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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 December 2007
I agree with all the previous reviewers comments. Here's my experience of the T10's. I wanted some small reletivly inexpensive pc speakers so that I could listen to radio and music from my pc in the kitchen but as I like my music I did not want them to sound rubbish. I was very reluctant to purchase a pair of speakers without actually hearing them first. But I did quite a bit of research on the web before I decided on the T10's. It seemed that a lot of the speakers on the market especially those with subwoofers were too boomy, too much bass and lacking midrange. Now being a person who likes to hear all the instruments and vocals clearly I decided to sacrifice the bass for the mid range. After scouring the web I only found a few speakers that fulfilled my requirements at the right price and even these seemed to have conflicting opinions about the mid range lacking and being 'too bassy'. So even though I could only find a handful of reviews for the Creative T10 I decided to settle on them and I'm glad I did. When they arrived they felt heavy (always a good sign with speakers). And that evening I road tested them. First I tried the radio, I could hear the presenters clearly, good. Then with my partners music Clannad, I could hear the words and vocals clearly and all the musical instruments, GREAT! my partner was impressed also. Admittadly they were lacking a little in the bass department but for such small speakers at that price, without a subwoofer it was perfectly adequate. Next I tried playing The Cult and cranked them up a bit and they sounded pretty dammed good if not better than my hi-fi speakers and 'they rocked'. I only had to turn them up a 1/4 of the way as it is a small kitchen and I value my hearing I was amazed how much volume could be had from 5 watts rms per channel. I don't think the elderly couple who live next door were too impressed though! I imagine that these speakers would be suitable for most types of music, speach, classical, rock, metal, disco/dance etc...but not those that rely on obcene amounts of bass i.e reggae.
To sum up the T10's are a great sounding little pair of speakers with attitude at an affordable price but lacking floor shaking bass which is no bad thing unless you're into reggae, drum and bass or a similar type of music. I am now looking for chores to do in the kitchen so that I can listen to these babies much to my partners delight;)

Oh, by the way they sound best at just below head height.
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on 12 November 2007
I've been after some speakers for a while to upgrade the 'empty coke cans in a plastic bag' sound of my laptop's built in speakers (don't get my wrong, I don't expect miracles and I'm not an idiot but my NB speakers really are terrible sounding!)

I had 3 criteria: 1) Price 2) Size 3) Quality. I didn't really want to go down the 2.1 route as I wanted something reasonably portable/easy to pack away, so anything with a sub was a non-starter. I had seen some nice looking and very well thought of 2.0 systems (like the Gigaworks T20 and T40) but they were just outside the safety zone of what my other half would appreciate me spending!! I had bought laptop-specific speakers and travel speakers before and whilst they're fine for what they do, I wanted something a little better.

(I should add at this stage there was a 4th `secret' criteria which was they needed to look good enough for me to get away with leaving them lying about the house without getting myself trouble!)

I searched about for a while and stumbled across these little beauties. I've had a few Creative bits and pieces over the years and have always been impressed with the quality, durability and ease of use so decided to give the Inspire T10's a go...and I was mighty glad I did!

Out of the box they have an aura around them that implies a level of quality well above their price-bracket. Weighted with authority, delightfully stable in situ, a lovely compact footprint and an elegantly subtle finish all contribute to this. The matt black casing really accentuates the grand-piano, glossy black finish of the front panel and the silver cones sit comfortably entombed within their shiny black sarcophagus. And last, but by no means least, and unobtrusive green power indicator LED rounds off the vista.

Feature wise, you get a 'Power/Volume' dial, which satisfyingly clicks every time you turn them on or off. The 'Tone' switch allows you to adjust the level of bass and treble and has nicely `notched' mid-point, so you can easily locate the `unadulterated' setting, no matter how much you play about with it. There's the standard audio input as you'd expect for you PC or any other device that accepts a mini-jack. In addition however, you also get the luxury of an auxiliary in, so you can connect your mp3 player without having to constantly disconnect your PC. There's also a headphone output for those times when you need convenient private listening.

Sound-wise, they're very impressive and offer no shortage of bang for your buck! Something which is undoubtedly helped by the little holes in the top of each speaker which appear to act a little like the port on a traditional sub (hold your hand over it and you can feel it blowing out the occasional distinguishable puff of air). As ever, this has typically been given a gimmicky, over-complicated name - `BasXport'. Still, it seems to work, increasing the low-mids noticeably, so who am I to argue? Aside from the BasXport though, the mid-range driver and little silvery tweeter certainly do an admirable job of keeping their respective frequencies in check, delivering a nice rounded, balanced audio experience.

All in all then, a pretty gosh-darn favourable review and well worth the money and the 4 star rating.

Why not 5 stars? Well I need to leave some room for improvement or these companies will get all complacent!

Would I recommend them? Well, to anyone who's requirements are similar to mine, yes indeedy. So if that sounds like you, look no further!
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on 1 July 2008
The quality of these speakers has been adequately spoken off in other reviews. They do the job brilliantly.
I say shame about the plug because it is one of these clumsy, large transformer ones that blocks out three other sockets on my surge protection board. The only way it fits in is with the use of an adaptor plug to raise it above surrounding plugs. It is a continued annoyance that manufacturers use these plugs rather than put the transformer up in the speakers or in a separate plug in unit. It is not just a problem with these speakers or this manufacturer I have four of these on my computer causing problems of how to connect them, and need a separate extension board, it is all very clumsy.
That's the moan part. I am a bit of a fan of creative products, apart from the stupid plugs, and these speakers fed through my creative sound card give really good sound. Once you get round the plug problem they are a brilliant buy.
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on 29 November 2009
I bought the speakers to improve the terrible sound quality of a flat screen TV. I have plugged them into the headphone socket and the sound quality is now fantastic. A really easy and inexpensive option rather that going down the surround sound route.
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on 28 August 2008
These speakers are fine for the price and I've always had a high regard for Creative products and considered it worth paying a bit more for reliability and build quality. However, my disappointment with these speakers is not to do with their audio performance but, as a powered product designed to work with a computer, they have included a power adapter that is so wide it prevents adjoining sockets being used. With most PCs having monitors, external drives, printers and scanners hanging off them this becomes a serious and frustrating issue. I have a 6-way power extension and the Creative PSU takes up two sockets, even at the end slot. It would take-up three in the middle. How did their design team miss this??? So, 3 Stars for stupidity.
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on 16 April 2008
Without boring you with the details, I lost the stereo in the divorce and my PC doesn't have a great speaker built in (think tin foil covered comb) so it wouldn't have taken much to improve my musical enjoyment.

Having a very limited income at the moment (it gets worse doesn't it?) I couldn't afford a new stereo and my room is too small (not a dry eye in the house) for a stereo anyway so I decided to venture into a thus far unexplored world of PC speakers.

For £30 I really wasn't expecting much. Especially with my luck of late (I'm doing it on purpose now). I've been blown away by these little creatives. The quality and depth of sound is staggering from such small units. I'm listening to the Beatle's 'revolver' album at the moment and it sounds incredible, I'm sure it didn't sound any better on the £150 stereo which I don't have any more. Yellow Submarine is of course still terrible but the speakers can't make up for the crime of letting Ringo near the microphone.

So back to the speakers. I'm no expert, but I am fussy and I do love my music. To me, the bass is well balanced, not too weak, nor overpowering. Its also 'crisp' (which is probably the wrong term), not all sludgy and horrid. The middle and treble is well defined and overall the sound is rich and rewarding. Power wise they're more than adequate to fill my (small) room, not losing any clarity at higher volumes. I am staggered.

I'm going to scrape together a meagre meal for 1 now, and smile while I do it knowing my little speakers will be waiting for me when I get back...
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on 4 February 2008
I bought a pair of these after reading reviews and spending hours looking online at other brands and decided to go with these. Am I glad I did, these speakers are simply stunning. For the money the build quality is good, they feel fairly heavy and are very sturdy. They look great with a glossy black frontage and matt black casing. The sound is awesome. The bass is not bloated or boomy, the detail is good, and the treble sounds spot on. My husband was so impressed he bought a pair the very next day and he is an 'audiophile' so they must be good. To put it bluntly, we were simply just blown away by the sound of these amazing cans. We would highly recommend these to anyone looking for a cost effective way of upgrading the sound for their PC, Laptop or other device.
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on 12 February 2008
Received these today and am very impressed. First impressions straight out of the box is of a quality product, soundly built with a reassuringly solid "clunk" when the power knob is operated. Sound quality is excellent with good range and depth. I have very eclectic tastes in music and these handle them all more than competently. At this price you can't go wrong. Highly recommended.
A word of praise for Amazon; I ordered these late Friday on a supersaver free delivery and they arrived Tuesday morning....enough said!
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on 28 January 2008
Piano black fascias, matt black sides (a perfect match in size and colour scheme for my Sony DVP-FX850 DVD player, it's partner). Each speaker is a lovely weight for something so uncostly, I'd have said 'cheap' if they looked cheap - but they really don't.

Nice little fabric 'Creative' badge on each speaker - nice touch. Bass port on top of each cabinet (there's a grill at the bottom of each port, just in case friendly fingers drop marbles into them !)

I have a full Kef 3005 / Yamaha 'Pre-eminence' setup downstairs, so I know what good sound / quality / expensive cabinets really are.

I've had the T10's running in now for 3-4 hours and the sound quality is vastly better than when I first fired them up. In a small'ish room, they really do sound terrific. OK, put them in a bigger room and they may lose some weight.

Depeche Mode (DVD) - live in Milan '06 (not disgraced at all with these)

My advise: forget what they sound like for the first 2 hours, leave them running something bass heavy (e.g. Madonna 'Confessions...' - yeh I know). Tone control in the middle, the whole tone range expands over time anyway.

These really are baby 'grown up' speakers, I'm thoroughly impressed.

How much were these again ???

Driving these with an iPod now, fabulous.
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on 28 June 2008
Following a previous buyer's review, I bought these speakers, plugged them into our TV and was really impressed - amazed even - at the improvement in the quality of the sound. Music is excellent; even better, though, the dialogue on films, Dr Who etc is now audible and distinguishable from the effects (supposedly 'background' noise). What a difference! So pleased that I bought another set to go on my laptop (used for Band in a Box) with just as satisfactory results. I'm sure it's possible to spend more - a lot more - but, for the moment, these are very much more than adequate, and excellent value for money.
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