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3.6 out of 5 stars62
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 February 2014
A couple of college students known only as Girl and the are travelling home to Delaware the day before Christmas Eve.

They're on a frozen road that Guy is convinced is a scenic short-cut. In the middle of nowhere in below freezing conditions they are run off the road by a hit and runner.

They soon realise they're caught in a supernatural bubble where a crime from 1953 is doomed to repeat itself, year after year threatening new victims.

Guy attempts to walk back to the last petrol station but his wounds from the crash are worse than he let on.....

So this film is basically 'Dead End' for teens, and apart from the fact that Blunt is amazing in this, it has little else going for it, just two people sitting in a car getting haunted by waxworks and Martin Donovan.

It had so much potential, the setting is moody, and the fact that guy picked up girl for no reason other that he wanted her, could have been a strong story on its own, but they had to go down the supernatural route and just convolut the whole thing.

In the end it just becomes too mundane about what the ghosts had or hadn't done, and you give up caring who lives or who dies.

Worth watching for Blunt, nothing else.
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on 22 July 2009
Although this seemed to start off a little slowly, it did pick up pace and became a bit of a nailbiter. There was one part though that really made me jump, but I'm not going to say in case I spoil it for someone else. The ending also made me feel a little sad. It isn't full of gore and girls screaming and running up the stairs, it does have a lot more going for it than that. An enjoyable plot with some scary moments in it.
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on 12 July 2008
Wind Chill is a surprise gem; I picked it up cheap, expecting it to be yet another low budget, pretentious horror movie with a female model thrown in for sex appeal... but, like many it appears, I was pleasantly surprised.

Wind Chill has accomplished what many others have failed. It's taken the worn-out 'never-ending road' genre, and turned it into a really good little fright flick.

For a few years now, the film industry has seemed to believe that blood and gore is the way forward. Wind Chill perfectly proves that blood and gore is not what makes a good, scary film.

Wind Chill is a lot more frightening than things like Halloween in my opinion. The jumps are well timed, the scares are properly thought through, the acting is passable and the direction seems competent enough. All this tied together with a provocative circular plot: and you've got yourself a great little thriller.

This is one of the most brooding and atmospheric films I've seen, and a total breath of fresh air for horror fans. Make sure you see Wind Chill.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 October 2012
During the first 45 minutes of this film, mentally I was already preparing a five star review. During the next 25 minutes, I progressively amended it to a four stars one - and after suffering through the last 15 minutes, I mercilessly dropped one more star and I am not picking it up...

This film tells basically a very simple story of two college students who travel together on 23 December of an unknown year (somewhere after 2005). The Girl (Emily Blunt) needs to go to Delaware to be on time for Christmas. The Guy (Ashton Holmes) goes in that direction and agrees to take her with him in his old jalopy filled with junk (he is a philosophy student who just got kicked from his appartment...). The Girl is a clever, serious, no-nonsense young lady, majoring in engineering, not exactly very hot but certainly interesting in a "smart is sexy" kind of way. On another hand the Guy is a kind of insecure nerdy jerk and because of that there is not much joyful chattering during the voyage - instead there are some rather strange conversations and some pretty awkward silences... Finally the Girl starts to have a kind of bad feeling about the Guy, who seems to have his own agenda, of not exactly Christmasy nature, and the tension starts to rise...

Surprisingly, the first 45 minutes of film, during which finally not so much happens, are the best part of it. The uncomfortable atmosphere in the car and the rising tension between the Girl and the Guy are an unexpected treat, especially when things escalate into some verbal sniping on both sides. Both Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes gave a great show in this part of the film... When finally the crisis breaks, this film was going into the direction of minor masterpiece - but sadly, at this precise moment the director clearly started to lose control of the movie, exactly as if he was a driver of an old car driving at night on an icy road...

The events of next 25 minutes, of which I will not say more, are certainly rather dramatic, quite well filmed and they first follow a rather logical scenario, without any too visible plot holes. But quite fast things get extremely weird - too weird in my opinion. But still, even that part of the film was rather decent. I certainly feared at that moment greatly for those persons, who were in danger - and I thought that I would give four stars to the film as a whole...

Well, this was before the last 15 minutes started - and oh boy, was I surprised how bad this final part was! The director here tried to pile too much and as a result he overdid it... And I certainly completely hated the ending!

So all in all, it is a pretty decent film, in fact better than I really expected and I do not regret having watched it - but just be prepared for an unsatisfying finale and ending.
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on 11 January 2010
I originally caught this because of the fabulous Emily Blunt, but it turned out to be a nicely appropriate flick when home alone on a snowy night... And as I have a ridiculously short attention span, I was pleasantly surprised when I realised I'd sat there for 90mins completely hooked.

The basic plot is 'road trip goes wrong' but the characters are well written and well-played (you're never quite sure who to trust for a long time), the twists and turns play out well and the ending made sure it stuck with me.

The relationship between the characters is nicely drawn, there are some simple ideas used to very good effect and I can't say much more without dropping spoilers... Definitely recommended.
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on 30 October 2008
A girl hitches a lift off a boy from college in order to get home for Christmas. Their relationship is fractuous right from the start, and worsens when she finds out he has lied about where he lives, and she really starts to worry when he starts revealing personal details about her, that he could not possibly know. After stopping at a Gas Station, the boy decides to take a short cut, which worries the girl about his intentions even more. As they argue, a car heads straight for them and sends their car spinning into the snow. They see figures passing in the snow, but when they call for help they get no response. Then a policeman appears at the window....
This has been compared to another horror film 'Dead End'. In that film, Ray Wise and family find themselves on a road where events keep re-occuring, and time stands still. Dead End has a fine acid humour running through it, whilst this film goes for a more straightlaced 'scare the viewer' approach. Both films are excellent, but I think I prefer the sombre, dark story that this film tells. The relationship between the boy and the girl starts off badly, gets worse, but then they start to rely on eachother as things take a turn for the worse, and they actually become quite close in their desperation. There are several 'jump in the seat' moments, and the whole film really builds up a great sense of dread in the viewer, as the horrible history of Road 606 is revealed to the trapped duo and the audience. It is a film that will stay in the mind long after it has been watched, and is intelligent, cerebral horror at its best. Great performances from Emily Blunt and Ashton Holmes too. A real treat, and a perfect film to watch at the midnight hour 5 out of 5
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Ah, yes, the old "who needs a ride?" trick to spend some quality time with a hot coed - why didn't I think of that when I was in college? You get your chance to wow and impress the girl, and she gets the ride home she needs without having to worry about riding a bus - everyone's happy, right? Not in this case - and that's putting it mildly. It makes for one terrific movie, though. I know some people won't embrace this story, but I loved it. Sure, it has a few rough edges, but it's a surprisingly intelligent, atmospheric, gripping little gem of a film. And, while it's more of a psychological thriller than a horror film per se, Wind Chill has its creepy moments. I don't know if I was just off my guard or tired or what, but this thing even elicited a small cry of surprise from my throat at one point - and that almost never, ever happens.

The best thing about Wind Chill - well, actually the best thing about it is Emily Blunt - but the next best thing is the film's ability to move in different directions at just the right time. Just when you think you have it all figured out, the story squirts right out of your arms like a greased pig. This makes the film a little more convoluted than some viewers might like, resulting in some confusion - despite the fact that I believe it spoon feeds you almost too much in the end. We're so used to the almost complete lack of creative ideas coming out Hollywood that your first instinct is to compare what you are seeing with other movies. The filmmakers in this case actually use that to the film's advantage, however. When you're wondering whether this is another Wrong Turn, The Hitcher, Jeepers Creepers, The Hills Have Eyes, etc., you're wonderfully vulnerable to this film's different transitions - and, in the end, I think Wind Chill manages to carve a nice little cozy niche for itself.

The main characters are not given names, so I'll be referring to them as Girl and Guy. Girl (Emily Blunt) is planning to take a bus home to Delaware over Christmas break, then follows up on someone's suggestion to check the message boards for a possible ride. That's how she ends up riding home with Guy (Ashton Holmes), and it is not an easy trip. For starters, she treats him rather shabbily, as she's in full ice queen mode; she can hardly be bothered to even talk to him. She also senses, right from the start, that something just isn't right about Guy; her sense of foreboding only increases when she learns that Guy knows things about her that he really shouldn't know. When Guy decides to suddenly leave the highway in favor of a "shortcut" in the form of a snow-covered country road, she reaches her breaking point and starts demanding answers from this fellow she now sees as a threat. Then everything changes in a heartbeat, as an accident leaves the pair stranded by the side of the exceedingly lonely road. The intensity of the film slowly builds to a feverish pitch from this point on. I won't go into any of the details, but it is clear that very strange doings are going on in the woods beside the road.

I was happily surprised by the level of intensity this film managed to generate and retain throughout. I really had no idea how the story would play out in the end until the film's final moments, and for that I have to give the director, writers, and actors all kinds of credit. Wind Chill simply refuses to ever let you get comfortable in your role as a viewer, and that makes it quite a rare commodity in today's horror market. It's also the only film I can think of that utilizes the philosophy of Nietzsche as an integral part of the story. This is truly one of those "we need more like this" horror films.
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on 30 June 2010
wow what a great movie loved every minute of that film keeps u on the edge of your seat some parts are a bit poor but the rest of the dvd is fab its a must watch
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on 8 August 2011
I say this is a great hidden gem as I'm not sure how well known it is. I'm usually in the know about any film along these lines, but alas I only found out it existed last week.

I'm glad I invested my time and watched it because it really is a good film. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure about the exchange between the two leads in the opening part of the movie, but I quickly got over that and really started to believe in the characters.

The film itself is really atmospheric and is best watched at night to sustain the tension. It's great that films like this are still getting made, it manages to stay clear of the usual cliches you tend to find in modern movies of this sort. You perhaps could argue some elements of the story are not entirely original, however I feel the film's different elements linked together very well and it made great use of it's location. I won't spoil the plot, suffice to say, I think it's better for anyone who hasn't seen the synopsis to forego reading it and just watch the film. All in all a 4/5 for me.
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on 3 March 2010
I'd heard of Wind Chill before watching it recently and I have to say I wished I'd watched it well before now. For some reason, I expected it to be a stupid teen horror full of stupid teens acting stupidly. It's anything but and while the two main cast members are college kids, this is way beyond Final Destination Part 985.

In short, a nameless college girl accepts a lift with a nameless college guy to get home for Christmas. It's a several hour drive; she's not too friendly and he varies from geeky to creepy. After half an hour of conversation and gradual build up, they get to an attempted shortcut in the snow and things change. They're stuck in the snow, leaking petrol, it's cold and dark...and they're on a `bad road'.

The leads play their parts well and quickly grow to become likeable (once we're given their motivation for being as they are to begin with), and the scenery and setting add hugely to the film's mood. And it's definitely refreshing to see a film that understands the atmospherics of horror.

If you like your horror with a gradual sense of dread rather than the gore for gore's sake of the yawnsome Saw etc, Wind Chill is for you.
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