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on 8 November 2008
Ive had these for around 2 months now. these earphones are relatively new. these earphones arnt as bassy as lets say... the ep-630s but the sound on these earphones are much richer, nice high, nice mids, unlike some other earphones which has just nice bass and complete rubbish highs and lows.

i listen to dance, rock, metal, so the higher frequencies mean alot to me.

these earphones are designed pretty well, it comes with 3 different size buds, the middle ones fit me exactly and completely blocks out external sound. the cable is rubber based, not the slippery smooth ones, which are pretty good. the plugs is nicely designed too, covered in rubber which imo, doesnt break easily. plugs gold plated too.

the earphone itself is partially rubber, partially plastic and partially metal. its pretty hard to describe in words, but trust me, these are nicely designed, even putting them in your ear is comfortable because of the triangular grips.

these are awesome earphones and they dont brake easiy. excellent built quality, excellent sound for £9.99! (i got mine for 12.99 - wished i got them now instead :()

review edit~

heres a little comparison thingy:

Logitech Z-2300 = Creative EP-630 --- loud, lots of bass
AE Aego M 2.1 = Creative EP-830 --- not as loud, but sound just sounds soooo much better

main difference is that they fit in your ear ;)
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on 6 November 2008
Well I had a cruddy pair of 90p earphones which died within a month (amazed they lasted that long). This time I thought i'd treat myself to a decent pair but having seen some earphones in the region of £200 I didn't think i'd have much luck. I looked around the web and came across Sennheiser but further research revealed the amount of fakes around and I just wasn't prepared to take the risk.

I heard the creative EP-630s were exactly the same as Sennheisers so I checked the review and liked what I heard. Then I discovered creative had upgraded them to this model so thought I might as well buy these instead, and for £9.99 reduced from £34.99 I thought I couldn't go wrong.

Well I was proved right, these things are absolutely amazing. At first I was a bit disappointed because the bass wasn't as tasty as I expected (i'm a real bass head) but then I changed the size of the plugs and they fit so snug in my ears now and the bass just rattles through my head beautifully :-). The sound is really crisp and I can hear little bits in tunes that i'd never heard before. The best thing is I can't hear a thing from the outside world, no more listening to the mindless witterings of the human race when i'm on the bus :-).

If you really care about decent sound but don't wanna break the bank, you really can't go far wrong with these things.
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on 26 March 2009
I just got these Creative EP-830 in-ear headphones today and they sound fantastic. The sound coming out of these is rich, full and reproduces the music faithfully. The highs, mids and bass are well rounded and pleasing. I used the lower model, EP-630 that came with my Dell Inspiron 1720 previously and those had a lower bass-response compared to the new EP-830's (they both have the same rated frequency response of 6Hz - 23KHz). However, this doesn't mean that the 830's are anemic in bass, rather it's a cleaner sound with less emphasis on the bass's "oomph" and more on giving you a clean-cut sound. According to the product's technical spec's, the 830 uses a slightly larger neodynium magnet than the 630 to move the speakercones, so that's probably how they manage to manipulate better sound out of it. Comparatively though, while the 630 was more powerful on Bass, it was a bit weaker on the mids & highs compared to the 830.

Of course you can probably tweak your music player's Equalizer to give you a better bass profile but even at default settings in Winamp 5, the sound I got out of this was quite pleasing. With the optional DFX-8 plug-in for Winamp, the music I listen to sounds close to perfect.

The build quality ranges from above-average to excellent. I'm slightly worried about the wiring used. With cheaper earphones there's always the common problem of one of the sides fizzing out after a while or the jack shorting out, the 830's wiring seems solid if not bulletproof like other higher-end brands. Then again, at this price (I got them for 12GBP) they're easily replaceable should they ever fail. The jack uses gold-plating like they use on "Monster Cable" jacks for HD-TV and Line-in jacks. Does this affect the sound? Not sure, but it's still comforting to know that it's not made with a cheaper material.

A final note about getting the most optimal sound out of these earphones (and earphones in general) -


This is instrumental (excuse the pun) since a GOOD SEAL between your outer ear canal and the rubber creates a proper compartment for transfer of sound to the eardrum. Kind of like how a sub-woofer needs a closed-off area to produced optimal sound.
So PLEASE make sure you seal your ear canal with the earpiece, BEFORE you knock the bass or apparent lack thereof. You would be surprised with the difference.

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on 17 October 2009
I bought these earphones to fulfil several criteria.
-To exceed the sound quality of iPod earphones (and ideally come close to the sound quality of my sennheiser cans)
-To fit snugly in my ears whilst exercising
-To block out road & student noise whilst I am falling asleep
-To save on heating bills (stay with me on this one...)

Firstly, the earphones are unpretentiously packaged and come with spare tips and a small storage bag. Having experimented with the tips of different sizes I have found the large to be uncomfortable after a while, the small to be a little to diminutive and the medium to be an excellent fit. Not only do they make for a comfortable "forget you are wearing them" experience but the sound isolation is excellent.

Having snubbed the pouch at first I now find it very useful. Swiftly winding the earphones round my hand and poking them into the pouch means that I can stuff them into a small compartment in my bag without fear of snagged cables or losing sound isolating tips.

-Firstly these cheap little earphones definitely surpass the iPod ones. Highs are very clear and a little to penetrative at times (last few squeaks of Aphex Twin's Windowlicker are painful at all but the lowest volumes), mids are very clear and although these may not be ideal for "bass junkies", there is certainly a fair punch compared to apple's entry level tat. Though there is not quite as much detail to the sound as can be found in sennheiser cans, I can't slate them at all; they weigh nothing, they cost nothing and are infinitely more portable.

-Fit-wise these earphones are excellent. No amount of sweat, grunting or flailing around in the gym will dislodge them. Once you have found the best of the selection of tips you could wear them comfortably all day. The only advice I will offer (as elsewhere in these reviews) is to make sure you muck out your ears regularly; the last thing you want to extract with your headphones is a waxy surprise!

-I am a student in Manchester and am very guilty of behaving loudly during the night. Despite this, sometimes I like to do my work and have early nights. Previously I have tried to block noise with the aforementioned cans on, only to stir half-way through the night- tangled in cable. These brilliant little buds not only block all but the most unruly of student disturbances but can be played very quietly so that I don't have any rude awakenings when tracks change from audio book to music.

-Lastly, these earphones will definitely reduce my annual heating bill. Being a frugal student, my housemates and I prefer to heat one room and operate from there. I can sit in the living room, writing my diary or an essay, perhaps watching peep show on 4od and be completely oblivious to all noise around me. Since these little treats isolate noise, my housemates don't have to be exposed to what I listen to.

I have one gripe and that relates to the little piece of flexible rubber above the jack. I wrapped the 'phones round my iPod and sadly the degree of bend=d in the cable was sufficient enough to break the flexible rubber cowl. The structural integrity of the cable is still perfect but I am now a religious user of the little bag that comes free with them.

In short if you are even considering buying these, do. They sound brilliant, they are entirely portable, and they are cheap and isolate sound very well.
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on 20 November 2008
I have be using the excellent Sennheiser CX300s for over a year now, but wanted a 2nd pair for the office and spotted these. At £9.99 inc. P&P (vs. £17.99 for the Senns) I took a chance. What a good decission.

For those familliar with the CX300s or Creative's own (very similar) EP 630s, the 830s are slightly more crisp. The top end is more detailed and the bass, while less 'fat', is better articulated. Sound isolation is excellent (like both the others). Overall I find them slightly less fatiguing than the CX300s.

Of course the most important thing with all in-ear is the fit. The seal must be air tight, which initially can feel a little uncomfortable, but stick with it any your patience will be rewarded. Indeed I found the fit gets better after a day or two when the buds get lightly coated with ear wax (eugh!!).

The only downside is that physical contact noise is transmitted up the cable into the buds, which can be a bit irritating. I therefore wouldn't recommend these during activity e.g. the gym etc.

Overall, these are highly recommended. Great sound insulation and very good sound. Plug into your iPod or PC (try Last FM) and leave the office behind.
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on 15 November 2008
My EP 630s called it quits after 20 months, so I decided to upgrade and grab the 830s. Definitely less bass in the 830s, but I can get used to that. The quality of the build certainly is great, and the sound coming through is crisp and clear.

Can't beat the price, either.
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on 5 September 2009
Taking the EP-830's out of the box I was immediately impressed with the build quality of these earphones. I liked the straight gold plated plug, the left and right phones of equal length and the quality tangle free cord. All was looking good. And then I plugged them in and played them. End of good news, hello bad news. I'm by no means a base head. I played my favourite artist (Eva Cassidy) to try them out, and what a let down. The EP830's have a very poor base response and quite a pronounced trebble. Even turning my MP3 player's EQ base to maximum and the trebble to minimum did not produce a good sound. I found whilst experimenting with them that the larger the rubber ear tip you use, the better base response you get. But even with the best equaliser settings and the largest of the 3 sizes of rubber tip, they're still not good enough. I had them for two days and I've already discarded them as a waste of money.
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on 11 December 2008
I bought these for my old Zen Vision M and on first impressions they look very impressive, the style is sleek, the build is solid and the cable is easily long enough. But and this is the main problem: the BASS isn't the greatest, it's good and you can hear it also the deep end 'is' visible, but it lacks good old fasioned clout, that said though the overall sound is very good and treble is spot on (not to tinny), mids (vocals and guitar are crisp and well defined and the deep bass stands out fairly well at high volumes.

Bottom line, if your looking for quality sound with clarity above all, then buy these, but if you want more furious bass then these arent for you, invest in some 16mm sony accoustic twin turbo's.
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on 2 September 2009
This earphones are the best I have ever used to date. I'm currently using them on my Zen X-Fi to give a clear and deep quality when i listen to my music and make the most of the sound quality the X-Fi gives. The earphones come with 3 different size ear plugs, and its vital you pick the right ones to get the best sound quality. With these earphones if your not getting enough bass then you probably haven't pushed them into your ears enough or need to change the size, because believe me these earphones do have a lot of bass.

The sound quality is incredible, some of this is because of the features on my MP3 player but you will notice a difference which ever MP3 player you use and have only used basic earphones. I can hear every bass drum beat, every Hi-Hat shot, every strum on the guitar even the bass strumming, the clarity is incredible. For the price as well these are an absolute bargin, you would be insane to turn them down. Don't bother getting the EP-630's just get these, they are only slightly more expensive but so worth the extra cash.

Currently I'm listening to some Drum n Bass and when they said in the description they are noise isolating and that 9mm Neodymium magnet drivers give brilliant musical results with strong bass, they were not wrong!
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on 2 January 2009
I had an old pair of Sony inner ear headphones for about 5 years. I tend to use them until they wear out and these had almost disintegrated. The EP-830s was like being blasted from a gramaphone to a super club. The bass is outrageous and the general sound quality is excellent. Higher range audio can be a bit ropey, but if you listen to deep tone or bass pounding music they are great. The build quality feels a bit flimsy but you get a carry pouch to keep them in. I would put money on them not surviving the abuse I gave my Sony set over the years, but take care of them and you have an outstanding pair of head phones for the money. You also get 3 different sizes of buds for them for a comfortable fit.

Rock on.
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