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4.6 out of 5 stars346
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 April 2009
This is surely a mini-series to be recommended. I can't think of anything that could have made it better. It's funny, romantic and surprising, and it has everything a true "Pride and Prejudice" fan could dream of. Haven't we all dreamt of what it would be like to live a day in the life of Elizabeth Bennet? Haven't we all dreamt of being sweapt away by Fitzwilliam Darcy (usually in the shape of Colin Firth of course),look into his deep, dark, passionate eyes - filled with both anger, contempt and love, and know that you are the one person who can turn him on, both intellectually and physically? Well this is your chance. I promise you; you will not be disappointed. When Amanda Price finds a door in her bathroom, which is a secret passage to Elizabeth Bennets house, she discovers a door to a whole new world. A world that is blow her mind completely. She and Elizabeth Bennet accidentally trade worlds, and Amanda now gets to meet the characters from the Jane Austen book "Pride and Predjudice" that she knows so well. A world that she has always considered to be uncomplicated and ideal, but she soon discovers that her presence there has disrupted quite a lot.
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on 3 January 2009
This is an excellent twist on the very familiar 'Pride and Prejudice'. Just one thing spoils this dvd release. In the second tv episode, Jemima Rooper, unable to play piano, entertains her hosts by singing 'Down Town',(a song her Mother used to sing to her when she was little, and bear in mind this was early 1800's). On the dvd, this two minute scene has been cut (a copyright issue so I'm told), quite making nonsense of the scenes just before and after. Otherwise this is excellent, it is well thought out and acted, and the actors well chosen. It is of course much more amusing than P&P. Pride and Prejudice and time travel in one neat package.
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on 2 January 2009
For some reason one of the funniest sequences in this wonderful comedy was cut when this dvd was released - Amanda singing Down Town to Mr Darcy and friends. There was a bit of an outcry, and it seems to have done some good because it's been restored! It encapsulates everything that is magic about this show. Jemima Rooper was born to play Amanda - her comic timing is spot on and she's very lovable. Mr Bingley makes me laugh every time I watch this scene, and Mr Darcy's face - at first horrified, and then secretly amused - is a great turning point in the love story. I don't know what they were thinking of cutting it before but it appears pester power has worked!!
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on 22 March 2010
I am big fan of Jane Austen, her books and all the movie adaptations. Of course, "Pride and Prejudice" is one of my old favorites. I have recently come across this movie and I watched all the four episodes in one sitting. I have to admit that I am under the spell and I cannot stop watching the movie! This is a great spin on this well-known story! I love the dialogue, the humor, the wit and all the new twists. Being a long time fan of Mr. Colin Firth, I was not sure how a new Mr. Darcy could fill his shoes. But... I have to say that Elliot Cowan is just perfect as Mr. Darcy. I really like his Mr. Darcy right from the beginning of the story, which I cannot say about the original Mr. Darcy. This new Mr. Darcy is in fact much nicer and more "human", and somehow easier to understand. Well, and he is incredibly hot, of course.... ;) Wickham is not such a bad guy here, Collins is an old pervert (never liked him anyway) and Bingley is much more interesting and fun to be around.
I recommnend this movie to all fans and non fans of Jane Austen.

I have recently ordered the UK version, and I am happy to report that my DVD does contain the famous "Downtown" singing scene as promised on website.
I am glad they put it back because the whole scene did not make much sense without the actual singing. I watched the US version first, and I was a little surprised when they started clapping without letting us see what all the fuss was about.
By the way, the DVD with the restored scene has the same number: 3711528213.
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on 11 October 2008
I watched the ITV production and loved this Kooky tale combining the "Life on Mars" format with to the "Pride and Prejudice" story, I loved the idea and have watched my Sky Plus copies over and over again.

But, I've just bought the DVD and found that a crucial scene is missing. In the 2nd episode, the part where Amanda Price sings "Down Town" in the drawing room at Netherfield Park and where it first shows Mr Darcy's attraction to Amanda, has been totally cut out. The DVD edition shows Amanda, Mr Darcy, Mr Bingley and Caroline Bingley sitting around the table having dinner and Caroline Bingley challenging Amanda to entertain them, and then cutting straight to the them applauding Amanda, but not actually showing what she has just done. I was incredibly disappointed as this is a crucial scene in this whole adaption, plus, the comments made thereafter don't make sense!

Yippee, we were listened to by the ITV later copies of the DVD do have the complete scenes.
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on 3 October 2008
My friends and I have loved this. Light hearted, funny and sweet, it's been the best thing on TV for ages. The only issue I have is how they can axe the "Downtown" scene. A tiny line of print on the back of the box tells you some scenes have been edited/deleted but surely they could have come to some agreement with who ever owns the copy right. Poorly edited around the missing scene, plus it was one of the highlights. ITV had better send us out a new DVD if they include it in future!!
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on 25 September 2008
I ignored the first couple TV episodes thinking 'utter rubbish, how can they interfere with P and P'? I was urged by friends to watch the third and loved it! Thankfully I caught up online, it was joyful and my loyalty to the Colin Firth Darcy although not surpassed was tinged with respect for Elliot Cowan's interpretation. This production made me smile and cry, don't view it as an Austin purest but as a slant on a much loved story, just enjoy.
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on 20 September 2008
When I first read about "Lost in Austen" in Radio Times I thought it sounded like an amazingly silly idea. I decided I probably wouldn't bother to watch it. Thank goodness my curiosity got the better of me, I am thoroughly enjoying it and can't wait to see how they get the story back on track---if indeed they do! The overall look of the production is classy and colourful,with some very intriguing new takes on these much-loved characters, especially Mr.and Mrs.Bennett and Lady Catherine. Jane Bennett's decline after her disasterous marriage is heart-wrenching, almost too heavy for the light-hearted comedy of so much of the production. As a life-long Jane Austen fan, "Lost in Austen" has proved to be a very pleasant, unexpected surprise!
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on 25 September 2008
This is a delight, a very funny and clever take on an obsession with a particular book. It works so well because for many readers a book lives on in their imagination, they dream of what it would be like to be, say, Elizabeth Bennet. The difference here is that Amanda Price, living in 21st century London, finds herself transported back to the beginning of Pride and Prejudice. But she goes as herself not as Elizabeth. The humour comes from the fact that she is so different from the other characters but mainly because the story is coming out not as in the book. Everything she tries to do to get the story back on track with the "right" people marrying each other only seems to make things worse.

If you know the book at all, it's interesting and funny to see how things are turned on their head. I don't consider myself to be a book purist, although I do know the book fairly well but even if you are, so long as you know that this is most definitely not an adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, I think you will enjoy the fun.

There are some delightful laugh out loud moments and some knowing jokes which are even funnier if you know the book and the Colin Firth/Jennifer Ehle version. The recreation of the wet shirt scene is both funny and touching and there are so many others. (Incidentally, I think that scene is an anachronism in the earlier version so even that adaptation is not perfection in my view)

I found the first episode rather irritating because Amanda was doing nothing to make herself less like a fish out of water but I stayed with it and I am so glad I did and I think I won't find that episode so odd on second viewing.

It is well cast and this version of Darcy shows someone with a heart. This is the first time I have had any sympathy with Mrs Bennet - I felt rather more than I have ever done before the very real imperative for her to get her daughters married. I have just laughed at her before, as I was probably meant to, but this portrayal made me feel for her and for her daughters who were as desperate for husbands as she was, in one instance appallingly desperate.

This approach took a different look at the characters and played with the idea of making them or their stories different and shedding a bit more light on how things were, or how we think they were, without being too serious about it.

Highly recommended.
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VINE VOICEon 25 July 2011
I've come rather late to this, having been avoiding it because I generally disapprove of attempts to change existing classic books and particularly ones that I adore. Like the heroine of `Lost In Austen', I've been reading `Pride & Prejudice' for many years and have been in love (lust?!) with Darcy for most of them. Like Amanda Price (played by Jemima Rooper), I have been in love with Regency society; their manners and etiquette, the clothing etc, although I acknowledge that life would have been pretty dismal for women in many ways.
So I was reluctant to watch a programme that messed about with the sheer perfection that is `Pride & Prejudice'.
However, half way into the first episode, I was totally hooked and ended up watching all four episodes back to back. The action of this story is sparked by (a) Amanda Root's obsession with the story and the characters, and (b) Elizabeth Bennett herself finding a gateway through time from her house into Amanda Price's bathroom. The two women swap places and Amanda finds herself, to her delight, right at the beginning of the story; Bingley has just taken the tenancy of Netherfield Park.
Amanda proceeds to utterly disrupt the entire story and the following 3 episodes follow what happens next and how she attempts to disentangle the mess she's got all the other characters into and some very surprising things happen.
I would suggest that at least a working knowledge of the plot and characters of `Pride & Prejudice' would be an asset when watching this series, otherwise some of the things Amanda says (and does) will be rather bewildering and you won't necessarily understand some of the humour either. An obsession with Jane Austen and/or `Pride & Prejudice' isn't a prerequisite, but will certainly help.
My only gripe about this series was that, despite having immersed herself in the book for many years, and despite being fascinated by the way Regency Society worked, Amanda behaves and speaks like one of the worst kinds of 20th Century ladettes on several occasions. I would have expected her to have made more of an effort to fit in with the knowledge she had of the way their society worked. But, of course, that's where quite a lot of the humour comes from.
So, overall an excellent idea, well executed and a lot of fun to watch, with a suitably handsome and brooding actor playing Darcy. I highly recommend it.
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