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4.2 out of 5 stars25
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2012
More hit & miss than the first series, the basic formula is some sketches are funny and others aren't. The good ones are brilliant, the others are well written and clever, but don't make me want to laugh for some reason. Highlights include David and Robert arguing about how cheese is made, the boy with a backside for a face and a few others but some sketches are disappointingly repetitive such as the man and the uncommunicative horse and Helivets, which is funny the first time, but not much so afterwards. Series 3 and 4 are much better I think - but then again, this is all subjective isn't it? You might enjoy Series Two more than I did.
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Mitchell and Webb have to be one of my favourite comedy partnerships of recent years. While poking fun at the seemingly mundane in life, the extraordinary things we all seem able to accept and occasionally going off on flights of hilarious fantasy, they're never afraid to give the inner geek free reign.

Also starring Olivia Coleman and James Bachman in a bewildering array of characters, this is a well written sketch show, and while there is the odd dud most of the sketches hit rather than miss, and the short quickfire nature means there are plenty of laughs in each episode.

All six episodes are collected here onto 1 DVD. Series 2 of the Mitchell and Webb sound repeats a large proportion of the sketches, but there is enough material unique to radio or TV to make it worth owning both.

5 Stars.
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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2008
David Mitchell and Robert Webb are back for more silliness - and more comedy that can you handle. I have to admire the boys for not just doing more of the same in series 2, the only survivor is Sir Digby Chicken Caesar - and a slightly changed Numberwang, which is pretty cool. Some of my favourites include the Helipets which don't actually save pets; the restaurant which pretends to be a vet; the history of Numberwang and of course the scene where Robert and David are in their "That Mitchell and Webb Look Garden" after all they're the only ones to have one, with Blue Peter, well that's what we're lead to believe. There's even a cameo from One Show host Adrian Chillies, shame it wasn't Christine Bleakley.

This show is still good fun, but I miss things like Numberwang, The Snooker Commentators, The Historian and the dodgy bloke trying to offer an attraction which is dangerous - but you've got to look at what's good in TMAWL - the new scenes which are really good like the scarecrow actually getting a date with the girl instead of the bloke, the historian nearly flying with his arms, the chef who looses his sense of smell and of course - Sir Digby Chicken Caesar acting like a loon in the stately home.

Top marks to them, this is original, but follows the same line of humour the pair are known for, you have to admire the way they didn't just give us more of the same, but went away, worked hard on a new set of scenes and gave us something new.

The extras are OK, you get some never before seen sketches which is actually very useful, out-takes and an interesting interview with them. The good thing is that they've been spread over 2 DVDs, and the picture quality is much better than the first series. One crazy thing though is this is region 0, whereas series 1 was R2, it's a pity as our cousins in America can't see the first series! Madness

Altogether this is a great show, and has that "come back later" appeal.
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Mitchell and Webb mix clever comedic wit with a love of the absurd, and you get sketches that are funny, cutting, edgy, and unique, with characters that are like-able and hate-able in all the right proportions. They're the best comedy sketch duo on TV (with Armstrong & Miller running a very close second).

This second series of "Mitchell & Webb Look" is more ambitious than the first. It relies less on recurring characters and behaves as if it has a much larger budget. "The Numberwang Code" is a great example of this (even though it's not the funniest sketch)- in series 1, each episode had essentially a variation on one gameshow sketch. In series 2, almost every episode treats the whole Numberwang idea in an utterly different way (a board game; a history documentary; and so on).

Series 2 also contains the funniest sketch I have ever seen. I'm not even sure why but the story of the chef who can't spell, who builds a robot that can't quite smell the difference between cheese and petrol, did literally have me on the floor laughing (and I mean literally in the sense of 'literally' which means that it actually happened).

The extras are worthwhile. They're on a second disc, but it's not a particularly packed disc. The main 'making of' is around 15 minutes and the other pieces- outtakes, interviews, behind-the-scenes DV footage- are only about 5-10 minutes each.

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on 20 April 2008
I loved the first series of 'That Mitchell and Webb Look'. It was a breath of fresh air, amongst all the dire sketch shows dependent on constant repetition and unpleasantness, and the show that was intelligent in it's comedy.
It was a transfer of the best of their radio series, 'That Mitchell and Webb Sound', and some new sketches especially written for television. There was a huge range of characters and worlds, and they all were brilliant reflections of people in real life.
'Numberwang' was an excellent parody of numerous over the top game shows, 'Angel Summoner and BMX bandit' was a clever parody of constant superhero collaborations, 'Big Talk' of numerous debate shows, 'Sir Digby' featuring a london vagrant believing that he's a character in a certain 50s detective programme (and wonderfully reminiscant of the style), and numerous celebrity teaming parodies, including 'Chip and Pin'.
Every sketch was well done and left the wit to do the talking.

And now, series two. The glossy budget hasn't helped them, and the new series has been good overall, but not great. Moments of genius are mixed with sketches that have swearing for the sake of it instead of to make a point or to be simply silly.
Of what has been copied from the radio show, the sketches are good and some are brilliant, especially the transfer of the 'Cricket Film' sketch.
Of what is new, it really is a case of the brilliant alternating with the dire.
I loved the return of Numberwang, especially the history of Numberwang which was essentially great little moments strung together in one long sketch. The sketches such as the farmer talking to his horse were overdone, and some sketches such as 'Speedo', 'Mrs Wilberforce' and the return of 'Sir Digby' served no purpose and were 'so-so' at the best.

So in overall, the first series was a brilliant combination of witty sketches. In the second series, there are plenty of moments that touch the brilliance of the first series, but they are scattered amongst others that unfortunatly just don't work.
Buy the DVD if you are a big fan, but if you're a stranger to Mitchell and Webb, and want a proper taste of their brilliance, buy the first series instead.
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on 13 April 2008
I have just read the two previous reviews of this frankly brilliant series and have to say that I completely disagree with their views. Obviously they are entitled to their opinions but I believe that they must have been watching a series of the tedious Little Britain when they wrote these reviews.

The second series of That Mitchell and Webb Look is essential viewing for any Mitchell and Webb fan. It is just as witty, original and completely hilarious as series one and I think that it's disappointing that people can't see past the fact that they used some sketches from the radio show. I believe that this is inevitable after their level of success - people like to see their favourite sketches in different formats after all.

I hope that the previous two reviewers do not put anyone off buying this series on DVD, it truly is excellent.
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on 22 May 2015
This is fantastic. This in my opinion is the funniest thing ever screened. Although in my opinion this second series isn't quite as funny as the first this is brilliant. The DVD arrived quickly and none of the discs were scratched.
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VINE VOICEon 3 September 2010
With their strong media prescence it's easy to see why the BBC love Mitchel and Webb. An established brand that will bring in the viewers irrelevant of how poor the quality of their material. And the material here is pretty poor. By doing most of the writing themselves they have used up any originality fairly early on and what could have been an interesting one hour special in sole destoyingly mediochre as 6 long episodes.
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on 24 April 2008
The 1st series was great, but the second series seemed not to meet the 1st series' standards. But there were still some great sketches - helivets and the numberwang code but to name a few. The numberwang spoofs were ok, but will never meet the standard of the originals.
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on 19 July 2015
Second series from the comedy duo showing their great wit and satirical skill
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