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4.7 out of 5 stars332
4.7 out of 5 stars
Model Number: DT 770 Pro 80 ohm|Change
Price:£109.00+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime
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on 3 January 2015
First let me say that as a professional sound engineer, I would rate these headphones among the best I have ever used. Since I have had the opportunity to try both the 80 ohm and 32 ohm versions, I am writing this review to help those people who are trying to decide which impedance model they should go for.
I originally ordered the 80 ohm version and I was amazed with the sound right out of the box. However, I found I was lacking a bit of headroom level-wise with some audio sources on some portable devices so I decided to return the 80 ohms and try the 32 ohms.

For the record, I am not currently using an amp with these headphones, they are being driven from the headphone output of various portable devices.
Power-wise, I was surprised how little difference there actually is between the two models. Whereas I was driving the 80s at 10 (max level) on some devices, I found that I still needed to run the 32s up to 8.5 - 9 to achieve the same level. I had expected to maybe get a little more out of the 32s, but trust me, this is not a problem at all and you will be OK with using the 32s (and even the 80s) with any device.

Sound-wise, I thought the 80s sounded fantastic. There was a definite boost in the very low frequency range and here I'm talking about 40 - 50Hz, so "sub" rather than "bass". This boost didn't get in the way of any other frequencies however, in fact it added a feeling of excitement to many tracks. The top end was extremely smooth, but quite "sparkly", sounding like a little push may have been added here too. I loved the sound of the mids even though some people have said they think the mids are a little recessed on these cans. To me, the frequency balance was great.

I was therefore a little apprehensive that I might lose some of this great sound with the 32 ohm version, however I am happy to report that was absolutely not the case. The 32s did not have the extreme low end boost of the 80s and I personally think they sound better for it. The high end sounds more natural to me too and overall, I found the 32s to be a bit more natural sounding than the 80s and better for long listening sessions. Frequency-wise, the 32s are very well balanced with rich, punchy low end, crystal clear mids and a clean, natural top end.

Comfort-wise, I found both models to be excellent. I have read that some people feel that the leatherette earpads of the 32s get hot and sweaty but I haven't experienced that at all, I think they feel great even for long periods of use.

FYI, I have even been running my 32s from the headphone output of my PS4 controller when gaming and they sound great (Really!) Combined with the "rumble feedback" on the controller, you get a real physical feeling from those big explosions. :-)

Overall, I would highly recommend these headphones to anybody for any use, with my very subjective preference leaning towards the 32 ohm version.
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on 2 October 2007
As a professional producer and presenter/broadcaster, I have been using DT 770 pros since 1998. I love these headphones, the sound is awesome, the bass response is phenomenal and you can wear them all day long without any ear fatigue. I liked them so much I got rid of all the DT 100 and DT 150 my guests would wear and made sure they all had these. AS with all Beyerdynmaics headphones you can replace parts as they wear.

If you serious about studio and live sound quality you should try these headphones.
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on 24 December 2012
Music and, more importantly, sound quality is subjective to the listener therefore it is worthwhile explaining a little about my headphone/music history so that you may decide whether my experience will compare to yours. If you are a seasoned audiophile and you regularly use a set of Grado PS1000's as part of your sound make-up, then you might not agree with everything in this review entirelly. However, if like me, you are not a seasoned audiophile or someone who has spent thousands on headphone equipment over the years and paying £130 for a set of headphones is seen as "pushing the boat out", then this review may help is justifying your decision to do so. All of my previous earphone purchases have been floating around the £50 - £70 mark. I paid £60 for my current gaming headset (Sennheiser PC330) and my current portable in-ear earphones (Denon AH-C551). I mainly listen to music on my PC and I currently use a Fiio E10 DAC (Digital to Analogue Converter), which cost roughly £60 from Amazon. I mostly listen to rock music although I have quite a range of music genre's across my 400GB music library, including electronic, dance, metal, rap, blues and hardstyle. Artists include Rammstein, AC/DC, Velvet Revolver, Metallica, Stereophonics, Snoop Dogg, Deadmau5 and Headhunterz.

So now on to the headphones themselves...


Out of the box, the first thing that struck me was how comfy the soft, velour earpads looked. Coming from the Sennheiser PC330 "on-ear" headphones, the comfiness experienced by the Beyerdynamics was on a different level. The Beyerdynamics are considered "over-the-ear" headphones. This means that they completely envelope your ear and, at least in my case, your ear never actually touches the headphones (I would say I have bigger than average ears). The velour pads therefore clamp themselves against the side of your head although such is the softness of the pads, you would hardly notice them there. I have seen some reviews where people have complained of the headphones being too tight or uncomfortable. I don't know how these could possibly be considered anything but extremely comfy.

Comfort Rating - 5/5

Build Quality

The earphones are built using a combination of metal, plastic and velour. The cans are made of plastic, although seem to be pretty sturdy. There are companies online that will replace the plastic cans with wooden ones, although I don't quite understand why this is desirable. I would imagine wooden cans would add to the weight and therefore reduce how comfy they are but each to their own I suppose. The hinges which attach the cans to the headband are made of metal.

One of the great features of these headphones is that almost every part of the headphones can easily be replaced. You can buy spare parts from Beyerdynamics directly or even look around on Amazon/eBay. I think the headphones look extremely durable and I seem to be backed up by other reviews online (There seems to be quite a large number of reviewers who claim you could "through these down a hill" and they would still work. I'm not sure if throwing a set of DT 770's down a hill has any benefits, but it is good to know that the option is always there!)

Build Quality - 4/5

Sound Quality

I must admit, when I first received these headphones, I did not have access to my PC therefore I plugged them into my Galaxy S3 and was slightly disappointed. Although the sound was "good", it was pretty hard to justify spending £130 on. I hoped the improved sound from my Fiio E10 would make a difference. And it did....a whole lot.

Using Windows Media, I activated the TruBass enhancement and the bass response of the headphones almost blew me away. After a few hours of tinkering, I now have my media player set to WinAmp, I have customised the EQ a little (a little more emphasis on the bass) and have installed the Real Bass Exciter plug-in. I can honestly say that the only other times that I have heard (and felt) bass like this is when I have been at the front row of a rock concert. The really low frequecy basslines generate enough vibration within the earphones that it actually tickles your ears. COnsidering my ears never actually touch the earphones, that should give you an idea of just how explosive the bass can be. These are advertised as being able to re-produce sound as low as 5 Hz (much lower than the human ear can hear) and I honestly believe that. I had a 1000 watt amp and 12 inch subwoofer in my old car and even the bass there wasn't comparable to these.

Mid Range
Even with my emphasis on the bass, I can still hear everything that is going on with the mid-range sounds. Vocals would normally fall in to this category and I can tell you that even though I am being blasted with extreme amounts of bass, the vocals manage to rise above this and are crisp and clear. I can honestly say that I have absolutely no negatives to describe on the mid-range sound quality.

High-End Range
I had read previous reviews where the high-end has been described as a little harsh. I have been trying to find this harsh sound ever since I started listening to the earphones and I have yet to find this. It could be that because I have came from my Sennheiser PC330 headphones, where the high end can be a little "screechy", I am a little less sensitive to any "screeching" that the Beyers make. I could also be because I haven't been able to listen to these headphones on full volume, mainly due to the fact that I enjoy not being deaf. Honestly, I have the volume on these sitting at around 70% and there are absolutely no faults with the high-end sound reproduction.

Sound Quality - 5/5


Overall, I'm going to give these headphones 5/5. Sure, nothing is perfect and if someone let me listen to their set of Ultrasone Edition 10 headphones, then my definition of perfection would likely change, but in the meantime, I am absolutely thrilled by the sound quality provided by these earphones. If I have any negatives, it would be the sound leakage. It isn't a problem for me as I only use them for personal listening whilst in the house but if you wanted to use these in public, be prepared to let everyone else listen as well. On that note, these are also not very portable. They come with a 3 metre non-detachable lead so it would be very difficult to prevent yourself from tripping up on it. They aren't marketed for being very portable though so if you buy them for that reason, then you really haven't researched enough. It would be like buying a sub-woofer and a set of PA speakers and then complaing that they are quite difficult to carry around with you.

If, like me, you haven't spent as much as £130 on a pair of earphones and are reluctant to do so, all I can say is that I was in the same position and I can categorically state that the sound reproduction on these has absolutely rekindled by love affair with music. Do you enjoy music? Do you enjoy listening to music? Do you need earphones and have a spare £130? Press the Buy Now button.
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on 9 November 2011
A group of friends and I bought these as a present for someone we know. He is a good musician as well as being keen on listening to music, so we were confident he would want some decent headphones.
I spent a long time looking at headphones and couldn't really make much progress in deciding; I was also not sure what to do about the open-/closed-backed choice.***
Eventually we chose these ones based on the recommendation of a friend-of-a-friend who is taking a degree in music editing (so we were pretty happy to trust his judgement). He also cleared up the open-/closed-back question for us by saying that the difference in sound-quality is very small, and that you would have to be a fantastically fanatic musicophile to spot any issues in quality of sound caused by closed-back headphones when you are talking about anything in this kind of price-range, and the benefit of being able to use them on the train/out-and-about far outweighs the barely noticeable difference in quality.
On his recommendation we got these and I have since listened on them; they are utterly PHENOMENAL. It sounds like a vastly expensive, surround-sound audio system, not a pair of headphones. The detail is stunning. Apparently this type of headphone takes about 24hrs of playing to fully break themselves in too, so perhaps they are set to sound even better.
I am no professional when it comes to music equipment, but I can guarantee you that these headphones are.
If you are looking at spending this kind of money on headphones, then, based on my limited experience and the advice of the kind of person who might be worth trusting (the guy who, as I already mentioned, advised me), these are the headphones to get.

***[If you do not know what I am talking about regarding open-/closed-back, then just google "Open vs closed back headphones" and you will find plenty of info]
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on 23 April 2015
After hours of trying to chose between the 80 ohm and 32 ohm I decided to go with the 32 ohm and I am delighted with these headphones.

Sound Quality:
Excellent. The best sounding headphones which I personally have tried. Bass, mids and treble are all crisp and clear.
Listening to Robert plant/Alison Krauss their vocals separate beautifully. The brushes on the symbols in Herbie Hancock:Color and Spark tingle crisply and the guitar/drum/bass combo in Nirvana's Nevermind roar as intended. The DT770's have the widest sound stage of any closed back headphone which I've tried. They are not noise cancelling however the isolation is very good and will block out 90% of sound.

The 32 ohm version come with pleather (fake leather) pads as opposed to the velour of the 80/250 ohm versions. After hearing raving reviews of the amazing comfort of the velour pads I was worried that the pleather would not live up. However these headphones are the most comfortable headphones which I have worn. The pleater pads are soft and cushion over the ears. They can be twisted around to fit any head size and the clamping force is just right. I have worn these for several hours straight exhibiting no discomfort. I am eager to try out the velour pads as I just can't imagine how the comfort of mine could be improved! On a hot day however I do notice heat build up, which can lead to sweating of the ears, I am not sure if the velours do/don't have the same problem?

Build Quality:
Build quality of the headphones is good, but not excellent. Besides the metal connecting the cups to the headband, the headphones are made completely of plastic which is weaker than metal but is expected with the low cost of the headphones. I don't mind this however, as I listen at home where they are in no real danger of getting damaged and the lightness of plastic adds to the overall comfort of the headphone. All wires feel sturdy and the end jack is strong which I don't see myself having to replace at all in the near future.

It comes with a light carry sleeve, which personally I don't see the need for other than protecting from dust. These are not the most portable headphones. It also includes an adapter to listen through an amp which I find very useful. Listening through an amp really brings out the most of the headphones however the low impedance means they perform perfectly though phones and laptops where I would mostly listen from. The cable is a straight 1.3 meters which I find perfect as it's never in the way. This version is built for a more home/portable use rather than the studio, but still producing that awesome sound quality.

If you are used to very bass heavy headphones be warned, these are not as bass-y as you may be used to, at first I thought the bass was lacking but have now come around to find it spot on. Bass is crisp and is present when it needs to be, if you still find it lacks a simple EQ will fix that for you, these headphones have such a large frequency range that they are capable of almost anything!
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on 12 November 2011
It took me 20 minutes to press the order button because of the high price tag. I've spent 'decent' money on headphones before, £70, £80. £120 for some Grado's so £150 is a new high for me. I decided on ordering as I could always just send them back but these are going no where. VERY comfy, great build quality but best of all is of course the sound. Everything is more easily distinguishable, putting back on some older headphones everything sounds more cluttered and muddy. Long cable, nice and bassy, great treble. Love them!

Get the 80Ohm version for ipod/computer/laptop listening, and the 250ohm version if you have a powered amp.
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on 16 October 2014
These headphones are absolutely mind blowing. I am currently using them with my PC for gaming and music, mainly Battlefield 4. I am not a verified purchase as I purchased them on a family member's account.

My last headphones before these were Fanny Wang 1001 On Ears, which are great. However putting these on is something else. The sheer clarity is superb. Listening to a Two Door Cinema Club on Spotify high quality is awesome. Individual guitar strings can be heard as well as the punchy basslines.

Turning on another genre such as Drum and Bass emphasises these headphones and their focus on bass, which, when combined with a decent sound card is brilliant.

For gaming, individual footsteps can be heard from a great distance, often leading to surprise ambushes in FPS games and sometimes even accusations of cheating, that's how good I'm finding these headphones to be.

Can't recommend them enough.
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on 19 January 2013
The headphone is a great choice for professional mixing and recording work. It is one of those headphones that doesn't provide the most flashy appeal, but it gives a fantastic audio quality and professional performance.

Build quality is very good. The cable is non-detachable therefore if something goes wrong with the jack then you'd have to repair or replace the whole headphone. If you would like to have the detachable feature, then look at the Beyerdymanic DT250, Shure SRH840 or the KRK KNS8400.

Comfort wise, it depends on the user. The earpad are not made out of a leather like material, but rather a more fabric material. It's grey-ish colour doesn't not easily become dirty looking. The pads are fairly soft, goes around the ear, but the circular shape maybe uncomfortable some people. For me personally, I am able to use these after a few hours of recording or mixing session without much discomfort. The headbands are adjustable and provide decent comfort, but if find the mechanism not the most stylish or smooth. No carrying case/pouch is included. They do not fold flat so they are not the most portable of headphones. All you get in the box is the headphone itself and a screw on 1/4 inch adaptor.

Isolation on these are great against outside noise, although you would need to crank up the volume should you need to use it in a loud environment such as in a plane or tube. Although they are really intended for studio use. They provide minimum leakage, so if you are doing recording, they will provide a great isolation preventing click tracks or backing track bleeding into the microphone.

Sound wise they are fantastic. They provide a great frequency response across the board. The bass is extended and well behaved, sub bass is not as good as the D2000 but still very good. Its high frequency is a little hyped, but this can be very helpful when mixing critically for clicks, pops and delicate passages. So bare that in mind when mixing to prevent the mix sounding dull in real life. The mid range is accurate, and the overall sound signature is relatively flat but slightly on the colder side. Soundstage is wide for a closed headphone with a good instrument separation and fidelity.

I have often seen this headphone described as a bass-head level headphone, which I disagree. I feel it has a good bass response, but nowhere near elevated. The DT770 is one of the industry most used headphones in the studio along with the AT M50, providing a great audio performance with a rugged build quality, a true studio grade headphone that has more performance than style. A step up from these would be the Denon D2000 if you are able to get your hands on then, which performs better than these in every single way, except sound isolation.
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on 13 April 2016
So, I recently got these headphones for my birthday along with a FiiO E10k amp/dac. These headphones just sound so crisp, and just in general amazing.

From the audio perspective, I'm no audiophile, I just appreciate good sound, I can't call by all the terms, but these headphones are just perfect, the bass level for me, is perfect, mids, highs, everything is perfect for me. A lot of people say the bass is quite lacking on these. But with the FiiO E10k, any music that I need some more bass on, it's got a handy dandy bass boost switch, I don't really find myself using it that much though, as I find the bass perfect.

The comfort is amazing, for the ear cushions at least. I found that the headband was very uncomfortable for me after about an hour of wearing, this was solved rather simply by putting an elastic band around the headband and use it kind of like an suspension system, and that has improved the comfort a lot. It's probably my head that made them uncomfortable, but if they are aching your head, just try this, should help.

Overall, these headphones with a decent amp/dac sound really good, and I'm very glad I chose these, I did a lot of research into what headphones to get for about a month or two, finally settled with these, very happy I did, only got a 4 star because of the headband, that may be a personal gripe though. Definitely recommend.
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on 7 December 2010
I bought these for electronic drums rehearsing to replace etymotic er4s in ear monitors. The bass blew me away and none of the crispness I enjoyed with the in ears left. Make no mistake these are top notch cans. They are comfortable for long sessions, adjustable, with decently long cable and loud. Obviously they dont noise cancel nowhere near as much as in ears but they are miles better to open air cans. For the drummers, I compared these to the drummer version and found the sound much more to my liking. It's a personal thing though. A few years back I got a pair of these from el cheap website (iheadphones or someone) and experienced one can intermittently cutting out. Not from Amazon though; these are good as gold. All in all a great buy.
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