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4.3 out of 5 stars109
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 March 2014
I bought three Vacu Vins in different sizes for various coffee related purposes. One container refused to keep its seal after a few uses (as others have commented). Emailed Vacu Vin who replied within minutes - they told me to disassemble the lid (remove valve from top, seal from underneath) and wash in the dishwasher - fixed the problem first time. Apparently the vacuum can fail from time to time due to grease building up on the seal. They offered to replace it if the dishwasher didn't fix it. Great customer service and (more importantly) fresh coffee!
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on 25 July 2009
I suppose the best way to make coffee is to grind the beans and make the coffee immediately. That isn't really practical for me. I'd be grinding about an hour before anyone else in the house gets out of bed.

So I need a way to keep the grounds fresh for a few days. I purchased this a couple of months ago and it seems to work very well. Pumping the air out
really does seem to preserve coffee for that extra few days, I've used grounds up to a week after grinding and been satisfied that while not at its best it certainly wasn't stale.

Roasted beans kept in one of these seem to keep for ages.

I grind enough coffee to do me three or four days about 250 grams, so I rarely seem to have this more than half full. While this may not be ideal I often fill the filter basket from my moka-pot over the wide opening and there is almost no mess.

Negatives: It's made of plastic - pumping the air out is a bit tedious.

Positives - works, mess free and inexpensive compared to a lot of coffee gadgets, realistic coffee storage solution in a domestic environment.
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on 6 October 2011
I checked for product reviews as I know this product is more widely used by our cousins across the pond. It was rated well and this gave me confidence in purchasing it. As ever, I can rest assured that if it is not up to the job, Amazon are there to help.

I have recently gotten more into making the perfect cup of hand ground coffee in the mornings. Along side all the various kit I have collected, needles to say, the beans I buy are quite pricey and I found they were going stale quickly.

I looked into various products/solutions and saw this recommended on a few coffee forums. It arrived well packaged (thanks Amazon, as usual) and is very well constructed. The product feels like it is made from quality components and the valve incorporated does not leak air out once the vacuum has been attained.

It manages to maintain a good seal and has kept my beans in an air-free environment with minimal fuss. Highly recommended.
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on 30 November 2009
Am the type of person to research to the end of things. This however was an early recommendation I received from a coffee forum. It vacuum seals the beans preserving the aroma and stopping the beans going stale. Would highly recommend this simple and easy to use product.
Update: As I like to vary the coffee I am drinking I have now purchased 4 of these. It's a slight hassle to pump the air.. but then again if you have a good espresso machine you accept hassle in return for a great coffee!! Highly recommend
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on 19 October 2011
Have been using this product for a few months now.
Overall I'm very pleased with it.
I store a couple of days worth of roasted coffee beans in the jar and it does a good job of keeping them fresher.

The main enemies of coffee beans are air, light and moisture.
The smoky plastic (looks a little darker in real life) seems to do the trick on the light front, although I keep the beans away from direct sunlight anyway.

The best past is the satisfying hiss when the 'vacuum' is released.

It's obviously a little more effort than just using a normal coffee can/jar, but the novelty makes up for it.

One minor niggle would be that the lid is designed so that it can only go on one way, as the top of the jar isn't square. This may be to help with the airtight seal, but if not, I don't see the point.

It's a relatively inexpensive way of helping your (very expensive) coffee beans last a little longer.
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on 3 August 2012
I have been using this now for four months and it has kept my coffee super fresh in first days. And I was very happy with my purchase.

However, after 2-3 weeks of using I noticed that from time to time I found seal wasn't holding a vacuum.
Now after 4 months of using, my Vacuvin Tea & Coffee Saver doesn't hold seal.
After just few hours when I leave container sealed it simply didn't hold the vacuum. And I find this product useless.

I will not recommend it to anyone as it is unreliable.
I would return it if I hadn't used it for a few months.

Anyway I'm disappointed and I'm switching back to my old coffee tin.
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on 11 July 2010
OK - I don't use this for coffee - it's too large for the smaller packets of ground we get from the supermarket (250g) and we get through them quickly enough anyway.
I also have the vacuvin vacuum marinator (marinater?) but it is an awkward shape to fit into the dishwasher and is rather large.
Enter this item, sold as a coffee saver. I find it brilliant for rapid marination of, say, enough chicken for several kebab skewers. I tend to put everything into a small, sealable sandwich bag as it keeps the marinade in contact with the meat and eliminates the mess. The deep shape is excellent for this. Then into the vacuum jar, pump the air out and get on with the other ingredients - 5 minutes is enough to make a massive difference. Incidentally I use the same technique with the large dish but it is wide and shallow so doesn't support the bag so well. Obviously you could do it without the bag but then you have to wash the whole thing up.
I was sceptical at first but vacuum marination is fantastic for those impromtu meals and this is worth the cupboard space, get this rather than the big dish version. Five stars based on this use rather than for coffee.
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on 3 November 2015
I bought this to keep a dietry supplement fresh. The dietry supplement has the servings for 4 weeks but by week two after opening the container the powder is caking. By week 3 I am chipping at what seems like setting plaster and in the last week it's a job to get a serving from it. I obviously keep all moisture and humidity from it, I have tried with past tubs storing it in carrier bags (which slowed down the caking process) but I was still wasting the 4th week of every tub.

I bought this Vacu Vin Coffee Container specifically for this supplement. I put the serving scoop at the bottom of it and put the supplements whole tub into the Vacu Vin Coffee Container next to the scoop. I put the lid on it, press it down to get an initial seal and start pumping. I have to pump about 20 times and the vacuum inside the container pulls the pump handle down very strongly when done. You can no doubt pump more than this for extra effect, but after 20 pumps my arm aches. Pulling the pump handle up becomes hard because it is being sucked back down = tiring.

I am a week and half into my latest tub of the supplement and there is no sign of caking, it is like it was when freshly opened It works perfectly for what I bought it for.

Putting coffee or tea into this will be great but I think it might be two large for that. It is pretty big, will easily hold 4-5 packets of ground coffee. As for 200g Gold Blend at £8 a time, this container will hold about 6-7 such jars - so bear this in mind because you will be having to reach to the bottom with a long handled scoop if you only use one jar or one packet of coffee.
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on 2 March 2010
I purchased this both on the back of reviews on Amazon and the fact that I have and use the Wine Saver. The Saver seems to work very well in retaining freshness over a period although it too big for my uses. Holding 1.3L of freshly ground coffee is more than 2 whole packs (if you buy from a supermarket).

The pump is larger and better than the wine saver pump I have (although you could use either pump on either saver) as it draws more air from with each pump.

Ideally, it would have been the size enough for just one packet of fresh coffee as, realistically, i'm not going to use it to the full amount and it can become cumbersome to keep having to vacuum the container given the space. However, as originally stated, it does the job and does the job well.
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on 3 July 2015
There's an age old debate over whether you should put coffee beans in the fridge or even the freezer. I think whichever side of the fence you stand, most agree that of vital importance is keeping them airtight. I only even fill my bean-to-cup coffee machine half full, because otherwise by the time the hopper is empty, you can taste a noticable difference in the freshness.

This container is brilliant. You put the beans in the jug, put on the lid, seat the (included) pump over the little valve and pump out the air. You do around 5 pumps if full, and around 11 if half full. The lid is effectively stuck on by the vacuum. When you want to get at your beans, you just push the valve to depressurise and pop off the lid.

After two weeks, I can confirm that the lid is still securely "stuck" on - giving me total confidence that the container is 100% airtight. Marvellous!
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