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on 27 August 2008
Without a doubt the best universal remote i have come across, easy to use, easy to set up*, and looks the part. The colour screen is clear and the backlit buttons perfect.

I read all of the reviews before i bought this and thought that i would have to spend over an hour setting everything up, but as long as you do your planning right* you will be up and running in no time. (30 mins max)

I found the software easy to use (i'm no pc expert) and the troubleshoot system very good. (remote didnt turn Sky+ on/off at first but easily rectified via following clear & concise instructions)

The remote will not control your Wii or PS3 as it does not use bluetooth** but i found this a bonus, sometimes you need to switch back to watch tv without turning off the game console (especially if the kids are half way thru a level and will lose their progress if the system shuts down (the usual excuse for "five more mins pls dad")). You can still set everything up to switch to the right input etc then just push the wii/PS remote on/off button.

* To set up properly and quickly i would recommend:
Download your favourite channel icons from: []
Make a note of all your favourite channel numbers
Get the exact model numbers of your kit (Most on front or back of systems) but not needed for Wii / PlayStations etc
If using an AV amp make a note of your input settings
Tell the wife/kids etc they cant use tv for 30 mins and leave you alone!

**Logitech now provide an optional PS3 adapter bought separately

One last note, go to the Logitech home page ( ) to check your systems compatability first, this is a great way to make sure that this remote will actually replace all your others. No point in spending any money on something that only does half the job, but i doubt you will be disappointed.
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on 14 December 2008
I've upgraded from a Logitech Harmony 525 to the Harmony One and it's a definite improvement but they've still got a way to go before it's perfect. Like I say I'm not new to these remotes but it still took a while to set up, so I can see how it would be off-putting for a lot of people. That said, now it's up and running, it does precisely what it is supposed to do. The 4 remotes that I wanted to replace are now tucked away in a drawer and look likely to stay there. Compared to the Harmony 525 it has a much better feel, the buttons don't feel cheap as they did on the 525, and there's no longer any lag between pressing a button and something actually happening.

On to the bad stuff...
The software is poor. You can spend time arranging stuff, go into a new tab and then find that all of your previous work was erased because you didn't save it.
Lack of physical red, green, blue and yellow buttons. Yes you can put them onto the screen but it's just not the same (see my next point below). A real backwards step as my old 525 had them.
The touch screen is a nice idea but very imprecise. I frequently end up selecting something other than what I wanted to pick. Poor.

Overall I've given it 3 stars but it's by no means bad and I'm happy with mine, I just feel that Logitech were close to having a superb universal remote with the 525 and the Harmony One still feels like work in progress.
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on 8 August 2008
After receiving the remote and inspecting the fabulously styled remote and charging cradle, information is transferred to the remote by connecting a USB cable to a hidden connector on the remote - After a wait for the initial charging period to finish - then it was time to begin programming the remote!

I was replacing 6 remotes (Sky+, 42" Sharp Aquos, Sony Bluray, Sony AV Receiver, Sony SACD & HDMI switch), and attempting to make switching from one activity to another as simple as possible for my whole family.

Setup for the devices was relatively easy, but not as straightforward as the manual would suggest. The programming procedure is by means of a PC based application and an online database of devices and their codes. By selecting type of device, manufacturer, then model you can filter down to the exact model you have, failing that the Harmony 1 will perform as a learning remote, but still requiring the PC based application to manage the learning process and attribute the learnt code to a chosen button.

It all went smoothly, and then it's time to program the Activities, such as 'watch a film' which in my situation involves turning on the TV, turning the volume down (a mute signal means the TV screen displays a 'mute' message!) and selecting the correct input, switching on the amp, and selecting the correct input - a macro. The remote performs flawlessly. If you then select 'listen to music' the remote 'knows' the current state of the devices (whether they're on/off etc) so will change the Amp's input, turn off the TV, and turn on the SACD player - it's seamless!!

Other nice features are being able to have favourite channel icons when watching TV (there is a great website out there which has done all the hard work for you by creating a huge array of icons - this is great for my children who recognise the channel icons (cbbc etc) and with a single press the Sky box is set the channel string (e.g. 602) and it magically turns over!

If the remote gets out of sync with the device (users manually operating devices, or using another remote) then the 'help' button walks you through simple questions such as 'is the TV on' with a 'yes' or 'no' choice, and then manages to fix the problem.

Some reviews mention that the remote does not have the coloured buttons Sky users need, they are correct that there are no coloured physical buttons. When you bring up you Sky 'device' or are performing an activity which uses it, by pressing the 'command' button on the screen brings up 4 large coloured buttons - it works great.

The display is bright and easy to read, has a robust resistive touchscreen with adjustable sensitivity. Battery life is suprisingly good, and the device only needs charging every 3 days.

In total i've spent around 3 hours getting the remote to work 100% correctly, and every now and again it's just a little 'tweak' to improve functionality. I have now put away my other remotes, after the initial period of not having the Harmony working 100% and keeping them as a 'backup' measure.

The next step is to use one half of a Powermid remote extender so I can use the IR harmony one to control RF based products (Domialite home automation)

With the remote at <£80 now on Amazon it's an even better buy!
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on 1 February 2009
Don't buy one until you've visited the Logitech website and understand how it works.

There are loads of complaints here from people who simply bought something they didn't understand,
and then reviewed it against their ignorant preconceptions of what it does.
First you need to set this up using a computer connected to the internet.
Secondly this is an activity based remote ( "Watch movie" or "Watch TV" etc.) not a device based remote.
Third the Harmony needs to control everything and remembers its 'state', therefore you cannot make manual adjustments to the equipment on the front panel without confusing things.

Eg. When I press the 'Watch TV" button, it turns on my plasma, turns on my amplifier, turns on my Freeview Plus box, switches the plasma to the amplifier input, turns the amp to the freeview input and turns on my lights. If I press "Watch movie" it turns on my DVD player and switches the amp input to DVD. Its up to you if you want it to turn off your unwanted devices or leave them on.

Hope this helps some people.
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on 2 March 2011
Having recently upgraded my home cinema kit to include a new HD TV, Pioneer AV Receiver and Blu Ray Player which joined my existing Windows Media Center Laptop, HDD/VHS Recorder and FoxSat HD Set Top Box, the most frustrating thing was having to remember which remote did what, with most operations requiring the use of three of the little blighters. Whilst the new Pioneer Receiver and Blu Ray Player are superb, there is very little to distinguish between their remotes, especially in a darkened room. How many times did I pick up the one for the Blu Ray Player when wanting to adjust the volume on the Receiver, only to find that I had actually pressed the button that skipped to the next DVD Chapter - most frustrating. There was also the sheer clutter of having to have 6 remotes easily to hand. It was time to consider a universal remote control.

Having researched what was available on the market via Supplier web-sites, Amazon customer feedback, You Tube videos & a plethora of other on-line reviews, I came to the conclusion that the Logitech Harmony One ticked all the boxes. My key selection criteria was budget (approx £100), style (must operate like a conventional remote control, but be stylish enough to compliment the rest of the kit), be easy to set-up and use, and have strong support both from the supplier and user community.

As usual when ordering from Amazon, the product arrived quickly and in perfect condition. It was quickly unpackaged and put on charge. Having read in a few reviews that there could be a bit of a steep learning curve, I then took the time to read the Quick Start Guide, loaded the software onto the PC and then read the main instructions, which did provide a lot more detail.

When I felt I understood the theory of how to set things up, it was time to try my first Activity. For those like me just starting out with this type of thing, this is the basis for how the Harmony is configured. You set up your Devices, all of mine being found on the Logitech web-site and the Remote Control functions for them downloaded automatically. You then set-up an Activity to use one or more Devices, using a template Activity such as Watch TV, Watch DVD etc. As has been suggested in a number of other reviews, it is sensible to set up one Activity to start with and refine it to ensure everything is working as expected before diving in and trying to set everything up in one go. There is so much flexibility available, it is worth some "tinkering time" just to get a feel for what options are available, and what impact they will have on the Activity you are setting up. Somethings can be quite subtle like in what order the devices should be powered on and with something like the Receiver, you may have to programme a small delay following the Power On command to when it sends the Select Input command - too soon and the Receiver won't be ready so won't set the correct source. I found some trial and error here paid dividends later when moving onto more the complex and advanced configuration as the principles were still the same.

I started with Watch TV, which only required switching on the TV, switching on the Receiver then setting the input to TV. Having selected the Watch TV Activity template, the software prompts you with questions to work out whether you use the TV to change channels and the Receiver to adjust volume. Having set this up, I downloaded the configuration to the Harmony remote and gave it a try. Everything worked first time and I was able to change channels on the TV and adjust the volume on the Receiver all from the one remote - fantastic! I know that's what it's for, but it was the novelty of not having to rummage around for the right remote that was so satisfying.

The most complex set-up was for the Media Center PC as not all the commands I had on my MCE remote were downloaded. This meant I had to delve into the mysteries of making the Harmony remote learn new commands such as Replay and Skip from the MCE remote. This was so simple, I needn't have been concerned as the software guides you through every step of the way and the MCE remote is now consigned to the loft.

One nice touch is that you can download icons that can be assigned to the TV channel buttons, meaning you can have an official looking BBC HD or BBC News logo on your remote rather than bland text for example. These look very slick on the touch screen and are easily found with a quick search on the Intenet. Unfortunately, I hadn't picked an Activity than included Watch TV in my initial attempt to set-up my Media Center activity, which meant I couldn't then find the option to set the favorite channel icons. I'm not sure if this can be added in later, but after a few minutes searching, I found the easiest thing was to start over with a fresh Activity using the Watch TV as the template and everything has been fine since.

In summary, I would highly recommend this product in terms of what it is capable of, ease of use and value for money. In the few weeks I have been using it, there hasn't been a time when I have thought "I wish it could do such and such..."
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on 1 November 2009
The Harmony One is an ergonomic and attractive remote with the ability to control pretty much every remote-controlled device out there (it even had my 11 year old Sony DVD in its online database!)

In 'Activity' mode it will turn on each piece of equipment in the activity and select the correct input/output for each separate device. For example my 'Watch TV' activity turns on my Panasonic TV and selects the HDMI 1 input, turns on the Humax satellite receiver, turns on the JVC amplifier and selects 'TV Sound'. In 'Device' mode, it replicates each remote you own so you can switch between each. This shouldn't normally be necessary as when the 'Activity' is finished the remote's button functions are left programmed precisely for that Activity (e.g. in my case 'Volume' changes the volume on my amplifier, 'Channel Up/Down' changes the channel on the Humax and 'Aspect' changes the aspect ratio of the TV).

All the buttons light up when you pick up the remote and the illumination goes off again when you've finished using - great in a dark or dimly-lit room. The rechargeable battery and the good-looking charging cradle is a great idea too, just put the remote in its cradle when you go to bed and you're on full charge next day.

It's strong too. I dropped it a metre onto a tiled floor and all that happened was that the battery cover flew off and the battery came out. Nothing broke, and nothing cracked. Amazing!

The only thing preventing me from awarding the Harmony One Remote five stars is the rather unintuitive programming which has some wierd logic and poorly thought out descriptions. For example, the remote has a touch screen and you can program different buttons to appear on this, but instead of calling these buttons 'Touch-screen Buttons' it calls them 'Additional Buttons' and it took me a few frustrating minutes to work out what this meant. It seems also that you can't change the name of a 'Generic Activity' when in fact you can (I came across the solution to that accidentally). It tries to be too clever sometimes in guessing what you want your devices to do and also lacks certain device choices (MP3 player for example). All of these problems can be overcome with a bit of thought and trial and error, but that shouldn't be necessary. I have five 'activities' now set up on it and it's taken me a couple of hours to do that over the course of a week.

These are small, but frustrating, niggles that shouldn't be there and if the effort that went in to providing a useless feature like 'Themes' had been used to sort out these issues, I would have gladly awarded this five stars.

So, don't be put off by my remarks, just have some patience and be prepared to put in a little extra thought when setting it up.
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on 5 March 2008
I moved to this from the Harmony 1000, which I didn't like because of its shape and the touch screen. The Harmony One is a much more pleasing device, working in the same way, but with mechanical buttons rather than the touch screen of the 1000.

I configured this by adding the remote to my existing setup for the 1000 that transferred all the remotes and operations without any further action required by me - setting up the 1000 had been trivially easy, with most of the time taken by installing the software, downloading the updates and figuring out the model numbers of my equipment.

I only had two problems - my dvd player did every operation twice, and the wrong device was used to control volume when listening to music. The first problem was solved by a call to the tech support line - the call was answered after a couple of rings and the rep fixed the problem for me quickly (though in retrospect I wish I'd gotten him to explain how to do it myself). The second problem went away when moving to the Harmony One, so I don't know what was wrong.

The handset itself is light, and a good fit in my hand; the construction is solid and pleasant to look at, though the buttons are perhaps a little squishy. The cradle is well designed, with wide power connectors on the handset. It lights up when you move it, with each button being displayed perfectly. Most operations are easily done with the mechanical buttons.

The top third of the device is a touch sensitive LCD screen; the screen responds to a light touch, with a pleasant feedback sound - each side can be pressed to scroll through available pages, with the center displaying up to 6 buttons well sized buttons - I haven't yet triggered the wrong action by accident.

Similar to the side buttons, there are two lower buttons to switch between operating mode; typically you will be using the "activities" mode, where the handset tries to do the most appropriate thing for any button press - fast forward will control the dvd, volume will control the tv (or whatever); if you need to, you can switch to a specific device and the handset will control that device alone; I rarely need to do this.

The LCD also displays what you're currently doing, the time and battery level.

Pressing the power button will turn off any device that is on, and switching activities will toggle the power of all the appropriate devices; I only have 4 components though, so I don't know how well this would work with more - I also don't have to switch inputs for tv vs music, though from other reviews I understand this works well.

I haven't tried using the software to change the configuration of any of the buttons yet, I may do so at some stage, though at the moment I am happy with the default settings (other than turning off the annoying assistant, which I recommend everyone do as soon as possible).

I am very happy with this remote; well worth the money and better, IMO, than the Harmony 1000 which is a much more costly device.
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VINE VOICEon 22 July 2010
As others have said, the setup is a bit fiddly - particularly so if you have non-standard equipment (trying to get it to control a HTPC running MythTV was a bit of a challenge). Once you've got the hang of it though, it's pretty easy to add and remove devices, change the activities (groups of devices that are all controlled together - e.g. "Watch DVD" may do the following: TV on, set to the correct input, amplifier on, set to the correct input, DVD player on) etc.

The one thing that nobody else has mentioned (that I could see) is the "Help" feature on the remote. If, for example, you hit the "Watch DVD" activity (described above) but you're not pointing the remote in the correct direction, then perhaps your amplifier doesn't switch on. Press "Help" and the remote will prompt you whether the TV is on (yes), whether the amplifier is on (no) - and then it will re-send the appropriate signal to switch the amplifier on. It then asks if the problem has been resolved - if not, you can carry on stepping through all the options in the activity. Clever stuff, and very helpful if your family aren't the kind of people who can't/won't work out why the DVD isn't playing properly!

In summary, this was a fantastic purchase - a steep initial outlay, yes, but ultimately very rewarding... particularly with the huge reduction in clutter and remote-confusion.
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on 8 September 2008
I've had this remote since pretty much the week it came out and I love it. It has proved to be everything the spiel claims, and far better value for money than expected. I like my gadgets, but even I wondered if £130 (back then) was perhaps a touch profligate for a remote; the other half was utterly convinced it was. She has since revised her opinion :-)

When I bought it it was to control a Samsung TV, Sky HD, and an xbox 360. And it did the job well. These days I have it controlling an Onkyo surround sound amp, a Panasonic TV, Sky HD, an xbox 360, a Sony VCR/DVD combo player, and a Squeezebox, with an intelliplug behind them all. Oh, and my Macbook too...

It does exactly what any good gadget should do, which is provide power and flexibility without sacrificing usability. Simple activities are simple to set up ("Watch TV" turns the TV on), while complex activities are only as time-consuming to figure out as they would be to do with the origianl remotes. My most complex activity is probably "Play Wii" which means "turn the TV on; change to component input; turn the amp on; change to squeezebox input; turn the squeezebox on; go to squeezenetwork; play BBC 6music; turn the TV volume up".

Even without using the activities, just as a traditional universal remote it's still far and away the best I've used. Since buying it I have twice bought other devices which were so new they didn't appear in the device database -- but the first appeared within a week, the second took about 4. Not that it really matters, because I programmed it from a similar device (and a little help from the original remote) on the first day. It's really so easy.

Friends still baulk at the price I paid for a remote control, but it doesn't take long for them to be impressed and tempted themselves. Showing them colour logos of my favourite Sky channels right there on the remote's scren is normally the clincher.

This remote rocks. I have no hesitation recommending it.
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on 27 May 2008
I bought this remote partly based on the reviews here on Amazon.
In the past, when buying technology, I am nearly always left with a feeling that its not quite what I expected or not quite value for money.

Well... the Harmony one has been a revelation!

Like many who have written here before I have far too many remotes that require pressing so that I can watch TV or play a DVD etc.
Fortunately I (mostly) remember which ones need pressing and when.

My wife struggles and complains to anyone who listens that she cannot do a simple thing like watching the news due to the number of commands required.

I have even made a "crib sheet" with pictures of remotes and buttons to press for guests and house sitters.

My Harmony one turned up on Friday and the first impression is the packaging - wow. Such a feeling of quality.
The remote itself carries on this theme - a truly beautiful thing.

Setting up was easy, just follow the instructions.
Having a list of devices is key to success here.

Then it just worked!

This however is just the beginning.
The configurations options are immense.

In my setup
Sony Bravia TV
Sony AV amp
Sky HD
Sony CD player
Toshiba DVD

The Sky backup button didn't seem to be configured.
By editing the button assignments I mapped the SKY backup button to the "prev" key a sort of arrow doing a U turn.
I also mapped backup to "exit" just in case the U turn arrow was not obvious enough.

Next it was the Green and Red buttons to + and E at the bottom of the remote.

When viewing an Activity it is possible to create favourites (eg channels) so now I have 12 different shortcuts (over 2 screens) for the most used channels.
These can be renamed to suit.
Some channels have pre-determined icons or you can upload your own.

I have also created function buttons that operate "sequences" so that it is possible to switch off the AV amp and switch to the TV sound or the other way around.

The unit is rechargeable - so as long as you put it in the cradle you will never suffer from flat batteries again

All in all a fabulous bit of kit.

Brilliant - go buy one - now !!!
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