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4.4 out of 5 stars108
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 3 May 2008
Having bought my first Kylie album 21 years ago now, I feel I am somewhat qualified as a Kylie Minogue fan. I've enjoyed all the various periods of her music, and having heard "White Diamond" on the tour was cautiously optimistic for the "X" album. Sadly, "2 Hearts" didn't confirm my optimism, one of her weaker single releases, I was a bit disappointed Kylie was heading down the road of poor Goldfrapp - whereas I wanted classic Kylie. Thankfully, all the other tracks on the album are pure gems, and even "2 Hearts" has grown on me with repeated listening. I am pleased that Kylie has stuck to what she does best with this album rather than jumping on the latest trend, her fans will think better of her for it, and certainly I do. Here are my track thoughts...
1/ 2Hearts - 6/10 - possibly the weakest on the album, very poor chorus...
2/ Like a Drug - 9/10 - Very catchy, classic Kylie
3/ In my Arms - 9/10 - Superb track, love the spoken parts
4/ Speakerphone - 10/10 - The album highlight for me
5/ Sensitized - 9/10 - A real grower
6/ Heart Beat Rock - 7/10 - A bit childish lyrically, but not too bad
7/ The One - 8/10 - Not the gem I was expecting, but still very good
8/ No More Rain - 8/10 - A grower again, with good lyrics and vocal
9/ All I see - 4/10 - My least favourite track - way too simple
10/ Stars - 9/10 - Quality classic
11/ Wow - 7/10 - Not a favourite, but very catchy
12/ Nu-Di-Ty - 8/10 - "Another" grower, and very different for Kylie
13/ Cosmic - 8/10 - A overall nice end to the album, clearly personal

Have to also comment that the various B-Sides, and especially "White Diamond" itself from this era are brilliant - Kylie could easily have put together a brilliant double album of "X". A must buy for a Kylie fan, and a good place to start if you enjoy any of her songs...
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on 16 December 2011
Kylie's first album after cancer ordeal really shows growth in her lyrics and overall sound. Don't get me wrong, she's still making dance pop, but it's a bit more mature. Unlike her previous album, this one has slower songs, it's a bit melancholic at times. The standouts are ''The One'', ''Cosmic'' (the best track on the album), ''Heart Beat Rock'' and ''In My Arms''. The first single ''2 Hearts'' is nothing like the rest of the album and that's a good thing. Although there is some filler on this album (Sensitized, All I See, No More Rain), the album's very good and a great addition to any pop music lover's collection.
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on 1 May 2011
OK, this is a completely biased review as I love Kylie, I already had the special edition CD but had let a friend listen to it - it was only after they'd taken it away that I realised I didn't have a copy to listen to while travelling to Aphrodite so I bought the download so that I could listen to it.

But anyway - back to the music, from the danciness of Wow and In My Arms to the beats of Heart Beat Rock and Like A Drug, the purity of No More Rain and the openness of Cosmic, X was a great Album - Kylie showing exactly why this was her tenth Album and why she's still loved by young and old alike :-)
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on 12 October 2008
X Kylie's X is without doubt her best album so far. It has literally been on my car's cd player for over a year now. I've had to make my own version of it though adding in some amazing B-sides (Cherry Bomb, Carried Away, Do It Again), deleting the complete mistake that is Nu-di-ty, and replacing the album version of 2 Hearts with the far superior Freemason's Dirty Hands Remix! Wow, The One and In My Arms are 3 of my favourite Kylie singles of all time. All in all X is a fantastic CD and I urge anyone who hasn't got a copy to buy one now! And buy it your mates for Christmas!!
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on 12 December 2007
I must start this review by stating that I am a big Kylie fan. I have been a fan or her and her music for a very long time and I like to think that she has managed to have one of the longest standing careers in pop music that have been marked by several transformations, reconstructions, high and low moments... but isn't that true for all of us? She still managed to remain true to herself and keep a hold of her fans. I think that, just by itself, it's quite remarkle and there aren't that many artists that can claim the same....

So... 2 Hearts was released, and I must say my first thought was: What is this about?? Unlike many, I don't think it's a total rubbish single and I think it is a move from Body Language, although maybe not as bold as it could be and not as catchy as most of her fans are used to. Nevertheless, I think it's an OK track, but not her best single...keeps growing on me though. But overall I must say I think this is one of her best albums... although I agree with the little bit impersonal remark that some people have been mentioning... but it's still very well produced, with some amazing remarkle pop songs that can easily become classics! Let's see:

2Hearts (7/10) - As I've said, for me not the best moment of the album. I already knew this song from before, as performed by Kish Mauve, and to have Kylie coming after and perform it pretty much like the original, did not quite do the trick for me. She is much better than that. I was expecting better, especially for the 1st single of a much anticipated album. Forgetting that, it is a good departure from the past, prompting Kylie into a new direction, drinking from the fountain of a more darker/80s sound.

Like A Drug (10/10) - For me, one of the best, if not the best track of the album. The sample from "Fade to Grey" by Visage feels so natural in the song that almost seems like it was constructed for it. Amazing track, taking Kylie to new areas of pop music, heer her breathy feminine voice sounds amazing. This is Kylie X, people!

In My Arms (8/10) - A very good track in classic Kylie terms. It screams Kylie and you can't amagine anyone else singing this. It's perfect for her and appeal to all her credits and laurels, nevertheless, it doesnot bring anything new, which justifies the 8 and not a 9. But if you are a fan... this will be on repeat for sure.

Speakerphone (10/10) - I must confess that this was the song that conquered me. The moment it started I ran to my stereo and had to put this up, sit down and listen. The intro is probably one of the best pop songs intros I've ever heard (Bjorkie inspired) and the track, although has some similarities to GermanBoldItalic, it is quite different, more adventurous and with deeper feelings and a more complex compelling melody. This song is GREAT... great! I can't get enough of it! The most adventurous momnet in theb album.

Sensitized (7/10) - The 8 is given in the hope that it will grow on me eventually. Maybe it's because "Bonnie et Clyde" is one of those songs that have classical status to it. To play with perfection, is just not a good move. Although I must say that if this was written 5 days ago it would be a 5, not an 8. It is growing on me, but as soon as I listen to that into, I'm expecting Serge and Brigitte to jump out and start singing the track. It's always tricky to mess with classics, but it is a good pop song. I recognise that if you don't know gainsbourg that well, you will have no problems with it and you'll love this track.

Heart Beat Rock (9/10) - The subtitle should be: "Kylie does Timberlake"! But this is not depreciative at all. Kylie has proved in many previous moments that she can do R'n'B inspired pop songs extremely well. Listen to Cruise Control, Soul on Fire, Promises, You Make Me Feel to have an idea. She knew exactly what she wanted to achieve with this track. And she did. It is bouncy, bumpie, raw, sweaty and makes your heart beat ROCK!! It will make a killer video and you can imagine, from moment one, a reprise of "Red Blooded Woman". Very, very good.

The One (9/10) - Again, classical Kylie. It's Kylie in and out. Killer bassline, the chorus is addictive and fans will love it, especially if you liked her collaborations with Scissor Sisters. I had to check the credits 3 times to believe that this is not a Babydaddy/Shears collaboration.

No More Rain (8/10) - As a total different feeling from the album, and stands quite alone and by itself in the album. I think it would have been more suitable as a b-side, but it is good to know that this is one of the more personal track for Kylie and I guess that is justification enough. It is a good mid-tempo moment for Kylie, but I doubt it will beat some of her previous moments like Put Yourself In My Place.
All I See (8.5/10) - It sounds like a Janet Jackson reject song, but Kylie takes it to a new dimension. Again, a more R'n'B attempt by Kylie and quite well executed. I love her soft voice and the fact that she does not to scream her lungs out on the track like some recent R'n'B singers to prove she can sing. I must say I am liking this song more and more... and I picture a nice spring day, with the gentle warmth of the sun on my face, driving down a road by the sea... and this will sound like perfection.

Stars (9/10) - I must confess straight away... I love this track. Again... a Kylie classic. Makes you jump, has a killer chorus, a catchy beat and uses everything that Kylie does well. It is perfect for her, although not very inovative. It would not stand out of place in the Light Years album. One of the campest song in the album, by far.

Wow (10/10) - My favourite track of the album, alongside Like a Drug, although they are total opposites. One of them is simple, dark, effective... Wow... is heavily produced, full of light and colours, bouncy taking you to a grown up's playground where everything is colourful, silly and fun. Kylie has always mastered this songs like no other artist, and again, she proves it in the best possible way. When it comes to having fun and being yourself, Kylie is your ultimate host.

Nu-Di-Ty (5/10) - To me, an exemple where more is clearly less. It just does not sound good to me, although I must say that it has a very good chorus. But it is all too much... makes the music confusing and makes you loose your north. Gwen Stefani gone bad.

Cosmic (9/10) - The best down tempo in the album. This is a serious candidate to appear and star in the "mellow down-tempo" act of a Kylie concert. Has a good beat, good lyrics, and Kylie was always good at singing these type of tracks.... transmiting you emotion but not over killing it. A potential classic, fo sure.

Overall............... EXCELLENT. GO AND BUY IT. And if you do, make sure you'' put it on your computer to get one of the best Kylie tracks ever: Rippin' Up The Disco. I can't wait to hear this on and to go and rave on the dancefloor. This will be a killer track. Why this was not in the album or why she doesnot released this as a first single... is totally beyond me!!!!!! But it is the best possible gift she could give to all of us!!!! Thank you Kylie and you... DID IT AGAIN!
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on 7 April 2014
Great album from Kylie! The lyrics throughout are lovely and this album has basically no missteps on the tracklist a few songs from the first time I listened to it stood out among others but with many listens they all have became very enjoyable. My favourites that have stuck with me include; Speakerphone, The One(amazing!!) and No More Rain. Definitely deserved it's Grammy Nomination and it definitely deserved to have won!!!!!
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on 6 August 2010
I fail to seee why people are so hard on x saying that it was vastly a misfire on kylie's part which is so far off this album is fresh fun and incredibly in the kylie scheme of things as in it's innovative in it's production and sound and is full of guilty pleaures and compared to aphrodite a very unusual and intresting album X is one of her best by far .
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on 2 May 2008
Well the last studio album from Kylie was 2004's Body Language and it was no where near as impressive as the previous two efforts (Fever, and Light Years), now she is back with this amazing album and to me her best yet.

1. 2 Hearts is the first single and landed at #4, and I personally love this song. Catchy and very classy sound that delivers, 10/10
2. Like A Drug is an amazing follow up to track 1 that is a flat out quality track. Its surprising edgy chorus makes a lasting impression. 10/10
3. In My Arms, the third single in the UK and a truly impressive one at that. This is a very interesting song with a chorus to die for. 10/10
4 Speakerphone, by far my favorite track on the album because of its unique sound and edgy feel. This is a must for a music fan. 10/10
5. Sensitized is a cool, dark sounding song written by Cathy Dennis (Can't Get You Out Of My Head) keeps up the trend of good tunes but doesn't hold up to the previous. 9/10
6. Heartbeat Rock is a strange sounding song that seems to be a low point but still quite impressive. 7/10
7. The One is a catchy and mystical feeling song that has a chorus that will stick with you for days. 9/10
8. No More Rain is another example of a bizarre song but still is a good listen. 7/10
9. All I See is an amazing track with a beat that is undeniable gold. This is one that needs to be heard a few times. 9/10
10. Stars is a return to the amazing tracks that we heard in the first few on the album. The chorus brings the song together. 10/10
11. Wow is the second single that reached #5 and obviously because of its fun and bubbly sound. Another great song. 9/10
12. Nu-Di-Ty is an overly synthesized track with barely enough bang to want to hear again. 7/10
13. Cosmic, the slowest song on the album, goes off on a high note with a truly impressive track. 8/10
Overall if ones was to purchase this album they would not be dissapointed. Another fact is that some of the leaked songs like Excuse My French, When The Cats Away and Fall For You would have been better choices then some. However this album is her best yet (coming close with Fever), so go out and buy it.
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on 15 April 2008
It's the return of Kylie and thank the stars! Lots better than "Body Language" which was a bit of a let down. For me I buy albums because they have a cracking single, "Slow" certainly was not and neither were "Red Blooded Woman" or "Chocolate".

"2 Hearts" may have been a disappointing first single but don't let it put you off the rest of the album, there's plenty more to keep you entertained.
The songs here on "X" are all electronic in feel or have something for us all to dance to. They all complement each other in some way.

It all gets a little more synthy on "Like a Drug" before getting electroclash out on "In My Arms", before getting synthy again on "The One".

"Speakerphone" is just pure fun for it's silly lyric of "Drop your socks and grab your mini boom box".

"Sensitized" and "All I See" are songs in tune with "Body Language"'s feel but more successful than anything there.

"Heart Beat Rock" is another experimental moment for Kylie alongside "Nu-di-ty" and in theory both shouldn't work, but they do. "Nu-di-ty" sounds like something the Pussycat Dolls would churn out.

"No More Rain" is beautiful, and as deep as Kylie gets here on "X", discussing her breast cancer in terms of a storm and the following sunshine.

"Stars" and "Wow" are straight forward future Kylie classics, "Wow" being the second single.

"Cosmic" is the albums closer at least on CD, it's a ballad which should really be avoided but after the songs before, I'll forgive Kylie.

"Magnetic Electric" and "Rippin' Up The Disco" are available to download to turn this 13 track CD into a 15 track MP3 album - again both straight forward Kylie pop songs.

You'll love this album if you like Kylie's previous albums or enjoy electro trend in pop music at the moment and rarely I haven't found much wrong with this album. 5 stars.
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on 21 November 2007
This album is a real mix mash of styles, most which work, others that slightly miss the mark. Not quite the uptempo, hi-nrg, "I've conquered the big C and raring to go" album I was expecting, but it's a good one, with some classic Kylie tracks on it. She's borrowed from Goldfrapp on the cool mid-tempo first single `2 Hearts', knicked a little of Robbie Williams rap style for the Calvin Harris track `Heart Beat Rock' which is a little dull, gone J-Lo lite on the `nice' R&B-ish `All I See', the electro `Nu Di Ty' is a hybrid of Britney Spears and Prince, an interesting track but a skipper, and Kylie borrowed from ... Kylie on `Cosmic', which is a cheaper `Put Yourself In My Place'.
The album really hits the mark when Kylie does what she does best; `The One' is one the most beautiful pop songs she's ever done (reminds me of Debbie Harry), Speakerphone is a fabulous electro track, which reminds me a little of Madonna's `Impressive Instant' in it's kookiness and vocoded vocals.; `No More Rain' is a beautiful pop ballad, very Girls Aloud, and `Wow' is a really fun, uptempo 80's style .pop gem. Kylie fans will already know the sexual `Sensitized', `Stars' and `In My Arms' as they were leaked months ago; the surprise is that they are included on the album untouched from the versions already heard. Personally I would have liked to see them dumped and used as possible b-sides, especially the latter 2, there were far more interesting leaked tracks that would have been far more suitable for this album (dance epics 'Lose Control' & ' Boombox', and the gorgeous 'Loving You' should be on here!). All in all, it's a good album, not her best but does have some gems. Maybe I should just get over my need for `Light Years' part 2, and go play Light Years.
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