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4.5 out of 5 stars44
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 18 September 2008
The fourth series of the 4400 took the series to a new edge. It was dynamic, surpising, compelling and enthralling watching. Every episode left me on the edge of my seat.

In this 4th series, the 4400 drug Promicin is now available on the black market with a 50% chance of working and a 50% chance of it killing you. This series shows the propaganda of promicin use being seen as worse than heroin and the effects of a world rapidly changing through the expanded abilities of previously "ordinary" people.

Jordon Collier sets up "promise city" a place where 4400s, whether original or new, can live and use their abilities. It is a place where the government want to infiltrate.

Isobelle, the anti-4400 weapon from the future, goes through major life changes to find her ultimate destiny. There is even a re-appearance of her mother.

I was one of the millions of fans who sent sunflower seeds to USA network, with a message that the 4400 was a programme valued worldwide. I live in the UK and quite a number of us internationally wanted to show our disgust at the cancellation fo teh show that a US based website accepted international orders for the first imt in its history.

Despite tons of suflower seeds (a nod at the favourite snack of the "father" of the 4400) being sent to the Head of USA network, their decision to cancel the 4400 in its heyday shows a lack of thought for the people who pay their wages ultimately.

As soon as I have the funds I will be buying this boxset to complete my collection. I only hope that fan pressure and dvd sales worldwide will encourage some network to pick up this amazing series and give us a film or further series. I am sure Sky would still be co-funders as it is still one of the most watched programmes on repeat.

If you enjoy gritty drama with a sci-fi edge then the 4400 is for you. Forget Heroes, this is the future of great sci-fi.
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on 1 June 2008
this entire series has been IMO one of the most satisfying of the recent sci fi series being as it is one which avoids a lot of the genres cliches and pit falls. it deliberately avoids the use of special effects and overt attempts to impress the viewer with large action sequences and so forth,
it relys on conceptual dilemas and a kind of inherent contrast between the differing sides in the plot lines..those for the 4400 and their diverse standpints and beliefs and those against them with equaly diverse points of view..the factions both within and out side the main protagonists offer a conctant ebb and flow of ideas which leave you struggling to decide who you feel is in the obviuosly every-one has a valid point of view..nothing is black and white..that coupled with the excellent characterisations and photography etc offers the viewer the chance to sit back and enjoy the dilemas and whilst not being offered the answers in any way on a plate..
a great series with complexity and simplicity as two sides of the same's not too hard to relate the situations to the real world as it is now and as such is a very satisfying mirror on our own situation
dealing as it does with enhanced human abilities, globalised politics ecology and climate change and so on..

it has to be said tho the synopsis here at amazon is a little misleading in that this is not in plot line terms the final the show has been there is no resoloution in this simply works as series four rather than any tie-ing up of the series as a whole..

i only found this out by listening to the commentarys on the episodes..
whilst on the one hand i'm gratefull they didn't hash up a resoloution to the series by trying to condense everything into the episodes as is often the case with cancelled series.. it does leave you in mid air as the final episode ends...but i'd rather that than having the series go "tabloid" in order to resolve everything ..perhaps a one of film would be nice to bridge the gap between where the series ends and where it perhaps wanted to go....and that's the hard part about losing this series at this obviuosly had a huge story to tell...and could have happily run for another 4 series without running out of's quite obviuos that the real drama was yet to come...
anway a very sad loss to the genre
but for me it remains one of the most subtle and satisfying series i have ever seen
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fourth and alas final season of the 4400.a science fiction show about 4400 people who disappeared over the course of several decades, and them all of whom were returned to earth one day in a ball of light. and they all turned to have no memories of what had happened to them, plus a special power each. the show centres on two agents of a government task force called NTAC, tom baldwin and diana skouris, who deal with problems resulting from 4400's using or misusing their powers.

the first season was six episodes long, and the second and third thirteen each. whilst there were single storylines complete in each episode in most parts there was also a big ongoing storyline about how the 4400 were destined to change the world. thus you will miss out on a lot if you start with this season. so if you've not seen the show before go back and watch season one to begin with.

but if you've made it through the first three seasons, read on. not least because you'll have gotten totally hooked on the programme as a result.

the thirteen episodes of season four are presented here, over four discs. there are four episodes each on the first three discs, and the season finale is on the fourth one. over the course of this season, several factions are at war with each other over the future course of humanity. jordan collier has his own vision as to how those with abilities will change the world. sean reocvers and starts his own group, that preaches a more moderate way. NTAC as representatives of the government, are trying to keep a lid on everything. and also we meet the marked. beings from the future who want to stop the 4400. totally amoral and uncompromising, they possess powerful people in the present and use them to achieve their aims.

whilst the story of the week does still occur in a few episodes of this season, the main story of the factions at war is prevalant, and the story of the week does rather vanish as the season goes on.

this is a quality season, as the strength of the story is enough to keep you hooked. as are the moral dllemmas the characters face. because nobody here is necessarily evil [even perhaps the marked] they all want they think is best for humanity, but they all disagree on how to go about improving the world.

and for long term viewers who've come this far you will care about these characters. possibly more so by the time the year is over.

because it's the last you will see of them. the thirteenth episode rounds off the season, but there are loose ends left and the promise of bigger things still to happen. and you will never get to find out what, because the network then decided the show had run it's life. it really did need one more year to wrap everything up. and it will never get it. which is a shame.

the discs have language tracks in english french and german, and subtitles in english danish dutch finnish french german norwegian and swedish.

the only extras on the first three discs are a few minutes worth of deleted scenes from some of the episodes on them. these are short and the kind of thing that usually gets trimmed for timing reasons, but they're worth a look.

the last disc includes a directors cut of the final episode. but this is only a few minutes longer than the broadcast version, and there are just a few extra scenes that could easily have been cut for timing reasons, so there's no real need for this. it could have just been done with deleted scenes instead.

there are three featurettes:

a four minute long blooper reel. this is better than most because it's not stylised and does include a few good and genuine bloopers and not too many shots of people pulling funny faces as you usually find in these things.

jordan collier: the grey man. an eight minute long look, with contributions from cast and writers, at the character of jordan collier and the moral dilemmas his viewpoint entails. It's thought provoking stuff.

plus a twenty seven minute long documentary about the season as a whole. dont watch this till after you've seen the final episode. not a making of documentary more a look at the show itself with contributions from cast and crew this is a detailed and interesting discussion about the season and the course of the show as a whole. and it does drop hints about what they'd had planned for the fifth year.

so this is the only way you'll get to find out what might have been.

a good package for a thoroughly entertaining season of a good show. I just wish it wasn't the final one
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on 1 July 2008
I am addicted to this show. The more I am in pain to learn that there will be no further seasons showed in the US. TV giant USA decided to not further continue the show. Mass protests from fans all over the states were unsuccessful. So season 4 ends with an open end and we all will never learn about the true ending of this spectacular TV series.
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on 13 April 2009
Not since The X Files has there been such a clever, thrilling sci fi series. This 4th season delivers everything and is very compelling with interesting characters played by interesting actors in well written episodes. Every season is very short unlike the standard 22 episodes many other series. I cannot understand why this series was cancelled, I mean come on CBS how could you pull this from us? Anyway the series follows the plot threads of the 4400 and the promisin which can give any normal person an ability but there is a 50/50 chance of this either giving you an ability or killing you. There is a plot of a prophecy involving Jordan Collier opening new doors for the series. The ending which is still leaving matters open which makes sense as this is a cancelled show but lets all hope movies are made. Times like this I get sour grapes and wonder why these people leave crud like Stargate SG1, Atlantis and Charmed on air to run through 10 seasons is just beyond me.
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on 28 March 2009
Every now and then our transatlantic cousins come up with a well written, well acted and well characterised series that leaves you wanting more right through to the last programme. While disappointed that it finished it is always good when you watch a series with a reasonable end point and have a wee twinge of regret that their is not more to come. Some I have watched have had endings that have fallen into the "hitting a brick wall" or the "what was that all about?" categories. It is always good sign when you actually care what happens to the characters in the production. All four series are worth watching again and again. Import the Region ! versions if you can, they are a lot cheaper.
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on 29 October 2008
It is a great shame that `The 4400' failed to really hit its stride until its fourth and final series. It has always been enjoyable but over the years it often lacked direction, and sudden cast changes also hampered its story telling. But the final season somehow pulls everything together and produces some really strong, exciting and involving stories. In one way, it's a great shame this is the final season. But in another, the fact the series was ending probably gave the writers the direction they needed to produce episodes that were so much stronger than the norm. If nothing else, it is great that the show goes out with a bang and not a whimper.
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on 17 June 2015
For three years we've had to go on wondering who are the good guys, who are the bad guys, and this really deflects us from the big question: do we really care? The series was better when it followed the lives of indivdual abductees, seeing how they pulled together the strings of their former lives, rather than following the good guy/bad guy divide. This fourth season focuses on the Big Question, who is for us and who is against us, or does the series end in a cliff'll need to watch to find out.

As TV series go this is about middling, modest scripts, so-so-acting, attractive male and female leads and a supporting cast who appear on all these series, from Firefly to Stargate. Now and then there's an apocryphal moment as an actor gets an exceptionally good dialogue line, or the SFX department pulls and unexpected rabbit out of the hat, but by and large its all run of the mill. All the cliches concerning alien abductees gathered together in one easily accessible TV series...nothing new, everything old, and you get to see supposedly on-location shoots all taken in and around Seattle, so at the very least the landscapes are good. If you want all your questions about the 4400 ansered, you'll have to watch right through to the final episode...and then maybe not have those questions answered, who knows.

"Previously on the 4400" introductions take up about a minute and a half of every episode, but at least you can flip on to chapter 3 to skip these.
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on 3 March 2010
This series is ok but it is losing it's originality. Got to watch it all as we've been fans from the off. There are 4,400 potentially diverse story lines and we've only seen 20 or so and have now got embroiled in the merits of taking / not taking Promycin.
Makes us think the scriptwriters were replaced for this series and had a different brief. 7 out 10 recommendation.
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on 22 June 2008
The 4400 is brilliant! If you have not discovered it buy all four series and watch now!
You wont be sorry!
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