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4.1 out of 5 stars92
4.1 out of 5 stars
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on 6 October 2009
I can only echo what several other reviewers have said, this is pretty poor with the exception of the last episode "The Return of Starbuck". The first nine episodes featuring Troy and Dillon and their adventures on earth are pretty painful viewing at times. There's little in the way of tension or drama, and plenty in the way of cheesy humour and childish storylines.
But, get to episode ten and you have one of the best episodes they ever made. The Return of Starbuck was a brilliant way to end the show. The ending is one of my all time favourite endings to any tv series or film. The final shot and the music played over it haunted me for years as a kid.
This series is worth buying solely for the last episode.
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on 16 February 2015
I was there at the time this show was aired in the UK. I was around the 6 years old mark when the original BSG was broadcast so I guess I was 8 maybe when this was aired in the UK.

I remember being extremely upset that three quarters of the original cast were missing, Apollo and Starbuck, Colonel Tye and all the secondary characters who I had grown to love were gone. Maybe that is why I always had a negative memory of this not being as good as it should have been back then.

A reason why I was hesitant to purchase the second series on release, but I being tempted ended up when the price lowered to a level where I could give it a go. If you see it through the eyes of one who was there at the time, it's really not as bad as I remember it being, it lacks the bigger budget effects and battles that season 1 featured but i guess this is a different type of story.

The story basics are that it is now an unspecified number of years on from the end of series 1. The Galactica and it's rag tag convoy have at last found the Earth. Sadly, we are in no fit state, technically or psychologically, to accept or even help our new brothers from the stars. To help the Galacticans settlement on the earth and perhaps help our advancement so we can better fight the recently discovered Cylon threat, multiple teams consisting of two Colonial Warrior each are sent to many nations on Earth to contact scientific communities, Governments and so on. Not surprisingly we focus on the team sent to the USA who are the tall and dark Troy, originally the step son of Captain Apollo who was known as Boxy, who is now a quiet and serious Warrior now in his early 30's. He is partnered with his buddy Dylon, a younger, stocky and fair haired Colonial Warrior who provides a little comedy in their journey.

The two warriors arrive on Earth and experience all kinds of strange adventures, contact scientists and get into all kinds of trouble during their search help mankind, fight the Cylon threat that has recently been uncovered and attempt to assimilate a large group of children into the Earth's society. Help on Earth comes from a female reporter, a male scientist and the bad guy angle comes from a Galactican renegade and certain members of the USA Air Force that are hunting our Heroes down.

On the whole the stories are all consecutive, so start from Episode 1 and go through till the end. It's basically for the kids that were in 1980, so expect simplistic plots, a fair amount of moral teachings and kids that know more than the adults. Fewer space battles and Cylons makes for less excitement, the stories are generally more sedate the first series, definitely cheaper and have an air of being written with no over all game plan in mind, just novel episode ideas that are loosely strung together in some form.

Instead of colonial vipers we have futuristic flying motorbikes, made to blend in with Earth bikes, which of course look just about nothing like Earth bikes, and there are wonderful shields that render the users, bikes and Vipers invisible. These as you can imagine come in handy for their adventures on Earth.

Adama is still there, many years older and wiser but somehow is a shadow of his former self from the first series, he seems reduced to play second fiddle to a new character, the child genius who has all the answers, and to be honest, any child genius character can start to grate on the nerves after a while. The last episode is an oddity, and frankly it wasted the one and only returning character in a pretty dud story line.

So, it may appear that there are many negatives here, and I guess there are but i actually found it quite fun in a nostalgic way, remembering things from my childhood as the series went on. It misses the battles and characters from the first series.
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on 23 October 2013
After the really positive promising ending of the first series we are left with the question, have they found earth?
Sadly we never did find out if that was earth or just a random planet..

Here begins Galactica 1980 where Adama now hiding behind a beard reports that Galactica has finally found earth.

Hoorah the Galactica has found earth it's time to celebrate by removing most of the cast?!

Unfortunately from this point the series takes a complete and utter nose dive compared to the first series.

Gone are the characters of Boomer, Jolly, Tighe, the doctor, Cassiopia, the traitorous Baltar, Sheeba, and most importantly Starbuck and Apollo?!

Instead we have Joe 90, Xavier a very dull villian; even the Borrellian Nomen were more intimidating!
As well as Troy and Dillon as the new Starbuck and Apollo, Dillon being a now grown up Boxey.
Kent and Barry just come across as a couple of people doing it for a laugh. In fact that's the problem, practically everyone in this series seems to be doing it for a laugh! Poor Mr Larson, it must of been horrible watching the series go from Battlestar Galactica to Battlestar Galactica the sitcom, with guest Star Wolfman Jack and west side story!

The 70's darker writing style has also been replaced with a dreadful 1980's screenplay. This makes the series come across as more of a cheesy Moonlighting style, which doesn't fit Galactica at all!

Now why did I give this a three stars?

The only saving grace is the finale which could very well of saved the series from the start. We finally see the real Starbuck and what happened to him. For that brief episode you feel like you're watching Galactica again, but only during that episode. It also leaves you with the question, if you are stranded somewhere with your enemy how would you act in that situation?

On paper this series is not a bad idea. Galactica finding earth, the cylons closing in on them, and Galactica has to make earth ready to prevent a repeat of what happened on their former home planet. However it is the way it was executed that ruined it. Had the old cast been kept and had they continued with the same writing style and direction, Galactica 1980 could have been as good as the first series.
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on 16 February 2008
Battlestar galactica was cancelled in 1979..the ratings were solid but because the show cost over a million dollars per episode ( a massively high budget in 1978/9) the continuation of the show couldnt be justified unless it was in the top 3 rated shows at the time, which it wasnt, but did comfortably sit in the top 10 shows all season, thus NBC/universal pulled the plug but then came up with a way to continue the show but with a fraction of the budget..makes sense they thought? Unfortunately not for the viewer though!! Galactica 80 is pretty lame stuff..gone are apollo,starbuck and dazzling space battles..what we get here is troy and vance ( troy being the grown up boxy from the first show!!) on stupid flying motorbikes and not much else. The galactica has made it to earth but arrive in 1980 and obviously we are hundred's of years technologically behind and a decision is made by an even older Adama to study earth and stop the cylons who have arrived before them. Great to see Lorne Greene again (with beard this time!) and Boomer crops up in the old colonel Tigh role (we never find out what happened to Tigh btw). The show was canned after half a season and its easy to see why..a bad idea from start to finish.

There is however one saving grace. The final episode "THE RETURN OF STARBUCK" Dirk Benedict reprises his old role in the show most reminiscent of the old Galactica. Adama recounts the tale of what happened to starbuck and its a cracking tale..very sad at the end but won't give away the ending.

Worth getting for the semi-decent opening story and the starbuck ep.
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VINE VOICEon 3 March 2008
Galactica 1980 is one of those curious anomalies in the Battlestar universe in that nearly all fans choose to completely ignore it from the continuity and it has not been included in any of the comics, graphic novels or books published since the 70's. That said, it's really not as bad as people make it out to be and there are some genuinely good moments in the series.
The main arc of the story is set 20 years after the end of the original Battlestar Galactica series. Adama has finally led the Galactica and her fleet to Earth with the help of Doctor Zee, a child with a highly developed mind and consciousness who was born of a colonial warrior and a seraph (see episode 10) and sent to them years ago.
However, their discovery heralds a darker problem - Doctor Zee warns Adama that they cannot land on Earth. Arriving in the year 1980, Earth and it's people are in no fit state to help the Galactica or to defend themselves from the Cylon empire. With the Cylons closing in on the Galactica, the fleet will have to leave and draw their enemy away from the 13th tribe.
They send down covert teams to explore Earth and to make contact with the inhabitants, with the intention of slowly helping Earth's scientists with present day problems. There are those among the council who believe that they should change Earth by whatever means necessary and seek to employ drastic methods to alter technology and history.
One of the teams sent to North America is Troy, a grown up Boxey, and Dillon. They have problems on their first assignment, especially with blending in, understanding humans and trying to remain inconspicuous, often with humorous results. Their missions are further complicated by the actions of renegade council member Xavier.
Out of the ten episodes there are three that stand head and shoulders above the rest. The two part `The Night The Cylons Landed' is a great story when a new Cylon Raider and the next generation of Cylons crash land on Earth. They Cylons are now building machines that look like humans - an idea which is key to the new series. With one Cylon and one Centurion loose on Earth on Halloween (when else!) we get a great story with some funny one-liners from the cast.
The final episode `The Return Of Starbuck' is arguably the best of the bunch and explains what happened to our favourite loveable rogue when his viper is shot down in battle stranding him on a desert planet. He finds the wreck of a Cylon Raider and rebuilds one of the Centurions in an effort to stave off going crazy by himself. There are some truly comical moments in this one, teaching the Cylon Pyramid, how humans give birth and the talks about the need for female companionship.
Adama, Boomer and Starbuck are the only three of the original series cast to feature in the show as the focus is primarily on Troy and Dillon. Troy is played by Kent McCord (who has been in numerous sci-fi shows) and Dillion is played by Barry Van Dyke (yes, that guy who is also in Diagnosis Murder!) and the interplay between them is similar to the Apollo / Starbuck relationship of the original series. Their slow adaptation to life on Earth leads to some funny moments and their views on what we are like as a species allowed the episodes to make commentary on current events like nuclear power, pollution and health care.
They only made ten episodes, mainly multi-part stories so you only get six adventures in total. Alas, the series suffers from aiming the show at a child audience rather than maintaining the standards of the first series and trying to keep the loyal fan base they had established. They also employed several rather more far-fetched scenarios which had never been required in the Battlestar universe such as time travel, cloaking devices and everyone remembers the flying motorcycles. While they assist the plot in certain areas they also hinder it badly in others.
The set is released on 2 discs but has no extras at all, just the ten episodes.
So, all in all, not a bad piece of 80's nostalgia but definitely one for true completists only. Launch when ready!
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on 17 August 2010
Being a thirty something sci fi geek growing up in the Glen A Larson era the purchase of this puppy was a given. For all the great things I remember about the show such as Starbuck and Cy doing the Lemmon Matthau routine, the pimped up Cylon Raider, the guest starring of William `K.I.T.T' Daniels and the enjoyable duo that is Kent McCord and Barry Van Dyke, I give 10 out of 10.

In taking off the rose tinted glasses and rating this next to, say, the recent reimagining of Galactica it gets 2 out of 10, however that is not what '1980' is about is it, but I'll show nostalgia the door for a sec and give an overall mark of 6 out of 10.

I'd have given 5 out of 10, but the tuxedo dance number and beard of Adama tipped me over the edge.
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on 21 April 2013
I must admit I was a little disappointed with this especially after the fantastic original series,you got to love the characters from the original only to have all but two replaced by new actors who weren't as interesting and the story turned lame and left you with unanswered questions,I suppose it wouldn't be so bad on it's own,but it pales in comparison to the original it's as if they run out of money and were cutting corners,having said that I quite enjoyed the return of Starbuck,but I understand they didn't reveal what happened to him because the planed episode wasn't made.
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on 4 March 2008
This series is ultimately for those who watched the series when they were in there childhood and want to re-live that memory. It is also for those who want a complete collection of the orginal Battlestar franchise. It is not for those who think they are going to get a repeat of the first series as it lacks pretty much everything the first series made it famous for. There are very few battles with the cylons and when there are they are not great. This is because of the interfering studio bosses who cut the budget and tried to make it 'educational'. When they were told Dirk Benedict was apparently unavailable at the time, and Richard Hatch didn't want to be connected with the series they should have cancelled the show full stop because they are the cast who the fans wanted to see back. But after a quick, cheap re-think it was decided the series would take place twenty years after the end of the original series rather than five, and that Boxey would take Apollo's role, while "Lt. Dillon" would take over the Starbuck part. President Baltar was written out entirely, and Xavier was created to take up his role as resident bad guy. However, the series was still watched by many and it was going somewhere until they cancelled it. Even the last episode with Dirk Benedict is poor. This is previous footage which was shot for the orginal series but never made it for the final cut so why would it be acceptable for the failing series? Neither orginal actors wanted anything to do with this new series as it had gone away from what the orginal was about. So overall, buy it if your an old fan like me or not at all because to be honest, it's not that great.
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on 8 January 2014
This series sucks. I mean wow does it suck. It's so bad that you will spend half your time cringing in the corner, and feeling sorry for Lorne Green.

And yet it's also awesome. It's genuinely funny, from the slight giggle the first time those flying bikes take off, to the gut buster of a belly laugh at their awful attempt at a serious time travel story. You are going to enjoy this, then deny to the world that you ever saw it.

Unless you're me, because then you decide that this really, really needs a review.
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on 19 May 2014
Arrived quickly, in excellent condition, this is the follow up series to the original Galactica series, which was originally cancelled by the network, a protest followed with the series being commissioned, the story takes us 30 years ahead, still chased by the Cylons, Galactica have found earth, BUT they can't land, earth is not technologically ready for a full scale Cylon attack, so they must secretly help earth get ready, and earth cannot know about the Galactica or the Cylons, but this will take years.
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