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4.0 out of 5 stars51
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 7 August 2008
I must be one of the very few people that prefered Bender's Big Score to this effort, which I gave 4 stars.

Don't get me wrong, this is funny and average for Futurama, which for a fan still makes it better than alternatives! There were funny things going on, but the whole tentacle thing ended up being tedious for me as did the colleen poly-relationship "joke". Could see where that was going pretty quick.

Some people said Big Score was too confusing.... Well, it's a sad fact that some things do need an IQ in double figures to follow. Hardly fair for all animated fun to be simplistic! For me, this was also too repetitive. A recycled swamp side-story is a prime example of this.

But.... As is sometimes the case with Futurama, the odd flashes of genius burst so brightly that their after image puts other more mediocre content in a better light, rather than just blowing it away. Bender's comments on love/lealousy are excellent observational type comedy, and the thing with the bricks... VERY funny. Almost made 3 stars into 4 in it's own right!
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on 15 July 2010
Well after Bender's big score i was eager to watch this, and, well, on first watching it was a little disappointing. The storyline is not as good as in the first film, and as has been mentioned, before the laughs are fewer.
On watching it a second time i think it does a little better, possibly because the funny moments and dialogue are more subtle in this film, linking it to the more emotional episodes, the last episode, for example. Whereas the first film had been more similar to the "bizarre episodes" with more action.
Overall, still enjoyable, and any real fan will appreciate it.
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on 18 July 2008
The Beast With a Billion Backs is an improvement on the already high standards of Bender's Big Score. Its plot and pacing are better suited to the feature-length format, and its romantic theme draws on the most touching elements of the television series. The dynamic between Fry and Leela is what makes Futurama more than a sci-fi spoof and remains an insistent argument for the continuation of the phenomenon.

I would urge all Futurama fans to buy the first two straight to dvd films, as well as the two that are to come. Even if you have reservations about how the show works in this format, Fox will view strong DVD sales will be the single most convincing argument in favour of bringing Futurama back as a full blown TV series. This happened when Family Guy was cancelled (in my opinion a far inferior series which relies heavily on derivative humour and cut-away gags that The Simpsons abandoned after its first few seasons.)

Encourage your friends to buy these DVDs, and indeed the boxsets of the first four series. We all know that Futurama is too special a series for us to let it fade Into the Wild Green Yonder.
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on 2 July 2008
I found this a lot more entertaining than Bender's Big Score. The 'plot' is complete nonsense, but then what do you expect? And there are a lot more laughs than in BBS (which got too bogged down in plot detail). There are also a lot less self-referrential cameos & suchlike, which will make this a lot more accessible to new audiences or occasional Futurama viewers. The story doesn't quite hang together, & there are a few plot points that don't really get resolved properly at the end, but it feels more like an old-style episode of Futurama than Bender's Big Score did.

Also I adore the little black & white skit at the beginning, which shows the Planet Express crew in a '20s Steamboat Willie type cartoon with a jaunty whistled version of the Futurama tune.

Oh, and Fry's new girlfriend is hot. & I don't usually say that about a cartoon.

The DVD has a trailer for the next one, Bender's Game, due out this Christmas, which promises lots of Lord of the Rings and Dungeons & Dragons based humour. Could be good . . .
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on 25 August 2008
The plot of this feature length Futurama episode is no where near as intelligent as "Bender's Big Score" but it is just as enjoyable and possibly slightly more humourous ("Bender's Big Score" wasn't big on laughs). The funniest part for me was Destructor's line "MY LEG FEELS FUNNY!" this was back to the old almost unexplained hilarity of Futurama.

However, the storyline is generally quite gross, which wouldn't bother everyone, but if you only like Futurama's really intelligent brand of humour, this is not for you.

The special features are brilliant, particularly the animated trailer for "An Inconvenient Truth" and the epidode comprised of all the cut scenes from the old Futurama videogame, a real must have for any Futurama collection.

Overall, I would say that this is brilliant for Futurama fans, it may not be as good as the series, but this is only because of the nature of the format.
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on 8 March 2009
As a fan of the awesome TV series (better than The Simpsons in my view..!) I was a little disappointed by this feature-length offering. The jokes come as thick and as fast as fans of the show have come to expect but there was a lack of cohesiveness like it was several mediocre episodes tacked together. Having watched the two other feature-length Futurama releases I found this the least enjoyable; 'Bender's Game' is far superior in my opinion.
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on 9 February 2009
I agree with most other people that the movies just aren't as funny as the actual episodes but I still really enjoyed BBS. However, I could barely sit through this one (and as a huge Futurama fan, that's hard to say). The movie is great until the whole Yivo thing starts and then it's just boring tosh. A real shame.
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on 18 June 2012
`The Beast with a Billion Backs' is my second foray into the `Futurama' feature length episodes that were created during the period that the show lived in cancelation limbo. With `Bender's Big Score' feeling impressively film like and justifying a 90 minute running time, could I say the same about `Beast'? The answer to that would be just about.

`Beast' returns us once more to the bosom of the Planet Express team. Fry is taken over by a new alien being and before long he is the Pope of a new religion encouraging others to join with the beast. Can someone keep their own mind long enough to save the planet? Whilst `Bender' had some surprisingly deep ideas hidden away, `Beast' is a return to the anarchy of the TV show. Questions arise about relationships; Bender and Fry, Fry and Leela, the entire population of Earth and a strange entity that wants to mate with them all. As with all `Futurama' episodes and films, `Beast' is packed with humorous visual jokes and great lines, but as a whole it is lacking something. The plot drags on a little too long and you feel that perhaps the full feature aspect is pushing things. Despite this, it is still a decent watch, especially for fans of the show.

As with all these feature length episodes `The Beast with a Billion Backs' has some added featurettes that fans will love.
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on 8 July 2008
This definitely improves on Bender's Big Score; the gags are more consistent, and Hermes plays a smaller part! There were several moments where I laughed like I did at the old episodes. But like the previous feature-length, it still isn't up to the 'pre-cancellation' standards. It does also drag on in the final 20 minutes as if the writers got bored.

Since like I said, this one is better, it's a comforting thought that this will likely be the case with the next two DVDs. Because it's still Futurama I will wait with baited breath. But ultimately, I think Matt Groening should just make Season 5!
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on 27 June 2008
A definite must for all Futurama fans, and it certainly improves on Benders' Big Score. The story has three main plots; Frys' relationship with Brittany Murphys' character and then the giant alien, Bender entering the League of Robots, and the relationship of Kif and Amy. The plots are good, but very loosely linked. If each had had a little more thought put into them, then each could have been a very good individual episode. Instead what we have is a jumble of stories that jump from one to the other very sporadically. There are some great moments, and old characters are used to good effect. Hedonism-Bot has a welcome large role, but the Robot Devils' appearance is all too brief. The ending is nice and rounded, apart from one last desperate attempt to link two key story lines. A noble effort from the Futurama team, let us hope the momentum continues with the next two instillations.
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