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4.1 out of 5 stars35
4.1 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 21 October 2008
I've been playing Sonic games since he spun his way onto the Mega Drive, and although I've always loved the Spiky Blue One, his recent outings into 3D have left a lot to be desired. Too many characters have been introduced, the voice-overs on the games are 'Wow dude! Radical!' awful, and most of all, they've stripped away what made Sonic work best: sheer fun.

It's odd, then, that Sonic finds a return to form with Sonic RPG! How can this be? Sonic games are about speed and thrills; RPGs are slow, strategic things.

But, amazingly, it works. Developed by the acclaimed BioWare, you always were going to be in good hands, but just how good the final product is is stunning. Gone are the corny voices. You talk on behalf of Sonic. You tell him what to say to others. In other words, you can make him as kind or smarmy as you like.

There's a real story going for it, too. Set 'years later', Sonic returns from a round-the-world vacation after defeating Eggman (apparently permanently) to find everyone's getting along just fine without him. All the other characters you've grown to hate have actually grown up: Tails is smart; Amy has a boyfriend; even Big the Cat seems to have gained a few IQ points. BioWare have taken the swollen Sonic roster and really fleshed them out, given them depth and personality, and interacting with them is a real joy. Sometimes, the best moments of the game is simply talking, just seeing how Tails or Amy respond to what you say.

There's no escaping this is an RPG, though. It may be reasonably light, sitting somewhere between Pokemon and Final Fantasy, but it is all about levelling up, turn-based battles and a smattering of item management. So why is this game a return to form for Sonic? Because it's pure, unabashed fun. It doesn't try to be cool, rad or 'down wid the kidz'. The game delivers on excitement of progressing, finding a new ally, defeating a tough enemy - just like Sonic used to. I savoured every second I was in this game's company; it was such a delight to play (and even just look at - there's no doubting this is one of the finest looking games on the DS).

A few tiny flaws would be that battles are slightly too frequent (though this is a common RPG flaw), and the pre-rendered worlds, gorgeous as they are, are sometimes a bit quirky to navigate as it's had to judge the depth and height of things.

But these are minor complaints. This game comes hugely recommended for Sonic fans who pine for a proper game, and it's also serves as a good introduction into the genre of the RPG. But really, I could recommend this to anyone and everyone. Just envision how good this game could be: yes, it's THAT good. Go get it.
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on 26 January 2010
This game is a winner. I am very addicted to this game. This game is very clear but quite difficult.
I love playing this game because it is an exiting video game. This game is very clear, some locations are a bit dark but it is a very very good game. It was good then I expected to and I might not like watching sonic but the games are brilliant sega and Bioware makes really good Sonic games.Please Buy this product !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 27 October 2008
Everything about sonic chronicles hints about it being like the start of a series of books, but if that's the case then Bioware need to pull their socks up next time around. Other reviews have covered the story aspect so I shall cover the gameplay and graphics in more depth. Considering the DS hardware the 3D graphics in the game are pretty well done and for the most part the backgrounds consist of talented artwork as well as even a few cutscenes in the game.

Despite this however the game gives the impression multiple artists worked on the game, in the game menus the characters have more of a modern sonic look while the cutscenes on the other hand hark back to the 2D games more cute look of the characters, not to mention these scenes normally play out more like animated comic books then animations.

The combat does have a little strategy involved but some of it feels poorly thought out. Each character depending on their speed can have multiple attack turns in a round, where the options consist of a melee attack, run, items, defend or POW moves (the games equivalent to magic attacks) you choose the attacks and then wait until that round finishes before you can choose what to do next.

To execute a pow move you also have to touch or drag a series of buttons using the touchscreen (which btw is also the only way to play the game since most of the buttons do nothing) this would be a good game mechanic, if it wasn't for the fact even the smallest mistake can cripple the move to the point it often does nothing; on the flipside however this does make dodging attacks much more interesting then just waiting for the next round, since touching the series of buttons that appear on an enemy attack increases your chances of dodging it.

More annoying then this however is other combat flaws such as way you can restore pp for using pow moves on one characters set of turns, but no character can actually use that new energy until the next round, or how if you take heavy damage on your teams first set of attacks there's nothing you can do in terms of changing your strategy until that round of attacks is over.

Easily the biggest mistake of the game however is the sound, while some may argue that not having the 4kids voice actors is actually a good thing the sounds used in replacement in particular when characters take damage just seem completely random. The game also boasts having remixes of some classic sonic game music in certain areas, but for the most part they sound abysmal and more on par with something off a gameboy pocket, ironically the best music in the whole game is actually when you're fighting, particularly against boss characters.

It has to be said the sonic franchise is in a bit of a mess right now and bioware were brave to take on this project, for veterans gamers especially rpg lovers you will feel short changed because this is certainly no super mario rpg. Your characters only level up to about lv 20, but there is fun to be had here especially for sonic fans. Hopefully if bioware will make a sequel they will learn from the mistakes in this game, but for now I would call this game 'try before you buy' material.
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on 29 August 2011
K so lets just get straight to the point, This game is amazing!!!!
Wanna know how amazing?!
Ive completed it 9 times! (yeah you can call me sad if you want) And i still play it!
Once youve completed it once the games even more fun because you have a more powerful sonic and charcters(: then you just get addicted!
Me and my friend are having a competition as to who can complete it the most - Im winning.
Also i am reeeeeaaaaaaaallyyyy good at this game!!! I mean really good(:
I win every battle now im on my ninth go. And its really fun.
I like to make my sonic a little snarky whereas my friend makes him happy and nice.
Its so fuuuun!<3
I really think people should buy this game beacause its amazing!
The graphics and controls are amazing and easy to grasp and the suprise element is there. You dont know where youre gonna be next from outer space to a ice world!
The story is really amazing and i think that the end is super cool. And no im not teelling you what happens. THATS FOR YOU TO FIND OUT!
yeah so im gonna go carry on playing thhis for the tenth time now
If u buy u'll lovee
review image
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on 9 June 2014
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a solid RPG for Nintendo DS that takes a leaf out of the Kingdom Hearts, Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi series'.

The use of established characters like Knuckles, Sonic and Tails means you get stuck into the main plot from the off. These characters available have a variety of assets which allows the usal RPG-fun of tinkering to get the best team.

The gameplay graphics are pretty good and compare well against most DS games. The cut-scenes are like a digital comic book and look really well.

The battles, like most RPG's, are turn based. Special moves require you to use the stylus for maximum effect, which nicely breaks things up.

My only issue is that the gameplay, when exploring the maps, lacks the speed you expect of Sonic. You drag a character around using the stylus, where I'd prefer a more traditional Sonic approach of zooming around using the directional buttons. Sonic has been founded on speed and fast-paced gameplay, so it's a pretty big flaw.
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on 5 February 2009
I'm a fan of the sonic games since i was a kid. and i can see a lot changes.
This game is RPG, and it reminds me of final fantasy games. Although this game is different, it has its own good points. In an RPG like this, we can see more of the characters and look into each one's personality. You will be able to make choices in conversations, decide what you wanna do for the missions, and level up as much as you like. The game is a lot like the animations and there's nothing wrong with that. Very adventurous and fun to play. If u r a fan of Sonic, buy this game.
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on 16 April 2015
Too childish and text and menu heavy , the gameplay is already slow for sonic but the stopping for conversations and obstacles all the while ruins the flow which causes the game to be even slower and just not very fun to pick up and play unless you are very young and just want something to keep you busy for a few hours. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone though really over the other sonic games on ds, also yet another bioware game which is polished but not fun.
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on 18 July 2010
I really enjoyed this game, after accidentally buying it. It has the right amount of action and storyline to keep it balanced, and I really liked being able to choose what to say. The graphics are good, but I found during battle it occasionally slows down a bit. It can be annoying though, having all the robots and aliens coming up and attacking you, but at least you can flee. Overall a good game, but the final boss is really hard.
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on 21 October 2008
I wasn't sure wether this would be average or not seeing as Sonic isn't exactly a character made for RP gaming. I can say though that, it does work in a certain way.

The strongest points here are the story and dialogue. Bioware are fantastic in that department, and it shows well here too. Characters are wonderfully portrayed and there are lots of references to older games. This is the first time Knuckles has had the best treatment! Oh, and I love Shade too. She's got a great character design and nice personality. The artwork is neat, the battling is innovative...

But there are some downsides too. The TERRIBLE. Sonic music is known to be absolutely brilliant, but this was ear grating. The sound effects were also very cheap and sometimes made no sense (Shadow sounds like a turkey?). The game was also too short, didn't have many interesting side missions and the final boss is hilariously easy.

You must admit though that, besides these bad faults and the fact that this is Sonic's first RPG, it's not all THAT bad. It's very good, actually. But remember, it's not really a fast game like previous games, and the Rush series is...definitely better in my opinion. XD
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on 27 May 2009
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood may look like a kids game with it's cartoon graphics but, trust me this is fairly hard and deep game for any gamer. For people that have played many Sonic games over the years there are lots of cool references and some surprises which will put a smile on your face. The touch screen controls work well and the battle system is well thought out. Most if not all the Sonic characters over the years come into the story some where along the line. The only problem I have with this game is that the three other rpgs that I own on the ds are better which are as follows: Chrono Trigger, The Legend Of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass and Mario And Luigi: Partners In Time. So unless you are mega big Sonic fan and just want a rpg for your ds then I recommend those games more, yet this is still a very good game in it's own right.
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