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4.7 out of 5 stars203
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 1 February 2010
I just got this today, but I've already seen a few episodes and they're great. I've also seen some episodes on the web, which convinced me to invest in this set. The stories are cute, as is the style of this show, 2-D characters and sets and a 3-D Paddington. I like the character of Paddington as well. He tries so hard to do good, yet he fails at times but still keeps on going, happily along. What's not to love about him.

This set is awesome. The suitcase set is pretty nice. Not a work of art, but a great touch. If you don't like weird boxes, this set houses the DVDs in four separate regular DVD cases, so you can ditch the box if you want. I like the design of each case, as each has a real clear picture of Paddington. Speaking of picture, the video is a tad dark, but still really good, as well as the sound. I have no way to compare this set with The Complete Paddington Bear [DVD] [1976] (well, I do, but that would involve rebuying the entire series :)). I only picked this suitcase set because I don't like double sided discs and I felt safer getting this set to avoid this. Also, even if the two disc set had single side discs, it meant that more episodes were crammed into each disc, thus possibly affecting the quality of the episodes and specials. That's just my process of picking which set I wanted. As I said, I didn't know much about either, so I just picked. Only cost 2 pounds extra for this set, so I felt this was the better choice. (Definitely has the better packaging :)).

All in all, this is a great set. If you like cute, short stories, I recommend this set of 56 five minute episodes and three specials.

***HOWEVER, there is something I should warn you, especially fans of the show who want all 56 episodes with all three specials: The outside cardboard strip says there's 56 episodes, but the listing on the back of the fourth disc only goes to 55. DO NOT PANIC. You can check episode guides, every episode is included, as are the specials. The problem lies on disc 3's, Paddington in Court, listing. The episodes Paddington Clears The Coach and Picture Trouble are both listed as episode 38. That is all. I even counted each listing and I came to 56. It was a simple misprint, something that took me several times to notice. Again, if you're reading the fourth disc listing and you panic at the sight of 55, it's a misprint. Kind of a pain, but not enough to deduct a star. It was an honset mistake anyone could make and this is still a cool set.
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on 14 September 2010
Firstly, let me just say this is an excellent watch. This is the original series aired in the 70s narrated by Michael Hoarden. I purchased it for my daughter, although I have to say it is a delight to watch as an adult. It's very whimsical as Paddington goes about his daily business in London, creating havoc and accidentally making everything right, all within the space of 5 minutes.

The picture and sound quality are OK - very good considering the source material is nearly 40 years old. What lets this down however is bad DVD authoring. For example, the Play All option on disk 1 should happily trundle through the 46 episodes on that DVD, however Play All starts at episode 1, will play up to episode 10, and then return to the main menu. To access 11 onwards you need to select Play All, and then skip to start the relevant episode. Failing that you need to select each episode individually - rather annoying due to the stories short running times.
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on 14 February 2009
I mean, what more could one wish for or need in this so called sophisticated age? The simpler the ideas, the funnier they become! I talk, naturally, of this superb series of shorts from the mid 1970's about the wonderfully polite yet accident proned little bear from Darkest Peru, created in the books by Michael Bond and realised in this wonderful television series. The concept, colour and animation herein is wonderful but the most essential element in all of these tales is the late, great Michael Hordern whose hilarious narration gives all the characters and the situations real personality and warmth both for little folk and the adults. I remember exploding into fits of laughter in Hordern's delivery of lines. I still refer to the oft repeated line, "Paddington gave them a long hard stare .." and a current UK advertising campaign has been used creating the style of these originals and with a fair impersonation of the original narrator's dulcet tones which reveals the longevity of these 30 year old productions and the inherent almost adult humour in the work.
If you want to keep your children highly amused and, indeed, yourself, go no further and buy this set (which I have done myself) and spread a few marmalade sandwiches to watch; you and they will not be disappointed!
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on 21 May 2009
My daughter had been doing a project about Paddington at school and had become very interested in him. When I saw this DVD for sale I thought it was perfect gift. It became even more interesting when we began to watch it and I discovered it was the Paddington that had been televised when I was a little girl, hence it brought back great memories.
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on 13 March 2011
Most things when you look back at them are not quite as good as you remember, Paddington is the exception.
This DVD is the complete collection of all the episodes, each one is only 5 minutes long so the children wont loose interest before the end.
The stories are charming and will entertain children of any age.
A great DVD that should be kept for every generation to enjoy!
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on 25 November 2012
Just the perfect DVD for the little ones. Gentle and easy for them to understand, without being 'gooey'! Good and proper English, without the 'American' treatment. My kids enjoyed it when they were little and now my grandchildren are enjoying these stories too. Highly recommend this DVD if you are looking for excellent 'old-fashioned' entertainment for any toddler.
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on 3 May 2012
This set contains all the episodes from the 1970s Paddington series, narrated perfectly by the late Sir Michael Hordern. Lovely escapism for the harrassed parent and, at around 5 minutes each, short enough for even the fidgetiest of young bottoms.

And of course the definitive version of "Singing in the Rain" to boot - what more could you ask?
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on 13 September 2013
I was a bit worried that my 2yr old would not love this like I did when I was little...wrong! He was enchanted, especially the episode where Paddington has a bath, he was chuckling away. Don't get me wrong, some of the modern kids TV shows are ok, but they are often loud, noisy and sickeningly moralistic. Paddington is just a little bear who loves marmalade and has a knack for getting into scrapes. Fabulous collection of episodes from the very first one where the Brown's find Paddington at the station. Nice gentle kids TV that I can sit and watch with him. Lovely!
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on 22 December 2010
This DVD is superb! It has kept my 2 year old amused over and over agin, plus I've enjoyed watching it too. The stories are short so a child's attention is captured for the duration and you can control how much TV they watch by running one, two or more stories at a time, which is great as most modern DVD's are so long that the kids either lose interest half way through or get square eyes. The stories are innocent but engaging and I can't recommend highly enough if you're sick of watching DVD's with high tech whizz bang CGI.
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on 22 January 2009
I have to say first that my kids love this DVD! I've been telling them for ages how children's shows were so much better when I was young, and finally I decided to prove it (although technically this came out before I was born).
Every bit of Paddington is in here, so yes it is extreme value for money. It will satisfy any nostalgic craving you may have. The only downside I've found is this: the DVD lasts for several hours non-stop, so if you're showing the kids they will be watching it for several hours non-stop, probably long after those nostalgic cravings are long gone and you want to get on with something else.
On the bright side, it makes for a great babysitter! Overall, I'd say whatever your level of interest in Paddington, this DVD will satisfy completely, but be prepared for a long afternoon's viewing.
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