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4.4 out of 5 stars59
4.4 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 2 August 2008
this is absolutely great. I love this album, it is very fresh, very powerful at some points, and certainly addictive. Have been listening to it a lot these days, being a solid fan of Disturbed, and I have to say, Nice Work. I really liked the opening title of the Album, strong from the start, and it keeps getting better with every song on there. Deceiver and Perfect Insanity are really good songs, and do remind me of earlier work by Disturbed, especially the guitar work. The DVD includes the Making Of of Indestructible, which is something I am not that interested in, but still good to see. Very nice stuff indeed, and solid work from this great band. Very recommended for every fan, get it now, you won't regret it.
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on 18 January 2009
I bought this cd after listening and enjoying the cd "TEN THOUSAND STRONG" and i couldnt believe how good it was. They have excelled in every way in their delivery of the content which gracies your ears.

Unfortunately [ and im included in this] the name kinda of gives of the wrong signals in to what this band is all about and if it wasnt for an accidental discovery of their music video on a music channel i would never of discovered them. This band is musically in a league of its own and i believe that the lyrics express what most of us feel about the world but are frightened of saying in case we are seen as enemies of the western civilisation. Well done lads 10 out of 10.
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on 29 September 2008
Disturbed, yes they are... but that's a good thing.

I have been a fan as soon as i first heard them back in the day, after years and years of following they are still giving and giving. Every album just gets better and better. After ten thousand fists i didn't think they could get much better... shame on me!

Indestructible is exactly what it says on the tin. The best album yet, it's disturbed new revamped but keeping everything that makes them Disturbed! new riffs, great solos, awsome songs.

If you like Disturbed, you'll love the album, so buy it and give a little something back to the band who give us so much! (sorry for the length of this review, it just all needed to be said!)
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on 1 September 2008
I have been a Disturbed fan for a long time, liking them since The Sickness... their second best album. Indestructible is one of the few releases I find better than a debut album, but why is this?

Many people have said Disturbed are not techniqually interesting... This is absolutely true... stay with me here... if you wanted techniqual brilliance you would be listening to math metal, prog metal, power metal and if you're a drummer Death metal. If you really want techniqual brilliance, why are listening to metal? Go get some classical and jazz CDs!

What Disturbed do very well though is create really listenable songs, not outlandish but with enough twists to keep most listeners wanting more, of course it aint for everyone, how boring would life be if we just agreed with each other?

Another reason to buy this album, as with all their albums is the vocals, Dreman was good at vocals on Sickness and it has been really pleasurable for me to hear his voice develope over the years and become even stronger and better.

With this album you can tell that Disturbed have taken everything they have learned so far and bind it into this album. The agression of Sickness is there, the more melodic Believe is there and the commercial appeal of Ten Thousand Fists.

In short I enjoyed this album immencely a really recommend it!
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on 1 February 2009
Disturbed have created another master piece, I am a big fan of Disturbed but I am very critical of music and this is by no means a bad album.
Again the songs seem to be very political but it brings with it the voices of the people it represents and makes you sit up and take notice.
Anyway you dont want to know the inns and outs of the political views of the tracks just know this, this album is fantastic just buy it, its a bargin at twice the price.
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The fourth outing from this not incompetent little combo finds Mr Draiman
and his cohorts floundering in increasingly lame-brain territory.

Classification enthusiasts will doubtless debate categories and sub-categories
but what we are given here is, essentially, simple guitar-led hard rock of a
wholesomely traditional kind - and nothing necessarily wrong with that of course.

Predictable? Yep. Cliched? Yep. Hackneyed? Yep.

The riffs are tired and well-worn; the solos fluid but uninspiring;
the vocals and harmonies unimaginative; the lyrics risible.

The twelve tracks enshrined in this new collection neither add to
or subtract from our understanding or enjoyment of the genre.

Their fans will not be disappointed.

I dozed off in my rocking chair!
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on 24 July 2008
I must admit that I've not submitted a review - up to now. I felt I must, after reading some of the previous reviews for this album. I first heard this album, pre-release, at the Hot Topic store in the Houston Galleria. All I recall thinking is "make a note and BUT THIS ALBUM!" I only heard the first 3 tracks, but decided to buy it anyway as soon as it was released. I WAS NOT DISAPPOINTED! This is a fantastic album. Each song IS INDIVIDUAL in my opinion and there's not one that I don't like. There are always going to be stand-out tracks on good albums, but that's not to say the other tracks aren't good. I think that EVERY track on this album is great. My personal favourites are "Deceiver" and "Indestructible", which are very catchy, but I never get sick of them. It's difficult to choose favourites, the guitar is great and the drums are outstanding, but "The Night", "Perfect Insanity", "Enough" and "The Curse" are all motivational and uplifting for me. And "Torn" is mellow, but has great vocals, with great crescendos and guitar solos - not a standout track, I agree, but still quality! "Divide" is superb and in true Disturbed stylee. I did not have any Disturbed tracks until this album. Of course, I immediately ordered all other Disturbed material and love pretty much ALL of it - except the covers; I'm not a lover of covers. But they are well done and I tolerate them. The live performances on the other albums is always good to hear. In all, I am now a BIG FAN and this band rate in my top 10, along with the likes of Slipknot, Stone Sour, Korn, Mudvayne, Papa Roach, Bullet For My Valentine, Finger Eleven etc.... Go buy it if these are the types of band you're in to. Go buy all of it!
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on 11 June 2008
After Disturbed's first 3 albums, which were all brilliant, I was expecting brilliance from their 4th outing, but was also worried if they still had it in them. They sure do! I didn't think anything could beat 'The Sickness', but this has done it! 'Indestructible' is much more polished than the previous albums and has more guitar riffs and bass lines. There are hardly any monkey shouts anymore, which is a good thing because most of the songs don't need them. Disturbed have shown with this album that they really have developed into a heavy metal band, none of this 'nu-metal' crap that they never were anyway. Tracks:

'Indestructible': Perfect start to the album with a great riff and a excellent chorus. This shows the slightly newer Disturbed and you wouln not have found this track on 'The Sickness'. Quality. 5/5

'Inside The Fire': Brillaint track. Great choice for first single. This track has real meanign to it and if you have heard about David Dremain's past this will really touch you. An absolute monster of a riff and great lyrics all the way through. And WHAT a solo! Dan Donegan is such a good guitarist and this really shows it. Hats off for this guys! 5/5

'Deceiver': Great track that really grows on you. At first its only ok but then after a few listens you can really hear that riff. Another great chorus. 5/5

'The Night': Another wonderful track with another excellent chorus. This really has sing-along ability. Another great riff aswell. 5/5

'Perfect Insanity': Great meaning to this song. Another great riff with a big huge chorus with a great build up to it. 5/5

'Haunted': A track that grows on you. At first its 'meh' but develops into another classic Disturbed song. 4/5

'Enough': Great track yet again. I'm running out of things to say! Another excellent riff. 4/5

'The Curse': Now this is good. Yet again ANOTHER great riff backed up by a tremendous chorus. 5/5

'Torn': At first it sounds similar to 'The Curse', but then becomes its own track. 4/5

'Criminal': As soon as I heard this the riff was stuck in my head! Brilliant song with another great catchy chorus. Love the change towards the end. You'll know what I mean when you hear it. 5/5

'Divide': You would have thought the album would have got worse by now, but it sure as hell hasn't! Another excellent song that is very fast. New, yet brilliant Disturbed. 4/5

'Facade': Good ending to the album. Another good riff and this track really sticks in your head. 4/5

As you can see, every song has a quality riff and a quality chorus. What more do you want? This is a wonderful album! Get it get it now! Disturbed are still as good as they have been and are no way going downhill. Anyone that knocks this album is NOT a true Disturbed fan! If your new to Disturbed or a life long fan, buy now! You'll be extremely happy. :)
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on 3 June 2008
I felt that Indestructible was musically the best album so far by Disturbed. Not only are there are 8 guitar solo's in the songs, with perhaps only 1 of them slightly worse than the others, but I think that all these songs are individual, With some softer songs and then shades of Sickness in others. They all have great guitar and bass riffs and great drum beats, and the tone of the lyrics join in with the rest of the instruments perfectly.
However it cannot be denied that the first Half of the album is the strongest.
The Best tracks are as said by others and above probably The first 5 tracks, Indestructible, Deciever Inside the Fire, The Night and Perfect Insanity.
If you are a Disturbed Fan this will not dissapoint, I would also reccomend that previously people uninterested in disturbed give it a try, as the style is different here and musically superior to other albums by this band.
Out of 5 i would have to give it full score, although it obviously has its faults and would score 9/10 on a larger scale, however the negative points are negligible in comparisom to the positives.
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on 1 June 2009
I found this album a little disappointing, recommendations to buy it were coming from everyone, so I did, I wasn't disappointed because it is by no means bad, in fact it's quite a pleasant album, but I didn't love it the way others have.

I Thought it started out strong and then stumbled a little I just found myself not enjoying the second half of the album as much as the first, which was a shame because I was enjoying the first half immensely.

A shame it wasn't just that little bit better in the later half, but by no means is this a bad album, quite the opposite it's a good album.
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