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4.6 out of 5 stars41
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 14 January 2012
One of the most interesting alternative bands around. I say alternative because they are still something of a cult here rather than a household name but even though that cult following took this album to number ten in the album charts I do wish that this band and the music they make were much more the trend setters than they are. With references ranging from everything from academic novelists, world war history and natural phenomena to Big Daddy often in the space of single songs and an increasingly grand guitar driven sound inspired by the ROCK :0) of the natural world that Arcade Fire owes a debt to and not the other way round not forgetting to mention their unorthodox foliage and plastic animals strewn live acts and their willingness to take this act to more than just your usual underground dive (local libraries, the highest pub in Britain, the Natural History Museum, the BBC Countryfile show anyone) they lay claim to be one of if not the most substantial and down right life affirming bands of the last ten years.

Do You Like Rock Music is probably the album to start with as it includes probably their best song, the euphoric Waving Flags, and their most fully developed and pleasing production to that point. Basically all of what I have just said about them can be found squeezed into this rather ambitious record of half epic guitar rockers and half stirring ballads and curious instrumental prices. Other notable songs include the addictive devil unworship chant-rock of No Lucifer, the lovely stately environmental awareness song Canvey Island (a little reminiscent of Blurs This Is A Low), Lights out for Darker Skies, a song that starts with one of the most exciting guitar intros I've heard in a long time and then keeps on getting better and better for its full six minutes plus and last but not least the simply heavenly instrumental The Great Skua that graces the middle of the album.

P.s. to the new and uninitiated I hope you like the album. They have four more albums to try out that are just as good as this one. To the converted look out for the great website besteveralbums and put British Sea Power on your top 40. Who knows, maybe they'll even break the top ten here one day too :0).
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on 23 December 2008
I bought this album on the strength of seeing BSP on BBC2's "Later..." program early in 2008 and from the word go I've enjoyed it every time I've played it, even now many months down the line.

This album prompted me to acquire the two previous BSP albums; and damn good they are as well!

I'm gonna keep this brief. I'm not going to try to convince you to buy this album by harping on about how much I love this track, that track etc - though "A Trip Out" is my personal standout; that opening riff ;) (kind of like church bells on 'leccy guitars). Magnifico.....hits the spot every time.

Getting back to the point (and brevity of this review) - suffice to say that some of BSP's music has been used by the Beeb on some of their telly stuff - I've heard "The Great Skua" on a number of occasions, most recently on Countryfile a few weeks back (the band even appeared on that program a good bit earlier in the year). I *think* it was used on the BBC2 series History Of The Guitar fairly recently as well (and the opening bars of "Remember Me", from one of the earlier BSP offerings, deffo was if I remember right)!

If the Beeb like it that much that's high enough recommendation for anyone, is it not ;) ?
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on 16 January 2008
I think im safe in saying that in the past, some people have been of the opinion that British Sea Power were a band to be seen live rather than heard on record (although The Decline is, in my opinion, a masterpiece, and Open Season, whilst not quite in the same league as The Decline, does have some magnificent moments), and I know how on a first listen the albums can be hard to grasp for some. However, on the first listen of Do You Like Rock Music? I was left with a thirst, an incredible thirst that in the past I have mainly encountered on seeing them play live. The desire that it created, meant I had to play Do You Like Rock Music? again immediately, in multiples, and have done countless times since. The songs work exquisitely on record. It is a very complete album, an album that takes you though different emotions and really does convey an energy and potency that leaves the listener both drained and energised simultaneously as the songs ebb and flow. It's a bit like `Lately' in that sense. A life, in itself.

Listeners to Do You Like Rock Music? should prepare to constantly fight with themselves over which is their favourite track, such is the strength and depth of the album. The album scoops you up, and carries you above its head like a Hero from start to finish. The more immediate Atom and Open The Door, though greatly diverse, show how the band can turn from base energy to classy 60's tinged pop (prepares for backlash). There are no real fillers on this album, and I find myself changing my mind daily, hourly even, over my current favourite. Canvey Island will educate some and remind all, that we are but a flicker away from the deep and dark consequences of frivolous irresponsible actions. The Great Skua and No Need To Cry will have you reaching for your wills and scratching a thick black line through the song that stands as your current curtain closer. The production is crisp, immense and mindblowing. British Sea Power have found their sound, its both powerful and ethereal, lulling and shattering. It hurts, but it hurts good. The only wish I have is that technology would allow the first and last tracks to loop so that it would be allowed to roll on into infinity.

Do You Like Rock Music is undoubtedly destined to be one of `The' albums of 2008. It is an album that will not only give you good people already singing from the hillsides, a multiple orgasmic quenching, but it will also, like Sirens, draw new and unsuspecting beings to the fore, shipwrecking their safe musical vessels, as they surrender themselves willingly to the vivacity and irresistible proposition of Do You Like Rock Music?

Hold the bus though! Don't think for one minute that im saying the content of Do You Like Rock Music? is only good for the armchair and headphone Nodders of this world. Not by a country mile. There is huge potential for crowd participation when played live also. All In It and We Close Our Eyes will unify young and old, east and west, whether serving as an opener, or show closer. Waving Flags will conjure up a Multicoloured Revolution in the name of peace and alcoholic jollity. If the band fire any or all of Atom, A Trip Out, No Lucifer and Lights Out For Darker Skies into the already bubbling crowds of '08, they will react like ravenous piranha on a bloodied calf. This could be the album to finally propel British Sea Power onto a level more deserved, yet as a fan of a few years now I feel they have pushed themselves onto the next level already. They seem far more focused, channelling their collective energies, borne through hunger and want I suspect, into something that is a little more coherent. That may not suit all fans, but those that were there during the chaos and cartwheels of the past have those memories to hold, yet they must realise, things grow and change, like children, and British Sea Power now have the key to the door.

Avance indeed sirs. More please and thankyou.

Nora Dindian.
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on 17 January 2008
By now you're all wallowing in the praise this album is me it is already guaranteed to be on your 'top albums of 08' list.

It will leave you breathless, and gagging for more. You'll read a lot about the raw edge of Decline and the over produced package that is Open Season, but this like it's from a different band all together..don't get me wrong it is essentially BSP, but with a wall of sound that captures their live set, like nothing I've ever heard. Waving Flags and No Lucifer will get the plaudits due to their 'single' airplay, but don't wait around for Canvey Island, A Trip Out and Open The Door before purchasing this album (it's heading for top 10 this week, so intimacy will not prevail forever).

The band are touring the album, preparing for the first show in Belfast as I type, so don't dally, go see whilst you still can. British Sea Power have officially arrived!!!
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on 22 January 2008
It's impossible to see how anybody can give this album only 1 star. I know music is all about opinion ,but this will be one of the best albums of 2008 and ,as said before,will leave you strung out, breathless and weak 3/4s of the way through and then gradually let you recover with the last 2 tracks. I won't repeat what all the other reviews have said but trust me and if you like rock music -buy this album- if you don't then look elsewhere!
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on 15 January 2008
A massive album in every way.It never justifies just one playing,as much as I really like Open Season this is the album which hopefully will see them elevated to premier status which should've been the case after The Decline Of(fantastic first album for those who've never heard it or of it).12 tracks of which almost every one leaves a slight shiver down the spine.Give it a whirl you won't be disappointed.
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on 9 January 2008
BSP are unbelievable.

New single Waving Flags is outrageously majestic. Atom was a great straight down the line garage rock effort. Canvey Island is thought provokingly marvellous.

I have seen Sea Power perform the new tracks at Exeter Cavern and Yeovil Orange Box and they have hit new heights.


"The Third Battalion"
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on 28 December 2007
Probably their best album to date after 3 listens. More immediate and accessible than the first album and more consistent than the second.A must see band live too. The press for new music is now limited to the NME which has completely lost it's way ( again ) and gives them no coverage. Give them a chance you cannot go wrong !
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on 8 February 2008
After hearing a friend of mine going on about this album I decided to buy it myself. This is without a doubt the best album I have brought in the past 6 months. After hearing the album for the first time, it definately goes from strength to stregth after each song.

If you are a fan of bands such as The Killers, Kings Of Leon and The Enemy, this album should already be in your collection.
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on 14 January 2008
The great British Sea Power are reknown for the spine-tingling power of their live shows - their 3rd album shows their increasing mastery of the studio. Sublime!
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