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on 16 May 2008
My Dyson DC25 Animal has just arrived and within minutes I had it put together and had given it a trial on the sitting room rug. I was amazed. I had forgotten what the real colour of the rug is, and a good once over almost filled the dirt container! At least a cup of sand came out of the carpet and at least a whole dog moult, even though I had regularly vacuumed with my old machine. And I haven't even used the animal mini turbine head yet! I am delighted. The Dyson is so easy to use and the power is impressive. The machine has a heavier feel than I expected but that is probably necessary for it to sit down hard on the carpet, and it has a very solid feel. I have yet to try how it goes on the stairs but the wand is easy to use and it is great to have the extra tools on the machine in their little places - no more hunting from room to room to see where I last left the crevice tool! The dirt container doesn't seem to be very big but emptying it is a breeze, one click to release it from the machine and one click to deposit the dirt in bin or bag without getting your hands dirty - and no more having to stock up with bags. All in all it's a cracking machine and I think I'm going to be very happy with it.
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on 8 July 2010
After sterling service our 10 year old DC04 recently died. A new Dyson was the only option I considered and after reading reviews of all the current models I went for the DC25 Animal (not that we have pets, but bizarrely at the time I bought it the Animal model was cheaper than the standard DC25). This review is mainly for those considering upgrading from an older-model Dyson to give you an idea of the differences, pros and cons you might come across.

The first big difference is the ball. When this first appeared a few years ago I must admit I dismissed it as a bit of a gimmick - after all, I'd not had any major issues manoeuvring my DC04. When I first used this machine I was a little disappointed - it didn't seem to be as easy to turn as I'd been led to believe. However I soon found this was because I was trying to turn it like my old machine - sort of pushing it around the corners. Once you realise that all you need to do is turn your wrist it's a revelation! So if you have an older wheeled Dyson, you'll need to concentrate on your wrist action for a while until it comes naturally!

Aesthetically it looks even more futuristic than the original models. When our 3 year old first saw it he said it looked like "a robot space ship". It really is like an engineering sculpture - and you'll either love it or loathe it accordingly. To lower it from its standing position to its vacuuming position you need to press a footplate at the back, not press onto the front of the brush bar as with older models and that takes a little getting used to. On the plus side, when it arrives in its box and needs a little assembly existing Dyson owners won't have any issues as you'll be used to the Dyson hose/wand and dirt bin concepts.

The most noticeable change is in the suction power - it's enormous. Upgrading from a DC04 to a DC25 is as big a leap as going from an old bagged upright to the DC04 in the first place. Carpets are more groomed than before and using the wand and hose picks up absolutely everything - no place to hide from this one! A big improvement is the motorised brush bar - no more replacing burnt out belts if you tangle something in the brush. The motor will stop if it senses a tangle until you remove it, plus the see-through casing to the brush bar means you can immediately tell if something has caught. It also means you can turn off the brush bar, allowing you to use the DC25 on hard floors (wood, laminate, vinyl, tiles, etc) and more delicate rugs and so on. So much easier than early fixed or manual adjust models.

Being the Animal model you also get a mini-turbine head. This is basically a mini brush bar unit for the wand that is powered by the suction through the hose. It's very good at removing fluff and hair (as well as general dirt) from stairs, stair risers, upholstery and cars. We don't have hairy pets at the moment but it's proved its worth on our stairs which have recently taken a hammering from tradespeople we've had in doing work in one of the bedrooms.

So are there downsides if you are upgrading? Well, there are some things that you'll need to get used to. Firstly the dirt bin is much smaller, so will need more frequent emptying. However the bin empties by the whole bottom of the bin opening - so that should be a lot less dusty than it used to be. The filters (2 of them) need washing in cold water at least every three months (compared to one filter every 6 months before). The hose is not as long as the DC04. I used to be able to take the wand off, attach the upholstery/stair tool and stretch all the ay to the top of the stairs. The DC25 hose stops 2 stairs from the top. The wand on the DC25 is long and excellent for reaching up to high places (it de-cobwebbed the ceiling at the top of the stairs for the first time in a decade!) but it's not at all flexible and the tools you put on the end of it won't always fall at the right angle for the surface you want to clean.

On the positive side the DC25 is slightly lighter, easier to manoeuvre, has more powerful suction, more flexible cleaning across all floor types, more compact to store and comes with a 5 year Dyson parts and labour guarantee.

In summary, if you have a DC04 that's not cutting it any more or dies a death then the DC25 makes a fantastic replacement. If your DC04's still doing well and you're happy with it, well I don't feel there's any need to upgrade just yet given the price of new Dysons. Having said that I'm very happy indeed with my DC25 and it fits perfectly between the lower-powered lightweight models and the bigger (and more expensive and heavier) ones and I think it's good value for money if you need to get a new one.
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on 10 January 2009
I must admit I do have a reputation of being a vacuum cleaner killer. If you look at my other reviews the last few years have seen me fall out with several cleaners which have either not performed or have blown up! However, with the Dyson 025 Animal I think I might have met my match!

It really is a brilliant machine. The suction is fantastic - I vacuumed a rug with my old Vax Mach 3 machine then went over with the Dyson and you should have seen the extra dust etc it extracted. It lifted the pile too.

Also the manoeuvrability is second to none. I wondered if the 'ball' was a bit of a gimmick, but the ease at which I can get into all the nooks and crannies of my house almost makes vacuuming a pleasure. Also it has a really low front bar so you can get underneath raised furniture really well.

It comes with a 5 year guarantee which gives me peace of mind that this investment was money well spent.

Both my mother and mother-in-law (who own 3 'non-ball' Dyson's between them) are now quite envious of my new toy. So if it goes missing in the night I will know where to look!
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on 5 February 2009
I ordered the DC25 animal yesterday and it arrived at 11.00am this morning - what fantastic service! It came in one long box and was easy to assemble with only 3 parts which simply clicked into place. Within 5 minutes of having it delivered, I began happily vacuuming around the house! I have been suffering with Hoover 1900w vacuum for sometime which kept cutting out and overheating. Oh the joy to have a proper vacuum cleaner again. It may be sad or more worryingly that my carpets and floor are very dirty, but it was such a delight to see the dirt the DC25 had picked up on its first journey around the house. Because of the fantastic ball design it's an absolute joy to use of wooden and tiled flooring and is great a swivelling around corners. Pricey? Yes. However, buying a cheaper vacuum is definitely false economy as we sadly found out, but this one should last for years and is covered by a 5 year guarantee AND it makes hoovering a pleasure again.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 29 September 2009
Read all the positive reviews then come back to this one for a little while.
Don't get me wrong, I love the Dyson product, but with this new ball technology they have gone a bit backwards I feel.
Let me whinge
It's easy to set up, but in order to use the hose you have to practically dismantle the thing.
The ball is great for cornering, but can be unstable if you have slight mobility issues as I have. It is also hard on the wrists if you have a large or complicated area to work with.
The cable is shorter than the last dyson animal I owned, making me have to change plugs a lot more.
The bag area is far smaller. It is easier to clean out, BUY you have to do it more often than before - I used to get away with cleaning the whole of the house (with four dogs, one old smelly cat and a husband in it) with just one bag-dump, but this one is about once per room, so not good.
The clicky foot-pedal gets irritating and is so FUSSY about being in the exact position, it drives me mad.
And although the brush bar is easier to clean, you still have to wrestle it out and grub around on the floor to do so.

Let me praise
It is lighter than the other dyson, so better to shove around
It does seem to pick up more than the old one
It does have a removeable brush bar which is easier to clean of dog hair.

There you go, my thoughts on it. I would prefer an old version thank you!
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on 31 July 2008
This hoover is brilliant, I have an Alaskan Malamute and believe me they shed! their hair gets everywhere and it's not easy to get up off carpet and rugs but this hoover is fantastic and i'm not forever going over the same bit just to get some hair, it makes cleaning soooo much easier. highly reccommend! as for the price, atleast it's got 5 year garantee, which is great. If you've got a big hairy pet this hoover is for you! :-)
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on 2 April 2009
I bought this product and built it up within two minutes. Having had Dyson before I was keen to replace the old model DC05 with a more upto date version. My main reason was that I have a baby on the way and also have cats so did not want cat hairs all over the baby. The power was immense and on the first vac, one rug filled the bucket three times from a rug that i thought was "clean" from my DC05

I was debating the all floors model or this animal version initially. What i did not know until i used it was that this animal model also has a facility/ function to use on hard floors as well as carpets. 2 in 1 bonus!!!!!
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on 25 April 2008
After our DC04 gave up the ghost we decided to look around for a new vacuum - I like Dysons but my wife found the DC04 to be heavy and cumbersome. This new DC25 Animal is great - the same "Ball" concept as the DC15 but much more compact - not too tiny like the DC24 which would only be of use in a flat due to the tiny dust bin. The only downside with these latest Dysons is they have shorter power cables so you need to change socket for different rooms but that's just me being lazy. In short this is really powerful cleaner and with a 5 year guarantee should last a bit longer than the DC04.
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on 19 August 2008
I needed a new vauum cleaner and have a springer spaniel who does moult constantly. I also have 4 month old twins so cleaning ability and cleanliness were top of my list of priorities. I read the previous reviews and decided to order the DC25-Animal. It arrived the next day (great service)and was very easy to assemble. I had hoovered yesterday so was not expecting to see much. Oh my goodness - I filled the collecting box with only the hall, dining room and sitting room. It made me feel quite queasy that all that hair and dust was there on what looked like a clean carpet. The machine is light, quiet, and easy to manoeuvre, with no doggy vacuum smells. Seemed expensive but I am so glad I went for this product.
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on 24 February 2009
Whilst I agree with a lot of the positive comments,there are a few drawbacks: It is to high to go under a lot of furniture; It catches on the underside of the kitchen cabinets; cleaning the stairs requires a seperate tool to be bought and is hard work as the extending hose is very strong to ensure it returns to the right size to fit back on the machine and lastly the cylinder is small necessitating frequent emptying. Hope this helps
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