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4.5 out of 5 stars2,000
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 5 May 2010
You switch it on and it tells you the weight of things. You put a bowl on, zero whichever flavour of weight you have chosen (it always goes back to the last one you used), put the flour in, press zero, put the sugar in... you get the idea. Perfectly accurate and good for weighing letters before going to the post office. It also does away with finding the measuring jug as it can do liquids too. Any niggles? It doesn't like not being level, but most kitchens have level surfaces and it's my fault I chose to use it on an ancient butcher's block. And the weighing area is too small to accommodate my food processor bowl, so I have to use another bowl and transfer the contents. Otherwise, it's accurate, switches itself off if you leave it on and just needs a wipe with a cloth before being popped back in a drawer or on the cookbook shelf.
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We have owned these scales for just over three years now, they have had a lot of use as I love cooking and my wife is a very keen baker and I cannot recommend them enough; they are so good I recently purchased some as a house warming gift for my sister.

To try and sum up the positives of these scales:

-They are very easy to use, with a tare button to reset quantities to zero as you weight out ingredients
-The scales wipe clean well, with many things being spilt on them (no liquid spillages yet though?)
-Can display either grams or ounces very easily (as well as fluid ml and oz)
-The display is easy to read; I have uploaded a couple of images to try and show this
-Battery life is excellent; we use these literally every day and typical life is 12 months
-The maximum capacity is 5kg, we've never needed anything more than this

For us there are no negatives, yes the volume measures are a little pointless (since a fluid ounce of water is the same as an ounce) but this doesn't detract from the product for me at all, since I couldn't want for more from a set of kitchen scales I have to give this product five stars.

I have since purchased some micro scales (0.01g accuracy) that I find I need when doing any molecular cooking, but between the two our scales needs are entirely met. And yes I did check the accuracy of these scales using the micro scales, and can vouch for their long lived accuracy too! Would replace these tomorrow if they broke. An excellent product.
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on 14 February 2012
I'm on my second Salter weighing scale and both of them packed up in less than a year. It began by not being able to re-set to zero and now it will not turn at all despite new batteries. I'm giving up, and not replacing it instead I'll look for a different brand.
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on 28 November 2011
For many years we've used a lovely pair of traditional "Queen" scales, with weights, in our cottage kitchen. I favoured this type as they can't go out of adjustment, as spring scales can, and of course they look good. However, recently, we've been dieting and needing to weight small quantities like 1oz of cheese, or 5g of butter, and for this kind of thing our scales were not ideal- fiddling around with some of the smallest weights, having to wash up the scale pan after weighing something small, etc..

These digital scales are ideal. Just put the plate or dish on the scales, press the left button to zero, then add the item directly to the dish until the desired weight shows. Switching between metric and imperial is just a few presses of the other button, so it's all incredibly easy and fast with nothing to wash up at the end.

So why didn't I give five stars?

1. For what looks and operates like a high-tech gadget, it feels rather cheaply made with rattly buttons and what feels like low quality plastic everywhere except the round platform area. They are inexpensive, it's true, but that's no excuse - if they were made in Japan they'd feel as good as they look and still not be expensive.

2. The right hand button, which switched between units, would be more convenient if it only switched between grams and pounds/ounces. Instead it goes through four options - two of which are completely pointless. These other two are millilitres and fluid-ounces. However, these are actually measures of volume, not weight, so don't really belong on scales. They're pointless because they assume (it explains in the instructions) that the density of the liquid being measured is the same as water. So - surprise, surprise - a fluid ounce of water is actually the volume of water that weights 1 oz, and a millilitre of water is the volume that weighs 1 g. In other words, these two capacity settings just read the same as the weight settings and are therefore totally superfluous (the only difference is that "fluid ounces" shows only ounces, whereas the weight setting shows pounds and ounces). As the units markings on the display are extremely small (illegible to anyone over 45 not wearing reading glasses), I'd really much rather the scales had only two settings - metric and imperial, and a press of the right button would simple switch between them, so you'd always know were you were.

By the way, the weight reading on the LCD is quite large and easy to read.

They're best suited to smaller weighing tasks as the flat and fairly small platform means that if you put a large plate on it, you'll have trouble seeing the display. For us this is fine - if I want a pound of flour to make bread, I'll use the old-fashioned scales, but when I want to weigh one slice of bread, I'll use the digital scale.

For £15 I don't hesitate - no kitchen should be without this type of scale.

*** Update one year later...

Well, as I said in my review, functionally these scales are great and a revelation if you're used to traditional kitchen scales. I used them most days and even took them away on our holidays. However, almost exactly one year on they failed, with the same symptom that I've seen described by others: when you first switch them on, or reset them, the display shows a zero weight initially but then starts counting upwards, never settling and never able to be set back to zero for more than a few seconds.

I suppose I should invoke the 15 year warranty that I believe they came with but I can't really be bothered. I've bought some new ones - this time the Duronic ones that are highly rated here; they're functionally almost identical but look and feel nicer in use. I wonder if they'll last more than a year - I expect so!

I've downgraded my rating to 3-stars because when they were working they were very good.
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on 13 July 2014
Initially happy with the product, unfortunately after a few months the scale would not reset to zero nor would it weigh consistently. Further problems from the scale rising or falling without weighing anything to it not switching on (batteries changed a number of times).

Unfortunately the scale is poorly sealed (not at all in fact) around the display/button area and moisture is able to enter the electronics. This is the cause of the problems with mine.

Refund/exchange refused(not purchased on Amazon) which on balance is fair given the moisture inside the scale is my fault but its design is the cause. It's not easy to keep the scale from being exposed to even a minimal amount of moisture when weighing/cooking especially when you consider one of the measures is for ml/fluid ounces. The moisture has come from wiping down with a damp cloth to clean them after use. If you have a set avoid any moisture around the button/display area at all costs.

To sum up not for purpose and I would not consider another set. Please look elsewhere.
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on 27 February 2012
Great value digital scale. Use your own container, zeroise between adding different ingredients, measure in imperial or metric, even measures water-based liquids. Easy to use. Brilliant.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 23 April 2014
These kitchen scales have a small 'footprint' so can be left on a worktop, ready for use, or stored in a cupboard or drawer. The case has a flat top surface with rounded corners making cleaning much easier.

Using the scales is quite simple....

Two buttons are used to operate the scales - one either side of the LCD window on the top at the front:

Left Hand Button name: ON-ZERO-OFF <description>

A single press, from power off, turns the scales on. A quick self-test is performed and they are ready for use within around one second. Should the scales be moved during the self-test phase, the message 'unSt' (unStable) is displayed until the scales become static.

A single (quick) press of this button, whilst powered on, will zero the LCD. This function is often referred to as 'TARE' on some scales.
It basically enables you to add an amount of ingredients and then reset the total weigh and continue to add more weight and so on.

Holding this button down for longer than about three seconds will power-down the scales.

Right Hand Button name: UNIT <description>

A single (quick) press of this button, whilst powered on, will cycle through and select one-of-four pre-programmed units:
1) grams (g)
2) Pound and Ounces (lb oz)
3) Fluid Ounces (fl. oz)
4) milli-litres (ml)

When powered off, the last UNIT type selected is memorised.

There's only one minor criticism with this button: If pressed inadvertently, (even for a fraction of a second) it will change the UNITs. You might find you've put the incorrect weight of ingredients into, say, a cake mix etc, before realising what has happened. A 'hold-down' delay of around half a second might had been a better solution ?

The LCD is quite easy to read as long as the ambient lighting is bright enough.

I prefer to weigh ingredients in my food-processor bowl, but the base of this bowl is larger than the diameter of the scale's weighing platform, so I place a saucer between the two items to transfer the weight from the bowl to the scales. A simple solution which allows larger diameter objects to be weighed.

I've had these kitchen scales about two years now and the coin-cell CR2032 battery has just required replacement. The scales are used about ten minutes/day four days per week.

So, to conclude, I'd rate this little weigh scale as excellent. It's done everything I've asked of it so far. It still looks good and performs reliably.

Recommended !
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on 18 March 2013
Have used the scales a few times now and like the fact that they are easy to zero if using one bowl for everything (saves on washing up). Also can change measuring unit if need to add liquid to the recipe. After reading one review I was worried that I might not be able to see the read-out as it could get obscured by a bowl. It must have been a very large bowl as I have not encountered this problem.
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on 9 May 2013
This is a very convenient product. It is compact enough to put in a drawer yet large enough to take all the usual items for everyday cooking. The only criticism ( if that is the right word) is that it would be perhaps more efficient to have the display numbers slightly further away from the weighing area, perhaps makin the whole machine an oblong instead of square. (Bowls do tend to obscure the display)
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on 3 April 2012
I loved this product to start with - it is slim, compact, and very easy to use. But the other day it started to give completely inaccurate readings. Butter is one of those things you don't really have to weigh unless you're being very precise, as you can judge by eye, but for some reason I thought I'd stick approximately 60 grams of it it on the scales. The reading I got was 235 grams, which was patently completely wrong. Replaced the battery, no use - same incorrect reading. Pretty annoyed as I already had something in the oven which I then knew was not going to turn out the way it ought to have done - complete waste of ingredients.

These scales are going in the bin and the next brand will not be Salter - there are too many reviews here reporting issues with accuracy and quality.
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