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3.8 out of 5 stars42
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 15 July 2011
I guess if you're a long term reader of Superman you'll wonder how they manage to condense the events of the hige Doomsday arc into a 75 minute film. Well, they drop a lot but let me, without spoiling too much say that they keep the best aspects. They drop the "Four Supermen" replacements idea completely but that's understandable, there's just not enough time here to tell the extended story.

What story there is is tight, and it's self contained enough that someone with only a basic understanding of Superman will be OK to watch this without worrying about getting lost. The voice cast is strong and the animation is as you'd expect from Bruce Timm's DCAU very Fleischer and very iconic.

I think this, at the current price of only three pounds, is a bargain and a half - snap it up and enjoy one of the better animated Superhero titles.

Oh, there are great bonus features too including a full length commentary and interviews with the cast and crew.
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on 11 April 2016
This is an unusual film ... I really enjoyed part of it, while not really enjoying another part. As such, I have mixed feelings.

The 'Doomsday' aspect of the movie - involving an alien monster who savagely destroys anything that's alive - is fantastic. This beast finds itself free on Earth, and goes on a rampage. People die. And Superman has to save the day ... but at the cost of his own life. This tale is adapted from a well-known and top-selling comic book storyline, from the 1990's. Here, it's done well (although with some creative freedom).

But then, once Superman is dead, the plot develops in unusual ways ... in and of themselves, they're okay. But they simply didn't need to be included in THIS film. This movie ought to have focused on, and thoroughly developed, the Doomsday story. Instead, this part of the story is over just one-third of the way into the film.

Although I felt let down by this, I did enjoy the animation and voice-overs. I do wish that, somehow, this movie had been incorporated into the 'Superman: The Animated Series' saga.

Overall, I liked bits and pieces; but I disliked other aspects of the film.
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on 3 November 2011
The shocking thing here is not really the idea that Superman dies, it's that he bleeds. I can't remember seeing that before in animation.
Once again it's Lex Luther that's behind it all. Unearthing a brutal monster from beneath the ground that battles Superman to the death. Leaving both Metropolis (and Lois Lane) bereft of Superman. Then as the crime rate soars and people begin to lose hope Superman returns, or does he?

This is a slightly more grown-up take on Superman. We get to see him in a relationship with Lois who's becoming wise to his Clark Kent persona and whilst everything is subtly underplayed, it's good to see a more mature story-line that includes both Clark's mother and a more brutal take on Lex.

I'm aware that when they killed Superman off in the comic books there was a huge uproar and although I haven't read that particular comic I think that this film does well with that story with some moments that are both genuinely affecting and surprising. The voice cast are mostly famous people e.g Anne Heche as Lois and they do a good job of bringing their respective characters to life. The animation is also quite good with a bit more moodiness and shadow of both Superman and Metropolis then that is normally seen.
In all a good interesting film that shows a welcome darker more twisted side to the Superman legacy that should be exciting to most fans of animation and cartoons. Thank you.
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on 5 April 2014
Why hasn't anyone mentioned anything about how Superman, thought dead, disappears for a long enough period of time that his hair is shoulder length when he returns (ooops, sorry...we all know he returns...right?) and, obviously so does Clark Kent, said to be missing in Afghanistan, but when Soop suddenly comes back, lo and behold! so does Kent.
Isn't that a weak point in a very long recurring plot point?
I didn't read any of the comics from which this animation was adapted, but I gather a lot of subplots had to be dropped to bring it in at 75 minutes.
At the end of the film Clark is back, at least as far as Lois in concerned, but they don't address how he'll explain showing up at the Daily Planet.
Maybe he just won't.
Anyway, I'm enjoying these films - got Doomsday and four others in a boxed set - but, with as seriously as the writers and animators appear to take this stuff, I couldn't help but wonder how this issue got by them all.
Then again, we've been expected to believe that a simple pair of black rimmed glasses has disguised Superman as Clark Kent for a century.
Maybe I'm over thinking it.
And yet, it niggles at me.
One artistic criticism - Superman's face is the least expressively drawn of all of the characters.
Somehow that seems wrong.
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on 20 October 2007
I'll try not to rehash what others have said on here, but what I will do is share the reasons I thought the original story in the comics story arcs worked so well and then how this 'movie' compares. The overall story was truly epic and told over three 'acts' if you will:

1) The death of Superman: The Justice League went up against Doomsday and couldn't stop him. Even Superman got bashed around when he tried to take him on initially before making his 'last stand' at Metropolis. The iconic image of the Superman's yellow 'S-Shield' from his tattered cape blowing like a flag was awesome and captured something of the loss of Earth's greatest hero when he died (photographed by Jimmy Olsen).

2) World without a Superman: In my opinion, the emotional heart of the story dealing with the reaction of individuals to the loss of Superman (supporting characters, heroes etc) and the whole world. My favourite moments were when Clarks parents couldn't even be at the funeral of their son to protect his secret identity and the most tear-jerking moment when Jonathan 'Pa' Kent is in the barn reminiscing about his time with Clark when he was growing up. "How could I be talking to anyone?" he states, facing the grim reality that his son is gone. PLUS the awesome cliff hanger of this 'act' with the sightings of FOUR Supermen! Could any of them be our Kal-El back from the dead? Oh, the mystery!

3) The return of Superman: Four Supermen and bits of evidence to keep you guessing that any one of them could be `the real deal'. By far the most interesting part of the overall tale, in my view. Plus the final battle with a true world threatening menace was a very good conclusion.

So - what are the problems with this movie? Well, I'm sad to say that in this movie there is:
1. No Justice League
2. The Doomsday part is very brief (and also they make out he's a machine - oops).
3. No S-Shield on the cape when it's flowing in the wind
4. A funeral that is `played down' compared to the original (Lois' grieving is just awful)
5. No Jonathan Kent (hence we are robbed of emotional content)
6. No Supergirl or the 4 Supermen (only one shoddy doppelganger to replace them)
7. No epic conclusion (in fact, the ending was particularly weak.

Anything good? Well, despite the animation looking inferior to the 90's Batman series the voice actors for Superman and Lex Luthor (yay Spike) do a great job. Another nice touch is the visual impact that Superman and Doomsdays blows have on the nearby buildings. Ultimately though, aspects such as this can only be great when used to tell a great story.

I acknowledge that the reality is the entire story could not have been captured in 75 minutes or even 90 or 120 minutes. So how's this for an idea: make it over TWO movies!!!! The first could deal with the death of Superman and World without a Superman (ending with a cliff-hanger of four 'sightings' of Superman), followed by a second movie purely dealing with the 'return'. Yes some elements would still need to be trimmed in the sense of some of the secondary stories (Arms war in Steel for example) but the overall majesty of the story would have been preserved. And Superboy was referred to as SuperMAN in this tale so there's no argument with the Salkinds!!! And we could own 3 hours of Superman celluloid to be proud of.

C'mon DC - you could have made twice the money AND more importantly created something faithful that does justice to both the story, the fans AND opened the mind of people not usually rating comic adaptations to a truly epic tale. Please don't mess up `The Judas Contract' or the rumoured `Kingdom Come'.

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on 3 January 2010
My son LOVES this (and I don't mind it either!). Recommended to all fans.
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on 28 October 2010
Now everyone loves the man of steel. I havent really read much of the comic series but I have enjoyed the films and the television show. The animation is very good and is taken from the television show. The film is voiced really well and the story has made a fantastic transition from comic book to animated film.

In terms of extras, this dvd doesnt disappoint. You get to watch the ideas behind superman and the doomsday storyline. If you have only seen the superman films, I do suggest watching this dvd. I enjoyed it very much and have already started thinking about owning the animated series
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VINE VOICEon 14 December 2007
This animated outing by the Man of Steel is based on the best-selling graphic novel `The Death of Superman' and as the title suggests shows Superman fighting the intergalactic super-soldier Doomsday as well as the immediate aftermath of that conflict. Although I haven't read the graphic novel that this adaptation is based on, I do have a good idea of what happened in it and can say that, despite being entertaining, this version of the story does not do the comic justice. There is quite a lot missing from the story and although this can be forgiven due to time and budget constraints, the leaving out of some of the iconic images of the series is something of a disappointment.

Although not a big Superman fan myself, I can understand how many of the Man of Steels fans will find this DVD a great disappointment and those people who only know Superman from films and TV may find some parts of this story confusing. Despite all this I do actually like `Superman: Doomsday' and I feel if people give it a chance they will to. The animation, by the same people who make the great `The Batman' animated series, is good and the voice acting is also very well done despite the rather dodgy script and suits the characters well, especially James Masters as Lex Luthor. Overall `Superman: Doomsday' is enjoyable but if you want the proper story then you should read the graphic novel.
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on 24 June 2015
Imagine how cool this would be as an actual movie with the realism portrayed in this animation. That Lois Lane knows Superman as Clark Kent and Kal-El tells you where in the saga this would fit. So Superman was in a coma all the time he was 'dead' Hmm! To think that this is all done by art put together by computer is quite remarkable; all the hard work involved, far more than you realize. You have to give some credit to those guys making artwork come to life with realistic action. Could you do any better? I enjoyed this.
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on 22 April 2012
This is by far one of the best animated movies i have seen for a long time...The close proximatey to the original comic script is brilliant..The fight scenes are brutal and a bit bloodthirsty in places, but leave you wanting more...Using Alex Baldwin as the voice of Superman is pure chemistry, well suited and delivered perfectly....Excellent rendition of a very controvertial storyline in the world of DC....A Film you need to have in your DC collection...10/10Superman - Doomsday [DVD]
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