done in half the time and with no character building or any of the mystery of series 1.
Worth watching for episodes 8 and 9 (Four Months Ago & Cautionary Tales) only.
The rest is boring and messy especially the appalling trash of 'Powerless' with Peter acting even more airheaded than I previously thought was possible and Nathan showing up and saving the day by saying the magic words "I love you" before deciding to organise a spur of the moment press conference and give one of the most cringe-inducing speeches ever filmed.
Elle (the only new character who does anything interesting/can act) and Mr Bennett steal the series. The other characters (new or returning) are pretty forgettable and Sylar is getting really tiresome.
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Season two of this hit show picks up four months after season one ended. The Bennett family has relocated to California were Noah has a new job at a paper company, a real one this time. Daughter Claire is supposed to be staying below the radar so The Company can't find them. But with a new boyfriend with a special power of his own, that's harder than it appears.

Meanwhile, Matt Parkman and Mohinder Suresh are living in New York City were they take care of Molly, who is having visions of a very bad man. Mohinder has gone to work for The Company, but he is working with Noah to try to take it down from the inside.

Hiro has stayed in feudal Japan as he attempts to help his childhood idol Takezo become the hero of legend.

The Petrelli family is going through a dark time as older brother Nathan blames himself for what he thinks happened to Peter. Unknown to him, however, Peter is alive and well and living in Ireland. The only problem is, he's lost his memory.

Then there are siblings Maya and Alejandro are heading to the US hiding a terrible secret. But when their paths cross with Sylar, things take a dangerous turn....

This season will forever be known as the season affected by the strike. Instead of the regular full season, we only got 11 episodes. That made some fans happy, however, since they complained bitterly about the show. Frankly, I was just as hooked on the unfolding story as I was during the first season. And acting and special effects continued to be great.

The main complaints most people had centered on the fact that the characters were spread out all over the country again. Yeah, it would have been nice if they were together. But the different storylines were a draw of season one. I bet if we had been given a full season, we would have seen everyone come together. These complaints were leveled even more against the new characters, especially Maya and Alejandro. Yes, I found their storyline bazaar. But with Sylar involved, I was certainly hooked on it. I did get very tired of Hiro's trip back in time, however. That shouldn't have lasted nearly as long as it did.

The creator himself as acknowledged many of the problems with this season. Hopefully, that means we'll get a stronger season three. While not as strong overall as the first season, I was certainly entertained. And you will need the background to understand season three.

So if you want to join the phenomenon this fall, get this set to catch up on the previous story today.
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some tv shows start slowly and take a year or two before they really get up to speed and the top of their game. some shows by contrast hit the ground running and bring us brilliant first seasons. only for later ones to never quite manage to measure up.

Alas, heroes falls into that trap with a second year that underwhelms after it's brilliant opening one.

You could possibly get into this if you haven't seen that, but it's better to start with it instead [[ASIN:B000MRAA7O Heroes - Season 1 Complete [DVD] [2006

season two splits all the characters who came together at the end of year one apart, and begins a few months later with them all having moved on with their lives. this is a slight disappointment as you wanted to know what they'd all do next together, and it makes the major mistake of leaving hiro and ando separated till late in the season. the two work better when they're together as their banter is a highlight.

all characters have to adjust to changes in their lives and deal with the legacy of their parents. there was another generation before this current one who had powers, and they made rather a mess of things when they attempted to make the world a better place. now that legacy returns to haunt them.

there's lots going on here with new storylines and a few new characters but it all moves at a very slow pace for the first two thirds of the year. even the shows creator did later admit that some of the storylines went on for too long. villain sylar spends the entire season trying to get his powers back which is not good for those who like him as an all powerful foe [he's not my favourite character but these are those who like him].

however it does manage to pull itself together as the season goes on and later episodes do pick up the pace slightly. in the process some things are dropped quickly and a few characters just vanish or are left in limbo. the whole season is only eleven episodes long, due to the us writers strike of 2007, and it has to end on a cliffhanger to set up year three.

a season that's not terrible by a long way, but it's just not as engrossing as the first one.

the eleven episodes are spread over three discs. the only languages and subtitles on these discs are in english.

extras wise this is a fairly decent package, and a little stronger than season one. every episode has a commentary from various different cast and crew members.

and disc four contains the following extras:

deleted scenes. seventeen of them each running no more than a couple of minutes. some are decent character moments that do add a little to what you saw in the episodes. one complete short subplot from one episode containing some major romantic developments that was clearly cut for timing reasons can be found in it's entirety here. And if you ever wondered what power hiro's father had, then watch this to find out.

season two a new beginning runs for roughly twelve minutes and has the actors and the shows creator look at the new season. quite a decent watch as it makes some good points about character motivations.

kensei documentary is a documentary about samurai kensei who plays a major part in the season. it runs for twenty three minutes and is presented like something you'd see on the discovery channel -complete with commercial breaks - thus experts discuss the legend and drawings of the events they're discussing. as a look at the legends surrounding the character [you see the truth about them in the season] it works very well and it's an entertaining watch.

the drucker files is another documentary, running roughly nine minutes, about a character born in world war II who grew up to develop the internet. He was presumably mentioned on the show but I can't say I recall him! although eagle eyed viewers need to take a look at the document showing his family tree which crops up early on to spot the name of a character seen briefly in season one on it. interesting enough, and short ehough to not outstay it's welcome.

there are three genetics of a scene features, all running roughly five minutes, which look at how three key scenes were made. as making of documentaries go these are very good and quite interesting, thanks to lively discussion from the production staff who present them.

alternate ending and alternate episode eleven is an intriguing look at how the eleventh episode would have gone had the writers strike not led to it being a season finale. a lot of elements are the same but there are some crucial differences, and they use existing footage and footage that was shot but never aired to show this alternate ending and what might have happened next. one scene has to use storyboards but all the rest is complete. a very interesting look at what might have been.

there's also a short peek at season three but this is just a self promoting video and it won't tell you anything much. and it does contain one potential spoiler so watch with caution.

and that's the package you get.

so will it pick up in season three? that's another review for another time
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on 2 February 2012
I found the start a little difficult to get into, as new characters are introduced that I was not certain I wanted to follow, but then the next 10 episodes flew by and said new characters I became interested in. As I like sometimes to do other things when watching programmes like this which does not need your full attention, I was annoyed to have yet another set of characters who do not speak English. So episode 1 is heavy on subtitles which is a little irritating. That aside this short season is absolutely superb, and the episode ending is done far better than series 1, where they ended the season (volume 1) about 5-10 minutes before the episode had ended, so that they could open up "volume 2". The same is done here, but "volume 3" introduction is very brief and less of a season-interest killer than season 1.

Where I found the otherwise brilliant series 1 ruined by the difficult start and dreadfully executed ending, series 2 is far more scaled down, and therefore I actually preferred it overall. This might have something to do with their being half the number of episodes though.
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on 22 October 2008
When Heroes debuted in 2006 it was one of the best new shows on television at that time. It created a nice blend of science fiction and fantasy into what was essentially a character driven show. And that worked up until the beginning of the second season, for which some reason the show lost what it was about and became dull and monotone with very little happening and the characters doing very little if nothing interesting. Fair enough it would be difficult to follow up one of the most talked about seasons from the following year but I have no idea what the writers were thinking.

First of all we are introduced to two new and fairly dreadful characters, Maya and her brother Alejandro who share a ridiculous power of Maya being able to kill people and Alejandro being able to calm her down! What?! No, we don't want these silly new characters with ludicrous powers, we want to see the characters such as Claire and Hiro saving the world or at least embracing their powers now that they have come to terms with them. But does this happen? No. Poor Hiro is stuck in the past for the majority of the season, which sounds interesting but trust me after a couple of episodes it gets old really fast. Claire is wrapped up with a boy, who has the ability to fly, and the only interesting thing she does all season is cut of her toe and watch it grow back.

However, it's not all bad. Kristen Bell comes on early in the season playing Elle, a fun, young and interesting character who isn't afraid to use her powers. She is one of the only redeeming factors of the season, aside from HGR who like last season, stands out not only because of his lack of an ability but because he is one of the only interesting characters on the show at this point.

Overall, this season is dull. And I'm not just bashing the show, it really is dull. If sci-fi is what you are into I'd recommended far better shows such as Doctor Who, Supernatural, Stargate or Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Save your money and if your money and if you haven't got it already try watching season one because it's much more enjoyable than this drivel you'll be getting here.
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on 22 August 2014
My review for season 2 drops a star from season 1, as I was quite disappointed with some of it. Expect some spoilers.

It's much shorted due to the writer's strike, which has affected it in a massive way! There are far too many characters, which have now become more separated after the events of season 1. I would have thought more of them might have come together, as their powers progress etc.

The episodes seem disjointed, there are too many new additions to the character list and this makes it difficult to follow, most of which aren't necessary to have and I still don't understand why some of them are even there, or why their 'power' is helpful or needed in the plot at all. I only hope this progresses and sorts itself out in season 3.

Reading back, this review seems a little negative. I didn't mind watching the episodes and I did enjoy parts. However I did feel that I wasn't as hooked or intrigued as I was for season 1. I hope season 3 perks up, I haven't got season 4 yet and right now, I'm thinking of leaving it at my season 1-3 boxset.

In the middle there's a 'four months ago' episode, which I understand why it is there and that it keeps interest and then answers questions but instead of answering them it provides more. Again at the point I feel we should have been given answers as the way it sits, it might have well been the first episode.

I also find it quite hard to believe that all of the characters that were involved in an nuclear explosion, shot five times in the chest and shot 'close to an artery' all survived to live another day. Makes me wonder what would actually kill these people - must be genuine superheros!

It felt at times very slow paced and the kind of this problem, then this problem, then this problem - nothing ever seemed to really stick and be explored to the full.

Its a shame that such an amazing concept has fallen flat on its back side for the second season. I bought the 1-3 boxset at such a bargain price so I will stick at season 3 and hope it picks up.
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on 14 May 2009
It happens all the time. Season 1 is fantastic and really grips you to the heart, collects lots of fans and creates grand expectations for the next season. As with many, many other series this is also the case with Heroes.
I am really dissapointed with Season 2. They should not keep a series going that gets more and more loose without staying true to the original ideas. Better stop at the peak and go into everybodies memories as a fantastic 1 season serie instead of something that just became a money machine that went on for years and years...
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