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4.7 out of 5 stars792
4.7 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 14 January 2008
It's worth noting that the difference between this box set and the other ones you can get is that this one comes in a nice little tin. I much prefer it to the normal 'Three DVDs in a little box with an open side', but only really for 'coolness value'. And now to the films...

The Jason Bourne films are, in my opinion, amongst the best films ever made. Certainly in terms of action thrillers, there is nothing to compare them with. Where the Matrix tried to be too clever and lost its universal appeal, and Bond has never been clever enough, Bourne's adventures can be enjoyed on all sorts of levels. If you want spectacularly put together chases and combat, which whilst outrageous at times never stray to the cartoon-style lengths that characterise, for instance, Die Hard, then they are here. If you want a character who is at once superhuman and yet totally human, you have Matt Damon in superb form as Jason Bourne. If you want an excellent supporting cast, then simply look down the list and the names are all there. If you want lovely photography, set across Europe's capital cities, then you won't be disappointed. And if you want a moral story, then there are messages in these movies which are subtle, and messages which are stark.

And the plots (of each film and the trilogy as a whole) rattle along at an impressive pace, and are complex enough to keep you going, but not so complex as to ever lose interest.

As you can tell, I am a fan!

The DVDs contain some really satisfying extras, too - interviews in those usual 'making of documentary' format, commentaries from the directors, plus some extra documentaries following the filming of some of the particularly iconic sequences, such as the chase across the rooftops of Tangiers in the Bourne Ultimatum.

This trilogy is a must have.
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on 5 October 2012
Fast paced, edge of your seat twist's and turns, beautiful action sequences. An excellent piece of film making!

In my reviews, i won't dwell long on the movie's plot, My reviews will only deal with what to expect from the "purchased product.

This collection comes well packed, all 3 Blu ray disc's have their very own jacket (case), sleek art work covers the front of each jacket and the usual information regarding the movie is found at the back!

The Blu Ray disc's are labelled as region free, I have a region "B" Blu ray player and they all played nicely, as for region "A" and "C", I am not to sure, since i can't test those regions.

Each Blu Ray disc has several interesting special features regarding the movie (feature times range from 2 min's to 20), very detailed information is provided during each feature.

There is a ton of subtitles on each Blu Ray (i think they covered every language,lol).

Picture Quality: Excellent, All the transfer's to Blu Ray disc's have been done very well, everyone part of the movie looks crisp and stunning.

Sound Quality: Excellent, The DTS-HD (5.1) Master Audio is perfect, perfect timings of the most minute sounds are delivered on time, the car chase scene's stand out, also listen to the breathing pattern's of the actors during the fight scene's.

Video codec: VC-1
Video resolution: 1080p
Aspect ratio: 2.40:1, 2.35:1

English: DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1
French: DTS 5.1
Spanish: DTS 5.1

English SDH, French, Spanish

50GB Blu-ray Disc
Three-disc set (3 BDs)

Slipcover in original pressing

Region fre

In Conclusion, this box-set is a excellent purchase for fan's of the Bourne Franchise!

The Ultimate Bourne Collection [Blu-ray][Region Free]
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on 27 December 2009
These films really make the most out of Blu-Ray technology! Even if you've seen these films on DVD (my case) I'd suggest getting them in Blu-Ray!

When I read other reviews and saw all of the good feed-back I didn't understand why people where saying that it was a great film to show off the Blu-Ray quality - it isn't exactly full of special effects and huge explosions...HOWEVER I soon understood why...these are what I found most impressive about the Blu-Ray version.

1) Filmed from extraordinarily well placed angles making it seem like you're in the room watching two people fight!
2) Sound effects from HD DTS 5.1, making a mini-cooper sound like a over-powered Lamborghini
3) Amazing detailed distant shots of cities so clear, you can see people walking on the streets
4) Fast paced scenes are no longer too fast; you can see every injury, every small object or knife used, every bullet know what's happening!


But even forgetting the new format, these films are not to be missed. Lots of action films are too exaggerated and often the hero gets out of a situation by "lucky means" or just unbelievable ones. Watching Jason Bourne really gets you to believe that it IS POSSIBLE to do most of the things he does, it's pure skill and determination. He's one step ahead of his enemies and two steps away from you guessing what he'll do next!

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on 4 December 2007
Ultimate is definitely the word. Jason Bourne has reinvigorated the action genre, and set the standard for all Hollywood blockbusters. Each Title tells you exactly what you are getting, and most of it will be delivered to your ears and retinas through the medium of Bourne kicking loads of ass, be it in India, France, New York, or anywhere across the globe.

What makes Bourne so great though, is that unlike most fodder that Hollywood usually churns out, the high octane action here actually means something: He regrets his past, and he doesn't wreck havoc unless he has to. Bourne is a tortured soul, trying to find answers. The trilogy of films sees him come to terms with himself, then confront his enemies (usually with something he found lying around in their house), and the demons within himself, whilst the CIA (amongst many others) try to stop him for good.

The Series goes well beyond what is typical of the action genre to deliver a story with a brain, that has a coherent narrative, and a grounded main character. It's a darker and a grittier than anything that has come before it, and Casino Royale is a wonderful example of its already huge influence. Bourne has redefined action cinema, with his fistfights and his car chases. The presence of the man who could not remember his past will be felt long into the future on our cinema screens.
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on 8 January 2013
I ended up with the latest Bourne movie (Legacy) on Blu Ray for Christmas, which prompted me to upgrade the other 3 Bourne movies I had on DVD. At £10 delivered this was amazing value, especially considering that each of the 3 movies is individually boxed and the three films are kept together in a cardboard slip case. I also compared the special features on my DVD versions, which were each 2 disc special editions and it seemed that all of the same special features were included in the Blu Rays, despite them being only single discs (Blu Ray storage capacity is vastly bigger than DVD). The difference between the DVDs and Blu Rays with image and sound quality is very noticeable, especially during the fast-paced action scenes. It cannot be said that all Blu Ray transfers are created equal because they simply aren't, so it's not always a given that you get superb picture and sound quality with any Blu Ray you buy, because this simply isn't the case. Sometimes it depends on the age of the movie, as there is a limit to the restoration that can take place, sometimes it is just a case of how much effort has gone into the restoration of upscaling that has gone on. However these Bourne movies do look and sound great. I think these releases have hit the sweet spot with all being fairly recent movies, while also clearly some effort has gone into making their transfers as clean as possible as well. Recommended!
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If you don't have these films on disc already and have a Blu-ray player, this collection is well worth buying.

If you already own the films on DVD then save your money as I think only the debut feature, 'The Bourne Identity', is worth the 'upgrade'.

Please see my individual in-depth reviews (accessible via a click of my Amazon profile name) for them, which have details on each film, the Blu-rays and a comparison to the DVD - they are dated 16, 17 and 18 Oct 2011 for each disc (in order of their original release date).
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on 14 March 2010
I want to tell the short story...
I saw some reviews under this edition that belong to some other editions...?
As for this one, blue ray, it is basic 3 disc in separate boxes put together in one large shell... Nothing else. There are a lot of extras on the discs. I don't watch those anyway.
So, everything is just so good in these movies! Specially acting and action!
There is a good camera shake in the 2nd one, that many are complaining about, and therefore 4 stars... But, it is only in the second movie, so don't give up before you've watched the third one! :) They've probably got many critics then, so the third is absolute marble!
As for the film grain, that many are also complaining about, it is not the Matrix or other Sci-Fi, future, animated... movie! That way of filming is giving it a special feel. At least if you enjoy the story and watch the movie - not the grain.
I am a photographer, so take my word on it, the grain is not a flaw! I have 42" Full HD Plasma (Panasonic), so I saw it good, but it adds to movie's atmosphere, makes it kind a documentary...
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on 5 November 2007
All 3 of the movies in this set are just superb.
The story builds into a rich tapastry throughout the trilogy, with many twists and turns to keep you interested.

Watch each movie separately, or all 3 as a whole, it doesn't matter - they are very cleverly made and you will quickly get into the plot regardless of which other parts of the trilogy you have seen before.
This set would be great as a stocking filler and will easily keep young and old alike entertained on christmas day.

The price is very good, considering the third instalment is £11.98 here on amazon I would much rather purchase this three-in-one set for the additional £8. What a bargin!

Jason Bourne is the thinking mans Bond. These films are much smarter and feel much more real than any Bond film.

Bourne vs Bond? I'll put £10 on Bourne...
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on 19 June 2009
language: english dts hd,french,italian,german spanish,japanese
subtitle:english hard hearing,french,italian,german,spanish,japanese,danish,dutch,finnish,korean,norwegian,portoguese,swedish,traditional mandarin
here you go hope i helped somebody.
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on 3 May 2010
Pros: *Good price compare to Amazon US.
*The sound was phenomenal
*HD picture was a notch better than up-scaling DVD
*Lastly, it plays on an old Sylvania that is locked to region 1.

Cons: the first language on the menu is Chinese. I have to select English every time.
the first language on the subtitle menu is also not English. It's 7th on the list.

Conclusion: I own both the DVD and the BD trilogy. The sound on the BD was awesome, and I don't even have surround speakers. It makes me want to put in the surround speakers. The picture was better than the DVD obviously. However, I feel that it could be better. It's funny that I bought this from Amazon UK, have ship to the US, and still cheaper then buying it from Amazon US.
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