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5.0 out of 5 stars Jack's Back
The Torchwood team spring into action once more, investigating alien activity in Cardiff and looking damn cool while they do it. Opening episode `Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' sees the team floundering without their charismatic and immortal leader, Captain Jack Harkness; furthermore, Jack's old sparring partner Captain John (Buffy's James Marsters) is in town, and looking to...
Published on 8 May 2009 by Captain Pugwash

3.0 out of 5 stars It Torchwood at its best
As the second series progresses. I still don't think you can beat the first series.
Had problems with the 4th disc due to the audio side of people speaking but it hasn't bothered my enjoyment
Published on 4 Mar. 2013 by Mandy Maglov

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27 of 29 people found the following review helpful
5.0 out of 5 stars Jack's Back, 8 May 2009
This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
The Torchwood team spring into action once more, investigating alien activity in Cardiff and looking damn cool while they do it. Opening episode `Kiss Kiss Bang Bang' sees the team floundering without their charismatic and immortal leader, Captain Jack Harkness; furthermore, Jack's old sparring partner Captain John (Buffy's James Marsters) is in town, and looking to humiliate his old mucker in any way possible. This fast-paced if slightly uneven story provides a brilliant introduction to the second series of the smash hit Doctor Who spin-off.

Second episode, `Sleeper' is arguably the weakest story here. A young woman finds herself committing acts she never thought she was capable of, and is horrified when she subsequently learns, with the help of Torchwood, that she is part of an alien invasion spearhead. The story has an interesting premise, but is too disjointed and contradictory to be really effective.

Next up is `To the Last Man', a poignant character-based yarn about a cryogenically frozen First World War Soldier, Tommy, who is woken up once a year in preparation for a future catastrophic event that only he can prevent. Providing the lovelorn Toshiko Sato with yet another doomed relationship gives actress Naoko Mori a chance to shine; and shine she does, with a powerful performance that foreshadows tragic events later in the series.

`Meat' has some good moments - not least when Gwen Cooper's dull fiancé Rhys inadvertently discovers what she really does for a living. The story is unfortunately let down by its CGI space creature, a giant whale of sorts, but there is pathos aplenty, Ianto gets some of his best lines, and Gwen's tangled relationship with Jack begins to rear its head once more.

Story five, `Adam', has a great premise: What if your memories had been tampered with; some removed and some new ones added? Adam has been part of the Torchwood team for three years, he's Toshiko's lover, Gwen's best mate, and Jack's closest confidante - or is he? A loose story arc, hinted at in episode one, begins to take shape here, as Jack's past comes back to haunt him, and he faces the biggest challenge of his life - all 180 or so years of it.

`Reset', `Dead Man Walking' and `A Day in the Death' are a trio of linked stories that deal with the death and resurrection of one of the team. `Reset' sees former Doctor Who companion, Martha Jones, arrive at The Hub as a member of UNIT; The United Nations Intelligence Taskforce; and represents a shift in tone from dark to even darker, whilst the other two stories see the team battle a manifestation of death and deal with their colleague's demise.

`Something Borrowed, Something Blue' is as droll an episode as this series will see. In some welcome respite from the doom and gloom of the preceding three stories, the team attend Gwen's wedding, however the blushing bride has to deal with being impregnated by an alien shape-shifter, subsuming her feelings for Jack, and nearly being ripped apart by her mother in law (Nerys Hughes as you've never seen her before!)

Attending the opening of a refurbished cinema in the episode entitled `From out of the Rain', Ianto is taken aback to see Jack appear on screen as part of a Nineteenth Century travelling circus. What's more, the nefarious `Night Travellers' have begun to escape from their celluloid prison and are determined to wreak vengeance on a society that consigned them to oblivion. Julian Bleach (Davros in Doctor Who) plays the sinister leader of the travellers, and is deliciously wicked, as he steals peoples' breath and leaves them for dead, so that he and his troupe may exist permanently once more.

`Adrift' has Gwen Cooper determined to uncover the truth behind a glut of missing persons in the Cardiff area. But why is Jack so insistent that she let it go, and what is going on underground on an insignificant island in the Bristol Channel? A powerful and emotive story, `Adrift' addressed the issue of what happens when the rift takes people rather than spewing them out, and successfully treads that fine line between pathos and mawkishness.

Penultimate story `Fragments' shows how the current Torchwood team came together, and offers some insight into the personalities and backgrounds of Tosh, Ianto and Owen. Meanwhile, the anarchic `Captain' John Hart returns to Cardiff to wreak more havoc, and Jack discovers that there is someone far more dangerous pulling John's strings.

Series Two climaxes with a story entitled `Exit Wounds'. In a typically end of season finale from writer Russell T Davies, the story arc reaches its conclusion and the Torchwood team are shattered as two of their members become history.

DVD extras include out-takes, deleted scenes, and a short feature on the character of Captain Jack Harkness.

Whilst Series Two certainly builds on its predecessor, there are some inconsistencies in tone and pacing, particularly early on in the run. However, from fifth story `Adam' onwards, Davies shows the audience exactly where he's going with the story, and the series is ultimately a triumph. It remains to be seen how the depleted team will cope with the loss of their friends, as Series Three looms.
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4.0 out of 5 stars "The 21st Century is where everything changes...and Torchwood is ready!", 29 Oct. 2014
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
Series 2 of `Torchwood' is my favourite season out of the entire series. I found it to be a much better season than series 1, in terms of story and character development. I had the pleasure of watching series 2 of `Torchwood' in 2008 during my first year at Cardiff University. It's a bolder season and I enjoyed watching the locations set in my home city of Cardiff.

`Torchwood' is a spin-off series from the well-known science-fiction show `Doctor Who'. It features John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness, who was a companion to the Ninth and Tenth Doctors from the revived series. It also stars Eve Myles as Gwen Cooper; Burn Gorman as Dr Owen Harper; Naoko Mori as Toshiko Sato and Gareth David-Lloyd as Ianto Jones. I've had the DVD box set of series 2 signed by lovely Eve Myles and Kai Owen (who plays Rhys Williams, Gwen's boyfriend in the series) when I met them both at a convention at Cardiff in March 2014.

This is a 5-disc DVD box set.

N.B. This is 15-rated, as it's suitable for persons of 15 years and over containing adult themes; sex references; violence; swearing and supernatural themes.


The first episode of `Torchwood - Series Two' is very impressive. I enjoyed watching it on a Wednesday night after `Master Chef' on BBC Two. I really love the opening sequence where the Torchwood team including Gwen, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto are chasing a Blowfish driving a sports car. Amazingly, the car chase scene was filmed around the area where I live in Whitchurch, Cardiff.

The story of `Kiss Kiss, Bang, Bang' is by Chris Chibnall, head-writer of the series. It features Captain Jack returning to his Torchwood team after leaving them at the end of series 1 in `End of Days'. The team are unhappy with him coming back and wonder where he's been. Jack had found `his Doctor' when he joined him in the `Doctor Who' story 'Utopia'/'The Sound of Drums'/'Last of the Time Lords'. Jack has come back for his team, knowing they would need him.

In this episode, we meet an old flame of Jack's. A Time Agent named Captain John Hart, played by James Marsters of `Buffy' and `Angel' fame. I found it interesting meeting another Time Agent who's like Jack and also learning more about Jack's past. Jack never revealed his past to the team and never told them he was once a Time Agent. James Marsters is an unpredictable character who's a killer and an anti-version of Jack in many ways.

I found this a really gripping episode to watch. I enjoyed the character drama going on between Jack and his team mates and how he interacts with them including Gwen and Ianto. Jack discovers Gwen is going to marry to Rhys, and it dawns upon him how much he's missed the time he's been away.

On Disc 5, the first `Torchwood: Declassified' episode looks into the making of this episode featuring interviews with John Barrowman; James Marsters; writer Chris Chibnall; executive producer Russell T. Davies; director Ashley Way, etc.


I didn't get to watch this episode on its original transmission in 2008 as I missed it due to exams. But I managed to get to watch it afterwards when I bought the DVD.

This second episode called `Sleeper' is written by James Moran, who would go on to pen the `Doctor Who' episode `The Fires of Pompeii'. This has a Terminator-style to it and is a pretty gripping episode with action; big explosions and lots of drama going on between characters.

The story is about a young married couple getting burgled in the night at their home. During the burglary, the burglars get atrociously killed. The Torchwood team investigate and it soon transpires that Beth Halloran the wife (played by Nikki Amuka-Bird), is the one who killed the burglars. Jack soon discovers that Beth is a sleeper agent for Cell 114. Pretty soon more sleeper agents begin to wake, and a potential invasion is about to commence.

I like how this episode explores Beth who appears human is actually an alien in disguise living a false life and married to her husband. Beth's arm transforms into a sharp blade when she becomes alien and she uses it to stab the burglars when they attack her. Jack's pretty ruthless dealing with Beth, whilst Gwen is the carer and the two share a close bond. The episode ends in a sad tragedy for Beth.

On Disc 5, the second `Torchwood Declassified' episode looks into the making of this episode including interviews with Nikki Amuka-Bird; John Barrowman; Eve Myles; Russell T. Davies; writer James Moran; director Colin Teague, etc.


This is a beautifully written episode of `Torchwood' by Helen Raynor, who's a writer and script editor on `Doctor Who' and previously wrote the `Torchwood' episode `Ghost Machine'.

This is probably one of my favourite episodes from `Torchwood'. It's a simple love story about Toshiko falling in love with a handsome soldier from the First World War. Every year at Torchwood Cardiff, Tommy Brockless (played by Anthony Lewis) gets cryogenically frozen and woken up for one day each year. Toshiko falls for Tommy and the two share a sweet romance that is doomed to end.

I really like Toshiko's character, played by Naoko Mori, whose unlucky-in-love and committed 24/7 to working at Torchwood. We see another side to Tosh's character as she falls in love with Tommy. I love the romantic thread running this story and Tommy is a perfect match for Tosh as a love interest in the story. You really want these two to be together and not be parted from each other.

The romance side of this episode is balanced with an intriguing time-travel mystery at a hospital where two time zones - 1918 and the present day seem to be coexisting with each other. I quite like this aspect of this story and it explains why Tommy has to go back to 1918 to set things right and restore time on its linear course. This episode truly is a gripping and heart-breaking tale to watch and one I was pretty satisfied with.

On Disc 5, the third `Torchwood Declassified' episode looks into the making of this episode featuring interviews with Naoko Mori; Anthony Lewis; John Barrowman; Helen Raynor; Russell T. Davies, director Andy Goddard, etc.

The next 'Torchwood' adventures are 'Something in the Water' and 'Everyone Says Hello'.

4. `MEAT'

This fourth episode `Meat' is by Catherine Tregenna, who previously wrote two episodes for series 1 of `Torchwood' including `Out of Time' and `Captain Jack Harkness'.

This is a really good episode of `Torchwood' as it features a gigantic space whale. It's also where Rhys Williams discovers his girlfriend Gwen is with `Torchwood'. I like Rhys' character in `Torchwood' and he's played brilliantly by Kai Owen who I've met. In the first season, Rhys had no idea Gwen was working for `Torchwood'. Now he learns the truth and wants no more secrets from Gwen.

The story has Rhys notified of a lorry accident. The lorry belongs to his haulage company Harwood's. Witnessing Gwen with Torchwood team investigating the incident, he becomes involved in their solving the mystery to find that alien meat is being sold to the public. Soon it becomes personal and dangerous; as Rhys has to help the Torchwood team discover the giant space whale inside and find the people responsible for cutting into it and removing meat from it to sell.

I found Gwen and Rhys' relationship strongly developed in this episode. Gwen has been lying to Rhys for the past year. Rhys gets Gwen to prove to him that she catches aliens. That fiery confrontation scene between them in the flat is pretty intense. I like how much Rhys loves Gwen and she loves him and refuses to drug Rhys forgetting everything about Torchwood which is a defining moment.

On Disc 5, the fourth `Torchwood Declassified' episode looks into the making of this episode with interviews including Eve Myles; Kai Owen; Russell T. Davies; Catherine Tregeena, director Colin Teague, etc.

The next 'Torchwood' adventure is 'In the Shadows'.

5. 'ADAM'

Episode 5 of series 2 of `Torchwood' and it's the second contribution by writer Catherine Tregenna who has become a popular recurring writer for the series.

This is a really intriguingly character-driven episode that has the regular actors playing differently with their characters. This episode introduces us to a new member of the Torchwood team - Adam (played by Bryan Dick). But Adam is not a real person. He doesn't exist. He's some alien who feeds on the memories of the Torchwood team by alternating them and making him part of their team.

This creates a set of character changes in members of the Torchwood team. Gwen forgets who his fiancée Rhys is. Owen becomes nerdy, wears glasses and has an infatuation with Toshiko. Toshiko doesn't return the feelings for Owen; prefers Adam instead and is no longer the shy person she once was. And Ianto comes to think he's a cold-blooded murderer of three women which Adam forcibly plants into his memories.

Most significantly are the memories of Captain Jack. In this episode, we get to learn more about Jack's past as we see him as a young boy on his home planet in the 51st century. We get to see the Boeshane Peninusla, which was a place mentioned by Jack in the `Doctor Who' episode `Last of the Time Lords'. We see young Jack with his family including his little brother Gray who he lost during an invasion on his home world.

In the fifth `Torchwood Declassified episode on Disc 5, it focuses on the making of this episode. It includes interviews with John Barrowman, Gareth David-Lloyd; Bryan Dick; Russell T. Davies; Catherine Tregenna, director Andy Goddard, etc.

The next 'Torchwood' adventures are 'Trace Memory' and 'The Twilight Streets'.

6. 'RESET'

This episode by writer JC Wilsher is one I was looking forward to. This episode is the first of three guest appearances of Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) from `Doctor Who'. Martha was a companion to David Tennant's Tenth Doctor from series 3 in 2007. This is the first of three episodes where Martha appears joining the Torchwood team in their adventures.

I really like Martha played by Freema. It was great to see Martha meeting up with Jack and his Torchwood team. I loved the scenes Martha shares with Jack; Gwen, Owen, Toshiko and Ianto as references are made to previous `Doctor Who' episodes. Martha now works for U.N.I.T as a medical doctor, helping Jack and the Torchwood investigating a series of strange deaths.

This episode features another special guest star Alan Dale (Jim from `Neighbours') playing scientist Aaron Copley, who runs the Pharm clinic. He's a medical scientist carrying out experiment on people and curing their diseases using alien DNA. These experiments give people side-effects from their treatment, especially concerning DNA coming from the insect-like Mayflies.

The episode ends on a shocking cliff-hanger and one I absolutely did not expect. Owen gets shot by Copley when the Torchwood team save the day. This upset me as I saw this, as I couldn't believe Owen had died. Owen can't be dead. It's only half through the season. Is he really dead?

The sixth `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 focuses on the making of this episode, and features interviews with cast and crew. These include John Barrowman, Freema Agyeman, Burn Gorman, Gareth David-Lloyd, Alan Dale, Russell T. Davies, director Ashley Way, etc.


Owen's not dead! He's back! Well actually he is dead at the beginning, but Jack brings him back to life. But Owen's not alive. He's is a walking dead man. A walking dead corpse is Owen. This was something I don't really understand and it unsettled me when watching it.

This episode is by Matt Jones, who wrote the two-part `Doctor Who' story `The Impossible Planet'/'The Satan Pit'. This is a pretty dark story featuring the theme of death and death as the main monster/villain. It also features a lot of Weevils who have become the recurring monster in the `Torchwood' series. Owen gets to be `king of the Weevils' since he's dead as he speaks some kind of alien/devilish language to them and looks like `a Thunderbird puppet' according to John Barrowman.

This story also features the return of the resurrection glove, a device used by the Torchwood team in `Everything Changes' and `They Keep Killing Suzie'. This is actually the second of the pair of gloves that Ianto hinted at in the previous season, and the one used to bring Owen back to life by Jack. Poor Martha Jones gets picked on by the resurrection glove when it attacks her and she ages horribly to death which I found pretty frightening and horrifying.

There's a scene where Owen has to get a drink of alcohol out of his body and he vomits spectacularly in a cell with Jack. That moment freaked me out! It's `the most disgusting thing I've ever seen! And I know disgusting!'

The seventh `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 looks at the making of this episode, including interviews with John Barrowman. Burn Gorman, Freema Agyeman, Russell T. Davies, writer Matt Jones, director Andy Goddard, etc.


This is the third episode of what is possibly now known as the `Owen Death' trilogy. It's written by Joseph Lidster, who has written a number of `Doctor Who' audio stories for Big Finish.

This episode deals with Owen coming to terms being dead, which is eerie and unsettling. Owen can't eat, can't drink and can't sleep. He's relived of his Torchwood duties by Jack. Owen needs to find a purpose in life as he's pretty fragile. Owen mostly narrates this episode when talking to Maggie (Christine Bottomley) out of committing suicide on top of a roof in Cardiff.

There's a highlight scene from this episode where Owen runs out and attempts to drown himself in Cardiff Bay. Watching Owen running on the familiar location towards the Bay was pretty exciting.

This episode features a guest star appearance from Richard Briers playing millionaire Henry Parker, who I know very well for being in `The Good Life'; `Ever Decreasing Circles'; `Monarch of the Glen' and the `Doctor Who' story `Paradise Towers'. Here Richard plays a man on the verge of death in his bed, and I like the scene between him and Owen as it's a really exciting scene to watch.

This episode ends with Martha saying goodbye to Jack and the Torchwood team. I felt sad about Martha leaving, and it felt such a shame since her appearances in `Torchwood' have been overshadowed by the main Owen story and felt there should have been more of her in her episodes.

The eighth `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 looks at the making of this episode, including interviews with Burn Gorman, Richard Briers, writer Joseph Lidster, director Andy Goddard, etc.

The next 'Torchwood' adventure is 'Pack Animals'.


It's Gwen and Rhys' wedding! This episode was written by Phil Ford, who previously wrote episodes of `Coronation Street' and became head-writer of `The Sarah Jane Adventures'. This episode I remember well from the series and is one of my favourites with Gwen and Rhys. I chatted to Eve about this episode at the Cardiff convention in March this year and she remembers it very well.

Gwen and Rhys are looking forward to their big day. Only one problem though. Gwen's pregnant. Yep. That's right. Gwen gets impregnated by an alien called a Nostrovite - shape-shifters that take on human form and devour flesh. Gwen is determined to go ahead with the wedding. Pretty soon, the mother Nostrovite comes along and is out for Gwen. Can Jack and the others save Gwen as well as her and Rhys' wedding?

This is a rare instance of `Torchwood' doing a comedy episode in a wedding sense which I enjoyed. There are elements of horror, but it's balanced really well by the comedy of identity crisis as the alien shape-shifter takes on the forms of various people and you don't know who's who.

There are two guest stars in this episode who have appeared in `Doctor Who'. William Thomas playing Geraint, Gwen's dad, who's appeared twice in `Doctor Who' in the stories `Remembrance of the Daleks' and `Boom Town'. And there's Nerys Hughes playing Brenda, Gwen's mum, who was in the Peter Davison story `Kinda' in 1982.

The ninth `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 looks at the making of this episode, including interviews with Eve Myles; Kai Owen; Nerys Hughes; Russell T. Davies; writer Phil Ford; director Ashley Way, etc.

The next 'Torchwood' adventure is 'SkyPoint'.


This is a pretty eerie, disturbing atmospheric episode of `Torchwood' and one I enjoyed watching. It's written by Peter J Hammond who previously wrote the `Torchwood' episode `Small Worlds' and contributed the `Doctor Who' story `Paradise 5' for Big Finish audio with Colin Baker.

This episode is about a two characters from an old cinema film who step out into the shadows. They are the Ghost Maker and Pearl - two Night Travellers - who once performed at a travelling circus. They haunt the streets of Cardiff killing people by taking their last breaths and putting them in a flask. The Torchwood team have to use new unfamiliar methods to deal with this threat.

I like the 1920s scene at the beginning with the travelling circus that was filmed in Cardiff Bute Park somewhere. It brings a nostalgic sense of history into the episode as well as an eerie sense for setting up what occurs in the final episode of this story. This is an episode where you don't quite fully understand what's going on and some of the imagery is pretty terrifying as well as the music.

The guest cast includes Julian Bleach playing the Ghost Maker, dressed up like a creepy circus ringmaster. Julian would later play Davros in the `Doctor Who' story `The Stolen Earth'/'Journey's End' later in the year. There's also lovely, beautiful Camilla Power playing Pearl, who gets disturbingly giddily happy when she and the Ghost Maker take someone's breath away. Camilla has done a number of Big Finish audios in `Doctor Who' recently.

The tenth `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 looks at the making of this episode, including interviews with director Jonathan Fox Bassett, Camilla Power, Russell T. Davies, Chris Chibnall, writer Peter J. Hammond, etc.

11. 'ADRIFT'

This is a touching and moving episode of `Torchwood' by writer Chris Chibnall. It's a story about a parent losing her son and how Gwen gets involved in the investigation of finding him.

This is a Gwen story as we get to explore more of her character and she tries re-finds the caring side she feels she's lost joining `Torchwood'. It's an episode where Gwen challenges Torchwood's ideals as she wants to help those who's lost their loved ones, but Jack tells her to `close this down'. But Gwen goes to great lengths to find Nikki's missing son Jonah.

This episode also features the return of PC Andy Davidson (played by Tom Price). Andy is a former colleague of Gwen's from the police force, who first appeared in the first `Torchwood' episode `Everything Changes'. Andy is played for comic relief and the one who calls Gwen to help him with this investigation. He still fancies her and was afraid to come to her wedding because of that.

The episode features special guest star Ruth Jones (of `Gavin and Stacey' fame) playing Nikki Bevan, the mother who lost her son. There's also Robert Pugh playing Jonah, the lost son who Gwen finds on a tiny island; has aged with scars and can utter horrible primal screams.

I was delighted to see Cardiff Barrage in this episode, which I've walked on a number of times recently as a link from Cardiff to Penarth to meet up with my best mate from school.

The eleventh `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 looks into the making of this episode, including interviews with Eve Myles, Tom Jones, Ruth Jones, Russell T. Davies, Chris Chibnall, director Mark Everest, etc.


This is an episode for all `Torchwood' fans. This is the penultimate episode of series 2 of `Torchwood' by Chris Chibnall and contains four stories on how Jack, Toshiko, Owen and Ianto join Torchwood.

In Jack's story, Jack comes to Cardiff during the 1890s looking for the Doctor. He's viciously coerced to work for Torchwood Cardiff in Victorian times and waits for a hundred years to find the Doctor.

In Tosh's story, Toshiko acts as a double agent in order to save her mum. But Tosh gets imprisoned for life, until Jack comes to take her out so long as she works for Torchwood.

In Ianto's story, Ianto tracks down Jack and asks to work for him following his working for Torchwood London. Jack refuses at first, but eventually helps Ianto to capture a pterodactyl.

In Owen's story, Owen loses her fiancé Katie through Torchwood when he dies from an alien inside her brain. He agrees to work for Torchwood as he wishes to save more lives.

The episode ends on a cliff-hanger with Captain John Hart returning and threatening to tear Jack's world apart having found his brother Gray.

The twelfth `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 focuses on the making of this episode including interviews with John Barrowman, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori, Gareth David-Lloyd, Russell T. Davies, Chris Chibnall, director Jonathan Fox Bassett, etc.


The series finale and Cardiff is under attack. I remember watching this last episode at my best mate's house in Penarth. This episode is written by Chris Chibnall and is an explosive ending to a great series of episodes in `Torchwood'; involving a timey-wimey element and a heart-breaking conclusion.

This episode features the return of Captain John Hart (James Marsters) who comes back and causes explosions in Cardiff's city centre. But it turns out Captain John's not the villain of this story. John is being manipulated to doing this as he kidnaps Jack and takes him back in time to Cardiff 27 AD. There Jack is reunited with his long-lost brother Gray, but it's not happy reunion.

Gray (Lachlan Nieboer) is a bitter and vicious man who wants vengeance on Jack for letting go of his hand all those years ago. Gray is pretty murderous as a villain and he gets Captain John to bury his brother alive in the ground. Gray also lets loose hordes of Weevils out onto the streets of Cardiff, killing many people. It's up to the Torchwood to stop what's happening because of Gray.

This episode features Rhys (Kai Owen) and PC Andy (Tom Price) for the series finale. It also features the alien Hoix that appeared in the `Doctor Who' story `Love and Monsters'.

This episode has the shock departure of not one but two regular cast members as we say goodbye to Owen (Burn Gorman) and Toshiko (Naoko Mori) who die at the end. I wasn't expecting this and was pretty heart-broken by the way they died as it was meant to. Things will never be the same again without Owen and Toshiko in the Torchwood team, and I truly miss them.

The last thirteenth `Torchwood Declassified' episode on Disc 5 focuses on the making of this episode, including interviews with John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman, Naoko Mori, James Marsters, Lachlan Nieboer, Chris Chibnall, director Ashley Way, etc.


There are some special features on Disc 4 to enjoy!

There's a `Torchwood Declassified' documentary called `The Life and Deaths of Captain Jack', narrated wonderfully by Freema Agyeman. It includes interviews with John Barrowman, executive producer Russell T. Davies, producer Richard Stokes and writer and co-producer Chris Chibnall. It also includes interviews with David Tennant who plays the Tenth Doctor in `Doctor Who'. I like how this documentary looks into the humble beginnings of Captain Jack in `Doctor Who' before becoming the lead character in `Torchwood'. It includes looking into Jack from 'The Empty Child'/'The Doctor Dances' to 'Bad Wolf'/'The Parting of the Ways' before the actual series of `Torchwood'. I really like the `Doctor Who'/'Torchwood' crossover sequence in the documentary from the end of 'End of Days' to the beginning of 'Utopia' where Jack runs out of Torchwood to find the Doctor's TARDIS. The documentary also looks into the possibility of Captain Jack becoming the Face of Boe one day.

There are also `outtakes' from series 2 of `Torchwood' which are really hilarious including John Barrowman stumbling on the line "And the lone ranger never ran away from Tonto!" and Kai Owen can't find his sheep when he's talking to Gwen as Rhys. There are also `Deleted Scenes' that were cut from the thirteen episodes of the series, including a longer scene with Owen and Richard Briers playing Parker in `A Day In The Death'.


These I've mentioned before, as on Disc 5 there are thirteen cut-down versions of the full-length episodes of `Torchwood Declassified'. These look into the making of the thirteen episodes of series 2 and are really good summaries on the making of these episodes, each lasting around 15 minutes.

So Series 2 of `Torchwood' was a great series to watch on BBC Two and occasionally on BBC Three during the early months of 2008. I immensely enjoyed these episodes and found them much better than the first season of `Torchwood'. I enjoyed the development of each of the Torchwood character and really like how the stories have improved from last season. The season ends on a sad note, but all things considered it's a good collection of storytelling and action-packed adventure and thrills.

The next time we see the Torchwood team they appear in the `Doctor Who' story 'The Stolen Earth'/'Journey's End'.

They would return again with Martha Jones in the first `Torchwood' radio episode 'Lost Souls'.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Better than ever..., 12 Mar. 2008
Jimmy "city_lad" (London) - See all my reviews
Verified Purchase(What is this?)
This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
I have to say it is disappointing that some people are still criticising Torchwood for the gay scenes - dear me I think it is time to join the rest of us in the 21st Century where (gasp) there are same sex relationships.

Still: to the res. This is a massive improvement on the occasionally uneven first season, the writing is sharper and wittier and because they are easing up on the SFX it is not over-reliant of CG (which occasionally marred the last season). Even better then that there are some real laughs in this series.

The 'special guests' have also fit in well - like it's sister show Doctor Who - they are not simply wheeled in for the sake of it. Alan Dale is nicely sinister (how far he has come from Ramsey Street) and James Marsters looks to be having enormous fun as Captain John.

So ignore the naysayers and enjoy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars torchwood series 2 box set, 16 Sept. 2009
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This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
This series is absolutly brilliant, after purchasing the first series on box set i just had to buy this one too. I love all the characters especially captain jack. I love the way it is written to appeal to the adult audience and funny and sad moments make you want to watch it over and over. Highly recommend this series.
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4.0 out of 5 stars Don't torch Torchwood, 11 Dec. 2010
"Torchwood" is a British science fiction series and a spin off to the unnaturally popular "Doctor Who". Indeed, the name Torchwood is actually an anagram of Doctor Who.

"Doctor Who" is a very quaint series, often bordering the intentionally ridiculous, and although styled as a family show, it's probably best suited for kids around 13 years of age. The main character, the Doctor, is a immortal, shape shifting space alien who battles evil robots and mad scientists, while roaming the universe in a time machine disguised as a phone boot (!).

"Torchwood", by contrast, was marketed as a more adult series. It does contain more sex, violence and general mayhem, and the characters all seem to suffer from constant neuroses. To all intents and purposes, however, it's really a kind of "Doctor Who for adults". The evil aliens may be more violent, but they are just as comical (or involuntarily comical) as the aliens in "Doctor Who". Don't miss the fat lady dressed in green who turns out to be a monster with strange breeding habits. Or the monster insects from outer space who can cure AIDS. Or the Weevils, a bunch of bizarre aliens who for reasons unknown live in the...wait for it...sewers of Cardiff. Why not move to a public housing estate?

The human characters, with their strange depressions, also come across as a bunch of funny weirdos. I mean, one of them runs around half of season two in mint zombie condition. The leader of the Torchwood team, Captain Jack, is an immortal bisexual. His gay boyfriend has the usual penchant for fashionwear. And then there's Tosh, a Japanese computer geek madly and sadly in love with the zombie.

Well, at least they have diversity on this show!

The first time a saw "Torchwood", I considered it really bad. I guess I didn't see the comic potential. If you take this show with a large grain of salt, you may actually enjoy some of the episodes.

Then, you don't have to torch Torchwood.

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5.0 out of 5 stars No shame...just humanity. (And the rest), 4 Mar. 2008
TC (Bromsgrove, Worcs United Kingdom) - See all my reviews
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This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
Torchwood's great: it's a good mix of semi serious 'dark' (their word!) sci fi and fluffy fun with a generous dose of sheer humanity. ('tho those who bring this out aren't always human!) The much maligned (and celebrated) snogging between same/opposite sexes and aliens is a part and parcel of the whole series aim to present the bizarre within a very normal (Welsh) world. The snogging, the cameraderie, the Cardiff backdrop are the normal bit and I strongly recommend you allow your kids to watch it because guys do snog guys and gals gals and the sooner they accept this, the sooner the world will become a more pleasant place to live in. Torchwood Series 2 has been pre-watershed-ed to make it more watchable by kids and they've taken out some of the violence. I'm pre-ordering despite being only part way thru the series on TV because I applaud Russell T Davies and his team for making ground-breaking, mould-breaking TV within the genre least likely. Oh, and let's face it, JB IS eye candy!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Torchwood Series 2, 3 Sept. 2013
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This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
Great episodes in this series 2. Wonderful acting by John Barrowman especially. The interaction with Eve Myles is very touching at times. Worth watching over and over.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Great, 24 Oct. 2013
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This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
Got into the Torchwood series on the telly a bit late & have since purchased all the DVD's. Brilliant characters & story lines. Great escapism.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Excellent, 29 Oct. 2011
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This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
A must have for any doctor who fans and Torchwood fans. Full of action, thrills and spills with great special effects. Highly recommend
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5.0 out of 5 stars TORCHWOOD: THE COMPLETE SECOND SERIES!!!, 2 Oct. 2008
J. Solomon (Durham, newcastle, UK) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Torchwood: Complete BBC Series 2 [2008] [DVD] (DVD)
Well, here it is
Torchwood Series 2, heres my review.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang: 9/10: Jack and the team investigate a suspicious death, Jack thinks he knows what it is, his old friend (well, boyfriend), Captain John Hurt who appears to have knolledge about a boy called Gray.
Sleeper: 8/10: Burglars become scared after they try to burgle a house and the residents come home only to discover that they are aliens. Torchwood investigate them and discover a horrible truth.
To the Last Man: 9.5/10: I gave this wpisode 9/10 because it made me a bit happy to see Tosh find true love with a WW1 soilder but there's a catch, he has to be cryogenicaly frozen after 3 weeks and go into hibernation for a year. But, Gwen sees a ghost at the hospital where Tommy (the soilder) was placed after he was blown up. Only he can save Cardif and the world but, that means Tommy will have to go back to 1913 and never see Tosh again.
Meat: 7.5/10: Rhys gets supicious about Gwen and Jack so he goes undercover to find out what she does, he befriends the local "Mafia" who sell him alien meat what Rhys believes to be beef but when Torchwood get suspicious, they place Rhys under arrest for lying to them, Rhys has to do the most dangerous thing of his life. Can Gwen eventually give Rhys the amnesia pill or does she choose not to destroy her relationship again.
Adam: 8/10: Newboy Adam joins Torchwood, only to make them belioeve that he has been their for 20 years causing everyone to forget their love ones. Tosh falls in love with Adam and Owen does as muchs as he can to convince Tosh that he is a nice person.
Reset: 6.5/10: The Doctor's companion Martha Jones has joined Torchwood following murders in Cardiff. The aliens turn out to be wasps who are not related to the Vespiforms in Doctor Who. While Owen dies after being shot.
Dead Man Walking: 10/10: Owen gets resurected after Jack finds the final glove (as Ianto siad "Gloves always come in pairs) and Owen realises he can't die like Jack, even after the last glove is destroyed. While Jack remembers what a fortune teller once told him about Death. Death comes to Earth to find 13 victims for his feast abd theirs only one man fit to kill him, Owen Harper.
A Day in the Dark: 9.5/10: Owen tells his most recent adventure to a girl who is going to jump off a building. This story however is a happy one where Torchwood meet an alien collector who ahs something called the Pulse which Owen trys to blow up because he thinks it's evil!!
Something Borrowed: 9.5/10: It's here! Gwen and Rhys big day, except one slight problem, following the events of Gwens last night, she gets bitten of an shape shifting alien which gives Gwen the baby and the Mother is back to claim what is rightfully hers! Can it be a happily ever after for Gwen and Rhys after all?
From Out of the Rain: 8.5/10: One of the local cinemas in Cardiff is hosting a opening film night but why does the tape show footage of the mysterious Night Travellers and where are they dissapearing to??
Adrift: 9/10: Teenagers are going missing in the heart of Cardiff and a mother has phoned Gwen Cooper to help but why does Jack not want Gwen to find the truth.
Fragments: 10/10: Gwen has been given the day off and the rest of Torchwood hae gone missing. The result is that a bomb has blown up in a warehouse which causes them to remember how they joined Torchwood. But after they all escape, Jack gets a hologram on his vortex manipulator saying that Captain John Hurt (Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) has kidnapped Gray who turns out to be Jack's Brother.
Exit Wounds: 10/10: The Series Finale!! Captain John destroys most of Cardiff and it turns out that Captain John is a good character while Gray wnats revenge on the Earth and Jack for losing him. But this episode has some horrible moments like the death of Toshiko Sato after Gray shoots her and Owen Harper after being disintegrated by Nuclear Power beacuse of the radiation going around Cardiff.
So that was my review on Torchwood, Series 2 but if you are into Sci-Fi, YOU WILL LOVE THIS!!
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