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4.2 out of 5 stars38
4.2 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 March 2011
When our old Miele cat and dog model from the 1990's finally broke down, I was about to buy another Miele to replace the old model - the brand new S6 Cat and Dog until a friend recommended SEBO. We have a larger Sebo upright vacuum in the home already but the cylinder Miele is used for the car and other parts of our home that our upright vacuum can't get to. I never really considered Sebo cylinder vacuums and didn't know that they actually make them! The K1 Pet however is a really good price for what you get but from the off, what is instantly apparent is how well made the machine is. Thick plastics, a cloth bumper that protects the machine and skirting boards, big castor wheels and no sharp bits - it feels a lot more substantial than the bin lid to the S6 when I demo'ed one in John Lewis.

From a main sized turbo brush, mini turbo brush that's great for the car and stairs, the K1 Pet seems to have been thought out with ease of mind - for a start when you bend down to change the suction setting, you don't get a face full of hot air from the exhaust filter like you would do with Miele and other brands. One of the aspects that I love about this machine is that it is quiet, has an easy variable suction dial and an LED light to show when the bag needs emptying - and it wasn't at John Lewis that I eventually bought the K1 Pet but online, from Amazon which seemed to be cheaper than the high street prices. Delivery took a week due to my location but no problems and the seller packed the machine professionally, also including a registration card - with no time limit.

The dust bags are quite small - you get 2 to get you started - but then again this is a compact cylinder vacuum that is super easy to store, very space efficient and takes up less room than our old Miele - probably due to the fact that the floor head stores centrally at the back of the vacuum against Miele's side parking slot. The K1 also has a much longer hose which is welcomed for the reach factor and 7 metres of power cable that you simply pull after you're finished and it rewinds back into the machine - No need to do a balancing act to rewind the cable back in!. I nearly bought the base red K1 Airbelt model but was informed that the K1 Pet came with a longer hose and standard turbo brush tools. When considering the base model to meet the same spec, I'd have been pushed to spend the same amount of money if I'd have gone for the more expensive Miele S6. The beauty of having a longer hose is that I find I don't have to move the machine near me to get at all access areas in the rooms I'm required to clean. Now when the factor is much lighter to add in when pulling a machine behind you, the longer hose, lighter tubing and good design though has to be welcomed!

Initially, I was hesitant to wonder if I would need a lot of dust bags to get through with this machine but I was lucky enough to find a good seller on Amazon who could supply me with any of the consumables the Sebo needs at a reasonable rate. However, after three months the original bag needed replaced and it was very heavy, full of dust and easy to empty with an individual seal cap that doesn't ever allow dust to escape. Against my sister's bagless Dyson, whilst this vacuum needs bags to be bought, it seems to belie it's size by the amount of dirt the K1 Pet picks up! The bags are also far cheaper than our Miele bags which were the same capacity, but you only get 4 bags in Miele's box compared to the 8 bags you with Sebo - so you're not really paying out that much for the upkeep or ownership - compared to the Miele FJM bag sizes. When you have to run after a dog, a cat and two very old Cockatiels who continually chuck out bird seed on carpets and hard floors, there's a lot of vacuuming to do!

The filter costs are also fantastic value. Sebo claim that they can last up to 16 or 32 dust bags are used until they need replaced and unlike our Miele, I like the fact that the filter options have been classed as Hospital Grade S-Class rather than the industry led HEPA. Animal pet hair odour just doesn't even get a chance to filter back into the room on this machine - and unlike Miele's charcoal filters, your fingers won't get covered in black when it comes to handling the filters or installing/taking them out!

Another aspect that I was impressed with is the fact that the K1 Pet comes with a 5 year guarantee as standard. Miele had an optional cost charge to extend whatever purchase I'd have made by offering 10 years and although at the time I was impressed with the Miele, the K1 Pet on pricing, consumables and the tools you do get with the SEBO made a lot more sense. It does lack a suction only floor head, but when I tried the main sized turbo brush on hard floors, the floor head picks up pet hair and bird seed in an instant - there's even a slider on the front of the floor head for carpet thickness but it also allows far lighter gliding than our Miele Cat and Dog turbo brush - a similar design but the SEBO one is lighter, more compact, has a long rubber squeegee built in, lacks beater bars and just seems easier to use. The suction tubes are just fantastic though - bar the fantastic, excellent suction - they are probably my favourite part of the design - they adjust for height but are far lighter than our Miele tubing and as my sister remarked, far lighter than her Dyson tubes. When you have to constantly reach into large bird cages that are elevated off the floor and clean the metal grids, lighter tubing is a great welcome and the proper long handle at the top of the K1 Pet makes it easy and comfortable to pivot at any angle.

Downsides - the K1 Pet doesn't come with a soft upholstery brush as standard. I was pleased to be able to order one directly from Sebo UK who also supplied a clamp for the tubing. The optional tool is triangular and really easy to use. I wasn't sure about the shape until it dawned on me that it can get into awkward corners as opposed to a round type. Another downside is that there is no where on the machine to store the mini turbo brush - a hook on the back would make it easy to store on the park position at the back of the K1 so it can just be swapped around if you want the large or small turbo brush at the time of need.

I really wish I had found out about the Sebo K1 sooner. I know that my family and friends have been impressed with it and if my parents weren't as happy with their Sebo X upright, I know they'd probably want to swap with the K1, if they had the chance! Thanks for reading! (c)NR2 2011

** UPDATE **

The K1 Pet is still going strong with no problems at all. However, we have now replaced two rooms with hard floors due to one of the dogs becoming incontinent and as such I ordered Sebo's Deluxe "Kombi" floor tool to deal with some of the rugs in the rooms. This is an ideal optional floor head that allows the suction pipe to be laid flat under furniture where you don't require to bend to the left or right to ensure the floor head stays flat. The wheels are also rubberised for protection and the Kombi head is a good match for the K1 able to store easily and quickly on board when not in use.

** Second UPDATE **

If you require a choice of three floor heads, the K1 Komfort is the model below that offers the same design as the K1 Pet but you don't get a mini turbo brush as standard as you would with the K1 Pet.
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on 28 August 2013
After 5 years coping with an upright Dyson that went downhill after 6 months, blew dust everywhere, heavy to carry, and struggling with a hose that didn't even reach all the stairs, I admitted defeat and started the mammoth task of reseaching for a new vacuum.

I needed it to have an excellent allergy filter as both my Husband and Daughter have asthma and allergies. Due to my shoulder injury, the vacuum must be easy to use and carry. A long lead would be an added bonus, plus all the tools to be carried on the machine (that ruled out the Henry). To help with the pile of the carpet, a turbo-brush was a must.

After reading all the helpful reviews on Amazon, I went hunting and looked at some of the short-list at Currys/Argos etc so you can get a good idea of their size, weight and price.

The Sebo has a smaller dustbag, but the only one with hospital standard filtration. This is higher than HEPA filters.

Once I had decided to go with the Sebo, it was apparent that even with next day delivery, the vacuum was £40 cheaper than on the high street.

The unit is small, so great it you have storage issues. The motor is fairly quiet, not like the Dyson which you have to shout over.
On the low setting, it would be good for having a quick vacuum whilst the baby is asleep.

The handle adjust easily for all heights and it made from high quality steel and plastic. Moves around the room like a dream, very light and twists and turns like a ballerina :-)

The turbo-brush is fantastic, made a great job on the pile in my sitting room. My carpet actually looks like it has been cleaned for once!

I know it is a bit pricey to purchase the unit and bags etc but for the sake of my family's health it is worth every penny. Once you have used it, you appreciate the quality and thought of the design.

Many of us have been sheep, falling for the dyson hype, spending far too much money on an ugly product that fails to live up to its reputation. Maybe I got unlucky, but I am so pleased with this little sebo. I wish I had bought one in the first place.

If you are still not sure, go to the big electrical departments and try one out. For such a small machine it packs a punch.
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on 5 May 2011
After the deafening noise of out last Dyson, this machine if a joy! Suction is very, very good, even when the bag gets pretty full. The only downside with this model is the turbo brush it comes with. Its great for carpets but useless for wooden floors, which is what we mostly have. We bought the optional parquet floor brush and its perfect. Probably the best 'bagged' vacuum cleaner you will ever buy.
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on 3 November 2012
Brilliant little vacuum cleaner! Best things:
* Suction - excellent, especially on dog hair
* Stair tool with a rotating brush that actually works
* Quiet - the rotating brushes make more noise than motor
* Light & compact - easy to carry up & down stairs
* Easy to manouver - swivel wheels on the base & an innovative swivel handle
Not aware of any negatives yet. I bought this on the strength of previous positive reviews and am glad I did. I was a bit dubious about going back to bags, but we'll see how that goes.
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on 30 September 2011
I bought this following a recommendation from a friend. It does what I need it to and is light enough and well enough designed to be easy to carry up a couple of flights of stairs without too much bother. The suction is fine, and it's handy that the tools you use most often are kept on the machine itself. Small minus points - the replacement bags are a bit pricey (even the generic ones), I might have got a bigger capacity machine if I had realised; the floor tool does get a bit tangled if anyone in the house has long hair and; for the price I would have expected a soft upholstery tool (the little ones with a brush on), as standard, but if you want one you have to buy it as an extra.
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on 7 October 2013
Absolutely brilliant. Am very happy with it. Much easier to now Hoover the stairs. My previous was an upright vax and wasn't overly keen on a cylinder one but am converted. I have a black cocker spaniel who sheds a lot and this vacuum has made such a difference to my house already. Only used it 3 times but am sold!
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on 11 May 2012
After days of researching vacuums i was trying to choose between a small Dyson and a Miele. I rang my mother to discuss this because she always has good advice. She begged me not to buy the Dyson. She had owned one previously and found it very heavy and hard to manoeuvre, horribly noisy and created a lot of dust. She recommended Sebo, which she has one of. hers is still strong after 6 years, she has dogs as well so it is used a lot.

I decided to listen to her and thank goodness i did. This machine is incredibly quiet. Everything fits together very easily (well built), and it just glides along the floor without any effort. It picks up hair with the first stroke (with my old vacuum i had to go over the same spot countless times to pick it up). It is such a comfortable machine to use and has a thick, material strip all around the outside which stops it from marking walls if it bumps into them. It is powerful and small, which is crucial for me because i live in a one bedroom flat in central London so i don't have a lot of room.

The only down side i have come across so far is that the hair (granted my hair is quite long) gets rapped around the brush which picks everything up so i have to cut it out after i'v used it or it would all build up very quickly.

If you couldn't tell already, i love it and would highly recommend it.
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on 22 March 2012
Purchased this Sebo to replace a Dyson as I could no longer stand the ear bleeding noise of the Dyson.
This sebo is a joy to use, It would seem to be very well built, made in Germany and a does a brilliant job all round of vacuuming.
I am more than happy with it so far. It has an adjustable suction so you can vacuum rugs, curtains etc without sucking them up the machine and being the K1 PET its brilliant at removing dog hairs. All in all a great bit of kit. Prices for the K1 pet can vary hugely depending where you purchase it. Thank you amazon for a large saving.
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on 4 February 2012
Five dogs, 15yr old carpets and they look cleaner than for years. easy to use no mess and very impressive.
I wish I had bought one years ago. A bit heavey but manageble and for the type of hoover it packs up neatly to.
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on 13 November 2013
Absolutely perfect for hard floors, and very light to carry. I'm in my more senior years, and its such a relief not to have some heavy vacumn cleaner to drag around. Excellent suction with all the dogs and cats hairs.
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