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4.5 out of 5 stars93
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 19 June 2008
Wow. This film is just...Wow. Although it won an Academy Award for Makeup, the fact that it was a horror film probably prevented it being deservedly nominated for Best Picture, Director, Actor, Actress, Screenplay and Effects. The somewhat smoother and less gory Silence Of The Lambs would finally kick down the Academy door for horror films just a few years later - perhaps The Fly's excellence prepared the way for the later film? The Fly has everything: humour, drama, horror, romance, tragedy; the lot. It's a complete cinematic (emotional) experience, reflected in the enthusiasm of its creators during their extensive interviews (amongst this edition's many extra features). The Cinema Reserve Edition packages the dvds in a very elegant, slim tin case - if only all dvds could be packaged this way. 5 Stars all the way.
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on 26 October 2013
Jeff Goldblum at his best in this laid back genius role, living in an apartment/laboratory experimenting with one or two "pods" with his "teleporting" projects, when a housefly gets involved by flying into the pod, the forthcoming results end up with a human size fly full of the slimy goo you get when you squash a fly, see this to believe it,
Geena Davis provides the glamour with a sublime pout of those perfect lips in her role as a local reporter,
The end has to be predictable of course, we can't do with life size house fly's in society.
Summing up this film is very well done, be afraid.
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on 25 July 2009
Well the movie is excellent. It's a really nasty horror flick with an excellent storyline & is well acted & directed. I find it frustrating when I read reviews from people expecting all bluray movies to look like a 2009 summer blockbuster, this was made over 20 years ago. Bluray is not all about sharp, saturated looking picures but about showing the movie as close as possible to how the director intended it. Movies are highly compressed from the origional print which leads to a loss in quality, Bluray disc's are huge which means far less compression & much higher quality. That's what bluray is about. This movie looks fantastic for its age, I'm sure as good as it looked in the cinema at the time, Maybe better. This version is presented in Full screen 16.9 aspect ratio, no black bars.
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on 29 December 2011
Yes believe it or not, there are moments in this film I've actually found to be quite funny, as well as frightening.
Though it's not that frightening because it's not believable, it's ridiculous, but a ridiculously good movie.
The part where Veronica is dreaming that she's given birth to a wriggling maggot is actually hilarious, because it shows that Seth is the worst thing that's ever happened to her, ha ha'. Think of Seth at the beginning of the movie, to the way he is at the end, a total disaster area, God it's funny. Yes it's disturbing, it's emotional, but it's down right funny.
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VINE VOICEon 12 May 2009
The fly remains one of the best Cronenberg films, helped in no small way by an excellent performance by Jeff Goldblum, capturing the psychlogical deterioration of Seth Brundle perfectly. Most of the film has not aged too much, due to the simple but high quality effects used for the first three quarters of the film, the excellent makeup work, but overall because it relies on it's actors and a solid screeplay.
Where the film does start to look dated is from the moment Brundle splits apart and the fly puppet shuffles around, and compared with the latex work of Carpenter's The Thing, also from the same sfx period, it's not dated well at all (but not worth removing a star for). However, although the jewel in the crown at the time, it's no more ridiculous looking than some of the CGI that will date many otherwise great films around today (yes I Am Legend - I'm looking at you). So if you're not a Cronenburg fan, why would you watch an old 80's horror flick which crescendo's in a pile of dodgy latex? Jeff Goldblum is truly amazing in this film - he completely convinces you his character is mutating into something monstrous - not just to look at, but inside too - yet he still manages to give some flashes of his character's lingering humanity. Geena Davis is excellent too, her reactions to Brundle's changes are perfect - mingling disgust and symapthy against a backdrop of mounting horror. This was (in my opinion) Cronenberg's most mature film at the time he made it, because his focus is clearly on the character development, and although some of the horror later on is pretty familiar to fans, I don't get the impression that he was too fixated on that - his focus is on Brundle's deterioration.
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on 31 July 2004
This supurb re-make of the 1958 horror classic, 'The Fly' manages to deliver to the audience ample amounts of both blood and gore, along with some brilliant special effects and some great acting from all the cast. All this has managed to make 'The Fly' a classic in itself.
Seth Brundle, an un-heard of scientist and inventor, manages to create a teleport system that can split objects up and then reasemble them at the other telepod. After a few ajustmants to his invention, Seth prepares to teleport himself, however just as he is about to do so, a house fly some how gets into the machine with him, and both are split up and reassembled, creating the ultimate big bug, Brundlefly.
Slowly strange things start to happen to him. First he develops incredible strength and actually manages to rip the wrist off of a guy with who he has a wrestling match. Then he starts to grow weird hairs on his back which are thick and very sharp. Over the next few weeks, his body completely deteriorates until his teeth, ears, and fingernails have all dropped off and his skin is completely deformed, until finally his entire face and body just drop off him, revealing the huge fly that he has become.
In this film there are some really good special effects, for example when he finds out that he can only eat by vomiting powerful enzymes that break down food, and decides to use that on his girlfriends boss when he comes with a shotgun to kill him. Another special effect that i thought was really something, was right at the end when all his deformed face, actually drops off. The way that thay made that happen was brillaint, and to me, looked very real in deed. One of the special effects that was not quite so good was the actual fly itself at the end which didn't really look that real, but if you just accept it for what its supposed to be, your enjoyment is not at all spoiled.
Jeff Goldblum is really good in one of his first movie roles, as the inventor who finds himself in a bit of a mess when his ears and other parts of his anatomy start to drop off before his very eyes. Geena Davis is also convincing as the girlfriend of Seth, AKA Brundlefly who at the end finds out that she is pregnant with his baby!
Overall 'The Fly' which has now become an all time classic horror movie should really entertain most audiences, and for any kind of horror fans, this film is definately in the most-have catagory. Just the right balance of blood, gore, suspence, and a little romance, this film has somthing to please most people, and you will find that it is in fact a valuble edition to anyones film collection.
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on 30 September 2007
The Fly marks the central point of David Cronenberg's distinguished directorial career so far. He would achieve a certain tabloid notoriety a decade later with the laughable Crash, but this story of loner scientist Seth Brundle's (Jeff Goldblum) fusion with a house fly strikes the perfect balance between Cronenberg's ongoing exploration of squishy body parts and mainstream cinema's demands for high concept genre conventions.

It would first appear that the genre in question is horror. Indeed, many of the final scenes, including the gooey Grand Guignol ending, are straight from the splatter canon. There is method to this madness: Seth is dying - literally falling apart; and the insect in him - brutal, totally without compassion or table manners - is taking over. Off go his ears and out fall his teeth. And yet Brundlefly's heart remains untouched - except, that is, by his writer girlfriend, Ronnie (Geena Davis). Here amongst Chris Walas's fantastic make-up is an old-fashioned Hollywood love story. Perhaps that's why audiences have found The Fly the most accessible of his films: because, whether through straightforward exposition or blood-soaked metaphor, an affecting story of love and jealousy shines through. By the end, you won't be certain you've watched a horror film at all. You may also be convinced that life is a 75-year process of decay, but that's Cronenberg's trick: deep meanings in simple, stark images.
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on 22 August 2009
I was once again really impressed with this film, which scores very highly both as a horror movie and a romance story - not often you can say that! jeff Goldblum and Geena Davis have never been better in anything else I've seen them in, and on Blu-ray the film comes to life very vividly. The extras are great too, particularly the exhaustive documentary that lasts over 2 hours. Not a film that my mum would enjoy, but a must for any horror fan and a steal at this price.
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on 29 March 2012
Though in many ways The Fly can be seen to stand alongside The Thing as an effects heavy, science fiction horror movie, scratch beneath the surface and you'll find one of the most intruiging, sad, and moving films in both genre's. Jeff Goldblum's performance as eccentric and ultimately doomed scientist Seth Brundle is an acting masterclass. He injects so much humanity and pathos into a character that could easily have been a silly movie monster, instead, Brundle's transformation mentally and physically is made all the more moving,as the audience cares deeply about the character. Watching Brundle lose his body and slowly lose his mind to the basic insect nature of the fly is incredibly sad and deeply affecting. Through this transformation Cronenberg manages to introduce many themes, A.I.D's, aging, the human condition, romance, sexuality. What could have been a simple horror film is turned into a sad and desperate character study of a dying man. Geena Davis is brilliant as Brundle's terrified girlfriend, and John Getz is great in a key supporting role. If you are looking for a horror movie with great creature effects, then The Fly won't dissapoint, and although they have definitely aged, Chris Walas's work is still vivid and terrifying. A fantastic movie that is sure to stay with you long after the credits roll.
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on 3 February 2007
This is quite easly one of the best sci-fi/horror movies and remakes ever made. The first half of the film is very much science fiction as scientist Seth Brundle (Jeff Goldblum-Jurassic Park) and Journalist Veronica Quaife (Geena Davis-Thelma and Louise) study and invent a teleportation device that will transport things over a distace by dissasembling the matter and then reassembling it. However, the film becomes a horror (and even a tragedy) when Seth tries the device out on himself, not noticing a small house fly, an fuses with it. At first Seth thinks this is great as he gains strength and agility, but soon his body begins to crumble and he undergoes a slow and horrific transformation into a monster. The film has incredible special effects (the film won an Academy Award for make up) and a great love story in the middle, which makes the transformation all the more scary. The film is a landmark is sci fi and horror, with scenes that will make you feel very uneasy, I would warn you that the final scene of the film is not for the faint of heart.
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