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4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 22 June 2015
The movie is a quite good giallo, with a nice cinematography and acting. Some naivete at moments, like almost every gialli, but overall it deserves to
be seen.
I won't give five stars because the edition is really poor. No bonus, and the blu-ray behaves like a dvd when you want to change the language for example it goes back to the main menu page...really weird.
Some improvements could be mad and I'm not sure I'll buy other blu-ray from this company.
That being said, I think it's worth seing :-)
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on 29 January 2013
Stefano D'Archangelo decides to take a break from his professorship, he returns home to visit his older brother who's a priest. The village suffered a tragedy years earlier when a young girl was strangled and killed, the killer was never discovered. On the train there, he meets an attractive young woman called Sandra who's going to be staying in the same village for a while. Upon arrival, Stefano is met by his brother, Don Paolo, and they go to lunch where Stefano is filled in on what's going on in town. He's told about a creepy medium, a rich doctor with a mistress who "accidentally" killed his wife, a midwife who hides her crazy son somewhere on the island who may perform illegal abortions, and Count Pedrazzi who has been accused of interfering with young boys. Later on that night, Don Paolo is woken up by screams below his bedroom window, he witnesses the murder of the medium but can't see the killer because of a heavy downpour. Don Paolo is then sent a letter telling him to keep quiet about what he saw, scared that he's potentially the killer's next victim, he confides in Stefano. Stefano sets off to find the killer, and reveal the link between the murder of the medium and the young girl years earlier.

The acting in The Bloodstained Shadow is of a very high standard. Lino Capolicchio who was so brilliant two years earlier in Pupi Avati's excellent, The House With Laughing Windows, delivers another very good performance here. There's actually quite a lot of similarities between his characters, both are called Stefano, both come to a creepy village where people seem to be hiding a secret, a painting plays a huge part in both finding the truth, and both begin relationships despite all the murders that surround them. Stefania Casini is adorable as Stefano's love interest, Sandra. I find her very attractive and a very decent actress, she strips off in the film for a completely unnecessary sex scene. Casini will be best known to Italian horror fans for her role in Dario Argento's Suspiria, she's the one who's chased by the killer until she gets tangled up in barbed wire, in what I believe to be that film's most tense scene. American actor Craig Hill is very effective as Don Paolo, Hill was famous in Italy for numerous Westerns he'd shot in Italy in the 1960s. Massimo Serato is pretty vile and creepy as Count Pedrazzi, he appeared in Don't Look Now as Bishop Barbarrigo which is one of the films this one reminds me of.

Sadly this was Antonio Bido's last venture into the giallo, it came a year after his debut called Watch Me When I Kill. I'm a big fan of Watch Me When I Kill, but I think The Bloodstained Shadow is a little bit better. Bido showed a great talent for directing gialli, but he wasn't a fan of them at the time and wanted to do different types of film, something he has come to regret as he's developed a love for them over the years. The music is excellent, Bido wanted Goblin to do the soundtrack but the producers refused to pay the money that was being asked, so it was instead composed by Stelvio Cipriani and arranged by Goblin. Just like in Watch Me When I Kill, there's a piece of music that seems to have been completely lifted from Goblin's soundtrack for Deep Red, but it's just a small part of this excellent soundtrack. One thing that might grate on some giallo fans is the complete lack of any blood, something they were famous for was the inventive and bloody kill scenes. I thought the film had some really effective suspense scenes and some decent jump scares. One jump scare about a third of the way into the film really did make me jump, I was just thankful my cup of tea was half gone or I would have ended up soaked. The narrow passages and canals are beautifully shot, and the small village near Venice was a brilliant location for a film of this type.

The US DVD from Blue Underground is region free, the picture quality is superb. There's a thirteen minute interview with Antonio Bido where he discusses the film, a trailer and an Antonio Bido filmography. There's no subtitles. The Bloodstained Shadow isn't one of the very best gialli made, but it's still an excellent one. It really reminded me of The House With Laughing Windows, Who Saw Her Die? and Don't Torture A Duckling. The Bloodstained Shadow is a film I wouldn't hesitate in recommending to any giallo fan.
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on 17 September 2015
Vaguely interesting story line with the usual 'red herring'. Can't agree with others who praised the acting as I thought it was very 'B movie'. As to the dubbing, that was the usual appalling mess with most dubbing sounding as if it was read straight from the script without any thought as to what the person was saying.
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on 6 August 2015
An above standard Giallo with some superb direction that could only be brought to life in HD. An engrossing plot, some spiteful little slaughters - not full marks as it is sightly snoozy and overstays it's welcome but on the whole a very competent and beautiful giallo.
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on 30 August 2014
"Watch Me When I Kill" was very good, but this is without a doubt Bido's giallo masterpiece. A superbly chilling atmosphere to the visuals lends it a dreamy sense of strangeness. Excellent soundtrack, too. A must-see for any fan of 70s giallo filmmaking.
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on 10 June 2015
Fairly drab and derivative giallo with no real original or memorable moments.
Can't fault the acting but could have been shot with better style.
Storywise is OK.
Was interesting to see an older Craig Hill in the role of the Priest. Wow he really aged since the late 60's Spaghetti's he was in.
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on 13 December 2015
Not a bad giallo but not one of the better ones. You can pretty much guess who the killer is. Some nice characters however and the locations are very well filmed. Worth a watch if you like this sort of film.
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on 13 July 2013
Having just watched this film I felt inspired to write a review to encourage other fans of suspense films to give this a punt. Then I read West 25's review and thought 'Is it really worth it?', because it says pretty much everything I wanted to say plus more! Here goes anyway. This really is a very effective suspense film and amongst the best Giallos made. Acting is good and I, too, found Stefania Casini very attractive (she is not the usual model -like leading lady a la Bouchet or Fenech found in most examples of this genre.) The scenes were genuinely suspenseful and very well shot. Bido clearly has a great eye and frames the scenes well; cutting is skilful, too, and builds the suspense extremely well. Many Giallos substitute gore for suspense, but this one has some very jumpy moments; one in particular made me jump out of my seat! The highlight for me, though, is the filming of Venice, which looks like a real city rather than the touristy facade seen in that dreadful film `The Tourist'. As usual Blue Underground present a lovely print and should be praised for their consistently high standards. Watch and enjoy!
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on 5 June 2010
The Blood Stained Shadow.
Starring Lino Capolicchio (House with the Laughing Windows) and Stefania Casini (Suspiria), directed by Antonio Bido (Watch me when I kill) this is a gore free but very atmospheric giallo. All the ingredients are there, as you would expect, the black gloved killer, the parish priest, a medium and an odd collection of locals that frquent her seances.
The young art professor, brother of the priest struggles to find the link between the the killer and a painting depicting a young girls death, which happens to have been painted by his newly aquired girlfriend's mother.
The Venetian setting is very claustrophobic, with it's narrow passages and dimly lit canals also the set pieces are indeed sparsely lit with menacing shadows. From the title sequence on, which starts with the 14 year old unsolved murder of a young girl, the film draws you in and holds you in it's grip. I will not print any spoilers, just get a copy and enjoy.

This a US import but is region free, nicely transferred to DVD by Blue Underground.

Update: Just purchased the Blu ray version which has english audio and italian audio with english subtitles. It seems to have transferred vey well and is full screen.
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on 7 October 2015
Certainly the picture is improved due to blu-ray technology. A great film all the same on DVD, VHS whatever. J Counsell.
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