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3.5 out of 5 stars175
3.5 out of 5 stars
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loosely based on a series of books by steven jay gould, this is an action/science fiction movie, and first in a proposed trilogy telling one long story. David is a high school loner who pines for a female classmate. then one day caught in a life or death situation he finds he has the natural ability to teleport from place to place. leaving people thinking he's dead and making plenty of visits to bank vaults to get money, he's able to set himself up in a nice life as an independent world jumping playboy.

but only then years later does he discover that he's not the only one who can do this, and there's a secret organisation out there who target those who can. on the run and trying to get together with his long lost sweetheart only an uneasy alliance with a more experienced jumper called griffin might save the day. but will he go as far into the war between jumpers and the organisation as griffin has?

not a movie with any great depth, just an attempt at a decent piece of action entertainent. and to set up a franchise. it just about succeeds on both counts. hayden christiensen does bring a certain vulnerability to the role that means you can just about relate to his character [looks like a few other reviewers disagree with me on that, but to each their own]. rachel bilson and samual l jackson do their best with slightly underwritten roles as the love interest and the chief bad buy. but jamie bell livens up the film as bad boy giffin with an immensely appealing and entertaining performance.

not a great movie, but not a bad start to the franchise. hopefully there'll be a sequel that can build on this.

the dvd extras are as follows:

a commentary by the director, the writer/producer, and another producer

jumping from novel to film: a documentary about the origin of the story in book form and it's transition to screen. quite an interesting watch in regards to what it says about future films and the writer's views on books being turned into movies.

making an actor jump: a short and quite interesting feature about the special effects involved in the teleportation scenes

six deleted scenes. the first five all are quite good character moments that flesh things out, but were clearly cut for pacing reasons. the last is a neat little epilogue showing what happened to one character whom we last see in a bit of a jam. a fun little scene.

jumping around the world: a short but decent feature about the locations used

jumper: exposed. a long documentary about the making of the film. rather than adopt the usual structured documentary format for these it instead shows lots of footage of the film in production from day to day of the shoot. quite fascinating stuff as a look at the movie business. although be aware there's a lot of strong language in it. and that it only makes a cursory mention right at the start of the fact that the two leads were recast after shooting had been going on for a few weeks.

david's story. an animated graphic novel, telling of the main characters quest to find out more about his mother. the animation is a bit basic but the voice acting is quite good and as a story it's not bad, adding a little more depth to the main character.

previz: future concepts. a cgi storyboarding of a rather spectacular fight scene. definitely not from this movie it's presumably something that might air in one of the proposed sequels.

coming soon: trailers for the movies juno and be kind, rewind.

the only language tracks and subtitles on the disc are in english. no other languages are available.

as a movie 7.5/10 but the decent extras push the dvd up to an 8/10
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VINE VOICEon 11 June 2008
Jumper is a film that works because of its simplicity rather try and weave together numerous sub-plots that end up going no-where. It feels very much like a pilot for a TV show that you actually want to keep watching to see what happens next. Admittedly the story is paper thin but it moves at such a pace it's difficult to care. The chemistry is good between Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson and feels natural.

The real star however, is Jamie Bell. He is very charismatic and he brings the film to life every time he is on screen. His accent is very strange though, and seems to be constantly changing. I'm not sure if this is intentional or not, but it doesn't really matter. Some of the action scenes are breathtaking and the "jump" looks fantastic every time you see it.

Overall this is a mindless action film that feels like the start of something much bigger. There is no doubt that a sequel could flesh out the characters and provide a genuinely interesting film. If you prefer films with numerous plot strands then steer clear as this will bore you to tears. If however you want to see a popcorn film, then this is a must see.
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on 25 July 2008
Having seen this film trailed at the cinema I was keen to see it when it was released on DVD. The premise of the eponymous `jumpers' leaping Sam Beckett-like through space was an intriguing one; although unfortunately this was pretty much all the film had to offer. Hayden Christiansen's wooden delivery hasn't changed from his stint as the young Darth Vader, and Billy Elliot's Jamie Bell, although providing a bit more dynamism, struggles to lift a film full of limp dialogue and long stretches of meandering conversation. On the plus side, Samuel L Jackson is as menacing as ever in his role as persecutor of the leapers (a `Paladin' as the film has it); sinister and brooding with his hair dyed shockingly white and brandishing an electrically charged whip with which he prevents the jumpers from moving before brutally killing them.
The film does have its moments: For example when Bell's experienced leaper mocks Christiansen's newbie and when the latter deposits his childhood nemesis in a bank vault to be found by the police. The chief problem with the film is that it doesn't really know where to go; when we discover that Christiansen's long-lost mother is a paladin there is the expectation that the film has further layers but these are not followed through, and at 84 minutes there is ample room to extend what is ultimately a disappointingly truncated movie.
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on 18 May 2009
Refer back to the original book (not the film-based re-write) and you'll see just how the movie takes a scared but plucky kid, intelligent, bookish, with a firm sense of right and wrong, escaping an abusive father and longing for his departed mother... and replaces him with a smirking self-satisfied empty greedy grubby little man and a very unconvincing plot about jumpers and peladons. Doug Liman's film scoops out the soul, excitement, personal discovery and scariness of being alone and different in an uncaring and selfish world with a bland, incoherent yarn involving unlikeable people. The quality of the film dips the instant it segues to the first appearance of Hayden Christensen and from that point survives only on the strength of shoehorned effects, John Powell's perky score, location prn and an against-current turn by Jamie Bell. Even mutated into a fantasy action flick this film fails to sparkle simply because the main characters are self-centred or devoid of any depth. In the end, you simply don't care, and it's almost worth a second watch just to see how so many promising elements fall flat. Fans of the book will probably daydream wistfully of an alternative reality where Max Thieriot's younger David Rice (already c.20 at the time of filming!) follows the book's plot of every lonely teen's greatest dream and nightmare rolled into one.
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VINE VOICEon 11 August 2008
Let's get this straight riht away. Jumper is popcorn fluff. It is a lazy movie with lazy plotting and lazier dialogue. Asan action movie it takes itself far too seriously whilst having little else to support it other than nifty special effects (which are fantastic). There are some good points. The jump effects are brilliant and the fight scenes are pretty pleasing to watch. Jamie Bell is on fine form and should really have been given a bigger role. He is colourful where Christensen is bland, peppering the action with acerbic wit and snappy quips, and generally carrying the movie whenever he's in a scene. Unfortunately the positives end there. There is little character development and we just don't care about Christiansen's character. It might have worked had he and Bell swapped, but unfortunately the team behind this went for aesthetically pleasing American plank over fine British acting talent. Shame. Rachel Bilson doesn't really have much to do except stand around pouting in much the same way as she did on the OC, and Samuel L Jackson's contribution is undermined due to horrible writing cliches and 'big impact lines' that just sound cheesy and forced. If there is a saving grace it is that the movie is so obviously geared towards a sequel that a second movie might well be better. I can only hope that it is.
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Running David (Max Thieriot) loves little Millie (AnnaSophia Robb) with a love that couldn't die. He could not swim the raging river; but he learned how to jump. What would you do if you found the ability to transport? Yep the first plan was to exacta all not nasty old paper in the local bank. Where do we go from here? For one thing it irks some people including fanatic "jumper hunter" Roland (Samuel L. Jackson.) We find new friends and enemies no known in the book. Then we have David's nagging question "Who/what is mommy?

Inspired by the jumper character in the youth novels of Steven Gould the movie tried to rely more on the real world locations than graphics. They did a good job on jumper graphics. The names have not been changed just the story. In an effort not to follow the standard super hero formula, they instead relied on the Sunday afternoon T.V. children's specials formula.

The film is entertaining but the efforts to be artsy or the efforts be unique are lost in the mundane and standard chase scenes.

Jumper: Jumpscars - The Official Prequel to the Film (Jumper)
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on 20 August 2013
Just a few words about the 3D re-release.

This film might seem an odd choice for 3D conversion, as it was not a major 5-star blockbuster. However, it uses a more economical JVC system that can produce lower-cost conversions at 1080p quality for Blu-ray only release. The same system was used for I, Robot and apparently for the forthcoming Predator 3D release.

Many 3D fans are vehemently anti-conversion. However, this one does work quite well. There is little if anything extending in front of the screen, but that's not the modern 3D style anyway. There is good depth to many shots and most of it works out OK. The 3D seems a little less evident in some fast moving action scenes, especially towards the end, but I was happy with the effect overall. I was watching it on an 84 inch screen viewed from 8-9 feet away and I did notice a couple of glitches, but not enough to worry about. I had seen the film a couple of years ago in 2D, but I definitely enjoyed seeing it again in 3D.

If you are fussy about 3D conversions, then I suppose you had better give this a miss. If not, and you fancy seeing this in 3D, then it's worth the money in my humble opinion.
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on 4 August 2008
I first learned about Jumper from a tv trailer, at first glance it looks amazing, at a second look it looks good. I was hezitant to go and see Jumper at the cinema after all the negative reviews circling it so i thought i'd just waut for the dvd. The effects of the film are brilliant the jumping looks superb and the areas that the film takes place really adds to the excitement. However this film has flaws. As i'm sure anyone who has watched Star Wars will know Hayden Christiansen finds it very hard to act. He whines and moans but can very rarely produce any strong feeling or emotion. Samuel Jackson is playing a character with no background but he does play what he is given well. The plot starts well but dies down a bit possibly because of the short length of the film. The ideas though and how some are dellivered are very good however. It is a film that makes you think i wish that i could jump or i wish that would happen. That is needed in a film like this and as it has it, IT MAKES THIS FILM WELL WORTH A WATCH.
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on 25 September 2008
A young man discovers that he has the ability to teleport and uses his ability to rob banks and move from place to place in the wink of an eye....

I thought this film was going to be a great movie. The first half of the film promises to deliver the makings of a great film but sadly it fails to deliver anything significant and ends up with a lot of computer graphics coupled with plenty of crashes and bangs. For my money I would have preferred a more conceptual approach about the power he has and the threat he poses to the established order.

Im sure that if anyone ever developed such talents they would be ruthlessly squashed or coerced in some way towards advancing the aims and intents of greedy businesses or corrupt governments.

Instead we end up with a superficial film with a school kid feel to it. If they have sequel to this film - hopefully it will be better.
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on 18 August 2008
This film should have been brilliant.

Moody youth discovers he has teleportation powers, and uses them to escape and abusive father and go on spending spree after robbing a bank before being hunted down by a secret society and discovering more like himself.

X-men meets Harry Potter? And any other mutant power film you care to mention

So why is this so monumentally terrible?
It's the execution. Badly scripted, naff direction, cinematography that brings nothing new, and plot that has clearly had huge lumps cut from it.

It is pretty obvious that this film is setting itself up to be the first part of trilogy, but I doubt anyone will bother going to see it.

It's a tired three act format, turgid delivery, and some number cruncher in Hollywood has hacked to death what was once a brilliant idea.

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