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4.5 out of 5 stars23
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2008
...give it a couple of plays, and play it loud. One misgiving: try not to listen to this on tinny little iPod speakers or headphones - they just can't cope with the omnipresent bass synth that rumbles throughout the whole album. You'll need a decent hi-fi for this, otherwise the whole thing distorts. I wonder how often artists think of this when they're in the studio?
(Incidentally, why has nobody else mentioned 'Burning Up' as a standout track?)
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on 17 June 2008
Ok, I've had this album now since it's release a fortnight ago. Initially I'd been very excited about it because I jumped on the whole Ladytron thing at Witching Hour, and that left a big impression on me. On the first listen the songs don't really seem all that interesting and you feel yourself wondering why they chose to make it so long (again!). 'Runaway' and 'Season of illusion' stood out but for much of the latter half I simply switched off, and on one occasion, fell asleep. For almost a week after that I didn't feel the urge to listen to it again but recently I gave it another chance, and it has been slowly working it's way under my skin ever since. Seriously, this is a very good album. It's not astounding, but then when I think about it Witching Hour is hardly flawless either (being arguably a track or two, too long). It lacks anything soft and affecting like Beauty*2 as well which means that the whole experience of the album is very oppressive indeed. But what this album does have is BIG gothic-synth anthems - really good one's too like 'Burning Up', 'They gave You A Heart, They Gave You A Name' (probably the best track), 'Lovers', 'Deep Blue'. I think the album was intended to be the equivalent of a blunt instrument hammering into the psyche and frankly, I prefer Ladytron when they do that.

I can see a lot of my friends who enjoy their EBM liking some of this too. So on reflection, I think if you like Depeche Mode at their stadium stomping best, then you may very well like the direction Ladytron are taking. It's not subtle and there are other interesting avenues to take in Electronic Pop of course, but perhaps for those of us who occasionally like a bit of black nail varnish with our night out, there's something to stamp our feet to here.
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on 19 July 2008
I can't understand how I'd never heard of this group until last week. I saw them as the support act for Interpol at Manchester Apollo and only caught the last three songs, but they were enough for me to buy Witching Hour on the basis of the reviews here. Witching Hour is sublime in itself and Velocifero is easily it's equal. As the other reviewers have mentioned the latter is more industrial, darker and in some places brooding. It's hard not to draw comparisons with Nine Inch Nails, Depeche Mode, Gary Numan, Orchestral Manoevures in the Dark, and even The Sisters of Mercy here but Ladytron do have their own distinctive sound. There are numerous stand out tracks ie Black Cat, Ghosts, I'm Not Scared, Little Runaway, Lovers, Versus, Deep Blue but even the less immediately appealing songs become addictive after 2-3 listens. Five stars without a doubt and I'm now moving onto 604 and Light and Magic. Apparently Ladytron are appearing at an open-air all-day picnic type electro-fest called the Magic Loungeabout at the end of August near York. See you there....
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on 29 December 2008
Not so much a review as an exclamation of total joy. An outstandingly brilliant album. If you have heard them before you will love it, if its the first time you have come accross them then buy this album. Outstanding. My best album of '08.
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on 28 August 2013
I have little to say other than I love this album most of the 3 of theirs I own. I wish bands like this got more recognition, it makes one sad. Comparable to the likes of Goldfrapp, only significantly better in a lot of ways (however much I like Goldfrapp). Don't even think about purchasing it, just do it!
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on 9 May 2008
This latest and fourth album is yet another progression in the ever evolving sound of Ladytron, and is easily their best work to date. With a more friendly and accessible sound, Velocifero may help to keep the band from the slowdive into niche. The album also boasts production assistance from Alessandro Cortini (Nine Inch Nails), which may help shed some light on the rougher feel of this album.

If you haven't yet had an introduction to the Ladytron phenomenon, you won't necessarily go wrong starting with the newest album. But to truly appreciate the versatility of the band's work, starting at the beginning with 2001's 604, and then working your way through the equally worthy Light & Magic and Witching Hour will create the more satisfying experience.

Those who were turned off by the earlier soft-around-the-edges approach might just find themselves warming to the sounds of the aptly titled Velocifero ("bringer of speed"), which backs it's pop credibility with an omnipresent rock aesthetic. This effort sees the band radiating more energy and attitude that on previous future-hip ventures, although the sterile beats and arid vocals are still there to give that spacey, ethereal quality.

"Predict The Day" sounds to have taken it's inspiration from Frida's (of ABBA fame) "I Know There's Something Going On". At first glance, "Kletva", which is a cover from an older Bulgarian children's movie, seems to faithfully return to a familiar Ladytron sound, but tosses a welcome curveball toward the end. Both "Kletva" and "Black Car" are sung in Bulgarian. "Ghosts", the first single taken from the album, has an even pulse and unexpected flourishes that's sure to be a hit. However, it's the coldly repetitive "Runaway" that stands out from the pack and is sure to be Velocifero's dark horse.

The album isn't due to release until June, but you can stream it right now on Ladytron's Myspace. It will only be available to listen for a short time, so head over there and test the waters before placing your pre-orders. (Angie Pardue)
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on 23 June 2008
Velocifero is Ladytron's fourth album and it continues to baffle me as to why they're not regular chart fixtures as they have the songwriting talent, the determination and the ability to be massive.

As someone who has followed them since their stunning debut 604, I've no idea why their work isn't being snapped up all over the place but then the public are strange folk! It should be noted that Velocifero was released on Nettwerk, the third record company they've recorded for: the indie Emporer Norton/Invicta Hi-Fi (which released 604 and its sequel Light & Magic) closed and they were then snapped up by Island with which 2005's heavier Witching Hour saw the light of day. Unfortunately no hit singles were forthcoming and Ladytron were dropped but could it be that they've now been signed to a label which understands their music and can take them where they need to go? Let's hope so.

There isn't a weak song on this album. From the solid opener Black Cat with Mira's atmospheric Bulgarian vocal and lead single Ghosts, we move onto the the sublime pop of I'm Not Scared (not the Eighth Wonder/Pet Shop Boys song) and Runaway which are perfect examples of the band's songwriting talents. Either of these songs could be a strong second or third single
but there's several other contenders too.

Concluding with the excellent Tomorrow and the mesmeric Versus, Ladytron have produced that most difficult of achievements: they've topped what they did on Witching Hour which was regarded as their finest work to date three years ago. Along with Goldfrapp's Seventh Tree, 2008 has seen some brilliant albums from the UK's leading synth-based acts so far...and it's only half over!

Whether Velocifero takes Ladytron onto commercial success is unknown at present but I very much hope so.
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on 19 April 2008
When you first listen to this album, it plays like a collection of singles. Well, by this i mean there are no "album tracks" or downbeat sections or anything like that which you find on ladytrons previous albums. I'm really impressed with the sound they've developed and you can see the progression from their first two albums through witching hour to this record.
The production is very good on this album and the musicality and originality is actually awesome. The opening track Black Cat does seem a little complicated and over-produced; it 's still great though. The track "Ghosts" has a bit of depeche mode about it in my opinion, but it's not one of my favourites to be honest... My real favourites are kletva, predict the day and deep blue. The last track of the album is the most atypical of ladytron I think, ignoring a certain structure the other tracks share and also giving us the opportunity of hear the boys sing. Which is cool.
Love this record, got it pre-ordered, you probably should too.
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on 21 April 2008
If you like Ladytron and the kind of music they have been prgressing towards during the last few years then this is a must-have album for you!
"Velocifero" is the natural evolution of their 2005 LP "Witching Hour" expanding their rock influences further without banishing or denying their electronica roots. Though their drum loops haven't gotten any more "live" than they were on their last offering, Ladytron have improved their approach of an organic sound by, ironically, perfectioning their agenda of sounding 'not-so-perfect'. The album doesn't sound raw or unfinished at all, but it sounds very real and the lyrics are, for lack of a better word, rather heartfelt. As for the music itself, every single element has been carefully placed and perfectly mixed by Ladytron themselves with the help of producers Vicarious Bliss and Alessandro Cortini, who is probably the one responsible for a slight Industrial feel which is present throughout the tracks (especially "Burning Up" and "The Lovers".)
All in all "Velocifero" is one of the band's best albums to date combining various genres and lots of new ideas with some older ones, which are important to maintain the Ladytron feel we have come to love them for!
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on 8 November 2015
Ladytron's fourth studio album, and my personal favourite of the five they've released so far.
Sounding like a cross between ABBA, Goldfrapp and Gary Numan, these guys created something new and unique.
Stunning and very highly recommended, this release contains three of my favourite Ladytron tracks, Ghosts, Tomorrow and Runaway.
A definite five star must buy purchase if you like modern electronic music.
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