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4.4 out of 5 stars59
4.4 out of 5 stars
Size: 77mm|Change
Price:£46.95+ Free shipping
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on 29 April 2013

I have seen reviews in various places and so wanted to purchase this filter. I then read a few reviews on amazon one which said that he got a drop of water on the lense, wiped it careflly with a soft cloth and the coating came off and he was massively disappointed and annoyed, as you'd expect. I wanted the filter to take shots around water i.e the sea, streams and river etc and found this review a concern but decided to risk it as the other reviews i'd read on the filter were so good.

So I receive my filter, take it on holiday go to the beach and take shots on the sea. I put the filter in my pocket whilst I was messing around setting up my shot, took the filter out and realised I had touched the filter glass and its had left a silvery fingerprint mark. I wiped it extremely carefully with a dry soft cloth and its just smudged making it worse. It looks like the coating has indeed come off. I was gutted! I carried on regardless as I was away and what could I do? At the end of the day I noticed spots have formed on my pictures from the spray of the sea on the filter and they had gone all silvery looking too, like the finger mark. I thought well, the filter is knackered now anyway so I got my cloth out and gave it a good rub, the thing looked horrendous, breathed on it a few times, kept rubbing and it turned back to gloss black and it was as good as new! Whenever you touch it or get a mark on it it really does look like the coating has come off, not just like its got a mark on it. The next day I went out again, placed the filter on my bag, my big nosey dog came along and put her wet 'sea nose' right on the glass. This time it really did look bad! I didn't have my cloth but i had a par or woolly gloves in my pocket, so a quick rub a few more breaths and a bit more rubbing and again, good as new.

Dont let the other reviews put you off in regard to the filter becoming damaged by rubbing with a cloth. It says dont use cleaning fluids on the packaging which I definitely wouldn't do on this filter but soft cloths are good no matter what kind of mark is on your filter. I hope the other guy didn't through his filter away! ;)

As for the filter itself, it doesn't change the colour of your shots at all. Some I have seen give a really blue tinge to the pictures. This one doesn't. I have it attached to my Canon 50D with a Hoya UV filter as well and still no vignetting is seen. Cant fault it. Its a great filter and worth every penny.....phew!

Hope this helps.
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on 15 August 2012
This is a very good quality filter for the price.
Unlike cheaper filters, it is multicoated so control of flare is very good. The colour is very neutral and I cannot detect any loss of definition.
The description of ND filters is very confusing, this one reduces the light entering the lens by 400 times which is 8.5 stops (2^8.5), about the minimum you need for slow shutter speeds in daylight to give pictures of running water, waves etc that milky look.
The filter ring is slightly thicker than on the Hoya Professional series which becomes important if you stack a second filter,where it causes vignetting with very wide lens angles. My ND4 (2 stops) plus the ND 400 gives the 10+ stops which is needed for very long exposures in bright sunlight.
My Lumix G1 is able to focus accurately through this filter and the image in the viewfinder is also quite good, a big problem for mirror SLRs.
So a great product, a slimmer design would get 5 stars
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on 5 September 2013
this is a great quality filter and works well for long exposures, however the problems come whilst using it. i used it at the beach for some long exposures and there where some slight water spots on the filter from the waves. the photos came out great but i couldnt get the tiny amount of water off because it says not to wipe it because it smudges the coating. we all know lenses can get marks on them and the fact you cant wipe it is annoying.
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on 4 August 2013
So at first I bought a cheap and filter set on eBay cost me the best part of a tenner they arrived I screwed all three of them on and took a photo, and it barely reduced it by a stop not to mention the horrible purple color cast, so after some long andin depth research iI decided to buy this filter, I got it and went and tested it out on a small stream near my house in bright daylight and I can easily get a 30 sec exposure at f22 and Iso100 in noon daylight which gives the milky water effect I was looking for, this filter has totally changed my landscape photos they are so much better now well worth it. No colour casts,can get 30 sec exposure In daylight, works brilliantly only cons are- I bumped it once and it cross threaded really easily but I fixed it soon after and all is now good, the other con is being a screw on filter it can be very fiddily when trying to line up an end grad at the same time.

If you are interested in getting that milky water look or improving your landscapes then this is the product for you very good!!!

so i was using this filter today and it slipped out of my hands from about 4 feet and landed onto concrete the glass separated from the metal thread filter piece. this happened very easily which is a bit of a bugger considering it is the first time i have remotely dropped it. so it is a good product for what it does but it is really quite fragile, so be warned!!!
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on 21 June 2014
Having read some reviews about this filter that said the coating and the filter itself are a bit fragile I handled it very carefully.
Its first usage was to do some long exposure shoreline shots. Took it from its holder, screwed it on the lens, took about 20 shots over the next 15 minutes, unscrewed it, put it back in its holder.

On viewing the images they seemed to have some sort of small white patches on them, so examined the filter and there were smallish pale spots on the filter. I realised it must be salt from the sea spray, although not very windy the salt in the air seemed to have set onto the filter. I have never had that happen with a lens. Must be something to do with the coating that causes the salt to "grab".

So how to clean it. Somewhat paranoid about how delicate it may be I just very lightly rinsed it under cold running water, then left it on a kitchen towel to dry. While this removed the spots of salt it did leave a bit of a misty mess on the filter. They say dont use any solvents on it so all I could think of doing it to very lightly buff it with a brand new camera lens cloth. This resulted in some of the smearing gone but also a half inch scratch across the middle.

While compared to some filters this isnt an expensive one, but for pushing £40 it really should be more resilient. Having the coating on the exterior is barmy, it should be sandwiched in the middle of the filter. I now have a worthless £40 filter.

There is no doubt to me that this filter is just too fragile for photography use, and as such I recommend avoiding it.
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on 7 March 2012
Filter is threaded on the front so more filters can be added ie; graduated,Cokin etc enabling long exposures in bright sunshine and gorgeous cloud definition, makes stormy seas look like mist. A must have.
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on 24 March 2012
This filter is very fun to use, and can cut light down dramatically in photos! I can usually manage about a 6-7 minute exposure on a cloudy day, which is more than enough. Another positive aspect of this filter is that it is much better than a similar ND filter that slides into a filter holder, as the screw on filter style reduces reflected light and dust problems.

The only downside to the product (to prevent me giving a 5-star rating) was that the filter gets dirty very quickly, and the unique coating makes cleaning it safely a challenging task.

The service was good; the product arrived within the standard delivery time, and was hand-packaged and addressed in a bubble-wrap lined envelope, which was a nice touch.

I recommend this product to any serious professional/hobbyist photographer in need of a strong neutral density filter - you won't find anything much better!
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on 15 July 2012
I just love it!!! All I can say is that I am very happy I purchased this filter. I am a long exposure lover and carry this filter with me every time I carry my camera, not during nights, though.

The filter is really dark and to get the right composition it has to be replaced from the lens. As soon as it mounted, nothing can be seen through the viewfinder. So even during a bright sunny day, you can get nicely blurred water or to capture the movements ... :)

I really recommend this product and would buy it again! :)
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on 10 June 2013
You always expect quality when buying a Hoya filter and this is no exception gives me stunning long exposure shots nice tight screw fir to my Nikon D90 18-105 lens. lots of use out of it Worth every penny.
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on 26 August 2014
In all honesty, I'd really like a Lee Big Stopper but they seem to be permanently out of stock at most places. In any case, they're a lot more expensive than this high quality 8.5 stop ND from Hoya.

I always shoot RAW so if there is any colour cast (I haven't properly evaluated this aspect yet), it will be easily correctable in post-processing, making it a non-issue to me.

If I want to use it with lenses with filter threads smaller than 77mm, I can always get step-up rings.
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