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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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As a Stones fan who's not very enthusiastic about most of their post-Some Girls output, I wasn't exactly drooling in anticipation of this album. But it's safe to say that while it's hardly essential, it does prove, if proof were necessary, that they can still be a very fine rock'n'roll band when they put their mind to it.

The trouble is that when they take their eyes off the ball, as they do several times here, they're quite embarrassing.

Good things: Ronnie Wood's guitar playing, almost throughout. Charlie. The backing musicians. Keef's rhythm playing. Keef's vocals. Mick's vocals when he stops trying too hard. Shattered; All Down The Line (near perfect - what price a whole set of this quality?); Loving Cup (effective guest appearance from Jack White); Some Girls (better than the original); Champagne & Reefer (superb guest appearance from Buddy Guy); Tumbling Dice; I'm Free. The fact that they clearly haven't overdubbed one iota.

Bad things: Keef's lead playing, pretty uninspired most of the time. Mick's ridiculously mannered vocals on quite a few tracks, all the more annoying given there's nothing obviously wrong with his voice - though notice the absence of any tracks requiring falsetto. As Tears Go By. Christina Aguilera - she can sing, but Live With Me isn't a duet. Sympathy For The Devil - staggeringly inept compared to some tracks here. Brown Sugar - sounds like they've played it a few hundred times too many.

Overall they make a pretty convincing, if not often brilliant, noise much of the time, certainly they don't sound like most of them are over 60 - but more than any other Stones live album this is a warts and all recording and there are plenty of warts. For the most part the stuff that comes off best is the better songs among the less famous tunes. Also worth mentioning - Ronnie and Keef's guitar lines have often been hard to separate; here, Ronnie's in the left speaker and Keef's in the right speaker and you can tell who's doing what.

Worth buying if you enjoy latterday Stones, a long way from being their worst album (or live album) but I'm not in a huge hurry to see the film.
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on 9 April 2008
There have been good, bad and ugly live Rolling Stones albums, so finally in 2008 we get a great one. In the past, Stones live albums have effectively been compilations of several different live shows. There have been highlights (`Midnight Rambler' from Get Yer Ya Yas Out', `Factory Girl' on `Flashpoint', `Beast of Burden' on disc 2 of `Live Licks', `Out of Control' on `No Security' - all awesome performances) and there are lowlights, such as the first live album from 1966 and the entire `Love You Live' album. Now the `boys' get bright idea of releasing a show from start to finish, and it really works. The opening four tracks tell you everything you need to know. At about 2:05 minutes into `She Was Hot', track 3, the band sounds like the best argument for rock and roll as the soundtrack to the best time of your life as any. Credit should go to Bob Clearmountain's mix - I always liked the job he did on Morrissey's long-forgotten `Beethoven Was Deaf' - it's got real punch and drive. Oh and Charlie Watts has never sounded better.
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on 9 April 2008
The Stones are basically a great garage band at heart. No fancy productions, just great, dirty rock and roll. They even make Oasis seem like Pink Floyd! This album is a strange mixture of old and great plus some less well known numbers. Where they struggle is the muddy production; it sounds like it was recorded at a blues club somewhere with a sock over the microphone. They may be dirty but the sound shouldn't come across as so 'cloudy' in this day and age. True, there are wrong notes etc. but it's the Stones. Versions of great tracks like Jumpin' Jack Flash, Tumblin' Dice and Satisfaction are workmanlike. If you see them in a big stadium, the sound is bigger and better but here it is almost as if they wanted a small club sound instead. Definitely worth buying. If anyone out there can sound like this when they hit 65, please step forward!
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on 30 April 2008
After 2 generations and multiple "new" waves of bright young things heralding the death of the Stones, as the World's Premier Rock Band, they are still going strong. Sure they are a bit worn around the edges but the harsh reality is that it happens to us all. The stones put on a great show, they have a mind boggling back catalogue to draw on which includes a huge number of chart hits as well as songs from iconic albums.

One newspaper reviewer I read complained that Far Away Eyes was "...beyond parody..." in this version, the implication being that it was dead serious in the first place and the same reviewer complained about what I think he thought was a new line inserted by Jagger in Some Girls that was there in the original version.

The trouble with being around for a long time is that people become over familiar with you and in the Pop/Rock world there is clearly an obsession with the new and with youth. The huge flaw in this belief system it that it assumes that the genre is homogenous and that there is a formula for success which gives each "product" a limited shelf life which as we can see from this evidence is just plain wrong. Complaining that this is not the Stone of the 1960's or 70's is just so pointless and if that is what you want then there is plenty of that already available but if you want to have a record of what they can be like now then this is as good as you can possibly expect.

There is a great range of songs here is great and includes some wonderful lead vocals from Keith on songs such as You Got Silver and Connection. I know that in the past some reviewers have tried to make a big thing of Keith's vocal shortcomings but I really love the drawls and slurs. There is something utterly endearing about Keith's vocals that always add something to Stones albums and concerts.

Mick is on fine form, and although I could knit pick about his occasional loss of subtlety of his delivery, e.g. the spoken lines in far Away Eyes, he is on excellent form.

The sound of the band is pretty good too and amongst that there are some rather good performances from Keith and Ronnie as well as other members of the , Bobby Keys and Darryl Jones are on fine form and The ever reliable Charlie Watts, who provides the solid core and in many ways remains the soul of the Rolling Stones. Long live Charlie and long live the Stones!
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on 26 July 2013
having seen the Stones at Hyde Park, I wanted to try and recreate the feeling so thought this would be a good listen - not perfect, but it IS live, and I particularly like Keith's rendition of 'You Got The Silver' and Mick's 'As Tears Go By' - not so keen on Christina Aguilera's duet with Mick. However, Buddy Guy on 'Champagne and Reefer' is brilliant!
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on 3 April 2008
Saw "Shine a light" last night! Premiere night! And boy was it better than I thought.. Just would have liked to see some more of the 60's and 70's clips added in..

The soundtrack is great makes a change to get a few diffrent tracks added on (as well as a few of the most obvious ones) My high lights was Champagne and Reefer with Buddy Guy. And also I loved Some Girls!!

Gotta get this if you like The Stones!
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on 25 January 2012
What a way to start a show"Jumping jack flash"is as a rock and rolling example of how the stones are live,"Shattered "is also performed brilliantly,as is "She was hot" and these three set the standard for the rest of crd one."All down the line "is given a rare airing in public and it still sounds good,particularly the horns and piano. Mick's London accent sound s strange in the context of the next track"Loving cup"with jack White III,which he sings With a hilarious American accent.
We then go back through the mists of time as "As tears go by"follows aa good interpretation of the Marrianne Faithfull hi,"Some girls "swaggers like it always did..
"Just my imagination"is brilliant,more rocky than The Temptations,bass,brass,and jJaggers voice merge perfectly,glorious version.great guitar solo as well.
"Faraway eyes"again featuring Jaggers American accent
has more great guitar playing on it,the Stones play country,Jagger in brilliant form.
"Champagne and reefer" is the stones at their blistering best,perhaps their best blues tinged song since "Little red rooster" they are joined by Buddy Guy,even Micks Harmonica gets a solo!!!Keef,Ron and Charlie play up a storm in the background.
"Tumbling dice "rolls in next a,always a good song this version doesn't disappoint.taken at a faster pace than usual its still miles better than Linda Ronstadt's version.
Kieths "you got the Silver "is as shambolic as ever with keef sounding more like Dylan than ever,great slide guitar.
"Connection"brings the first cd to an end,connections and injections what can Keef be alluding to?,keef blesses us all at the end!
Martin Scorsese introduces is a brief piece of dialogue,and the its into a rip roaring version of "Sympathy for the devil" as menacing and raw as it has always been it still sends shivers down the spine.
"Live with me " featuring Christina Aqualina is perhaps the weak link with her squealing all over it.i have heard better versions,although she does try to keep up with Mick,
"Start me up" is just magic ,try keeping still to this,rough raw and rocking this is what the Stones are all about live.
as is "Brown sugar" has it ever sounded better?
"Satisfaction"follows as the atmosphere continues to get hotter ,Does rock get any better than this? another song from way back when makers its appearance in the shape of "Paint it black"brings back memories of those long hot summers of the sixties when everything was in colour and definitely not painted black.
"Little T& A" has Keith (nearly )back on vocals ,if you can call them that and it rocks!."I'm Free" continues the CD in much the same way,and finally "Shine a light "brings proceedings to an end.
On this showing this band could be around for a long time yet!!!
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on 5 April 2008
Why pay for overpriced tickets when you can enjoy the Stones in your living room?
Dirty and sloppy rock 'n roll music the way only these OAP's know how to do so well.
Yup! They're still the greatest band on the earth.
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on 30 October 2013
Trouble is there are too many fans who go out of their way to find fault.I never heard any wrong notes or poor production.
This is a vast improvement on Love You Live where the songs were too fast.
I wonder though why Christine Aguilera is on a song which was not a duet in the first place.Surely Gimme Shelter would have been a more obvious choice
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on 9 April 2008
You can really see the Stones as a band in the film. The soundtrack is great and the quality is amazing, I can't believe how crisp the soundtrack is and how you can hear every little detail. For Stones fans or those who want some great music, this is it.
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