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3.4 out of 5 stars34
3.4 out of 5 stars
Platform: Xbox 360|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
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on 28 July 2009
Ill keep this brief as other reviewers have already covered most things. This is a very good action RPG which should appeal to all fans of the genre. My main point is that to really enjoy the game you need an HD TV. Initially when I played it on my SD TV I thought the graphics were horrible but since I bought an HD TV the graphics have looked stunning. It allows you to notice subtle details like butterflies flying about and tattoos on your character. This shows that the developers put in a lot of time and effort in making this game and its a shame that they are getting so many bad reviews. I for one hope they make a Sacred 3.
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on 3 June 2009
I got Sacred 2 on import from Canada about two weeks ago. I couldn't want for the UK release on 5 June. This game is great if you love fantasy RPGs that are action based and like to "farm" characters. The classes are a bit limited and gender specific but don't let that put you off, as the amount of equipment is vast, so no two characters of the same class will ever look alike. The world map is huge(22 sq miles) with hundreds of side quests. The campaign(with 5 difficulty levels)is long enough to keep you entertained for hours on end. The "special" mounts are brilliant. Multiplayer has to be one of the best features, although campaign in multiplayer mode is alignment based in that only good/evil characters can be in the same party.
The only negative thing I have to say is that the game seems to pause/freeze occasionally but I believe a patch for this is coming soon! Good hunting!
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on 15 June 2009
While PC owners have been spoilt for choice with Action RPGs, the 360 hasn't so this provides a welcome addition to the Xbox catalog. The story is almost non existant, the side quests are standard fare (collect this, kill that, deliver the other) but the joy of this game is in character development. Unlike many Western RPGs, it is very easy to make serious errors in character development, which will make the high levels very difficult. However, if you take the time to understand the game (I've played probably 20 odd hours in total over the last week on various classes, and am only just starting to get a handle on whats what) then it can be very rewarding. Balancing your skills with your equipment is essential, and can often be overlooked.

It is a hack n slasher, and does not apologise for it, but after a long hard days work it is pretty fun to wander around Ancaria, taking on sidequests, dungeon rading, looking for that elusive +3 to all skills helmet.

In a nutshell, this is the lovechild of Everquest and Diablo 2. It may not appeal to the masses, but if you enjoyed either of the aforementioned games, I'm sure you'll enjoy this.
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on 11 August 2010
Game is an action-RPG in which you use a top, 3rd person, zoomable view to control your hero.
If you have played Diablo 1 or 2, is the same idea.
You can play solo, local co-op, and with a gold xbox live subscription, co-op via internet.
There are 3 different classes (of characters, that is) to choose from, with different skills each. There are also lots of class-specific loot along the game.
As in most rpg games, there is a main quest, and a huge amount of side quests to keep you busy and to help you level up for those main quest's tough battles.
Graphics are very good for such a 3rd person environment. There are day and night transitions, weather, random wild little animals hopping around, and lots of stuff like that.
One of the main things this game has to offer is local co-op. If you have an xbox 360 and enjoy action-RPGs, and like me, have a wife that wants to enjoy them too, you'll soon notice that there are not so many local co-op action-RPG games around, so you'll soon run into this game and wonder if its any good.
Well, it is, for the most part. Gameplay is good, the map is huge and loading times between areas are done on the fly.
There are some issues, though, that seem easy to fix in a patch, if the developer hadn't gone bankrupt, that is.
So these are things that you will have to deal with, whether you like them or not:

- Game has no pause. Yup. Trolls keep beating you to death while opening your inventory, entering the skill tree, main menu, or absolutely anything else, other than shutting the game down. Not even bathroom breaks.
- Inventories are a pain. Stuff is not easily classifiable nor classified. Everything in the inventory is laid out absolutely different than any other rpg, and with no apparent reason or convenience for so. A real pitty.
- Even worse in co-op, because the other guy/girl can't do his/her inventory while you are doing yours. If at least he/she could be killing the trolls that are attacking (remember, no pause), that might help, but the inventory screen takes the whole screen, one player at a time. Dark Alliance back in the PS2 did way better than this, and whithout high definition. A real shame.
- In 1 player mode, everything you run into pops up a label describing what it is or how to interact with it. Once your partner logs in in local co-op, your labels pop up, but his/hers do not. He/she has to quit and enter again to see them. This is a bug with a workaround, sure, but is really annoying.
- You cant't trade stuff with your local co-op buddy unless you are both connected online with at least a silver xbox account. Why? doesn't matter. It just won't. All you can share is the couch.

All being said, my wife and I still play it. As soon as we find something better, we won't.
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on 23 January 2015
As an old fan of the original Sacred, this seemed to be...unfinished, yet satisfying.
I've played the first installment of the series and it was almost a perfect RPG-game. With a vast arsenal of weapons and armor and a similar amount of skills/abilities, Sacred was all-round one of the best RPGs - even to this day.

When I first got hands on Sacred 2 in it's test/beta state, I wasn't sure what to think of it. On one hand, it was a beta, which meant a lot of it would be polished and fixed before release - on the other hand, the amount of glitches, flaws, graphical restrictions - it seemed like it would require a major overhaul of re-hashing to make it a good game - which they did to some point at the final release.

While being a decent game, I can't say that it's a bad game - not at all. In fact, it's great, but with some room for improvements. (luckily a handful of patches/fixes can correct most of them, should you play this on PC)

Sacred 2 delivers what it promises - a great RPG with a lot of familiar aspects from the original, while still being unique.
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on 24 November 2012
It's not a proper dungeon crawler. You have everything above ground, and there is a world map, and you basically run about and kill everything that comes along. I found it very dissapointing, nothing like as good as the old Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance on the old Xbox. I gave up playing it after some time. At least it is easy to get along with, not too hard, at least to start, but I didn't figure out how to get armour etc. Also, you get the feeling that this has been a port, from the PC to console, as I couldn't read the text, on the TV, as it was too small to bother with. Also, you are really too high up, in the birds eye looking down view, and you have to try and zoom in to the fighting, and that isn't intuitive or easy to do, so you get to spent a lot of time looking down on a very small character. I wish they would make a decent game of Baldur's Gate for the Xbox 360. There is a real dirth of such games.
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on 27 November 2012
The game is, as my title suggests, much better than all the reviews and my expectations. Awesome Co Op online and offline which is a nice touch, Also the game is pretty large, i'm not a fan of buying a game and being able to complete it in a few hours, all in all a nice little RPG for a lot of reasons.
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on 5 August 2013
Put simply, this is easily the worst game I have ever played by a significant margin. It's honestly nothing short of a travesty.
The developers must have had a "that'll do" attitude to every single element of this game.
The controls are fiddly and annoying, the graphics are N64 standard at best, the gameplay is revolting, pointless and dull and - most terrible of all - the rigid, high camera angle is so frustratingly bad, it makes you want to smash the disc up.
If you like games (and if you're reading this, i suspect you do), for the love of all things holy, buy something else. Anything. Honestly, close your eyes and hit your mouse a few times... I guarantee you'll accidentally pick something better.
Thankfully, i traded it in a local shop and got a pretty good return - haha, suckers!
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on 1 April 2012
If you are looking for a couch co-op RPG that's not too difficult then this is one to try. It's not that expensive anymore and it will keep you busy for hours and hours because of the massive amount of quests. The drop-in-out works fine so friends can join or leave without problems.
There's not much of a story, but that's not too big a problem if you have a very large (semi)open world with lots of quests and new items and enemy's around every corner. Nice addition to previous RPG's I've played is the mounts which will get you everywhere a lot faster.
We have the game a couple of weeks now and my wife is even playing this more than I am.
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on 13 September 2009
This game is not a bad game at all its somewhat comaparable to games like Oblivion and two worlds.
Its not as immersive as Oblivion since your not really as much part of the world as you are in oblivion interactions with NPC characters are not as deep you can't buy houses and the game won't save your progress at any point like oblivion does .
In oblivion you can save the game at any point and when you go back to the game everything including your characters location will be exactly as you left it .
Sacred 2 employs a saints row 2 like save system which means that although things you have collected ect will be saved your location is not and when you go back to the game your character will start off from a save point.

You never get any kind of house in sacred 2.

Its better than two worlds since at least you get a varied choice of chasracter and at least your character can actually walk rather than running all the time like some kind of mad person.

If you have played sacred 1 some of the character choices will be familar to you

Serephim a extremly tall female warrior type, high elf (female) some are different from the original game there is the inquister (male) and a Zombie warrior (male)
each class has variable strengths and weaknesses.

Character customization is somewhat limited in the sense one gets little - no choice choice when it comes to size shape skin color or gender.

But one can change clothing/armor on most caracters and there is some limited character customization such as adjusting hair color.

With some of the characters one can chose between the light or shadow (good or evil paths) but unlike most true RPGS thats a course that has to be chosen from the start rather than a course one can chose and vary throughout the game through the characters actions.

the game is more hack and slash and frantic in style than games such as oblivion tend to be.
in sacred 2 one cannot really clear a area of enemies and one cannot travel very far without tending to run into enemies.
only towns and cities are truely peaceful.

the world is pretty large though not as easy to travel through as oblivions world is .
you can set up transporters that can give you instant travel from one place to another but in many cases only one of these gates can be operational at one time and turning one on will turn another of.

the fighting and controls of this game are quite easy to get used to, but the numbers of enemies one faces means you will die quite often especially at the start of the game when your character is relatively weak and even after you have built up your character somewhat dying is still a regular occurance.

there are lots of tasks and side quests some can be as simple as finding a lost item others can be a bit deeper.
the storylines of these side quests are not really as deep as the side quests in oblivion are but can still be fun.

the graphics of this game are quite good the character models are one of the few things this game could actually be said to beat oblivion in.

there are a number of towns cities and settlements with various side quests available in them.

this game lacks a lot of the immersion and living it feel of oblivion but it does contain a lot of the elements that make oblivion so great, it certainly gets closer to being as good as oblivion than two worlds does.

its more action and fighting orientated than oblivion is which makes it somwewhat less involving and deep than oblivion but may make it more fun for the action hack and slash oreintated game fan.
it has enough depth to keep even most oblivion fans somewhat entertained.

One thing this game has that oblivion does not is online options one can also play co-op with a friend on the same console but the camera view in this mode is ugly and far away and ends up making the game look like a Bards tale
Altogether though Its a fun game its enjoyable even if it does lack a lot of the depth of a game like oblivion..
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