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4.6 out of 5 stars38
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2008
A different twist to the previous Fairytopia movies - Barbie stars as Mariposa a butterfly fairy living in the land of Flutterfield and my daughter loved it. She is a massive Barbie fan and this film delivered on all angles and Zinzie is her new favourite character. I was also impressed with the butterfly attracting seeds which we planted on the same day in the hope that Mariposa and her friends will come and visit!
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on 28 March 2008
Mariposa is number 4 in this Fairytopia collection, as Elena is narrating this story.
This was just as lovely as the others, kept my daughter quiet for hours (and her the many friends shes had over in the Easter break)
My only complaint is that its being over done now, this is the 4th! Getting a bit bored of Elena.
Im looking forward to the one in Autumn "Barbie in The Diamond Castle"
I realise I am an adult but it doesnt take the enjoyment out of these lovely films, even my husband has sat and watched most of them (but only because our daughter was, or so he says)
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This fourth offering in Mattel's series of "Fairytopia" Barbie films continues the trend towards ever more beautiful animation, has a very similar plot, and introduces a new heroine. As with every previous "Barbie" video, my six year old daughter absolutely loves it and has watched it many times. As he has now reached the age where he doesn't think he's supposed to enjoy "girlie" things, her twin brother pretends not to like it, but he seems to find his way into the family TV room and sit down to watch a remarkably high proportion of the time when this film is playing.

For reference, this is the fourth in the "Fairytopia" sequence which currently consists of:

Magic of the Rainbow.
Mariposa and her Butterfly fairy friends

The film is bookended by Elena, the heroine of the first three "Fairytopia" films, who is telling her puffball companion Bibble the story of her friend Mariposa and how she had the courage both to overcome a threat to the fairy realm and persuade other fairies who at first did not take her seriously to do so.

As with all the Barbie films, the story is relentlessly positive and aims to encourage the viewer to strive to achieve everything she is capable of. To a greater extent than some, Mariposa also has a number of second level jokes designed to provide some amusement to mums and dads who are watching the film with their daughters.

Before we first rented one of the Barbie videos for my daughter, I was expecting them to be trite, over-commercialised, over-sugary and over here. In general, however, I have been pleasantly surprised.

Yes, they do have a lot of commercial spin-offs and a high saccharine count, but the quality of the Barbie films we have subsequently bought or rented, including all four "Fairytopia" films, was significantly higher than I had originally expected before watching any of them. These films have not just kept my children engrossed for hours - including my son as well as my daughter - but introduced them to some beautiful stories. Several - but sadly not this one - also introduced my children to some truly wonderful music.

On more than one occasion I have been listening to a CD of a classic such as Beethoven's pastoral symphony, or "The Queen of the Night's aria" from Mozart's opera "The Magic Flute", and little girl has recognised and expressed appreciation of the music, and correctly remembered which Barbie film had used it. ("Magic of Pegasus" and "Mermaidia" respectively.)

I was a little disappointed that the last three of four Barbie films, including "Mariposa" did not continue this tradition: no great classics this time. This film introduces a new composer: musical scores for all the previous Barbie films had been written by Arnie Roth, who was brilliant at arranging the classics and who ranged from competent to good as a composer in his own right. Music for "Mariposa and her butterfly fairy friends" was written by Eric Colvin: it doesn't come up to the standards of Mozart, Mendelsohn or Beethoven as adapted by Arnie Roth, but is nevertheless quite easy on the ear.

The animation and backgrounds are quite stunningly beautiful: the last few Barbie films seem to get more visually beautiful each time and tbhis one continues that tradition.

There are a few extras on the DVD including some games involving dressing fairies for a ball at the fairy palace which my daughter enjoyed playing.

Those people who enjoy criticising the way Mattel operate the Barbie franchise will not have much difficulty finding things in this production to sneer at. If you, or more importantly your kids, are allergic to an excess of twee sweetness, then this film and the Barbie videos generally may not be for them.

And the female characters are all on the thin side of plausibility: I'm not worried that watching this is going to give my own daughter anorexia as she likes food too much and has a good sense of the difference between fantasy and reality. And after all, the characters in this story are fairies, complete with wings! However, if you are worried that your children may be forming an unrealistic idea about how thin a healthy female body shape is, it is not quite impossible that this film may contribute to it.

But on the plus side: it is beautifully made, it will hold the attention of most small children for long enough for the typical exhausted parent to clear the mess they have made in several rooms of the house or collapse for an hour's rest after doing so. And there are still a few more sophisticated jokes thrown in, so you won't be completely bored to death if you decide to watch it with your offspring.

Overall this is not, in my opinion, quite as good as some of the previous Barbie videos, including the first two Fairytopia" titles, but anything which can hold my children's attention as well as this film did clearly has something going for it.
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on 9 January 2011
Having already purchased the Barbie Mariposa doll for my grandaughter I wanted the DVD as well and quickly found it on Amazon with no problem at all. Received the parcel very quickly especially in view of the postal problems because of the adverse weather conditions. A real success my 5 year old grandaughter loved the DVD as did her 7 year old football mad brother (but don't tell his footballing mates). Sister and brother watched it together snuggled in an armchair totally entranced while their Grandma and Grandad and Mum and Dad enjoyed a Christmas G and T in peace. Result!!
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on 9 January 2015
Barbie mariposa and her butterfly fairy friends is another dvd I’m happy to have purchased at a reduced holiday promotional price from my job (it was on sale for just 3 dollars) and as a tool to increase my creativity for my writing endeavors. Anyhow, Barbie mariposa and her butterfly friends deal with the theme of mariposa And her butterfly friends in Flutterfield. The bonus features are the flutterfield scavenger hunt, flutterpixie dressup and a special message for mothers featured in the dvd pertaining to the website webelieveingirlsdotcom
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on 5 March 2008
My daughter loves the Barbie movies and this one was no exception - Full of sparkle, fairies and excitement!
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on 5 March 2008
I bought this for my sister and she absolutely loves it! Can't stop watching it - now wants the doll as well! It's definitely worth buying to keep the youngsters quiet over the Easter break - a must have!
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on 29 August 2013
Was bought for kids to watch as they love animated Barbie films.
Was really good to watch with family and to have to watch whenever we choose is good to.
Have recommended to friends and family
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on 11 September 2013
Keeps our 6yr old 'Barbie Girl' quietly mesmerised and she's up dancing whenever the characters are lol.
As usual it's up to standard and worth the money.................
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on 14 September 2010
Grandchildren love this story typical of all the Barbie DVD's always
happy endings.

Will be truly dissapointed if they stop producing Barbie DVD's
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