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4.7 out of 5 stars252
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 27 November 2010
Have you bought a netbook? Running Windows 7 Starter? Only came with a miserly 1GB of memory? Seems to run "a bit slow"? What you want is something like this...

Windows 7 starter like most modern OS's runs at its best with more memory, and to be blunt 1GB is the bare minimum for a working system. Its like having a new car and only fitting a 10 Litre fuel tank, you can use it for a bit, but you'll never make the most of it, until you've got that bigger fuel tank.

Quick review: This memory is made by a well respected memory manufacturer. I've used 2 of these so far to upgrade both my wife, and sons netbooks, it really does make a difference, as long as you take care of a little basic computer maintenance like regular defragging hard drive, registry cleans etc. Or maybe you are looking to upgrade an old laptop running windows XP/98 etc. This is probably the cheapest, easiest and quickest way to make things run faster.

With 2GB your netbook will start to run closer to the speed of a normal computer, and thats where this comes into play. Its basic things that you will see the most improvement in, like starting windows, opening programmes etc., it all makes windows just a bit more usable in everything you do. Its a real, noticeable improvement.

DONT PAY FOR SOMEONE TO DO THIS! (unless you enjoy being ripped off)

This will take all of 3 mins to do as an upgrade, and requires nothing more than a small x point screwdriver. Its not scary to do, its not difficult to do, and yes even you can do it.

Heres a quick how to:

Order one of these, and wait for the posty.

Start by TURNING OFF your netbook, unplug it then remove the battery.

Then flip your netbook over, and look an the underneath. There should be a small hatch for the memory, probably in the region of 1 1/2" wide by 2 1/2" long, with a small picture that looks a bit like the memory module (in a kind of cubist/impressionist way). Once you've located the hatch, brandish your small x point screwdriver in a manly/womanly way (depending on what mood you are in) and pop that sucker off.

Underneath you'll see something that looks just like your new memory unit, the sides will have 2 metal clips that are holding it in place, and the bottom will be a plastic socket that all the metal contacts on the memory module slip into. Use your thumbs to GENTLY prize the two metal clips on the sides of the old memory module outwards away from the memory module. The old module will pop up slightly. Remove the old memory unit.

Pop the new module in the socket on your netbook (you got the old one out, so its no great leap of faith to refit the new one) ensure the new memory module goes fully into the socket. Theres an offset slot in the memory module, so it can only go in one way round. Refit the memory module cover.

RESULT!, you did it! pop your battery in, plug in and fire that netbook up. Enjoy your netbook at a more realistic pace. In the unlikely event it doesn't fire up, DON'T PANIC, you just need to ensure you've pushed the memory fully into its socket.
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on 9 July 2010
I bought this for my Samsung N150 which I found to be running fairly slowly even from day one. However after purchasing this RAM, which was easy to insert, everything has started to run much quicker.

I would highly recommend this to anyone with a 1GB netbook.
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on 3 March 2010
Works great in my new Samsung N210 10.1-inch Netbook. Helps to improve the speed and load times of applications.

This ram is also 6400 rated, which is faster than most available.
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on 19 April 2011
I bought one of these for my Asus EeePC 1001PX 10" netbook, as I thought it could do with a boost in speed. The upgrade arrived within 3 days, and was well packaged in an anti-static box with installation instructions included.

Installation took only minutes. The only problem I experienced was that on boot-up, my computer failed to recognise the installed memory, and was still showing only 1GB in the control panel. I did a Google search, and it turned out this is quite a common problem with this machine.

The remedy is to shut down, then restart whilst repeatedly tapping the F2 key, until you get the BIOS screen. the new memory should show up on the first screen. In my case it didn't register in the BIOS initially, but I proceeded to the second part anyway, which was to exit BIOS & save all changes (you can do this by pressing F10).

When I rebooted, the memory showed up correctly as the full 2GB, both in the BIOS and in the control panel. I've now noticed a marked increase in speed, even with such things as scrolling and switching between windows when I have multiple applications running.

So, I'd definately recommend this upgrade. Don't be disheartened if your computer doesn't recognise the additional memory initially, it's just a glitch. Just follow the above procedure and all should be well.
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I have fitted this Crucial 2GB RAM into my HP G70-213, five year old notebook. Being a computer novice, I first checked out Crucial's website, their "Make sure your RAM is compatable with your motherboard" and the "Crucial System Scanner", which tells you the exact replacement for your laptop..

My PC had a 3GB memory, A 2GB and a 1GB, I have replaced the 1GB with this 2GB, giving me a total of 4GB.

As everyone has said, these are so simple to fit, it takes mere minutes! There are two important facts to take note of though, Static Electricity and Oils. First I grounded myself by touching the metal chasssis, with my PC plugged into a socket, but not turned on, and secondly, I put on a pair of tight fitting Latex gloves, these wont protect your PC against static, but they will prevent any oils, etc from your hand going onto the very delicate gold connections, and there was no way that I could have fitted the new RAM just holding it by it's sides!

I was pleased/relieved that my PC was running well and definitely refreshing faster once I had rebooted it, and to be on the safe side I then checked it out using the "Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool". I belief I now have 3.5GB of useable memory, although my PC shows 4GB. Broadband speed tests have shown an improvement, and in practise the difference is noticeable. What a cheap, fuss free upgrade.
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on 4 May 2010
I ordered this through Amazon from SCALA-TECHNOLOGY and it arrived in two days. fitting was easy and after a system reboot twice, win 7 finally recognised the memory. I upgraded from 1 gb to a 2gb stick as i only have one slot in my new Asus EEE PC T91MT. Perfect and thanks to Scala ( who's customer feedback i managed to mess up, sorry!)for an excellent service and communication.
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on 5 August 2015
I bought this for my parent's iMac that was still running OSX 10.7 (Leopard), and was being incredibly slow, and not able to run more than one program at a time. It only had 1GB of RAM which was clearly the issue!

I got two of these 2GB sticks, and inserting them into the Mac couldn't have been easier. There's a cover on the underside of the screen that you just need a small screwdriver to undo, and you just pull out the existing RAM and push the new ones in, reboot and you're set! The improvement was immediate, and there are no more evil revolving circle of death moments!

I've since bought them a CD of Snow Leopard, and upgraded to OSX Yosemite (the latest operating system), and the computer handles it fine. It's as though it's a new machine.

Would definitely recommend, bargain at the price given the improvement.
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on 10 March 2012
How does one review a stick of memory? I forget.

Well, it works, & has improved the performance of my little netbook measurably.

I have an Acer Aspire One D-255 netbook, which was shipped with 1 Gb of Ram & was clearly lacking in this department, so, despite Acer's comment that it won't take 2Gb, webknowlege states that it will, & of course it does.

It's proper branded Crucial memory, so top of the range, along with Kingston.

One tip I could share with you when thinking of upgrading Ramsticks is to logon to the Crucial site & allow it quickly to scan your laptop to check precisely which type of memory your lappy will accept: it reports back to you very quickly with precisely the number of pins, maximum memory acceptable, speed, ddr2 or ddr3, along with the Crucial product number. This makes it much easier to note down precisely the memory stick you require, then search Amazon for the precise product. Ram memory is a bit of a minefield for the uninitiated, so it's best to let a trusted site like Crucial do a cusory scan of your hardware capabilities before you commit to buying. (Not from their site, as it's much more expensive than from this supplier, naturally).

Exchanging the Ram in an Acer Aspire One isn't for the faint-hearted, however, as it involves prizing off the keyboard, unscrewing 4 screws, poking about & pulling the whole thing to bits basically, but there are many informative 'how-to' videos on Youtube showing exactly how to do this, & once studied carefully, it takes about 10 minutes, & the actual exchange of Ramsticks takes a few seconds. Probably not a good idea to upgrade until your 12 month warranty's expired, mebbe?

The BIOS recognised the doubling of the Ram immediately on reboot, Windows Experience increased my score significantly (not difficult on an Acer Aspire One with 1 Gig!), so it's a recommended upgrade.

Very fast delivery, has speeded up the performance of the netbook, & I'm very pleased with it.
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on 14 February 2014
I bought this to upgrade an Asus EeePC 1001P which uses an Intel Atom N450 processor and which was supplied with Windows XP 32-bit and 1GB PC2-5400 RAM (but now runs Debian). 2GB is the maximum RAM supported by this netbook's board. I chose Crucial RAM after recently upgrading my desktop with Crucial RAM and finding it entirely satisfactory, giving a performance boost and being absolutely stable. The same is true with this 2GB SODIMM stick. It really makes a difference compared to the original 1GB RAM and it's actually enough that it was worth reinstalling the Debian operating system, this time in 64-bit version instead of 32-bit. I can now get the best out of the hardware and this tiny netbook is finally quite tolerable doing proper desktop tasks such as image editing.

You can certainly find cheaper RAM, usually an importer's or retailer's own brand, stuff which has been rejected by reputable manufacturers and somehow finds its way to market under a variety of lesser names. You might get lucky but just as likely is that your £5 saving buys you instability, random unwanted events, unreliability and after sales service that is poor. I would definitely recommend Crucial RAM as reliable and reasonably priced and a very safe and worthwhile upgrade.
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on 3 November 2012
Netbooks typically come with 1 GB RAM for reasons best known to the industry. But for a few pounds they can be fitted with a 2 GB replacement, such as this product from a market leader.
Fitted in seconds (with the machine off! - see other articles online for instructions), performance is maximised and smoothed, operations smartly and crisply delivered.
If your netbook was a little slow at times or clunky, it should now feel like a decent pc or laptop. You can't eliminate all buffering, eg watching live TV, but most has gone.
This is a no brainer so get one!
BUT FIRST CHECK whether your netbook needs a DDR2 or DDR3 - this should be shown in the compartment containing the RAM, accessed by unscrewing the flap. (The screw on mine was virtually welded to its holder but a little ingenuity released it). You do need the right version (DDR2 or 3) as ONLY the right version will fit. It's a pain if you order the wrong one. And the 2GB RAM replaces the old 1GB RAM, which is put aside (you cannot fit both in and have 3GB!).
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