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4.6 out of 5 stars167
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 October 2007
Prison Break slipped by me when it first appeared and I only watched it because I have seen all of 24, Rescue Me etc. Prison Break, though, has been a revelation.

You do have to suspend a certain amount of disbelief, but I want to be entertained and I am willing to give programme makers enough creative license to make that happen. Having said that, Prison Break feels authentic, the sets are amazing and all the details have been laboured over to distraction so one never feels short changed by the plot. The characters are brilliant too with exactly the right pitch between brutal self-preservation and intriguing back story. The stand outs are Lincoln and T-Bag - for me - with T-Bag getting special mention for being the most unsentimental character committed to film. You hate him, but Fox River would be a duller place without him.

But it is the plot that makes this show stand out. The writers have almost recreated the '40's cliffhanger b-movie feel with every episode having an ending that makes you think: Now what will they do? The interweaving plots are just great and the writers should be applauded for not being lazy.

Finally, it's the details that make this great. The fact that there is no swearing, yet Fox River feels like the most oppressive prison ever. The tatoos, the small details that are written into the story that only become apparent 3 or 4 eps down the line. Clever.

Overall an excellent production that makes you want to buy season 2 (which is just as good, BTW).
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on 29 March 2007
Prison Break is one of the best series ever telecast. Its addictive value is so high and it's not surprising if you watch all 22 episodes all in one go. Season 1 has distinct parallels to 'The Great Escape' whereas Season 2 has 'Fugitive' undertones.Wentworth Miller as Schofield is utterly amazing and the absolute villain, 'Teabag' really is a Type Z character. The characterization of each of the fugitives is impressing and it's hard to say who really has 2nd billing after Schofield.
Burrows: Schofield's elder brother framed and sent to death row
Abruzzi; Mafia Boss who eventually turns to Religion
Bellick:The sadistic prison guard
Teabag: Racist, Bisexual Sadist (Any worse)
Dr Tancredi: Prison Doctor with a soft side for Schofield
Westmoreland: The veteran prisoner with an expensive secret
Agent Kellerman: Similar to Agent Smith from Matrix & just as bad

I always thought that Lost, 24 and Desperate Hours were addictive but Prison Break adds the compulsive element. Can't wait for Season 2
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on 26 September 2006
I came to Prison Break through the DVDs and I am grateful that I did. It is compelling viewing and if I had to watch it on a weekly basis my nerves would have been shot to pieces. Luckily with the DVDs I could watch over a weekend without biting my nails down too far. By the end of episode one you realise that it's fine to root for some of the bad guys because they are only bad through circumstances.

Michael is a genius and Wentworth Miller plays him so very well. I immediately recognised him from an episode of Buffy: The Vampire Slayer. The most chilling bad guy is T-Bag, I sat through each of his scenes praying that someone would put him out of his misery but secretly glad that he was still around as I love to hate him. I was surprised when I discovered that the actor who plays him (Robert Knepper) appeared in the episode of Star Trek: TNG as Deanna Troi's betrothed. What a transformation. Kudos to Mr Knepper for creating such a sleazeball character.

The scariest part of this series is the Government conspiracy. You can't help feeling that Michael and his brother are fighting a losing battle as the bodies pile up. If you like your drama tense then this is a must see.
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on 29 April 2007
This is a series of the most superb quality. Hats off to the writers who combine complex plots with psychological thrills all the way. Not one for the fainthearted, bloodshed and emotion spills into every episode, keeping you gripped from beginning to end. With a terrific cast it is no wonder that Prison Break has created such a storm on both sides of the Atlantic. Fantastic.
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on 20 April 2007
This is by far the most gripping, interesting, twisted TV show I have ever seen. The cast of prison character is absolutely spot-on,the difficulties encountered by the inmates really make you get hooked to watch more and more of the show.

The only critique is the casting of the bad guys, seems there they have missed completely the spot. For example the main Agents doing the cover-up look either effeminate or total wussies, not hands-on agents, and they are also working for a woman that wants to be president of the USA.

Aside of those minor glitches, the prison break is really compelling, with many problems arising from inmates, guards and whatnot, keeping you glued to your seat, always wanting for more.

Each episode is a step towards freedom, either by gaining, from the protagonist, one new tool, connection or whatnot to continue the work needed towards freedom.

All in all, a personal favorite.
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on 29 September 2006
What a blinding show! Every aspect of this series from the depth of the characters and the actors who portray them to the plot twists and effects are all excellent! I'm gripped from the moment I turn on the TV to the time the end credits start to roll. It's like watching one big, long action movie. An early highlight in the series is the two parter 'Riots, Drills and the Devil' - all sorts going on there.

I recommended the show to a friend, who hadn't heard of the show before I mentioned it. But he promptly went out and bought this boxset and now he's as hooked as I am. Anyone into action movies, or prison drama is going to love it.
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on 18 April 2014
After hearing some raving reviews off friends and peers about the 4 series of Prison Break, i decided to give it ago, by the end of the first episode i was hooked! The unsual and interesting storyline made it oh so more intriguing and so hard to resist watching the next episode, the twists within the plot line were clever but in some cases quite predictable but often kept you on the edge of your seat with your heart racing. I grew quite an attachment to Michael Schofield (Wentworth Miller) as his character was somewhat mysterious but deeply interesting, along with many of the other characters and their reasons for being in the positions they were in, also the way the stoylines of the past of each character was portrayed having a tendancy to grow your feelings towards each character utterly stronger and making you believe your perception of them was correct, except in Theodores case, his discustingly slimey character showed some vunurablity and made me feel somewhat sorry for him but somehow that didn't last! One small thing that irriated me throughout the 4 series was how quickly the characters reciered from their injuries which made it less realistic with numeous, serious wounds being healed within a matter of hours/days this being a slight disapointment t other than that a fantastic series and a must watch to any that haven't seen it!
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VINE VOICEon 22 December 2006
A friend of mine who is a fellow fan of Lost and 24 told me about a show called Prison Break some time ago and being the good guy he is he lent me the first half of the 1st series. For some reason I left it sitting on my dressing table for a few months to gather dust.

It was only one sleepless night, when there was nothing else on TV, that I dismissively put the first episode on to see what this show was all about. many hours later in the early hours of the morning I was hooked!

I don't exaggerate when I say that I really rate this program highly. Every character has a story, every plot a subplot and every episode a jaw dropping cliff hanger. The casting is superb and the story captivating.

For me this has all the right ingredients in abundance. At the time of writing they are currently halfway though the second season and I'm still hooked.

If you haven't heard of Prison Break but you like the format of Lost, 24 etc then try season one. Don't wait like I did, this show has everything!
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on 24 February 2007
I have to admit, I've never seen any other show that is so compelling and exciting! Right from the beginning, the story was extremely enjoyable. Plenty of action and plot twists. Actors do a very good job too. The prison atmosphere is very realistically portrayed in the series.

Although my friends recommended this to me some time ago, I didn't feel that much interested in watching it. I thought "oh common, what are the intersting things that can happen inside a prison for it to be worth watching?" Eventually I got my hands on this and my girlfriend & we got hooked onto to it like we never had. I knew I have been an idiot not to have watched this! We got sucked into it so much that we finished watching the whole season in 2 days!!

Even at Amazon, the price is at the high end for a season 1 box set but my god the satisfaction & entertainment is well worth paying for! Good set of special features is included in the 6th disc.

I definitely recommend to anyone who likes non stop action and very good acting. I give this 10/10!

What are you waiting for? Buy it! You won't regret it a bit!!
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on 7 October 2006
I'd seen Prison Break advertised but couldn't believe that they'd be able to make an entire series out of one simple break out of prison. Then a friend said he'd seen it and raved about it so I took the plunge. Damn am I glad I did. Prison Break is definitely THE best series ever. It knocks spots off Lost and 24 and I see many awards in its future!

The plot centers around Michael Scofield. He is an architect whose brother (Lincoln) has been put on death row for killing the Vice-Presidents brother. Lincoln has always professed his innocence and Michael slowly starts to believe that he's innocent. So Michael hatches a plan......he holds up a bank with the express purpose of getting himself incarcerated at Fox River Penitentiary where Lincoln is being held.....once there he plans to help Lincoln escape.

Meanwhile Lincolns ex-girlfriend takes over as his attorney in a last ditch effort to get a stay of execution. She slowly starts to uncover that Lincolns case was fast-tracked and believes that somebody wants Lincoln dead.....quickly!

The star of this series is definitely Wentworth Miller. He plays the part of Michael to perfection. We see him as a doting brother and fantastic tactician in how he plans everything down to the last detail. And when Dr Sara Tancredi looks into Michaels eyes......all I can say is that I defy any woman in the room not to want to melt into those eyes!

Dominic Purcell plays the part of Lincoln as a man who has accepted his fate and you feel the guy was made for this part. The most disturbing character of all is definitely T-bag played by Robert Knepper. This guy makes my skin crawl and every episode without fail you hope somebody will finish him off. But at the same time you want him in the next episode because he's the guy everyone loves to hate.

How can I possibly rave about Prison Break enough? Impossible. All I can say is that this is my new top series and Lost and 24 are gone and forgotten!
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