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3.7 out of 5 stars26
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on 6 March 2008
From someone that has actually bought this game
This game is fun fun fun and for £25.00 you just can't get better value
There are around 15 different weapons and 10 different vehicles so plenty of choice there with some great locations I have been playing since last Friday when the game came out and I have only reached mission 3 on the single player mode.
Don't bother with the free download reviews
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on 2 May 2008
As ever, i expected the worst when i was told by someone that "This is the best game i have ever played!" It might have been a year and a half ago, not anymore. But, for the price of Lost Planet there's very little to complain about. It's a very competant game.

360 to PS3 ports don't have a habbit of being great, and right off the bat in the cutscenes the frame-rate was shocking to point where it wouldn't have been playable. After a while though it seemed to bed itself in and it was smooth sailing after the first few shaky minutes. Every now again it will slow up a bit, nothing to drastic though.

The game plays like any other third person shooter with a few features tacked on. There's a grappling hook to get you to ledges and climb stuff, and Vital Suits you can pilot. The VS's are a cool addition as i'm a big fan of mechs, just dont expect anything like Gundams or Orbital Frames, more like Armoured Core mechs.

The bad guys vary from soldiers to huge Starship Trooper bug-like things. Also smaller bug-like things. This is where a little bit of skill comes into the game, as you'll have to hit a specific weak spot on the larger bad guys to do more damage to them. You'll have to keep your bad guy killing pretty frequent too as a major part of this game is collecting Thermal Enegry to survive, though if this gets on your nerves you can play it in the easiest difficulty where collecting Thermal Energy becomes far less of an issue.

One quirky little thing i did like it digging things out of the snow on the battle field, means you have to keep your eyes open for places to look to dig or spotting a half covered VS you can pilot.

I have to say, for a game that came out in the relatively early stages of the "next-gen" era, the graphics stand up pretty well. I know 18 months or so hardly that long, but in this day and age of gaming i think Capcom did pretty well.

Overall for the price this is a decent game and i would recommend buying it
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on 26 February 2008
OK, I bought the game and wow was it worth the money, the single player campaign is fun, it has a set objective which you have to complete to finish the mission, storyline is entertaining and interesting, the higlight of this game however is its online, one word to sum it up 'amazing'. The online games are extremely fun and exciting, the online in my opinion has been carried out superbly!!! You should definnetly buy it.
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on 16 November 2013
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition is one of those games that has appeal to a wide audience due to everything from its style, artwork and concepts. It was initially released only for the Xbox 360 but was given the PS3 treatment a few years later. I really did think this game looked very interesting and purchased it because it seemed to be a game that I would fall in love with.

The player takes control of the protagonist named Wayne who is on a cold and harsh planet known as EDN-III. The planet not only has a harsh environment where it is eternal winter and the landscape is constantly covered with snow and powerful blizzards continuously blow, but the planet also hosts another even worse threat than the climate. Alongside the humans, it is also inhabited by the dangerous and hostile species known as the Akrid which the human colonies have been at war with for a considerable amount of time. The main story goes through the loss of Wayne's father to a powerful Akrid who he seeks to destroy and also his side goal which is to face the snow pirates in order to be able to bring peace to the inhabitable planet. After the demise of his father and Wayne being in a frozen state for a lengthy period, he comes into contact with a helpful crew who go by the name of Luka, Yuri and Rick who are all likeable characters.

In terms of the actual gameplay there are 12 missions which are quite enjoyable to go through but lack variety. There is some variety to the locations in terms of the settings but I didn't feel there was enough variety. The game does in a way exhibit the element of a race against time as the character requires on thermal energy from his suit in order to stay warm (and alive) which will keep the player constantly moving and scavenging for thermal energy in order to have plentiful amounts of it. This added a unique and interesting element to the game which gave a sense of urgency and made it that bit more challenging. I would say the most challenging aspect of the game were its numerous boss battles. The beasts in this game were HUGE, and that is not an exaggeration. With their sheer size also came brute strength which would usually require me to face many a beast on more than one occasion. The boss fights were one of the most thrilling and spectacular boss battles I've ever come across in a video game. Some of the boss battles did have me tearing my hair out as they were considerably hard, but after a few tries the beast would come crashing down. A downside the game is its lack of variety concerning its gameplay. There isn't much in terms of what you can do in each level and you most of the time feel like all you do is run around and shoot hostiles. The weapon selection is pretty decent since you have the choice of more than one weapon. However, you are limited to carrying at max, weapons at a time and if you want to use another weapon that isn't in your possession but you've found it lying around, then you will need to drop the currently selected weapon in order to pick the other weapon up. The game does also have collectibles which are scattered throughout each stage and you obtain them by shooting at them.

The game's concepts and designs are all just beautiful and something about the game does reminisce Metal Gear Solid. I just feel that it is unpolished and could have been so much more if it were developed to a greater extent. The soundtrack of the game seems like it is not there as I don't remember the soundtrack or it just didn't have an impact on me personally. It was enjoyable to play through the entirety of the game and I did try out the multiplayer side of the game. It can be sometimes difficult to find other players to play with but there are still people playing in the Lost Planet multiplayer community. The multiplayer does provide a good selection of interesting modes to play in and seems typical of most multiplayer games. A decent game to try out if you can pick it up for a very cheap price.
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on 30 January 2010
I'm not sure why, but this one seemed to come in under the radar. It's a mystery - it's got great graphics, superb action, intelligent level design and massive boss fights.

Lost Planet is a third person shooter in which you play Wayne, a VR suit pilot, battling against the swarming indigineous aliens of an ice planet and the corrupt government organisation charged to terraform it. You play some sections on foot, (where the gameplay is a combination of the Drakes series and a more agile version of Resident Evil 5), and some riding armoured robots. These sections are not bookended - you can find and use abandoned VR suits lying in the snow at any time which you can commandeer, if you take critical damage you can eject ands continue the fight on foot, or hop into another VR suit - and it's making use of the tech lying around that's the key. It's a nice touch too that there are numerous different types of VR suit to use - each with slightly different attributes.

There are a great variety of weapons -machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, lasers with infinite ammo and you can carry two different weapons at the same time. When in a VR suit, you can pick up heavy weapins attachments to mix and match your firepower. A nice touch is being able to use detach heavy weapons from a VR suit and use them on foot. There is some platforming, but you have a grab cable to access higher areas and to descend into caverns.

The alien sections are very Starship Troopers - you cut your way through the swarms to the hives and destroy them to cease reproduction. Much of the scenery is destructable and the weapons pack a satisfying punch.

I must confess, although I played this on easy I initially found some of the earlier boss fights a bit too hectic and, thinking the difficulty curve was pitched too high too early, I was put off it for a few months. I did come back to it though, and the difficulty evens out nicely after about chapter 4 to the end. The autosave is intelligent too, with minimal level replay required if you should die.

All in all this is a really good blast - younger kids might find it a bit too complicated, but it's nothing less than a steal for everyone else now the price has come down.
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on 27 June 2008
This is the second review I have written for this game, the first wasnt loaded up most probably because I had a massive pop at people reviewing this game port on PS3 based on their Xbox version. please people stop!

PS3 version review only is as follows..

Bought new at full price, I was expecting something pretty basic since how many new games are half price when released? A friend (with xbox) said it was decent and you know what - it is. I can only assume it was so cheap on PS3 release because it had been through the xbox marketing machine once already. So - Lost Planet on PS3...

Is actually quite good. You play Wayne in 3rd person. Wayne has been awoken from deep freeze to help rid the planet of the Akrid, a race of alien bug like creatures much like those in Starship Troopers. Wayne uses a vast array of weapons, gadgets, bombs and VS mech robot suits to get about and destroy pretty much everything that moves, and some stuff that does not.

Graphically the game is very good, with good music and realistic sound effects. Much of the outdoor areas are covered in deep powder snow, and the developers remembered that people tend to walk through snow, rather than on it. A small but nice touch on their part. The indoor areas are varied enough and overall the level's layouts are well thought out and present a small but optional ways of getting from A - B.

In addition to said bug like aliens, you have snow pirates and the Nevec soldiers to contend with (they get their own VS suits and heavy fire power also) so generally there is a wide selection of enemies to battle and a number of different tactics to suit each type of enemy. The bosses of this game tend to by on the harder side of hard, albeit easier when you know how.

In addition, there are a set number of coin / glyphs to find in each mission. Now these must be pretty hard to find as I finished the game having 'explored' and I only found say 30%. This in itself would provide replay value if you can be bothered searching.

Behind the gameplay, is a reasonably engaging story (and back story) behind Wayne and Nevec. This is dealt with by way of silky smooth cutscenes that are on par with any recent Manga release.

Overall I had alot of fun playing this. There are so many different VS suits, and so many weapons to attach to them, as well as the small arms that Wayne carries; that it would be difficult to get bored. The arcade feel of the game is supported by the shear number of enemies to seek out and destroy (and some of them are pretty huge), the music, sound and image quality are easily worth the full price of this, let alone its second hand value.

Like I said, for the money - you really cant go wrong.
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on 15 May 2008
The initial reason I bought Lost Planet was simply because of its budget price. I'd heard a few good things so I figured, for £22 it's worth a shot. What I got for that money was a pretty enjoyable game with some of the most badass boss fights to my memory.

So the story, basically, humans are trying to tereform a planet so that everyone can live there, and are constantly fighting off the planets inhabitants, the Akrid. Your character, Wayne, joins a group trying to help rid the world of these Akrid, with the help of some big guns and `VR's', big robots with more big guns.

The game is extremely arcade, both in feel and level setup. You'll start a mission with your `thermal energy' counting down and get more by killing enemies. When your thermal energy is gone, your life will deplete, and then you'll die! You'll also be constantly spraying bullets, but there's also tons of ammo so you'll never really run out, and this really adds to the arcade feel. Then, at the end of each stage, you'll fight a boss. This is Lost Planets strong point, as these bosses will have you sweating and cursing by the end, and when the `Mission Complete' text appears across your screen, there's a real feeling of achievement.

There is an online mode, which a lot of people seem to enjoy, but for me it just seemed much too slow, wandering around bland landscapes looking for someone to shoot.

So Lost Planet is definitely good, like a modern day arcade epic, but lacks any real replay value, though trying to get through just the first level on the extreme difficulty setting is a game all in itself. If you've got some spare cash, this is a good bit of gaming experience, but a little too much repetition and a lack of that extra little something prevents this from being a must buy.
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on 25 September 2009
I really enjoyed this game, the gameplay is easy to use, you can collect a variety of weapons and on some parts you can find Mecha suits to leap into and fight with. With these units you are able to change the weapon layout as you find better ones by two ways, you can do it manually where your character will take off the weapon and then you can use it yourself. Your character utilising a huge autocannon is quite fun :)
The monsters you fight are tough at times, but once you have worked out their weak areas and found a valid tactic, you can dispatch them relatively fast enough and so you can claim their energy to fuel your warmth suit.

The story line is so so but interesting enough that you arent bored to the bone during the cut scenes. The one main problem I have with the game is that it is quite short, there are 6 missions in all, and so the game can be completed in a couple days of playing. Although I got to the end, I really enjoyed getting there and the game does have replay value as you can find hidden items on subsequent plays.

For the price, this game is worth a play, and there is an online element too, unfortunately when I have tried this, there have not been enough people on to make a game. I believe this may be as not many people use the online function very much.
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on 10 March 2008
I'm a fan of 3rd person shooters anyway so a decent PS3 game for £25 involving huge killer bugs is too much of an opportunity to miss. This game is actually better than a lot of other PS3 titles I have played. Well worth the money.
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on 14 November 2009
The Online Play of Lost Planet is the best I have seen on the Playstation 3. I have had a PS3 since launch and since downloading the demo from the Playstation Store I have played the full game every Friday and Saturday night since! Buy the game if you like shooters. The lobby system is perfect for matchmaking with people on your Friends List and the game is well suited to in-game chat via a headset. The scale of the environments is what is so impressive. It is not just run round corners and shoot or run and gun like a lot of others. Bring on Lost Planet 2 and in the meantime buy this. You won't regret it.Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (PS3)
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