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4.5 out of 5 stars48
4.5 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 16 March 2008
I must say this is a spectacular game, and while not the best God of War title to date, it is a title without equal in it's genre on handheld systems.

Playing in familiar GoW fashion, with one or two annoying if necessary control scheme changes(Holding L+R and pressing X to dodge is not a pleasant addition I can tell you) and looking absolutely incredible for something on a handheld, Chains of Olympus brings us a prequel tale of Kratos in the time just before GoW1, where he travels to the world of dreams and eventually the underworld to confront Morpheus(The god of dreams, not Laurence Fishburne) and save the gods themselves, if he's prepared for the price he'll have to pay to do so...

From the off, it's the usual hacking and slashing and gore filled joy you'll know to expect from a GoW game, with no bodypart severing, nudity or swearing held back. It really is an absolute joy to play with only a couple of real quibbles.

First, it's short. I finished it in just over five hours. Around half the length of GoW2 if I remember right, though saying that, there is a decent amount of replay incentive here, but still, half the length of the last game... slightly disappointing.

Secondly, the aforementioned control scheme issues. For the most part it plays great, but some of the 'quick time' button press sequences are quite difficult, and dodging attacks is just annoying to the point where I just didn't bother with it. It isn't as easy to get to grips with as the last two games.

Beyond this though, everything else is perfect. This game is the best game of 2008 yet in my opinion and an absolute bargain at less than 20 quid.

Buy it now, you won't be sorry you did.
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on 8 March 2008
Well what can I say, this game is amazing and is a worthy member of the God of War franchise. When I first started playing I was a bit worried that the lack of an extra analogue stick would make the controls awkward but after five minuted of playing I was cutting people up and rolling around like a pro. The gameplay is very similar if not identical to the ps2 version so anyone who has played god of war before will have no problem getting into this one. The Graphics push the psp to the limit and are nearly on par with the ps2 version. I dont really have anything bad to say about this game the only thing I could say is that it doesnt really bring anything new to the series but that really isnt a bad thing as if something isnt broke theres no point in fixing it. I would say this is the best game to date on the PSP and is a must own game.
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on 23 September 2008
i agree with another reviewer who said that this game = tomb raider + tekken + greek mythology,
it is definitely the best psp game.
the graphics is superb and exploits all the power of the psp.
the gameplay is perfect.
there are frenetic actions with battles and fights, followed up by scenes in which you must think to find an escape route.
I wait future versions of this game
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on 7 February 2009
If your like me and fussy about the things you buy then be warned that ordering God of War: Chains of Olympus from Find Price you will receive the Platinum Edition. I ordered here thinking it wasn't Platimum Ediion as I hate the case style as do I on the PS2 and PS3. It's not a big deal really but I am fussy. All my games are now lined up on my shelf and the Platinum God of War sticks out a mile. Only good thing about ordering from here is it's about a quid cheaper and very fast delivery and comes factory sealed new.

This game would receive 5 stars but not being able to change the controls from the thumb stick to the D pad is frustrating for me as I do not find it comfortable whilst playing. Other than that then it's a great PSP game and a bargain at this price and not to be missed.
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I am not exactly what you might class as a gamer, having bought my PSP to watch video's et al on the train when I was travelling home on a daily London commute. In a moment of madness I purchased this game and apart from a somewhat child like (it is a game) storyline, I have found it incredibly good. The graphics are smooth and very detailed and unlike true gamers, I found it a real challenge to complete.

Is it good, well if you want the opinion of 1 53 year old who normally the greatest game challenge is how to avoid countdown, this is the dogs - even the sound track is compelling. I doubt if I would buy a sequel, or even another game like this, but it has been tremendous fun and I can only recommend it.
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on 8 April 2008
Every time I play this game on the Tube I miss my stop!! It's incredibly immersive and not just because of the graphics. The music score is superb as well and really gets the blood pumping when slicing and dicing your foes. I love the combat system in the game - very intuitive and leaves options for tactics as well as just hacking and slashing. Some of the fights are epic and seem to go on for ages - Which is a good thing!!!!

This game would be good by most systems standards so to get this on a handheld is quite frankly jaw dropping.

If you own a PSP then you must get this game - The Gods Command it!!!
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on 7 January 2009
This game is incredible.
Its my first experience with the God of War franchise, and what a stunner it is. If you've played one of the others you'll be happy to play this, if you haven't, you're in for a ride.

This is easily the best game I have played in a good few years. The storyline is brilliant, mixing myth and legend with modern ideas and pulling it off is a rarety, but its done here and then some.

There are standard and special attacks, all of which are easy to pull off, and easy to remember, despite there being a fair number of them.

The ease of gameplay is something I found particularly refreshing. Kratos is relentless in this title and the feeling is more than portrayed to you as you wont be able to put it down. There are a few little puzzles, but nothing taxing, and it all helps to break up slaughtering people with a little thinking that after two minutes will have you well on your way again. There is also a touch of strategy in this game when it comes to enemies as some are a little too clever for your basic attacks, but specials come with the price of reduced health and reduced magic, and knowing when to us them can really help you out later on.

There is enough difference in this action-packed chop'em-up to prevent it becoming repetitive and continually upgrading and changing enemies help that too.

My only, and I do mean only, complaint, is that I felt it finished too soon and suddenly, but I can't work out if thats because it really did, or because I played it so much I finished it in a few days and wanted more.
Needless to say, I started it again.

Go buy it, you wont regret it.
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on 10 April 2008
Pretty much a reason to buy the PSP in it's own right.
A superbly-crafted, story-driven mix of puzzles and gory beat-em-up designed for the over eighteen crowd.
The non-fighting parts feel very 'Lara' - lots of opening stuff and collecting things - albeit with a big bald fella instead of a pneumatic brunette. The fighting side of things isn't just button-mashing either. The more enemies you defeat, the more 'orbs' you collect, which can then be traded up for more effective combos and moves.
Then there's the story, which is an excellent spin on Greek mythology, with a genuine plot that you'll want to follow.
Some may bemoan the static camera, but that never harmed the enjoyment of the early Resident Evil games, did it? Besides, the camera here is way superior - you don't actually feel like trying to go where you can't because the visuals are so rich and the level design so accomplished that you are naturally drawn to where you need to be.
Buy this now! And when you do, play it through a decent set of earphones to really appreciate the excellent sound, score and narration.
I'd long since abandoned my PS2 in favour of PC gaming, but after this little gem, I will be buying God Of War and God of War II and going back to the old DualShock joypad!
For the price of a pizza and a bottle of wine, this is an absolute steal!
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on 17 December 2008
Well i thought i would never buy and play a game such as this but its awesome .The graphics are the best i have seen so far on the psp, they look alot like xbox 360 graphics. The storyline is superb. While you are playing and getting through the game you get alot of commentery about the game and the hero himself, your not just left to guess alot of it which alot of games i have played tend to. Alot of people i have seen reviewing are saying the game itself is too short,I had so much fun playing this game i couldnt of cared less how long or short it was! So if you want a long game to play this isnt the game for you! The variety of moves which you are able to pick up as you play is impressive esp where its on a handheld console. You have 4 different levels of experitise you can play, this is great esp for people like me who need to start on easy mode and then work my way up! The game consists of alot of puzzles which you have to solve to move on in the game, some of them are a little frustrating but after a while you can work them out. Overall this is a 5 star game and has dealt what it promised!!
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on 29 March 2008
I have to say having waited ages for this game to come out it does not disappoint. Firstly the game looks absolutely stunning, the best i've seen on the PSP hands down. The combat is just how God Of War should be, fast, frantic and bloody as hell. Like previous reviewers have said dodging takes a bit of getting used to requiring you press both triggers and then moving the stick, but once mastered it works fine.

The levels are just as epic as the PS2 games were and the boss battles although not that frequent are exciting and varied. The only complaint i have about the game is the lack of puzzles, which rarely require anything more than pulling a lever. The running time of the game is quite short about 7 hours so i suggest you play the game on hard setting just so it takes that little bit longer.

If you can put these small draw backs aside you can pick up the best game on the PSP for a bargain price, don't think about it just buy this game i guarantee you won't regret it.
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