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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 5 December 2008
I'm not a regular cinema goer and generally dislike profanities but this was the funniest film I've seen for many a year. I was not influenced by the fact that it's an Australian movie and I'm an Australian resident because it was so true. I was convinced that Kenny was the real 'dunny man'. Quite frankly - hilarious!
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on 20 October 2008
This film had me laughing from start to finish. The acting is so good I wasn't sure at times if it was real life or not. In my opinion, anyone who can't see the funny side to this film needs to take a chill pill. Will definately watch again.
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on 21 May 2015
I thought this would be more aussie humour (as we do tend to have a somewhat different sense of humour), but I had a dvd night with my friends (English, Irish and French) and they all loved it).
You've gotta love Kenny! :)
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on 29 December 2013
On the surface just a documentary/comedy, but there is an underlying message - you are judged on the trade you do and some of the script is quite poignant - very clever little film; initially I thought it was a real (think The Office) documentary as I had not heard of the actor.
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on 20 February 2008
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The story of Kenny Smyth, an average 'Aussie Bloke' getting along in the world, is a film which came at me sideways and filled an evening with unexpected mirth! This is a very modern tale, about a man who finds delight in developing expertise in a (seemingly) mundane existence as a 'Sh*t Kicker', delivering and managing portable toilets for festivals etc. The pleasure in having a job you like and doing it well is brought out through Kenny's tenacity and humility, even as he gets treated like the very thing he's disposing of by festival goers, his family and his co-workers. This is a real tale of adversity, as Kenny has to juggle a hard job, a demanding and sickly father, a selfish brother, a difficul ex-wife, a son he rarely sees, and all the other elements of his life. That he does so with a rare falter in his grin or upbeat outlook is a real pleasure to watch. He has a way with a one liner that is to be envied, and it is his opinions and perspective on the world that make the movie and provide most of the humour.

The Jacobson's are clearly a family on the up, if this movie is anything to go by. They have somehow managed to involve three generations of their family in the making of this film (their roles echoing their real-life personas) and the chemistry and reality of their relationships is incredible. Its extremely easy to forget that Kenny and his co-stars are in fact figments, and that this is a 'mockumentary'.
Buy, rent or borrow this movie. It made a star of 'Kenny'in Australia and it deserves to do so everywhere else too.
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on 16 May 2012
Kenny's ex-wife thinks he's going to hell; in his darker moments he suspects he may already be there. But whatever life throws at him, this decent Australian everyman keeps his chin up and his humour intact and carries on calmly with his unmentionable trade. 100 minutes in Kenny's company is time well spent. Who knew a movie about portable loos could be so entertaining? An odd, funny and weirdly uplifting film.
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VINE VOICEon 19 January 2008
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The Australian Film industry has a knack of producing delightful, understated films that prove that a large budget and lots of Hollywood hype are not essential to make a good movie.Films such as 'Priscilla, Queen of the Desert', 'Muriel's Wedding','Strictly Ballroom' and 'The Dish' all stand out as enjoyable understated movies, and this one looks set to stand alongside them.
Having picked up numerous awards on it's release in Australia, 'Kenny' finally arrives on DVD in this part of the world, and I would advise anyone who enjoyed the aforementioned films to give this a try. Shane Jacobson, while not a recognised name here in Britain, has a background in comedy and characterisation that suits this film very well. He co-wrote this with his brother Clayton (who is also the director), and the result is a well-rounded comedy-drama that portrays a average working-class Aussie who tackles his rather unpleasant job as a portable toilet plumber with charm and humour. Filmed in a mock-Documentary style (a bit like 'The Office'), the character of Kenny grows on you as the film progresses, until you find yourself caring about him and sympathising with his not altogether pleasant life. The 'Toilet' jokes are dispensed with quickly (sorry!!)as Kenny reflects on life in general, and attends various festivals and events as part of his job. While this is not a 'laugh out loud' type of comedy, it is never less than engaging and good to look at too, as we see various aspects of Australian life which are well filmed backdrops to the story.
This film attracted cult status in Australia - no doubt many identified with the 'everyman' central character- and while I can see it getting a less enthusiastic response on these shores it should nevertheless be well received by critics and anyone who happens to spend time watching it. Shane Jacobson does such a fantastic job at portraying 'Kenny'that at times you forget the characters and events are not real ....
I have given this 5 stars as I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, and I want those of you who are considering it to give it a try. So Forget that Hollywood blockbuster - get this instead !!!
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on 1 July 2014
A very funny film with lot of memorable one liners. This guy is a natural in a business that is natural. For want of a better phrase this is a fly on the wall documentary with a difference. I enjoyed this very much, it's real toilet humour.
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on 25 May 2015
This is a very good comedy which delicately balances several subtle themes. It is not a laugh a minute, working man/gross out type bonanza as you might be inclined to think from the cover and the Toiletesque setting.

Kenny as you will come to discover is a thoroughly decent human being. A big man in stature, with effected speech, divorced, living alone, a bully for a dad, a douche bag for a brother, a witch for an ex wife, a son he loves but who is at the stage where kids cease to communicate with their parents. In spite of his circumstances he remains calm, polite and reasonable, channeling his pent up aggression through boxing in order to provide exceptional service to the customers of "Splashdown" a corporate bathroom provider of portable toilets to events.

Throughout the film his cheery disposition wins you over, calmly batting off the trials and tribulations of life, managing to make a success of himself through his inherent goodness inspite of the obstacles that are put there to frustrate him.

As I said previously the film is really subtle in spite of its rough exterior and provides lots of nice moments, the comedic language is very deft (and sometimes not "Stupid as a Bum full of Smarties" I believe was the line) allowing your imagination to build the pictures for yourself, or showing conversations between characters where you can't hear what they're saying but it's obvious from their facial expressions what's going on. For example the screamish amongst us will be glad to know that while there is a lot of mentioning of Poo, you never actually see any, leaving it all to your imagination. The scene where Kenny is encouraging a trainee to put his hand down the unflushed toilet bowl in order to retrieve a lady customers jewellery, while explaining at the same time why he shouldn't put on gloves ("You won't be able to feel the thing, I guarantee it!") being one of the funniest in the film
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VINE VOICEon 10 December 2008
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This is a really great film!

I was expecting a very poor comendy loaded with poor toilet humour(parden the pun) what I got was well thought out jokes that seemed perfectly natural coming from the character.

The character of kenny is really well acted and scripted. The comments and actions make him a really likable character that happily goes about a less than desirable job taking pride in his work despite the disproval of his father and brother.

I am not usually a big fan of the mockumentary style of film but this works very very well in this film. You can almost beleive that you are following round a real person.

I recommend this to everyone who wants a laid back comedy that is easy to watch and very funny.
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