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4.5 out of 5 stars438
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 26 August 2014
Perhaps the best animated film of all time, well deserving of many repeat viewings. Much enhanced by 3D. However--disc was described as all region, and in fact turned out to be Region B locked, and not viewable with most US players. Fortunately I have access to an all region player, so was not a problem, but this misinformation must be corrected on your site!
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on 25 July 2009
My husband and I love good food (the food prepared by the professionals, of course, but we also love to cook), good wine, and lazy evenings at home watching good movies. If you do, too, then Ratatouille is for you. We wish that we could afford the wines mentioned in the film (they range from $2000 to $20,000), and the "Remy Method" of making ratatouille (layering the vegetables, covering them with sauce and baking them; I use a dutch oven) yields excellent results.

Oh, and the story itself is charming, the animation is wonderful, and all the characters have clear motivations without sacrificing personal depth. Yes, it is a G-rated movie, but that does not stop it from being nuanced and multi-layered, not to mention entertaining. I recommend it with a 2000 Medoc.
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on 2 June 2009
I really thought I'd hate this film when it came out; it looked to be just another piece of hyperbolic cartoon-animal silliness as is the trend these days. Happily though, the film was much more than this.

The premise is fairly simple: there is a rat, Remy, with refined gustatory senses who wants to cook and taste exquisite food rather than the muck his fellows eat. To this end, he contrives to enter a once reputable restaurant in Paris, prompted by the ghost(/figment of Remy's imagination) of the famous chef Gusteau (whom Remy deeply admires), who used to own that restaurant; and, after some complications, Remy ends up secretly showing the new (and inept) chef Linguini how to cook inspirational food once again.

The villains of the film are the bad-tempered, money pinching 'Skinner' (the present head of the restaurant), contemptuous of Linguini and jealous of his apparent culinary success; and the cold, opprobrious critic 'Ego' responsible for the restaurant's recent decline. Both are dealt with in quite different ways, but we find a sort of justificatory raison d'etre for the worse villain who in the end is 'not so bad'.

Ratatouille is engaging because of the criss-crossing of narrative threads: both Remy and Linguini have their own separate concerns as well as sharing in each others, but as the climax approaches, both sets of concerns touchingly (if a little predictably) resolve into the same aim.

However, a dominant 'strand' of the film is that talent can be found in any section of society (including rats!) and that it is not pretentiousness in fine cuisine that wins the day, but genuine and unaffected quality. This idea resonates very strongly at a deep level, which is incidentally why people like Susan Boyle and Paul Potts were so cherished on the tv show Britain's Got Talent, for they were exactly the kind of people the viewers were most impressed by.

In the same way, Remy is ultimately cherished not only for his natural talent, but for his driving determination to do (very well) what he loves best, and so help someone else who needs all the help he can get!
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Pixar show why they are the kings of computer generated animation with this visually flawless film about a rat with a sophisticated palate and a desire to make something of his life.

When Remy the rat meets with clumsy kitchen cleaner Linguini - they work together with Remy providing the gastronomic genius and Linguini providing the body. This isn't a cheesy family film, Pixar have created a film with the right balance of moral narrative and comedy whilst remaining pretty down-to earth (even if the discovery that Linguini's limbs can be independently controlled by pulling his hair in a certain way is a bit implausible!)

If you look really hard to try and find poor rendering of textures, or moments where the moving characters don't interact perfectly with the background then you'll be looking in vain. This is seamless animation and is genuinely very impressive, just watch the scenes with water and it's hard to believe that this is CGI and not actual water.

The DVD itself is excellent value for money as it contains two animated shorts which are excellent pieces of work in their own right.

In a nutshell: Pixar have made a name for themselves by producing animated films which appeal to all ages. This isn't a simplistic film with a basic plot strung between corny sentiments - it's a great story with characters you'll love. There is a message behind it all, but it's not rammed down your throat, instead it's fed to you in a dish that even Anton Ego (the evil food critic in the film) would admire.
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on 15 October 2011
Whilst I shalln't go into a great deal of depth regarding the actual film (all other reviews have focused on this in great depth so please refer to those!) I'll simply tell you it's more of that Pixar brilliance you come to expect from the guys with the little lamp!

I wanted to focus on one tiny aspect of this Blu-Ray which very few have mentioned (perhaps they don't know it's there!) and that is the calibration tool provided on this disk! Now, for the technophobes out there when you receive your HDTV it's all shiny and nice and the picture quality is most probably good. But in order to get the very most out of your Blu-Ray films and HD Games you need to play around with some of the more in-depth settings in your TV's menu. This can be confusing if you've never done it before however included in the special features of this disk is an easy to follow guide on how to do this! Spend 5 minutes tweaking the settings as you're told to by the disk and your viewing experience (Visual & Audio) will be GREATLY improved!

I think that this alone is a great reason to buy this blu-ray as some calibration disks can cost crazy amounts! So at the very least rent this blu-ray!

Once again, great film but a brilliant little tool that will change the way you view all of your films!

If you have any questions add a comment to this review and I'll get back to you ASAP!
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on 27 December 2007
This was the best family film I saw all year in 2007. What seems at first a simple story about a rat who wants to cook, turns out in fact to be something more, deeper and more subtle. It was funny, charming, and also very touching. The animation was truly stunning and both my husband and children aged 5 and 8 loved it. Wonderful.
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on 15 October 2008
Remy, an ambitious rat has always dreamed of making it as a top chef in France and after an accident, he winds up in the French Capital and helps nervous chef Linguini to create a name for himself.

Pixar have become the biggest animated company in the world, joining forces with Disney just after the millennium and though the companies have had their differences, there can be no question that they can still make fine cinematic viewing, which is evident with this 2007 Oscar winning animation.

The Incredibles director Brad Bird returns to Pixar and creates a wonderful sentimental story which takes a while to get into but leaves a smile on your face come the end.

The beginning is intriguing with the camera freezing right on a rat that has just dived out of the window away from a human and simply narrates "I should rethink my life a little" this little sentence along with a few other well scripted words helps paint the picture of what being a rat is like, and soon the audience is engulfed into a life of hardship, about looking like pests and living in a world of survival.

The plot is consistent but does take a while to get fully into as the characters are introduced slowly. Once the main ideology is set down about cooking and Linguini is introduced, does the plot pick up and we see a strong man and animal relationship develop which is highly likable and funny at times. Like other Pixar films the comedy is equally measured alongside a good plot and a heavy use of human emotions, for animals and humans.

A side issue of animal cruelty is evident towards the end and has a great twist to the evil side of the world, creating hope for the characters.

The comedy comes thick and fast during the middle of the film when Remy and Linguini meet and the sheer ideology of a rat cooking will provide plenty of giggles, if not as strong as Toy Story or Monsters Inc.

Pixar's animation is the at it's very best here with the graphics mouth watering and just keeps getting better throughout the 111 running time.

Ratatouille does rely on a few clichés but creates a wonderful atmosphere in doing so with good comedy and a feel good narrative which is healthy for the entire family

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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 November 2007
I still believe that Ratatouille is one of the best family films of recent years. It was released in cinemas in October 2007 and now you can buy the 158-minute DVD 3-disc set which offers tremendous value for money and will entertain the children for many an hour.

Disc One is the Main Feature. In one of the finest restaurants in Paris, Remy, a determined and lovable young rat, dreams of becoming a renowned French chef. Torn between his family's wishes and his true calling, Remy and his friend Linguini set in motion a hilarious chain of events that turns the City of Lights upside down. The film is a joy from start to finish, entertaining for all ages, and will be watched again and again. It occasionally gets a bit 'talky' for the likes of young children but that's partly because there's an intelligent script that will be appreciated by the parents watching by their sides. The quality of the animation is bang up-to-date and at times quite spell-binding. Impressive in every way, for technical detail, for authenticity of what life is like in a busy Parisienne kitchen, for great one-liners and for overall family entertainment. It's magical, it's sad, it's laugh-out-loud funny, it's clever, full of engaging characters that you'll love and hate, and it's simply a masterpiece of feel-good story-telling. An absolute must-have for your DVD collection, and maybe even if you don't have children.

Disc Two 'Bonus Materials' - Animated short film Remy and Emile in 'Your Friend the Rat'; Fine Food & Film; Lifted; Building Paris; Character Profiles; Progression Reels:Rapids; Deleted Scenes; Remy's Incredible but Edible (3 unseen clips)

Disc Three 'Pixar Short Films' - from the makers of Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo and many more. With revolutionary animation, unforgettable music and adorable characters, these dazzling short films have changed the face of animation and family entertainment. The titles are The Adventures of Andre and Wally B, Luxo Jr, Red's Dream, Tin Toy, Knick Knack, Geri's Game for the Birds, Mike's New Car, Boundin', Jack-Jack Attack, One Man Band, Mater and the Ghostlight, and Lifted.

At the 80th Annual Academy Awards in 2008, RATATOUILLE won an Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film.
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on 29 August 2014
Loved the movie. The 3D is worth the money but the disc isn't listed correctly. It is Region B. Not Region Free.
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on 15 February 2008
I was less than enthusiastic when my husband brought this one home, but what a magical few hours it turned out to be. I adored this tale of Remy, his wonderful clan, acerbic father, genial, dotty brother and all. The human characters were equally as warmly portrayed, genuinely likeable. The villains had a touch of style, too. And there were many moments that had myself and my husband laughing out loud, some of them very subtle. (I loved the fact that the rats, when threatened, ran TO the boats, for example. A fun twist on rats leaving sinking ships!) I even cried at the happy ending. One we'll watch again. Treat yourselves!
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