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Customer Reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars38
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 16 July 2007
Let's get the negatives out the way. The Daft Punk influence is overwhelming at times, and there are a few average tracks on this album. But for a dance music artist album (remember how bad these often are) it is still exceptional. If you are going to model yourself on someone, Daft Punk isn't a bad place to start. Rock musicians are allowed influences without people griping, and let's not forget the whole point of dance music in the first place was to sample and reshape what was already there. Also, most people who have made good dance music in the last ten years have had some sort of DP influence stirred in.

As for the production style, anyone who says it's cheap is an idiot - the mix of low fi and hi fi is completely deliberate. Also, the combination of danceability and musical complexity is impressive. Yes, it might be challenging at times, but it's not exactly Aphex drill and bass, is it? What makes it different, possibly unsatisfying to the disco zombies amongst us, is that it's not always loop-based. So tracks might start in one place but... oh God... end up... somewhere else! Wow - how pretentious. Let's shoot them before they do it again.
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on 25 September 2007
It may have been mentioned already, but Daft Punk, take note, this is how Human After All should have been.
You can't ignore the daft punk influence present on this album, but its done very well, and isn't just a rip off either.
There's variety too with the radio friendly D.A.N.C.E.
Fav track would the awsome opener Genesis.
If you was left wanting after daft punk's latest lp, purchase this asap.
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on 19 June 2007
I've never been moved to write a review here, let alone starting one three songs into an album, but this just blew me away. It's apocalyptic disco - apocalisco if you will - the sound of a widescreen cinematographically lush death march through the grand canyon, with an orchestra of delicious slap bass licks and drill solos (the song 'Let There Be Light' alone sounds like it must have taken a fair few Black and Deckers to make), all mixed in with a healthy dose of classic era Michael Jackson or Daft Punk.

I'm not going to say there's no filler, but I am going to say that at its best it's stunning. I don't think I've ever heard anything by turns as cinematic and danceable at the same time. Deserves to be huge. Make it happen, people.
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on 9 December 2007
Cross is the Debut album from French dance outfit, Justice, who are bringing to you an album of fuzzy in your face electronic dance music. Their sound relates closely to that of fellow French music pioneers, Daft Punk. Cross is very post Daft Punk, particularly post Homework era Daft Punk in its sound, crammed with huge volumes of distortion, synths and slap bass, all put together in a slightly offbeat manner, with experimental sounds thrown in for good measure.

Herein lies a problem: Justice are very unoriginal in their musical style and image. It will be difficult for any die hard music fan to listen to their album and be blown away by it (despite it actually being pretty good), because it's a sound that people have heard before. It all feels a bit samy.

Effectively, Cross is a good party album, that you can put on your CD player at a party (or Ppaarrttyy) and people can dance to, but won't wow anyone with it's stylistic originality. There are very few weak points throughout, and for the faults it does have, Cross is still a solid and enjoyable listen. There's enough here to satisfy, but a knock out, it ain't.
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on 20 July 2007
The French music scene may have seen a recent explosion in angular guitar bands (check out Les Teenagers), but there has been little challenge to Daft Punk's crown as kings of Gallic dance. Now, we have genuine contenders to the throne. Justice take their predecessors' knack for infectious electronica and cut it with a darker vein of schizophrenic blitz-pop.
`Cross' opens with, appropriately enough, `Genesis', a forboding guttural chime seguing into a dark pop masterpiece: chilling but effortlessly cool. `Stress' ups the anti with a beat that threatens to actually excavate your bowels - in a good way.
However, the album has its lighter moments, notably, the insidious children's chant that drives the single `D.A.N.C.E.' and the cut up hip-hop that is `Newjack'. `Carpates', meanwhile, is built on such a driving beat that it almost makes me want to jump on a treadmill and make like that Ok Go video. Almost.
Needless to say, there have been few albums released this year that I would regard as essential. With seven months gone, Justice tops the pile.
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on 18 January 2008
Wow. This album is just phenomenal. Massive production, massive tunes, original beats and bass. Anyone that has even a slight interest in electronic dance music must buy this album.

At first it made me prick my ears up, then it made me excited. The third listen it just grabbed me and threw me around the room.

There are a bundle of dark, dirty, electro beats to keep you coming back for more, a couple of happy (Daft Punk type) ditty's in the middle to calm it all down and it finishes with some of the most unique and dare I say very strange (in a good way) tracks.

Highlights are Genesis, D.A.N.C.E., Phantom, Phantom pt2 (remixed by Radio Soulwax) and Waters of Nazareth is one of the strangest, darkest, dirtiest pieces of electo house I've heard.

The bar has been raised. Can the likes of Digitalism, Simian Mobile Disco, The Prodigy, etc, etc keep up. They will have a hard time trying.

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on 13 August 2007
This album simply brilliant. Any fan of electronic music, dance music would really appreciate it's uniqueness, and the variation between songs is amazing.

There are some songs that really are not as good as the rest in my opinion. These would be Valentine, The Party, and DVNO. These are very disappointing songs... but then Stress kicks in and your back in awe of Justice.

Highlights of this album would be the opener Genesis, Phantom Part 2 and Waters Of Nazareth, but Cross is shining in quality and originality throughout, and there is no doubting that they put on great live shows.

I don't know what else to say! I highly recommend this album... Justice are setting a new standard for electronic music. I really wasn't into dance music before I bought Cross, but this is revolutionary. I might sound like im going over the top but just buy this album and you will not regret it!
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on 16 June 2007
I've Been impressed by pretty much everything I've heard from this French duo for the past few years. Their tunes have been rocking club nights all over the world and their debut LP does not disappoint. At first listen, this has all the hallmarks of a genre defining album like Daft Pumk's 'Homework'. So if you've been disheartened by Daft Punk offerings of late this album will certainly quench your thirst for that mix of funk, 80's chic, filthy synths and insatiable beats.

Just from the grand intro of 'Genesis' into the raw but emotional relentlessness of 'Let There Be Light' you know you're listening to something a bit special. The single 'D.A.N.C.E' is probably the most commercially accessible in the same school as the very successful 'We Are Your Friends' but still maintains that aura of french chic. By the time you reach the bass and distorted synth overload that is 'Waters of Nazareth' you'll be gagging for more.

Expect this to be THE dance album of 2007.
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on 20 August 2009
Whoever likes Daft Punk combined with a few harder rhythms likely will love Justice, but comparisons like this could also be misleading.
In general it's a very creative album, most of the tracks are danceable, a few come with a sympathetic French touch. The first track 'Genesis' is a real genesis when you put the cd in your player for the first time.
The only song not fitting there is 'Valentine' which sounds as if another French band Air, but here with tooth ache, had overtaken the studio while recording it. 'Stress' on the other hand sounds like a genuine Chemical Brothers track (Push The Button, Galvanize).
Two tracks are even used on game soundtracks, which would be 'Waters Of Nazareth' (GTA IV) , also being the best song in my opinion, and 'Genesis' (Need For Speed - Undercover); this is how I originally discovered Justice.
This cd is made for loud listening. I fully recommend it to people listening to Electro. At least half of the songs should be on the normal Electro DJ's playlist.
The one cd I love more is their live album 'A Cross The Universe' - go check it out, too!
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on 7 January 2008
Justice are a duo of electronic music producers hailing from Paris. They struck gold in 2006 with their collaboration with Simian on 'We Are Your Friends' and now return with their first studio album.

Cross is a frenetic journey into electronica, with a sound not too dissimilar to that of their compatriots Daft Punk. The album combines vocal electronica (such as 'D.A.N.C.E.', 'The Party' and 'DVNO') with dark melecholic moments ('Stress', 'Waters of Nazereth') and some distinctily French upbeat electro for good measure ('New Jack, 'Genesis', 'The Phantom pts 1 & 2').

The whole album drives from its name and has a distinct gothic Christian/sub-religious sound with organs and bible moments throughout. If everyone worshipped at the church of electro, this would be the soundtrack.

Standout tracks are 'Genesis', 'Phantom Pt 2', 'Stress' and 'Waters of Nazereth'
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