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4.2 out of 5 stars41
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 24 April 2008
I love light gun games, but after buying Link's Crossbow Training, I must confess I was a little disappointed with the official Wii Zapper shell. Luckily, this little beauty has come to my rescue. So, why is it so great?

First of all, this is a serious piece of kit: it's big enough to feel more like an arcade lightgun than your normal weedy home console gun, and with the Wii Remote plugged in, it has a satisfying and well balanced weight to it (once I'd picked it up, I didn't want to put it back down - it just feels very "right"). I'd probably even recommend against buying this for a kid, because I think smaller hands might struggle with the size.

Secondly, unlike most of the other cheap and nasty third-party gun shells doing the rounds, the Perfect Shot allows you to plug a nunchuk into the bottom, meaning that you can happily play games like Ghost Squad, Link's Crossbow Training and House of the Dead, which have control layouts based around the Wii Zapper.

Finally, the perfect shot outdoes the official Wii Zapper in just about every way possible: the trigger (which presses on the Wii Remote "B" button using a spring loaded mechanism) is tight and responsive, with none of the sponginess or missed shots that the Wii Zapper suffers from; the classic pistol grip means less of the achey arm syndrome caused by the "tommy gun" set up of the Wii Zapper and plugging a nunchuk into the bottom of the gun shell means you don't need to do any of the winding up and hiding cables that can make using the Wii Zapper quite annoying.

My only (very minor) gripe is that plugging your remote into the shell isn't quite the "slide-and-go" affair that the instructions would have you believe - parents, you might wanna help the little ones to avoid them breaking anything. That's not to say it's hard to install your remote, just a little more fiddly than I expected... I'm really nit-picking at this point.

All in all, I'd say this is a must-have for anyone who loves light-gun games, or who's looking for a second light-gun shell for two player fun. Seriously, this is one of the best purchases I've made for my Wii.
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on 6 November 2008
Got this lightgun to go with Ghost Squad.
In my view, it is 'perfect'!
Good weight & balance with a nice trigger action.
No need to look further, this is the one!
Cant wait to try it on Call of Duty 4 for the Wii.
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on 30 April 2008
I've wanted this item after seeing it featured on IGN many months ago, and have looked everywhere since, then it turned up here on Amazon!
It is a seriously sturdy piece of kit, perfect for anyone looking to replicate the light gun arcade games in their home.
What this gun offers over just using the remote alone is twofold;
firstly, the shape. It's a gun. The trigger is where it should be and feels very robust, with a spring mechanism to reduce failed shots.
secondly, it has a target sight behind the "barrel". What this means is that it can be calibrated on certain games to act just like a light gun, meaning you have to aim the gun rather than just move a cursor around on the screen until it goes where you need it to. On games like "House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return" you can calibrate the aim, and then turn off the on-screen cursor, so the only way to shoot is to aim down the barrel old school style, and it works perfectly.
The best peripheral on the market for on-rails shooters.
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on 19 August 2010
I've made it my own personal mission to test out every single pistol peripheral for the Wii and determine the best one for myself. So far the Nyko Perfect Shot is way up there are my second favourite, next to the rather expensive custom shell I own (although it is hard to beat something that has been weighted, moulded and assembled to my unique specifications!).

I bought the Nyko Perfect Shot for use with Resident Evil: Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles, in which it performs excellently. I have also tested it with House of the Dead: Overkil (excellently) and Link's Crossbow Training (moderately). After testing some very cheap, uncomfortable and unbalanced devices, the Perfect Shot delivers on four key aspects:

Comfort - 5/5
It fits nicely into my hand (I've heard complaints that it's a bit chunky, but I have average sized hands and fingers for an 18 year old male and I had no trouble) and there are no imperfections or intruding edges to cause discomfort. The trigger isn't too stiff and again there are no awkward edges or imperfections in the plastic to irritate my trigger finger (I'm looking at you Wii Zapper!).
It isn't tiring to hold either (I manage two or three hours on Umbrella Chronicles before the usual shoulder ache and forearm spasms kicked in) and it's weighted quite nicely (although when the sensor bar is below the TV it can feel top heavy in the position I held it in). The trigger is tight but not stiff, springy but not spongey. Whilst the average gamer might have an achey trigger finger after half an hour, lightgun lovers will find it most comfortable.

Assembly - 4/5
Nice and straighforward. After moving the little orange bar, the Wii remote fits (after figuring out the right angle) snugly on the gun and takes its place as the barrel and slide. The orange bar is somewhat flimsy however and in a younger childs' hands is easily broken off, but it does it's job of holding the Wii Remote down with a small strip of sponge for a snug fit, without marking the remote. The Nunchuck handily plugs into the butt of the grip frame (admittedly with some force, it might have just been mine but it felt a little stiff).

Design - 4/5
Whilst the gun itself looks very nice in shape, the colours let it down somewhat. The white I understand is used to fit with the white of the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, but the blue grip and the orange bar give it a 'toyish' feel. I know it essentially is a toy, but there are much more impressive looking (although none of which perform better) shells out there. A black grip and more uniform and streamline bar would have given the gun a better look. Overall though, it looks more impressive than the ungodly Zapper. There is a set of rear sights, but they have so far proven useless (I'm waiting to play a game without a targeting reticule before I judge) but I suppose adds flavour to the gun.

Practicality - 4/5
As I said before, the sights are there purely for favour as they have no use when used with Umbrella/Darkside Chronicles or House of the Dead. The trigger is tight and responsive (it was a bit hit and miss at first, but once you've determined the right pressure, it'll be spot on every time). Aiming is comfortable and accurate (without weighing in the human factor) thanks to the weight and shape of the shell, it just feels natural to aim and shoot.
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on 15 October 2008
When I got this I'd been very used to the wii zapper and links crossbow training, i played links crossbow training for about 10 mins to see if i could get used to it with no luck. The day after I got Resident Evil Umbreller Chronicles and decided to play it using the perfect shot, it was amazing and I really liked it, up untill about 3 hours of playing when my finger began to ache, this can be expected though from excessive play. Apart from slight finger ache and the fact that its impossible for the sight to ever line up with the screen perfectly Its rather good
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on 11 February 2009
I think that this gun shell for the wii is one of the best around, and I have tried it myself and fully agree with everyone out there who owns one. There was one problem though: the metal bit of the connected inside the gun where you fit your wiimote in was fine the first few times i used it but later its started to get stuck inside the wiimote so i had to use a clamp to pull it out and put it back into the gun shell again. The component isn't really needed, it just makes the wiimote fit into the connecter better. It didn't really affect any of the gameplay or the catch which you use to fire, but I thought it was something worth mentioning. If i have put anyone off buying this product at this point, please do not be put off, as i feel this product if fully worth buying for the price that you pay. The nunchuck fits perfectly in the adapter and everything works fine, it feels like a real gun and really improves how fun the games are. ITS A MUST BUY!
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on 22 December 2008
Overall, this is a very good Wii accessory.

1. The weight isn't too heavy, or too light, which makes is good for rapid movement. It's easy to use one handed as well as double handed (one hand under the gun barrel) for extra support and aim.

2. It has a small aim at the top, useful in a slow paced game where you want to make an accurate shot from a distance, for example, in Far Cry: Vengeance.

3. The Wii Remote can be slightly awkward to go in if you haven't lined it up properly on entry, but this is minor.

4. A note: The Wii wrist strap MUST be removed before the Remote will go in the holder. But this isn't a problem as the strap can usually be removed easily enough.

Overall, this is excellent value for money and I would highy reccommend it to anyway looking for single or double-handed use.
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VINE VOICEon 27 November 2008
although this gun is a bit on the expensive side, it is extremely well built, with the remote mounted on it, it has a very nice solid feel, and pressing the trigger pushes the trigger on your wii very smoothly. I found the grip a little bit short (but I have largish hands, so I suspect it would be okay for most people). The sight on the gun is more for show as you will usually be aiming slightly higher than the sights, depending on your set up of course. I absolutely loved this gun, and all my nephew and nieces (7 out of 8 of them) loved it, 1 didn't but that was because she is only 6 and has very small hands, but even she said it was fun using it.

Be warned - this gun is seriously addictive, you'll end up using for such long periods you'll end up with trigger ache!!
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on 14 January 2009
I was tempted to buy the Venom Light Blaster Gun at half the price. In the end I plumped for this gun and it was a good decision. In fact, I bought a pair and now my wife and I cannot stop shooting zombies (House of the Dead - we are so-o-o romantic).

The gun is comfortable in the hand and the trigger is accurately relayed to the WII remote's B button.
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on 31 January 2009
I bought several guns on the wii, the zapper, an after market rifle, a spring loaded pistol and two of these. When i have the guys over this ones are always argued for.

Only reservation about recemending it is the orange clip that holds the wii-mote in is very flimsy and one snapped off on one of my pistols and without the wii-mote falls out constantly and the trigger doesnt contact properly.

Other then that the best gun i've tried so far.
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