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3.8 out of 5 stars38
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2008
I watched this move a while back, and have to say i have never had a movie shock me as much as this one has in a very long time.
The movie tells the story of Dr Gisella Perl who survived the death camp at Auschwitz.
This lady saved many many many people in the horrible death camp by treating them for some of the horrid deseases they had picked up there. She was also forced to carry out abortions on mothers, otherwise they would be executed along with their babies. Later on she was also forced to carry out experiments on young mothers, and their unborn children.

After the war, she moved away from Europe in an effort to leave the horrors she had behind, and moved to the US. Once there the 'wonderfull' US government accused her of being a Nazi sympathizer, and of carrying out experiments of her own free will on her own people! Only after people she had cared for in the Death Camp came forward to voice their support, did the American government allow her to stay in the country...

A very very sad and shocking movie. Please, if you are easily shocked, or get emotional over atrocities that were carried out in the war, then id recomend not watching this. If however, like me, you wanted to see what really happened, and just how evil the Nazi's were, then watch this...
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on 21 January 2009
Excellent film about the Hungarian doctor Gisella Perl forced to work for the Nazis during the war at Auschwicz. Well told with flashbacks explaining why Dr Perl performed 1000 abortions in the camp only to save the lives of the mothers. Very moving with Christine Lahti superb.
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on 30 October 2004
a really moving story well worth the watching,i put it on and could not put it off,the story just shows what they had to put up with in the camps just to survive, you should watch it just so you could see for yorself.
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on 4 January 2013
This film is based on the true story of Dr Gisella Perl, a jewish gynaecologist,who survived Auschwitz and then went to America. Later she applies for American citizenship and during the interrogation by three investigators is accused of colluding with the Nazis. She eventually gains her citizenship and goes on to practice in the States.
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on 18 February 2006
Ok guys I cried, well almost. There was a scene with a baby that just choks you up big time.......... Outstanding story of Gisella Perl author of the book "I Was A Doctor In Auswitz". The book is worth buying as well.......
To the story its told in flashback format as Dr Perl is dealing with problems she is having with US emigration service.......That's all I am giving you on the plot just go and buy it.....
The Acting Again Christine Lahti totally owns this her performance rendered me speechless. This was a completely unknown for me. Jonathan Cake who plays Mengala in this is very good indeed. However the Ms Lahti is just magnificent. You really feel the characters pain. This doesnt pull any punches it deals with the holocaust in what I would regard as a realistic manner......... Rent it, buy it, borrow it, whatever just get your hands on this DVD its Excellent. I can't praise it enough..........
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on 12 August 2014
Holocaust film retelling, mostly in 'flashback', the experiences of a Hungarian Jewish doctor deported to Auschwitz in 1944 and who was forced to work and collaborate with the infamous 'Angel of Death' --- Doctor Mengele. This doctor subsequently survived and migrated to the USA where her ambition to achieve US citizenship and resume her medical practice, this time in New York, was almost thwarted by a fellow former prisoner who sought revenge for the doctor's failure to save her sister -- who was beyond help anyway.
As is to be expected in such a film there are some quite graphic scenes portraying the brutal conditions in which these unfortunate prisoners existed and tried to survive. I am not all that sure that Christine Lahti was the correct choice for the leading role but nevertheless it is a very worthwhile film for anybody interested in personal stories from The Holocaust.
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on 27 July 2010
this is an amazing film,every-one should know about what not only the jews but also gypsys ,the gay,the mentally ill and so many other people went through by the hands of the ss during the holocaust in ww11, this film concentrates on the jewish population and just how difficult it was to make a life after the war if you had been unfortunate enough to be amoung those who were sent to concentration camps.i wont say anything about the film in general as i think you should watch it with an open mind and not have other peoples feedback on how they viewed it, all i will say is you wont be dissappointed with this watch.littlemsred.10/10
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When we bought this, I thought, "not another holocaust film!" So there it sat for months, unopened. Then last night, I finally got the courage to try watching it, and became utterly rivetted and deeply moved.

This is the true story of a remarkable survivor, a doctor from Auschwitz, who suffered the loss of her entire family and took many questionable actions to survive. While saving many lives, she also dealt with Mengele and felt that she had violated her oath as a doctor. She is not a simple good guy, but a full-blown character who acknowledges the necessity of her actions and yet feels terrible guilt. Lahti delivers the best performance I have ever seen her give, not as the beautiful young woman she is but prematurely aged and worn. She is totally believable and charismatic.

Though made for TV, this is a great film. Warmly recommended. You will be moved yet again by the one of greatest trajedies of the 20C.
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on 9 August 2009
A good film but if you are of a sensitive nature you may find it rather harrowing. There is no happy endings or happy moments in it but it is true to life in what happened at the time and is extremely well acted. Don't watch it if you are depressed and are looking for some escape or cheering.
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on 25 March 2009
This would have been a terrific movie about one aspect of the Holocaust were it not for the flawed casting and even worse exterior set designs.
Jonathan Cake is poorly cast as the Nazi doctor Joseph Mengerle (he looks more like the British comedian Russ Abbott in a black Nazi uniform) than the evil physician he is meant to play, and the fact that none of the Nazis wore black formal 'dress uniforms' with swastika armbands in any of the death camps adds to the flawed and poorly researched feeling of the movie. The interior conditions of the concentration camp barracks and the overall physical health of the inmates is depicted accurately enough, but the exterior sets are woefully flawed and glaringly inaccurate. The exterior settings appear nothing like the actual Auschwitz gas chamber and cremetoria installations (there has been enough documentaries covering the physical look and layout of Birkenau for most informed moviegoers to spot this glaring flaw) and consequently, these flaws detract from the overall authentic 'feel' and image the movie is trying to project. Better casting, better costume research and better set designs would have turned this mediocre movie into a great movie.
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