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4.5 out of 5 stars63
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 20 February 2015
This was a pretty sweet remake of the original sci/fi cult classic from the 50's which starred a young Steve McQueen in the lead. The 1988 version of The Blob was just an all around fun experience. The film has the fifties plot structure and ideas, but it's been updated to the eighties - which means gratuitous amounts of special effects, a trashy atmosphere and lots and lots of gore! The special effects are often really good and quite impressive for their time. The sequences are very imaginative, and take advantage of the eighties style humour that make eighties horror films what they are. The way that the blob consumes people is always disgusting, and seeing the half-melted outlines of people inside the creature is lots of fun and makes for some really good horror. A meteor falls near a small town in the USA. A homeless man goes to see what's in it and an alien with jelly-like substance "attacks" him and starts eating away at him. He's discovered by a local tough kid played by Kevin Dillon and along with highschool cheerleader Shawnee Smith (Saw series) and the highschool Football player Donovan Leitch drive him to the hospital. There he's eaten alive while waiting for the doctor and the blob is loose--eating anything in its path. But, in no time flat, a bunch of scientists and military men arrive to help...or are they? The script from Frank Darabont and Chuck Russell shrewdly and comically touches on various subjects like Cold War paranoia and biological weapons.

The 1988 remake of The Blob in my opinion is a classic but sadly overlooked Horror/Sci-Fi film, The Only problem I had with it is some cheesy dialog which sound abit dated. Overall it is a fun little flick featuring a truly merciless monster that gobbles up just about anyone (even dogs and kids!). This limited edition Blu-ray from Twilight Time is region free, so no worries about region locking. It has an absolutely brilliant transfer, the disc also features an audio commentary with Co-writer and director Chuck Russell who is joined by Ryan Turek, writer for Shock Till You Drop website and independent filmmaker. The two have a great conversation about the movie with Russell commenting on the production and sharing various memories while Turek partakes with thoughts and analysis. Theres also a Friday Night Flights at the Cinefamily featurette which is a Q&A session with Russell during a screening in Los Angeles and a bunch of trailers. I highly recommend this brilliant 80's horror flick.
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on 8 August 2006
It is currently the trend in Hollywood at the moment to remake classics, and horror is the biggest victim of all genres. Movies such as Dawn of the Dead, the Texas Chiansaw Massacre, The Fog, When a Stranger Calls and The Omen have all recieved this treatment and the end is result is always the same. Crap!

But in the 1980's some truly classic remakes were released that were superior to the originals in many ways (usually because the director was a fan of the original and wanted to pay homage to that). John Carpenter's The Thing and David Cronenberg's The Fly were far more impressive than the 1950's movies they were inspired by and that can also be said for the 1988 remake of The Blob.

Inspired by a rather naff Steve McQueen movie, Chuck (A Nightmare On Elm Street 3, The Mask) Russell's reimagining was a fun, gore-packed sci-fi horror that featured Matt Dillon's younger brother Kevin as the lead anti-hero, with Saw's Shawnee Smith as the cheerleader-cum-heroine, who try to save small town America from a jello-like substance that devours everything in its path.

While a little cheesy in places, this movie is hugely enjoyable and should be a lesson to modern directors that if you're going to remake a movie, do it properly!
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Boasting a screenplay co-written by Frank Darabont (elements of which found their way into his adaptation of The Mist), Chuck Russell's 1989 remake of The Blob is a highly enjoyable remake that benefits from both the advances in special effects that 30 years and a bigger budget can bring and a rule-breaking anyone-can-die attitude that all too happily dispenses with all the stock characters most genre films would never dream of not allowing to make it to the last reel. And the first third of the picture does a good job setting up likeable characters it'll quickly dispose of in ingenious ways that emphasise that no-one is safe from its flesh-eating gelatinous blob that's increasing its size at an exponential rate the more it feeds.

Not that there isn't a lot of tried-and-trusted material here, like the teenager buying a condom gag (an oldie but always a goodie) or some more obvious victims, but it manages to update the story while developing a skewed charm of its own. In many ways it enhances and improves on the original without invalidating it: the cinema setpiece from the original is given an 80s makeover complete with slasher movie (Garden Tool Massacre) and irritating audience member giving a running commentary of what's about to happen next and there's a nicely paranoid spin on the blob's true origins this time round. And long before Buffy fought back instead of meekly accepting her fate, Shawnee Smith's heroine shows she's just as likely to come to the rescue as she is to need to be rescued herself - just as well since, despite getting a motorcycle jump of his own, as the town bad boy who comes good Kevin Dillon's no Steve McQueen, but let's face it, neither was Steve McQueen in the original.

With its reliance on old-fashioned physical and mechanical FX and even some stop-motion, it all looks more convincing than not just the original but also many modern CGi-fests and it even builds up some decent suspense at the end. Sadly Burt Bacharach's title song from the original doesn't make an appearance (it's saddled instead with an at times amateurish score with the worst lazy excesses of 80s synth scoring) but it's one of the few negatives in a creature feature that's dated surprisingly well.

Not unexpectedly considering its poor box-office, Sony's DVD releases of The Blob were devoid of extras beyond the theatrical trailer, but it's well worth tracking down Twilight Time's now deleted limited edition region-free US Blu-ray, which boasts an excellent transfer and good extras: audio commentary by Chuck Russell and Ryan Turek, featurette Friday Nights at The Cinefamily (with Russell introducing a screening of the film), isolated score, two theatrical trailers and booklet.
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on 14 May 2011
OK, I payed quite a lot for this dvd(By todays standard),But having just watched it,I don't regret a single penny of it.This is one of those cheesy horror films from the 80's that i remember enjoying.My own feeling is that it's still a cheesy horror film,But strangely enough time hasn't harmed the film,It has aged remarkably well.The film has all the things you remember from that era of horror film ie;average acting,Bad hair cuts and poor/cheap special effects.But don't let that put you off,Put it on,Get a few mates round and get the beer in and enjoy.
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on 10 July 2015
Unfairly relegated as just another forgotten horror movie, this reboot of the 1950s Steve McQueen classic delivers the gooey thrills and to be honest, stands just under those other sterling 80s remakes (namely John Carpenter's 'The Thing' and David Cronenberg's 'The Fly') as being a prime example of why that decade was so successful in blending cutting edge visual effects with story, character and heart.

The film opens one night, near a small California town where a bizarre asteroid crashes. A local hobo (who stupidly goes to investigate) finds a weird organism that first jumps onto his arm and then begins to eat the rest of his body. Luckily for him, he is taken to the hospital by high school students Meg (pom-pom thrusting cheerleader Shawnee Smith) and Paul (Donovan Leitch) who are then unwittingly drawn into a night of terror as the deadly organism escapes to begin devouring the townspeople in equally gross and to be honest, very entertaining ways. However, never fear as local badboy Brian (a mulleted Kevin Dillon) is on hand to look cool, drive his motorcycle real fast and kick this gooey monstrosity into next week.

The film itself moves at a breakneck pace and continually delivers on all fronts: You want half eaten corpses? Coming right up. You want people sucked headfirst into a sink? Take a seat. You want characters that you actually care about casually dissolved by a creature that isn't interested in being funny or making quips? Then, this is the one for you. The screenplay (although very basic) keeps the viewer totally off guard throughout as you never know for one minute or the next who will live, die or make it to the end credits. Nobody is safe in this movie and its all the better for it.

This is a great genre movie and even after all of this time, it still does the trick. If you haven't seen it in awhile - please take the time to rediscover the joys of a large pink jelly in a very bad mood eating folk as if they were candy, or if you have never experienced this fun, gory blast of a time - make it your number one priority. You will have a great time.
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on 22 January 2004
Ah, The Blob. I first saw this movie when i was about 12 years old, and still remember it well to this day, as it was genuinely scary in certain scenes. Sure, its cheesy too, but that just adds to the joy! Basically we are led to believe an alien has fallen too earth, only this one eats everything it comes across!Or could the creature be a result of some hideous government experiment?! At the start of the movie the creature is tiny, by the do the math! Favourite scenes in the movie are when the old tramp finds the Blob and makes friends with it...and the crazy old preacher with his little "surprise" at the end. Could have done with Steve Mcqueen (like the original) for added coolness, but a great way to waste a couple of hours.
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on 28 October 2012
I first saw this excellent remake years ago, and ever since I've searched high and low for this absolute claasic.
Forget the original, it was as scary as a tin of rice pudding, and not as tasty.

I love the word 'Blob'', If anyone had ever told me their was such a thing as a scary movie featuring some strange liquid, I'd have hit them over the head with a wet fish, and directed them to the local loony bin.
This remake bares little resemblence to the original.

With so many rubbish movies out there, who people go bananas about, it's so refreshing to see a movie with a good''story'', writters take note, that's not written by a one brain cell ameba, axe whelding mentaly disturbed untalented sex maniac, with touretts.

I'm so glad this out on DVD at long last.So, Don't watch this movie with the light off alone, prepaire to change your underpants or knickers. Replace the popcorn with some sedatives, and make room to dive behind the sofa, for the scary bits. The bird in it isn't bad too. P.S I claim no responsibility for making people scared out of their witts,or advocating this great movie to anyone. ''Good luck you'll need it. ha ha ha.
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on 14 August 2011
This remake, while not as important or archetypal as the original, is the best version of the Blob story (and skip Beware the Blob too) and has it all. Unlike the vast majority of films of this genre, it is actually funny when it wants to be. The first half of this film is build up and establishing characters and contains two or three intentional laugh-out-loud moments, which already puts it head and shoulders above the competition.

Personally I love the twist of the Blob's origins, and felt it more interesting and plausable anyway. It looks so much more like a giant amoeba anyway. I also enjoyed Chuck Russell and Frank "Green Mile/Shawshank Redemption" Darabont's script, which they wrote shortly after their enjoyable script for "Nightmare on Cashcow Street 3". It's interesting to spot some Darabont favorite actors like Jeffrey Demunn in small roles in this one.

Worth your time for monster movie fans. It's got some shoddy blue screen but otherwise this is the one for you and I recommend you watch it on a double bill with the original Pumpkinhead for a no-nonsense old monster film night.
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on 24 April 2012
This is without doubt one of the best remakes ever made and one of the best 80's sci-fi/horror films ever made, its a one of a kind rare gem that you must own! great story about an object that crashes to earth containing an alien like blob, it begins to grow bigger and bigger killing people as it goes along, soon becoming almost unstoppable, The effects in the movie are fantastic, NO CGI here its all old school in camera practical effects and lots of great kills using bloody gory scary practical effects too, the cast is fantastic especially the sexy young lead actress Shawnee Smith from the Saw movies! There is even a cameo from Bill Moseley and Erika Eleniak! This is a must own for any fan of the 80's and horror buffs in general!

The Twilight time Blu-ray has a great picture.
Limited edition to only 5000 copies.
Special features include isolated score, commentary with director, trailers, event interview with director 18mins.
95mins, 1988, REGION FREE.

DVD Version import has a decent picture, 95mins, Region 1, Special features only trailers.
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on 17 October 2013
Frank Darabont, director of a few boring blockbusters from the 90s (Shawshank Redemption, Green Mile...), and of the pitifully disappointing Walking Dead (boring! boring! the second season should have lasted two episodes!)did write the script for this remake, and it's got a few good ideas. I especially like the fact that almost anyone can get eaten... One good thing about the mostly tasteless 80s, is that it shamelessly exploits some of the freedom the 60s and 70s painfully earned. Some immorality on the fringes...
The original Blob is so stupid it's funny. If you've got money to waste (or the opportunity), enjoy the old cop veteran of the Korean war, unable to understand these misguided youths... Or better, find his counterpart in the great 80s Chiodo movie KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE.
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