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3.8 out of 5 stars134
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 11 January 2011
This film rounds off a trilogy of films effectively and keeps up the momentum of great films to put on your list to watch.

The film starts strangely with a confusing sense of Déjà Vu for people who have watched the previous ones and just confusion for others instead of the expected thrilling start. This is again short-lived when Alice (MillaJovovich) enters in her usual immense fashion making herself dominant wherever she ends up.

This film runs at a slower pace than the previous ones but the build-up of the film leads onto more powerful parts and creates stronger tension. This helps to create sudden stronger waves of entertainment and more climactic moments to enjoy.

As with the others this film carries on the action and destruction with more shoot outs, slicing, dicing, explosions and even the burning of birds with a flamethrower Linked in with this there are certain scenes of the film which create shocking images; a scene of which those of you that have watched the film The Birds can imagine is a clear example. This helps to create great moments of fear and surprise as the film goes on as well as keeping the viewer entertained with action.

There's little variation in the monsters encountered in this film only really including birds, zombies and a heavily mutated Doctor, but nevertheless they have always been successful making them look realistic and believable beasts.

I would of course recommend this film to anyone who's a fan of zombie and monster action films but I would say to watch the previous ones first so you understand what's going on as it ends up getting quite involved.

This one gets a booming 7.5 / 10
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Our heroine, Alice, has been touring the wasteland of post-zombie-plague America for some years when she discovers a tantalising clue about a plague-free enclave in Alaska. She meets up with her old associates LJ and Carlos, who have fallen in with a band of refugees, and they decide to head north...

I really enjoyed the first two films and can watch them over and over without losing interest. However, by part three in the RE franchise, things are starting to wear thin. This film seems to have dropped any pretense at originality (OK, I know that RE1 and 2 were never exactly groundbreakers) and has simply gone for a "Mad-Max-with-undead" vibe. The whole deal unfolds with a depressing air of inevitability: cue zombie birds, mohawked post-apocalypse hillbilly-punk survivors ("Kin ah kill 'er Maw? Hyuk hyuk!"), evil scientists and game changing "psychic powers".

None of this is much helped by some gaping holes in the plot (enough time has passed since the preceding film for the desert to cover Las Vegas almost entirely in sand, but Carlos hasn't changed out of his SWAT gear yet and Alice has access to an inexhaustible supply of lippy) and ridiculous directorial howlers (Q: How many zombies can you fit into an ISO container? A: Several hundred, apparently). Just to cap it all, Russell Mulcahy clearly got a new copy of PhotoShop to play with and he spent his evenings retouching the close shots of Milla's face, so now she looks a bit like a recent burns victim with a disturbingly mobile epidermis.

There's not much else to say about it really. I simply can't get away from the idea that Paul W Anderson simply dusted off his Mad Max 2 screenplay and added zombies. As an hour and a half of mindless entertainment, it just about fits the bill, but it just looks too tired to bother with beyond that. I was going to give it a two star rating, but I added a third out of loyalty to the franchise.
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on 22 April 2008
I genuinely liked the first of the Resident Evil films - Mila Jojavich does a good action heroine - but after being slightly disappointed by the second, I have left this one for a while before watching it.
Although it doesn't have the strong story of the first, It can hold its own as a stand alone effort. The action is pretty much constant, and there are plenty of well choreographed fight scenes.
I think this is a worthy addition to the series, much improved on the second, mainly because the supporting cast are more likeable, but also because less time has been spent trying to over complicate the plot with strange genetic mutations for Alice to deal with!
I would recommend this to fans of R E ,don't be put off by the second, or the extremely short cinema release time this one got - it has definately been sold short!!

Worth watching, especially for some spectacular Zombie killing!!!
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 17 June 2014
This film is again inferior to the first installment in the franchise and as bad as the second part - and honestly I am sorry that I bought and watched it. Below, more of my impressions, with some SPOILERS.

As in previous parts, in the beginning of this film Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up in a mansion, naked, bruised and unable to remember jack... As you can see it on the cover of the DVD, after some events which I will not describe she will find herself in the middle of a desert and ultimately meet a convoy of vehicles in which travel some of the survivors from Raccoon City, including Claire Redfield (Ali Larter), Carlos Oliveira (Oded Fehr) and L.J. (Mike Epps). Together they will try find some safe haven from the hords of undead. But of course Umbrella Corporation has other plans...

I didn't like this film much, as the scenario is weak, dialogs poor and humourless and action scenes are just a boring repetition of slaughter. All characters which could do or say something interesting and therefore give some shadow and take some screen time from Milla Jovovich (who, let's not forget it, is married to the producer of the whole franchise), well, they are all immediately eliminated...

The only reason why I give this film two stars is because of the first two and last three minutes, which are indeed worthy watching. Otherwise this whole thing is a perfectly forgettable loss of time. AVOID!
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on 21 October 2010
I liked the film.It looks great for a start,the desert setting is good for a zombie flick,for a change.
It feeds the teenage sci-fi geek in me nicely with echoes of mad max etc.Don't expect great art but expect zombies,impressive heroines and sharp visuals and have a beer whilst you watch.I don't watch a film like this and compare it to Bergman or Kubrick any more than I would compare ice cream to bombay potato.One is a sweet treat the other you could survive on.
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on 3 June 2008
I rented this film, and I really was not expecting much, given how negative some of the reviews for the film are.

Because I was not expecting much I enjoyed the film and am glad I rented it.

The plot is not particularly intricate but it DOES make sense, and the fact that there actually is a logical plot leads me to question some of the negative reviews I have seen.

What does one expect from this film, based on a zombie shoot-em-up game? Gore, violence, plenty of action and a fast moving simple plot. And that is what you get.

I enjoyed it. I thought the action scenes were well done, I understood the plot (which did not end as I had expected).

The bluray quality is excellent. The visuals are exceptionally good throughout in my opinion, one of the best HD films I have seen so far. And the sound, in true HD, is very good, very atmospheric and surround sound fabulous. I truly did jump out of my seat a couple of times.

Do not expect a masterpiece, do expect a solidly made, fairly exciting zombie killing spree, with good production values, great sound and brilliant HD. There are plenty of extras, though I found the actual menu navigation quite cumbersome. Well worth renting. I gave out 4 stars as 3 is a probably a bit harsh.
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on 6 April 2014
This being the third Resident Evil movie, this is one of the ones set after the Umbrella Corp zombie and monster apocalypse, where the monsters have wiped out nearly everything on the planet and now its down to only a few survivors to make it to safety anywhere in the world they can, in this case its Alaska because its far across the snow and mountains where the monsters have not reached. I would say that this is a pretty awesome movie and I would recommend it to anyone who likes the Resident Evil movies (in this case, for them its a must have.) Because I am a major appreciator of Resident Evil games and movies and because this movie met my expectations the way it did when it came out and still does in its own way in terms of zombie and monster slaying action and good quality mayhem in film, I give this full marks even though the previous movies were absolutely and irreplaceably awesome and the later episodes which follow this get even better in storyline, action and what they would have to offer.
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on 3 December 2007
I wasn't expecting much from this after the abysmal RE: Apocalypse so I was pleasantly surprised walking out that I had just seen one of the best game to film adaptations yet, not because it remains faithful to its source material (because it doesn't) but because its an adrenaline fuelled Rolla-coaster of a movie that's highly entertaining.

A few years have passed since the events of RE:A and the world has become a wasteland overrun with the undead, a small group of remaining survivors stick together in conveys trying to stay alive traversing the desert, meanwhile the few umbrella scientists still alive attempt to produce a serum to reverse the affects of the virus but to do so they require the blood of Alice, a genetic experiment who currently survives off the grid trying to help whoever she can, when the convoy is attacked she intervenes and pops into Umbrella's view to again.

The film does 'borrow' a fair bit from cult favourites Mad Max & Day of the Dead, but when the actions sequences kick into gear coming thick and fast (helmed by the director of `Highlander') you will become lost in the excitement. The standout scene without a shadow of a doubt takes place on the Vegas strip when super zombies attack the survivors, it's an assault on the senses and easily rivals any zombie action sequences from that of the action heavy dawn of the dead remake.

Due to the films fairly short running time the plot zips along as fast pace. Resi fans will be pleased to see the addition of Claire Redfield played by Ali Larter, (TV's Heroes, Final Destination) and that of infamous Tyrant.

It may be dumb and loud but its handled so slickly that you wont care the perfect popcorn movie easily the best of the three but don't expect the trilogy's loose ends to be tied up as the ending leaves it open for the fourth and if it can maintain the standard RE:E has set then bring it on.
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on 18 July 2008
The best of the Resident Evil movies, this film has plenty of top action and a good amount of salivating zombies getting creatively hacked up. Milla Jovovitch is lethal and gorgeous by turns, and knows more about decimating the undead than any other screen star of recent memory. Good stuff, strongly recommended.
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on 7 May 2008
Very few computer-game to big screen conversions work very well, but 3 movies in the Resident Evil series seems to be going strong. Don't expect hard-hitting cutting scripts, flawless character acting and clever plot devices, but the storyline is passable (if severely lacking an ending), the actors and their roles are actually reasonably believable. What you do get in this movie is jaw-dropping visual effects and scenery, the locations and sets make the most of hi-def movies, although nothing quite gets to the same detail level as the close up of Milla Jovovich at the start of the movie.

There's plenty of action, the story is unfolded relatively steadily, i don't think you could point to a boring bit specifically like you can in some movies.

If you want a no-brainer zombie fest to test out your new Blu-Ray player you can't go far wrong with Resident Evil Exctinction!
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