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22 of 22 people found the following review helpful
on 3 January 2010
I have a pretty damn good wired Microsoft keyboard and Razer mouse however since connecting my PC to my LCD TV I find that I end up sitting on the floor with back ache. I wanted a simple wireless setup so I could use the PC from my sofa however this is not it.

To be fair the effective range on this is 20cm. You will be able to connect up to 1m away, close enough for my setup, away but at this range (as the other reviewer stated) it misses keystrokes. To prove my point:

The quick brown ox jmped over thelazy dog
The quick brown foxjumped overthe lazy dg
the quick brown foxjumped over thelazy dog.. all written around 60cm away.

It's horrible to use to say the least. The receiver flashes indicating an incoming signal making me think it's receiving garbage and just drops the information. The mouse is OK at this range implying it's the keyboard at fault. Again even at close range I'm finding random characters being thrown into the mix (it's not my typing!)

The mouse, which I had decided was going to be trash, is OK. Great for navigating windows and not much else.

I couldn't recommend this to anyone as it just doesn't work. Having a wireless keyboard with errors at such close range is futile as you may as well stick with a wired setup. I was aware the range was only 1.2m but you would expect it to still function at that range.

Most of this review was again written from my floor which I can do a lot better on my wired keyboard. This will do me for facebook and browsing and that's about it. TBH if it wasn't for the fact there was a cash outlay it would go into the bin!
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28 of 29 people found the following review helpful
on 3 September 2008
As a replacement for my suddenly problematic wireless HP keyboard, I decided to go for this Microsoft Keyboard & mouse bundle.

It's really easy to use as you just plug it into your PC and it recognises the hardware, you connect the keyboard & mouse to the wireless receiver and away you go!

Along with the hotkeys which provide fast access to your email, music, my computer, favourites & Internet home page, there are volume controls and a play/pause button which are all very useful, however there is no forward/rewind control and shockingly no Sleep button! I see no reason why a sleep button should be excluded from any keyboard. For me, it is an essential and I hope there is a way to assign this feature to another key.

The keyboard is stylishly designed with drainage holes in case you spill anything on it and the keys have good positive feedback when typing but I am very dissapointed with the height due to the 'legs' of the keyboard being unable to give the necessary tilt to make typing more comfortable and ergonomic. Also, with the legs down, the keyboard is tilted backwards and therefore is not an option.

The optical mouse has a good build quality and has the added benefit of a sleep function so that it doesn't use up the battery when not in use.

Overall, it is a very good quality package which is slightly let down by the height/tilt & absence of a sleep button. Recommended if you don't mind these factors otherwise look at later models.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on 23 August 2009
I'm going to not proofread this review jus to demonstrate the amount of letters this keyboard skips even when the receiver is just 20 cm away. This thing will decrease productivity because you have to spend so much time fixing mistakes. Either that, or type relly slowly and carefully, like I've slowly learned to d.
Forget about pressing multiple keys at once. I haven't systematicaly tested it, but I can tell you tha playing games is impossible. The keyboard will randomly stop resonding and one or more buttons wll get "stuck" as if you were keeping them pressed. It's not fun when your racing car just keeps going straight in a curve, which happened to me a whole lot of times (then I got a gamepad).
The extra function buttons are nice, but there are too few. Particularly annoying for me is that they have included a button to stat Media Player and Play/Pause your media, but no buttons to skip to the next song on your playlist.

Te mouse has some sort of auto-off feature, which is nice in a wa, but the timeout is something like 1 minute which s just ridiculous. I've learned now to give the scroll wheel a spin to wake it up befre I start using it. Also, I had to change the batteries after just 2 months of use, though I do use it pretty much all day after working hours.

If I have to say something good about this, I'd say it's ergonomic. That is a matter of preference of course, but I do like the feel of the keyboard and the mouse.

Overall, though, it really is such a bad product that I'm going t get a better set from the store any day soon.
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11 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 5 August 2009
I returned the first of these because despite following the instructions and tips in the manual I could not get the mouse to work (keyboard worked fine). The replacement I received had exactly the same problem on both PCs that I tried it on (Windows Vista and XP). I read several forums where other users have had problems with this item. So, although it it inexpensive, save yourself time and trouble and buy another product!
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25 of 28 people found the following review helpful
VINE VOICEon 9 September 2008
The wired keyboard and mouse are a thing of the past and I am surprised that manufacturers still sell them. That said the wireless options can be incredibly expensive, to the point where I end up staring in disbelief at a mouse worth £100.00. As such this was a good option as it is relatively inexpensive and is a reputable brand. The installation is very easy since it is basically plug and play so you don't need to mess about whatsoever.

My single criticism for the product is the mouse. It has a habit of going to sleep which I have found to be tremendously annoying. Until I was advised by another user I found that I had to constantly reconnect the mouse every few minutes of inactivity, though actually all you do need to do is to press one of the buttons. This however was not clearly marked on the box and so is not always obvious to a basic user.

Otherwise though, very good and should you just want a simple keyboard and mouse this will be your best and most reliable option.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 21 September 2008
I was delighted to find this bundle for such a good price. It connects instantly with no set up problems. All was good, or so I thought. I have ditched the mouse after a week and gone back to my wired model simply because it seems to have a mind of its own. I've tried every setting for the buttons but cannot find a happy medium. You think you've double clicked then nothing happens. Moving the cursor round the screen is like steering a dodgy shopping trolley. So to the keyboard. Its great apart from the hot keys don't work! I've just spent an hour on the Microsoft website prior to writing this review trying to find out how to sort it. There is no info or drivers on this product. I would recommend spending a bit more on a better package.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 12 September 2010
I've only had this K&M for 4 months I think this keyboard & mouse's build quality is rather poor even from Microsoft I cant say any good things about this product because the reciever is the main issue I was more frustrated with nothing hardly working like it should in the end I bought a new Logitech brand K&M because my last one I never had any problems with. I only bought this because it was a little bit cheaper and I thought it would be a great product with it been from Microsoft, my past K&M combo sets from Microsoft where all great but this one is just rubbish. For example when I switch on my PC I have to wait 5 mins so that when I press the power button to power up the PC I know the reciever will have power to then connect it's self to the keyboard and mouse. For some strange reason if I switch it on at the PSU then power up it straight after it will sometimes not get any power at all and I have to reset then switch my PC completely off and do the 5 min wait when I try again.

My PC I built myself I have been building them for over 11 years and my current rig is only a year old top quality well known branded parts like my Corsair 550w PSU which is 3 months old so it's not a power issue or how the cables etc are attached. The problem is the reicever the range is very very poor and the delay lag is awful sometimes it will not write most words if you seem to be to far away and this is supposed to have a good long range. Mine is either broken or something is up because with brand new energizer batteries in, it certainly dosn't match the range Amazon or the box have stated. I'd say arms length is the best range it can do at best and there's no metal inference near the reciever too, also when I do power up it will fail to connect to the K&M and I have to re-synce them again another annoying thing.

My old Logitech wireless keyboard when it was working never did this or had any of these issues avoid this product and look for a Logitech one or stayed wired and go with a extra long wire for both.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on 27 April 2009
The following typos in this review are evidence of my experience:

Thekeybord has a habit of missing out keys uless you very very slowy type ach word. Awful. Makes you want t pll your hair out!
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8 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on 3 March 2009
I bought this to use with my HTPC in my living room. The keyboard and mouse are easy to connect, the make is good and the keys on keyboard are really soft. But the range is very poor. It works fine if I am within 1 meter range, which is ideal if you use it with a desktop PC. But for a HTPC I wanted to use it from the sofa which happens to be more than a meter away from TV and it doesn't work, so pretty useless to me.

On the other hand my Logitech mouse works across the house, I have tried it as far as 6 meters away from a different room and it works fine. I must get a Logitech next time.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
on 3 August 2010
This is not wireless... if you want it not to lose any characters while you're writing, you have to stay VERY close to the receiver, like 20 cm (and even then it's not perfect). Also some times it gets stuck on a letter and presses it for 10 seconds and you don't even realize it and you're typing for nothing. This is also annoying in games, and it happens quite alot (with new batteries). The mouse seems to work better from further away, that's if you don't want to use the wheel, which does not work if your to far away (~1 meter).

So it's not good for gaming and it's not good for writing (especially if you write a bit faster then 1 button/second. Also, it's really annoying when you try to insert a password, you have to do it like 2-3 times to get it right.

So yeah, don't buy this.

PS I'm writing this with my old, cheap "Value" Keyboard.
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