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As something of an alien purist fan, I was deeply mistrustfull of this whole crossover franchise. I couldn't resist treating myself to the films out of curiosity though and I will confess to being pleasantly surprised by the first A v P. The Antarctic setting is deliciously creepy, with the sense of isolation being reminiscent of The Thing. We also get plenty of close up and dirty action with everyone's favourite xenomorph, including some terrific scenes of the Queen Alien stomping T-Rex-like after our heroine. Those of you who have seen Prometheus will spot plenty of parallels here, such as the huge pyramid, the heiroglyphs and of course an old and sickly Weyland insisting on coming along for the ride. A v P is certainly a better film than Alien 4 Resurrection and looks terrific on Blu-ray. Certainly worth 3.5 stars.

On to A v P Requiem. This sequel picks up immediately after the first A v P, but has a very different look and feel. Instead of Antarctic isolation, we get to see Aliens and Predators in a good ole American town and we are treated to a couple of reasonably horrific scenes, including the deliciously twisted notion of an alien rampage in a maternity ward. It all seems a bit frantic and strained though with nowhere near the style of Aliens. Furthermore, I originally bought this on DVD and it looked awful. Far too dark and grainy. At least the Blu-ray is a huge improvement in picture quality. Not a great film overall, but watchable leave-your-brain-at-home fun. Perhaps 2.5 to 3 stars.

Surround sound is used to good effect on both movies - you'll often hear things scuttling around behind you. The extras include the usual commentaries and a 'Weyland-Yutani Archives' interface, which is worth a read and includes some footage from all the previous Alien and Predator movies.

To summarise, whilst I'm still not convinced that this crossover franchise should ever have been launched, this Blu-ray box set certainly delivers a tenner's worth of entertainment. I really hope though that the advent of Prometheus has knocked this slightly dodgy series on the head.
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on 18 February 2009
Be warned this is not the unrated version the version you will get is the collectors version.Aliens v predator requiem on the collectors version is the 89 mins.The unrated version of this film is 109 mins long.But you do get the same unrated version of alien v preadtor.
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on 10 May 2008
both the films are really good.the info on this website is states they are region free when in fact the films are region a and will only play on usa players so people in the uk with region b players ie ps3 do not buy it.sending mne bac this week not amused.region coding is totally ridiculous and has no real reason why it should even exist.typical sony crap and there locking things up.
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on 10 December 2009
To me this film was hastily put together, it could so much have been done better by spreading the story a little wider across the acetate, having watched the first which was very good I was expecting more of the same, dissapointed I was.
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VINE VOICEon 26 April 2010
Ok let me try to unravel the 3 stars i gave to the box set.

Film 1 Alien V Predator is a nice shiny blu-ray offering whos main voyable is that it loses itself a bit in its own plot and at 1 point i though i was watching lara crofts tomb raider! The film tells the tale of polar expedition to uncover a mystery heat/power source that a companies satellite has picked up from space. Further probing has revealed an ancient pyramid buried deep under the ice at the pole so a team is brought into investigate it. The pyramid is a right off passage site for the predators to hunt Aliens. So the interferring team gets caught up in something bigger than they can handle.

Ok so its not an amazing film but a perfectly viewable movie and if the price is good worth a watch. The disc contains both the extended and cinema relase versions of the movie. The visuals are stunning in 1080P and the soundtrack is multi channel DTS-HD with options for Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. No real extras to speak of but worth a 4 star for me....

Onto AvP Requiem the 2nd offering in this double pack

Ok so this movie was worth about 1-2 stars primarily because it was so dark..... When i say dark i mean the lighting on this film blu-ray is appaulling. Even daytime scenes are drenched in darkness. Now i like a dark horror film but this is something else. Even with my LED backlight TV turned up to full it was at times near impossible to see the action without giving everything that horrible grey grainy look you get when the backlight, brightness and contrast have all been ramped up to get a visual on the screen! I tried it on a neighbours setup and it was even worse (so i suppose the LED backlight was doing something)

I did soldier on and watched the movie and to be honest if you have seen the 1st film and thought the plotline wasn't great then your not going to be impressed with the plot in this. It was pretty much all over the show (though i do admit my irritation with the dark visual did taint the viewing).

The film is 1080P and the audio is multi channel DTS-HD with language options in French and German and subtitles in Dutch, French German, Danish, Finish, Norwegian and Swedish. With deleted scenes and stills gallery included.

So I guess you have been warned! I wish i had read some of the reviews on the 2nd movie before i bought the set. Having said that this box set regularly drops in price so i don't feel had! just a bit miffed!

The Blu ray picture quality was lost
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on 19 May 2010
If you are a fan of the original Alien films or the original Predator watching this can be a bit of a step down. The alien films had action, thrilling story line and all the features that made it so special. With the original predator film this was something out of the ordinary which has and still is a cult classic. With the video game being successful the money men and woman have thought they could potentially make some money out of this. If they had gone out and tried to write a good story that would link these characters together and with a suitable back drop it would be a different story altogether.

Instead you have a film/s which on its own is not bad. When you start comparing them to the originals then it is no contest unfortunately. If you are a fan of aliens, predator or the video game then give it a go but please watch it with an open mind. On blue ray it looks great and there were scenes i didn't recognise from the cinema. Plus i bought this for a tenner so you can't really go wrong for 2 blue ray films for a tenner.

Give it a go.
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on 31 August 2013
AVP is an absolute travesty, removing everything that made any Alien or Predator movie enjoyable on any level. This film takes the most generic, popular tropes of mid-00s horrors and produces a film that is a genuine chore to watch. It's tedious, nonsensical, unimaginative and lazy in every way.

Also, if you are a fan of the Alien movies, this film has (SPOILER) Lance Henriksen appear as THE Charles Bishop Weyland and he's killed off!

Both stars given are for AVP2.

AVP2: Requiem is clearly a film written by fanboys, probably of both franchises, but certainly of the AVP comics. This film removes any continuity complications and simply has Predators hunting Aliens in a small American town for no real reason. It doesn't try to weave a complex web of reasons for the conflict, it just has fun pulling the two licences together. And it is much more enjoyable for doing so, much like the enjoyable AVP comic book franchise.

Take it on the level you would a latter Die Hard movie, it knows it can never live up to the original so it just tries to have fun with the licence.

AVP2 is a pretty enjoyable popcorn movie with several references to the originals (all the Alien kills are directly lifted from Alien/Aliens) and is very entertaining if you don't take it too seriously and aren't looking for anything on the level of the original Alien/Predator movies... Well, maybe Alien Resurrection...
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AVP: A tantalising glimpse at the end of the second Predator film sets the scene for this match between two of modern cinema's greatest creatures - the ultimate prey for the sporting Predators is the ultimate killing machine the Alien. The action takes place in the Arctic, where a mysterious pyramid has suddenly been discovered. A team of explorers sets off to uncover its secrets, but when they get there they find themselves in the middle of a fight to the death between the Aliens and the Predators. This film got quite a panning at the time, but I feel the criticism was largely unwarranted. OK, it can never live up to the suspense and originality of Alien or Predator, but it does what it sets out to do quite effectively, and delivers an entertaining 100 minutes which doesn't go against the established mythology of either franchise. The basic idea is pretty good, and the all important action scenes where the two alien species get down to the business in hand are well staged and pretty darned good. Not in the same league as previous films, but still a worthy addition to the series. Four stars.

AVP requiem: What the hell? After the entertaining AVP film, I was willing to give this a chance. And indeed, some of the ideas on offer here are pretty interesting - handled well you feel this could have been a good film. The trouble is in the directing and acting, both of which are uniformly terrible. The directors seem to have never heard of lights - all the action takes place largely in the dark, and is so poorly lit that you can't see any of what is going on. You can't even make out who or what is involved in any given scene. It is appalling. At first I thought it was my telly, but no matter how much I played around with the brightness and contrast I still couldn't see what was going on. The acting is worse - they could have got better performances from the Thunderbirds puppets. One star only for this tripe.

In summary one good and one terrible film. Do yourself a favour and just buy AVP alone, which is probably cheaper. 3 stars.
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on 11 September 2011
I'm not going to talk about the movies script because i assume that if you are looking to buy this is because you already know.

So i'm going to comment on the quality of the contents,image, etc...

AVP 1 is a very good HD movie, not the best quality i have seen, but still very good, and in one disc you have the theatrical version and the Extended one (if you din't saw the movie go for the extended one). But the BRD does not have any extras! In fact in my LG BD570 the movie does not have a main menu. It only ask what version you want to see and goes directly to the movie. But still the HD quality of the movie its good enough to buy it.

AVP 2 is a decent HD movie but because the original was so dark, this version will make you think that your tv brightness is on a low level. Still this is how the movie was made.
To compensate, on this version you get more blood and gore that was removed from the theatrical version and a decent amount of extras. I personally liked the wayland-yutani archives that gives you a very good amount of info about the 2 species of aliens (not all the information but enough for you to not have to read the comic books to get this kind of information).

The package gives you a 2 disc case and a paper cover. None of the movies (discs) has BD-Live.
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on 4 January 2014
Ok so these films aren't a festival for the cerebellum but they are just pure action packed fun for those who are fans of the genre.

Some have said things about the films not fitting in with the time line of the Alien and Predator films and that Alien wasn't created untill later but if we look at the end of Predator 2 (set in the 1990s i believe) there is an Alien skull displayed in the Predator's ship. This fits with Prometheus, the space Jocks having created Aliens a thousand years previously. This also means they hinted at an A vs P movie all the way back when Predator 2 was released.

However for a pair of films that were so eagerly awaited by the fans, they appeared to be a bit of a let down plot wise. The action in both films is thick and fast and this pair of films are still a must watch for the diehard fan.
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